Friday, 21 October 2011



Donor dogs must not be more than 7 years old and weigh at least 20kg and above. Healthy. Negative for tick fever and heartworm. On heartworm prevention. Dog subject to blood typing.

Ms Ng Choong Leng, saviour of many rescued, abused, critically ill and disabled doggies need your help. It's getting desperate. Till to date all the donors blood either +ve blood or are borderline +ve for Tick Fever.

As it is Molly's been having fever off n on last wk n yesterday !!! Her blood work show she has a raging infection, due to low immune system n, probably frm her fight wounds. And also low blood!! Molly Diva has been a joy to Leng after her rescued fm the puppy mill n she's stressed out n worried for Molly!!! Low blood, serious infection n fever!!! She's lethargic, listless n sleeps. So very UN Munster Molly!!! Pls help think of friends with large dogs. Labs, Goldies, Rotties, Dalmatians, Mastiffs n GSDs...

Please please spread the appeal around n hope this time round we succeed in getting Molly the blood she urgently needs!!! Thanks Thanks!


20/10/11, Update fm Leng :

"Great News every one !!! Munster Molly Diva is one tough cookie!!! Amazing. She's at d clinic now for her 3 Rd Eprex shot. And her PCV has gone up w all d shots despite her raging infection!!! She was 16%, then 22% , Tues was 23% n now she is 32% !!!! Shes now pass clinical normal n heading towards 38% which is d norm!!! Phew!!! Eprex is about $100/ a pop but at least it's working! My eternal thanks for yr generosity in being so willing to lend yr dog when u don't even know Munster Molly n I . Plus d effort of leaving yr busy schedule to bring yr dog down n at d same time continue to keep sourcing for additional NEG blood donors!! Thank you Soo very much. Let's hope Munster Molly behaves n stop getting wounds n cuts frm her skirmishes."