Saturday, 23 April 2011

[reunited!] LOST: Silver - female silver tabby tipped-ear community cat (blk 118 taman jurong, corporation drive, fri 8 apr 2011)

Silver is a sterilise tipped ear community cat who has been living at Blk118 Taman Jurong Corporation Drive for many years. It will appear everyday without fail when I go to feed her.

Please contact me if u have any news of her. All the residents here including me miss her dearly.

[thu 14 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, thu 14 apr 2011.]

sat 23 apr 2011
cat is found

Friday, 22 April 2011

ADOPT: Sweet Pea the friendly, affectionate orange/white young tabby

Sweet Pea is a lovely orange & white young tabby. He is very friendly and affectionate. He enjoys a good can of Whiskers and spends his days playing with his friend, Snowflake. He is looking for a forever home to call his own, will you open your heart to this sweet hopeful boy?

Interested adopters, please contact Angela at for viewing. :)

check for updates on this album:

[mon 13 sep 2010. shared on request. source: facebook message, mon 13 sep 2010.]

[rehomed!] SOS! ADOPT BY 21 APRIL 2011: Goldie (Princess), Mei Mei (Lil' Girl), Peanut (Nutcase), Waffle (Waf fat) - 4 singapore specials

Goldie-AKA Princess, she's a very clean girl, she is not willing to step on pee pads that are dirtied by her siblings. We always bring her to pee, poo outside. Toilet trained. Fully vaccine and microchipped. Currently 7 months and she's 12.5kg.

Mei Mei- AKA Lil' Girl, she's the youngest among all. She will always wants attention from us. Loves to be "sayang-ed". Toilet trained. Fully vaccine and microchipped. Currently 7 months and she's 12kg.

Peanut-AKA Nutcase, he's the alpha dog. New owner will need to be very firm with him. Toilet trained. Fully vaccine and microchipped. Currently 7 months and he's 17kg.

Waffle- AKA Waf fat, he's very chubby. Anyone who sees him feels like squeezing him. Sweet temperament. Toilet trained. Fully vaccine and microchipped. Currently 7 months and he's 18kg.

[thu 24 feb 2011. shared on request. source: email.]

fri 22 apr 2011
all dogs have found homes

ADOPT: badly injured brindle pup saved from drowning, left with permanent scar on back

One recent Saturday night, during an extremely heavy downpour, amidst thunder and lightning, when many of us would be safe and sound, warmly cuddled in our cosy homes, curled up in front of the televsion set or relaxing in peace and comfort, not so for the unfortunate. Cries of puppies' whimpering and dog's howling could be heard. They were piteous and kept on and on. and neighbouring dogs in the vincinity barked their heads off in high excitement or was it in compassionate sympathy.
The cries were heard near a construction site and so an alarm went out among the animal lovers in that area. Two bravely went out in search. It was a terrible night, visibility was poor, the rain did not ease and near the site there were no street lamps. It was dark and slippery as mud mixed with sand made it hard on sodden slippers and shoes. The rescuers went on in blind sight but by faith and hope that they would be able to find the crying puppies.

After an hour or so in the wet, cold and in darkness, the sounds seemed to come from a nearby drain gushing with water. The puppies, we speculate, apparently must have stumbled into the drain as they were young and the rain made it hard for them to follow their mom. Mommy dog was seen from a distance, sitting nearby crying for help as she could not rescue her pups, who were in the swirling brackish water. She knew her pups were drowning and there was nothing she could do but howl for help.

When the rescuers got near mommy, she was excited and cried even louder, sensing that help was on the way. In wondrous amazement, she came near as if to beckon them, and then ran ahead to show the rescuers the exact location of her pups. It was a very pitiful sight. As the rescuers looked around, there were workers at the construction site, near where the drain was but nobody bothered or came forward to help the mommy dog, nobody was touched, nobody cared. In plain sight, the poor mom with her drowning pups looked extremely forlorn and tragic.

Which was more more pitiful picutre at that time... we wondered? What was the greater tragedy. The sight of the drowning pups clawing desperately to get out of the water, the crying, frantic, whimpering mummy dog watching her beloved babies die or the apathy of hard hearted humans who had no compassion, no tinge of kindness. Sigh and sigh again.

The brave rescuers had to be careful as they were women and the drain was big. The rain was heavy with strong winds and water was already overflowing. They held on tight to each other for firm grip as there was nothing to hold on to, so that they would not fall into the drains and be swept away themselves. They managed to grab hold of one pup first with much effort and quickly passed from one to the other and finally to the mother dog as she grabbed them by their its neck to safety. They did that with two pups but sadly they were too late to rescue the third as it did not make it.

One of the pups had a serious injury at its back, with a big open cut and needed medical attention. We decided that both the pups needed to be warmed up and they could no longer stay at this site where danger was everywhere. They were so young and clumsy and death would be imminent a day longer for them here.

We told mommy dog that we will take her pups back home and get them back to health and then look for good homes for them. She seemed to understand as she stood there, quietly looking as we took her two babies away. Then she followed us slowly to our car and as we drove off. In our rear view mirrow we saw she ran after the car for a while, but stopped, as if she knew they would be safe with us.

The next day we visited the mother dog and showed her the pups. She was very happy to see them. We also brought food for her whereupon she ate very hurriedly and gratefully. When we left this time with her pups, mommy did not follow us nor chased after the car. We think she knows they would be safe and she must have felt relieved for them.

We will keep our promise, we will treat the pups and try to find them good homes. We will visit her often with food so that she will not starve of hunger and when the time is right, we will return to catch mommy and sterilise her.

But we need your help, We need open doors for these two pups saved from near death. These two brindle pups are looking for good homes. They are young, less than 2 months old and will grow into mid size dogs. They will not be HDB approved. If there are any compassionate hearts who would like to adopt them, please call HP: 9765 9951.

As in all dogs, they will be as brave and endearing and loyal as their beautiful mom if you would just give them a chance. Can you? Will you?

(more photos in the link below)

[Wed 2 Jun. Source: and, Wed 2 Jun.]

update tue 27 jul
The mother of the two girls have been caught and culled not long after the article was released. The plans to catch and sterilise her never made it.

One of the two girls have been rehomed to a factory but the other badly injured one is still looking for a home. Her injury is very bad and the scar on the back is permanent.

sat 5 mar 2011
she is still available for adoption, her wound has healed and she is up and running well now. Very adorable girl.

ADOPT: Twinkle the female mongrel with a skin condition

Gender: Female
Sterilised: No (Due to skin condition)
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

A very lovely girl, she used to feel very sad and depressed till lately, when medication was given to treat her skin condition, she changed for the better. More happier and cheerful mood.


Add to view more photos of twinkle and friends.

[Sat 1 May. Source:, 23 jun 2009.]

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Goldie - abandoned 7yo female retriever, obedient and knows tricks

I am Goldie, a female retriever 7 year old. Very obedient and know tricks. Needs a loving home urgently as my owner abandoned me. Pls help me.

[sun 20 mar 2011. shared on request. source: sat 19 mar 2011.]

tue 19 apr 2011
adopted by a nice family

Monday, 18 April 2011

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: Oscar + Queenie, healthy, active 11mo brother + sister shih tzus

Animal's name:Oscar(male) Queenie(female) both siblings female is elder sister

Age:Born on the 25th May 2010 (11months old)

Gender:1 male 1 female (Both sterilised when 6 months old)

Breed:pure breed Shih Tzu (normal size.male tan and cream colours, while female tri-colours(black. tan and cream colours)

HDB-approved:YES and both are licensed

Vaccinated:YES (all vaccination cards will be given to new owners)



Health condition?very healthy

Physical description? Both are normal sizes Shih Tzu.fosterer (me) trimmed the coat into puppy cut for easy maintenance.

Personality/temperament? Both are a bit active as they are still in their puppyhood. Favorite past time is chasing after each others' tails. fighting for toys. They are very close to each other cause they are together since birth.

Toilet trained?Almost fully cage trained. female can pee and poo inside the cage on its own while male needs to reminds him sometimes. Just tell him the words "go urine" and he will run to the cage and do its 'Business".

Understands basic commands? YES, female understand hand shake, give me five and sit while male will automatic come to you when you stirring foods in their metal plates ,hand with treats and sit.


a bit active due to still in their puppyhood. no sign of aggressiveness in them even when you want to take away the treats when they are eating but they faster finish the treats when they saw your hands coming.

Both will be waggling its tails when people entering the house after a greeting (1-2 barkings) when people knocking the front door . They are used to staying house with corridor so passer-by or strangers walk by they usually heck-care or 1-2 barks if they talk very loudly outside, (I usually closed the doors).

Male likes to steal female's foods. Both very curious towards things around them

Good with other pets? like to disturb my old dog but my dog will heck care and walk away and both of them either follow my dog or play on its own.

Good with children?Owner has a 7 years old daughter at home.

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption?

The pair belongs to my brother and it's a pressie from friends. First time owner so asking me to daycare for them while they are working. All went well until on Monday, 11th April 2011, a HBD officers came knocking at my door and told me to remove my brother's dogs due to neighbour's complaint on having more than 1 dog at my unit.

Tried to explained to him that both are licensed and I am only looking after in the daytime when evening or nightime, owner will fetch them back. But officer said dogs only can at other people's house for temporary period of time but not on long term basis.If on long term basis means owning the dogs.

I was given 2 weeks' time to discuss this matter with my brother either put the dogs at the house in the daytime or put them in the petshop/petfarm for boarding.

My brother refused to accept any of the option given as he used to just bringing the dogs home to sleep while daytime I will feeding them,cleaning the cage,basic or full grooming for them.

After much consideration,he decided to ask me to help them to look for adopter. If given a choice, I hope things remain the same as I love the dogs very much. So I hope any experienced volunteer/rehomer can screen for suitable adopter for them.

Other comments: As I am inexperienced in rehoming a dog, I need a volunteer/rehomer to screen on people who are interested in them.No adoption fee required but if adopter insist, please ask them to donate to the animal shelter.The pair are with me now for the convenience for adopter for viewing.

For my part, my hubby and I already started to ask around (among dog lovers to spread this news and see any friends/relatives who is interested in adopting them.)

I will be looking after/fostering for 2 weeks if by then still haven't find a suitable adopter, I will call up HDB to check whether can delay the time.PLease help to spread this new. THANK YOU.

[sun 17 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, 13 apr 2011.]

mon 18 apr 2011
the pair have already been adopted separately by 2 kind hearted persons.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Lexus - 1.5yo male golden retriever, adorable, fast learner,

[sun 13 feb 2011. shared on request. source: email, sun 13 feb 2011.]

sun 17 apr 2011
lexus is adopted

[rehomed!] SOS! ADOPT: litter of 4 male mongrel pups (few weeks old) at workplace before management notices them

We found a litter of 5 pups (the solid black pup just got adopted, so now left with 4 pups) at a friend's workplace. They look very young, probably only about 5 weeks old.

We are trying to get the pups adopted asap before the management knows about it. Once they see the pups roaming around, they will get SPCA in to get rid of them.

We are racing against time as the pups are growing each day. Sooner or later the management staff will notice them.

All males
Mixed breed mongrel pups, non-HDB approved.

[thu 24 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, wed 23 mar 2011.]

sun 17 apr 2011
all have been rehomed successfully!