Saturday, 24 April 2010

[reunited!] FOUND - silky terrier (Upper East Coast Rd, Sun 21 Mar)

I found a dog on Sunday march 21 2010 at 9:00 am , silky terrier near kew Drive/ jalan Haji Salam (upper east coast road)

Condition found, healthy .

Best Regards
Contact Number 94783774

[Source: e-mail]

Update Sat 24 Apr
Dog has been claimed.

[resolved!] Help CWS conduct door-to-door survey on stray cats on Sat 17 Apr

Town Council is ordering the culling of cats at Yishun. After appeals by residents, caregivers and CWS, they have taken a different tactic to send out a survey form (see picture above) to residents. As we all know, no one will bother to fill in such surveys unless they really do not like cats so the results can only be skewed! As such, we are organising a door to door survey of our own on Saturday, 17 Apr 5pm. If you can participate, please contact

Join the Facebook group for the latest updates:


[Fri 16 Apr. Source:!/pages/Cat-Welfare-Society/99555921064, Fri 16 Apr.]

Update Sat 24 Apr
Good news, the cats will not be rounded up! Town Council were very reasonable and we can concentrate on solving the real problems such as "Ghost Feeders" who leave a mess after feeding. One officer also pointed out that they use their common sense when dealing with complains... giving as example a resident who wanted the cats removed because she claimed they attacked her two large dogs! I can guess who that was.... some will come up with the most ridiculous claims to get the cats removed!

Our survey showed that only about 5% want the cats removed. Those forms returned to RC showed a very different picture but AVA pointed out that our figures conform with the usual result of such surveys!

Thanks again to everyone for their support!

(If you'd like to see how else you can help Cat Welfare Society, click here for volunteer opportunities).

[rehomed!] FOUND/ADOPT: Leo the 6-7yo Persian cat (Bedok Reservoir)

I received an email from Teck Yong who found this poor boy at Bedok Reservoir Blk 626 void deck. He may have been lost, but Teck Yong has been unable to find his owner for the past week after boarding him for a week at his own home.

His fur was entangled and damaged so Teck Yong had to get a groomer to shave off his fur.

Leo is now boarding at Angels. We are hoping to re-home him since no owner has stepped forward to claim him. He is sterilised. Very friendly and likes attention. He is litter trained. About 6 years old.

Do visit him at Angels Pet Shop if you are keen on adopting him. Blk 302 Ubi Ave 1 #01-49 (Mon-Sat 11am-9pm). Map and directions here.

[Fri 16 Apr. Source:, Sat 10 Apr.]

Update Sat 24 Apr
Leo adopted by an Ubi resident, a lovely Malay auntie who works at 7-11. Yong interviewed her for the adoption, she brought him home today!

children see children do

[Sat 24 Apr. Source:, Thu 22 Apr.]

Friday, 23 April 2010

[rehomed!] Found - cream female lab retriever (Bishan, Mon 22 Feb)

My sister found a cream color female labrador retriever at Bishan on Mon 22nd of February(2 days ago). Unfortunately, the dog has no microchip and no collar on it.

Should be relatively old and seemed to be panting a lot. The dog seemed sad Really hope its owner can step forward and bring this sweet dog home.

I have attached a picture of the dog. Please call 96496209/96425655 if this is your dog.

[Original post:]

Update Fri 23 Apr
Dog is adopted.

[rehomed!] Harry the lonely bunny, cooped in a cage all day

Harry is a 2-3yr old, unneutered male local mix. Too busy to take good care of him, breaks my heart to see him caged up all day, coz family elders don't allow him free movement. He is affectionate and playful if properly handled. He will be going with his cage, water bottle, feed bowl, hay rack, etc, etc. New owner must be willing to sterilize him. Contact 8169 2870.

[Original post, Tue 16 Mar:]

Update Fri 23 Apr
Harry bunny found a home.

[resolved!] ADOPT: Sasa the 9yo female JRT - given up by family, stressed in shelter

Sasa is a sweet 9yr old JRT who has been given up by family due to family problems.She has been very sad being given up by her family and we really can't bear to see her end up in shelter for the rest of her life.Being a domestic pet for many years, it's really a harsh and stressful environment for her to stay in shelter.She is seen hiding in the corner most of the time.

She's a very sweet natured girl and deserves a good home to spend her golden years.

Pls contact 91027973 if you wish to adopt Sasa.

More photos and updates on link below.

[Sun 18 Apr. Source:, Sun 18 Apr.]

Update Fri 23 Apr
Sasa's owners are bringing her home!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

[reunited!] FOUND: well-behaved husky along Killiney Road

Hey guys, a friend found a Husky along Kiliney Road. it is well behaved and very agile. We believe it was lost, not abandoned.

If it's your dog, please contact me at, stating:

1) Gender of dog
2) if the dog has collars, etc
3) special markings


[Wed 14 Apr. Source:, Wed 14 Apr.]

Update Thu 22 Apr
owner found!

[reunited!] FOUND: young female corgi (Serangoon North Ave 5) - now in SPCA. owner pls claim her asap!

As per title...

hubby saw her dashing ard... really scared and nearly knocked down by cars as the rd is pretty busy... have sent her to SPCA just in case her owners report her lost...

felt sorry for her that she have to go through this horrifying experience...

anybody saw this thread please pass ard this msg...

Hope the owners claim her very very soon

Contact SPCA 62875355 ext 25

[Thu 15 Apr. Source:, Thu 15 Apr.]

Update Thu 22 Apr
Reunited with owner.

[rehomed!] Found - frightened dog in Jalan Rajah

The dog was found at Blk 104 Jalan Rajah. She looked frightened and refused to eat. Was shivering and kept hiding at dark area.

More photos on Facebook:!/album.php?aid=10309&id=100000546873346

Please help to share this information among your friends to help locate the owner.

Contact Charles @9273 9721 or email:

Update Thu 22 Apr
Dog has found a home.

[rehomed!] FOUND - female JRT at Pasir Ris St 51. Contact 98200384 if she's yours.

My friend's friend found a female JRT in a drain near a childcare centre at Pasir Ris St 51.

Believe that she ran out of the hse as she was in gd condition when found. Estimated to be a puppy from her behaviour.

If you have lost your dog, please PM me with name, photo & description (any special traits) of your dog or contact me @ 98200384.

If owner not found, she'll be put up for adoption.

[Original post, 11 Mar,]

Update Thu 22 Apr
She has just found a home.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

[reunited!] Pls RT! FOUND: male silky terrier (Toh Guan Rd, Jurong East/Boon Lay)

A Male Silky Terrier with matted fur was found along Toh Guan Road. Will try to post pics later.

Please help to pass the msg to your friends. Please PM me if you have a lost your dog around this area.

[Wed 21 Apr. Source:, Tue 20 Apr.]

Update Wed 21 Apr
The lost dog has just found his owner...

[reunited!] FOUND: Brown dog with tag (Mariam Way/Upper Changi/Loyang, Tue 20 Apr)

Gd evening guys, i've found a dog along Mariam Way..not very sure about the breed of the dog but will put up the poster along the roadside. If the owner of the brown dog with tag on it, kindly contact me @ 97478374. Thanks.

[Wed 21 Apr. Source:, Tue 20 Apr.]

Update Wed 21 Apr
Dog and owner reunited.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Kiki the friendly, playful 7yo Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Kiki is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Abt 7+ years old. 9 kg. Love to play with people, a very friendly dog. Playful, love attention and active. Lynn Tay HP: 90305427 There will be no adoption fee.

[Sat 27 Mar.]

Update Wed 21 Apr

[reunited!] LOST AGAIN: Yuki the male Shih Tzu (Woodlands St 41, Mon 12 Apr)

Owner's Name: Joyce
Contact Number: 96419601
Date The Dog Was Lost: 28 Jan 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Woodlands St 41
Name Of Dog: Yuki
Breed: Shih Tzu
Colour Of The Dog: White/Brown
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Size: 2ft

Update 9 Feb
we found our dog last night.

Update Wed 14 Apr

Yuki run out after taking a shower on Mon 12 Apr. Last seen Woodlands St 41. We have been looking all over for him. Please contact the owner above if you see him.

[Wed 14 Apr. Source:, Tue 13 Apr]

Update Wed 21 Apr
we got him back from the animal shelter.

LOST: He-Be the 4yo male cat with pink collar, bell, tag (Ang Mo Kio)

He-Be is neutered but the vet did not dock his ear. He is about 4 years old (we got him at about 2 months, off the street in Year 2006).

Distinguishing markings:
* the "M" mark on his "forehead"
* undocked ears
* crooked hooked tail
* FOUR white paws
* White V-"collar" of fur on his neck / chest

Cat tag:
* very bright neon like pink collar
* a pinkish squarish bell
* a tag (like those NS boys) with my name and contact number n the cat's name
* he is microchipped (but as I'm finding out now, it only allows me to ID him if he is in my hands and does not mean I can track him when he is lost).

* Shy, a bit of a "scaredy-cat"
* Panicks easily
* Affectionate and cheeky

At the point when he went missing, we were living in AMK Ave 9, Blk 15, Far Horizon Garden condo. We live on the ground floor, he likes to stroll out to the common stairway, sun in the grass patch before the carpark. But when cars come by or when people even walk past, he scoots back into the apartment.

This cat does not stray far from home, always within 10 steps of home.

One day he was basking in the sun, just outside our balcony. That was at about 5pm.

I make it a point to check on him every 30 minutes or so and he comes home on his own by 645pm every day, perhaps because i start calling him in by about 640pm.

One day, I called, he just did not come.

This cat's nature is a scaredy cat. He's very afraid of everything and everyone, even friends who have come to our home often! He does not allow anyone to carry him, other than me, my son, mom and husband.

So we believe that he was taken, and by surprise.

contact Esther 96210363 if you've seen him.

[Wed 21 Apr. Source: sg dogslover, Tue 20 Apr.]

[reunited!] FOUND/FOSTER: Male dog near Gerald Drive / Lorong Buangkok

My auntie picked up a male dog in the drain at Lorong Buangkok this morning.

Got to find some good soul here to adopt or foster the poor doggy...

my auntie can't look after the dog as she got 15 sg special with her on hand.

Will need foster to look after the poor thing until we found the owner or adopters.

Pls call me at 81123277 if the dog is urs.

[Mon 19 Apr. Source: and, Mon 19 Apr.]

Update Tue 20 Apr
heard from my auntie.. he is quiet... no barking when she lock her in 1 of her room.

his left eye got some problem seems like smaller.

i recieve 1 sms from a lady wanted to adopt her but problem is we still need to locate the owner first before up for adoption..

Time being i really need someone to foster him..

Update Wed 21 Apr
Owner found! Case closed.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

[reunited!] LOST: Nacho the 6+yo male yorkshire terrier (Woodlands Drive 16, Sat 17 Apr)

Help? Have you seen NACHO, my Yorkshire Terrier?

Naco is my baby and my best friend for almost 7 years and my little two years old keep asking "mamy is nacho coming?"

Please HELP!

Date Lost: Saturday April 17th 2010
Where Lost: 579 Woodlands Drive 16.Vista Point area. Singapore 730579

Name Of Pet: Nacho
Breed: Yorkshire terrier
Colour: Brown, black and tan
Gender: Male
Age: 6.5 years
Size: small (5 pds)

Distinct Features: very friendly...short hair. It is microchipped.

$$Rewards for safe return

Owner's Name: Xiony Lima
Contact Number: +65.8522.0035

Details and more photos at

[Mon 19 Apr. Source:, Mon 19 Apr.]

Update Tue 20 Apr
Happy to let you know that Nacho the Yorkshire Terrier was returned to the owner this evening. A happy reunion.

[reunited!] LOST: Boy Boy the 6yo male JRT x shih tzu (Siglap/Bedok, Mon 19 Apr)

Name Of Dog: Boy Boy
Breed: Jack Russell/Shih Tzu
Colour Of The Dog: White/Beige
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Size: 2 ft

Date The Dog Was Lost: Mon 19 Apr 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: SIGLAP/BEDOK

Owner's Name: Mikael Teo
Contact Number: 98166513

[Tue 20 Apr. Source:, Tue 20 Apr.]

Update Tue 20 Apr
Boy Boy has been found.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Checkers the 1mo tri-coloured female guinea pig

1 month old female guinea pig. Active, has a good appetite, loves to eat hay & pellets. Likes to eat cabbage & carrots too.

Active since birth, is independent in eating & drinking.
Triple color fur, no grooming required.

Please contact me, Peiyun @
Nil adoption fee needed.

[Fri 15 Apr. Source:, Fri 15 Apr.]

Update Tue 20 Apr
Checkers has been adopted.

[reunited!] LOST: Xiao Wang the 7-8yo male mongrel, blue collar w bells (Tuas Ave 2, Sat 17 Apr)

Xiao Wang - a big male mongrel, 7 to 8 years old, went missing on Sat 17 Apr. He's yellow-brownish with black ears and muzzle.

He's wearing a blue collar with bells around it, and he responds to his name.

Last seen at Tuas Ave 2.

Contact 97626550/98200343. Reward offered.

[Mon 19 Apr. Source: sg dogslover, Mon 19 Apr.]

Update Tue 20 Apr
Xiao Wang has been found.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Macy and Totty - 8wo kittens rescued from near-culling

Macy, Casey, and Totty - three 8 week old kittens rescued from near-culling from Ubi Techpark.

Do visit them at Angels Pet Shop to adopt these girls. Blk 302 Ubi Ave 1 #01-49 (Mon-Sat 11am-9pm). Map and directions here: here.

[Fri 16 Apr. Source:, Fri 9 Apr.]

Update Tue 20 Apr
Casey was adopted on Saturday.

tue 26 oct 2010
both macy and totty have been rehomed

Monday, 19 April 2010

[reunited!] FOUND: female dog - shih tzu? (Chong Pang, Sun 18 Apr)

Found this cute doggie at chong pang area, 3 hours ago..she's so adorable but I couldn't adopt her although I wish to..Currently I kept her with a good family while we r waiting for her owner's notice.

Contact Keck Ying at

[Sun 18 Apr. Source:, Sun 18 Apr.]

Update Mon 19 Apr
She has been claimed by the owner.

LOST: Sugee the 3-legged black and tan mongrel (Sengkang, Sep 2009)

3-legged mongrel w distinctive black n tanned markings. now she shld be 1 1/2yrs old.

lost her ard sept 2009 in blk 321A Anchorvale drive.

We have not given up hope to look for her.

Last seen around Oct - Nov 2009 @ Sengkang CC nearby heavy vehicle park.

Kindly contact Sara @ 93292224 or Sabrina @ 98758301 if any news. thanks!

[Mon 19 Apr. Source: sg dogslover, Mon 19 Apr.]

LOST: Bobo 3-4yo golden brown male cat w/ crooked tail + orange collar (Choa Chu Kang)

Bobo is a stray 3-4 year old male cat. It is generally golden brown in colour.
It has a very obvious crooked tail and wears an orange collar.

Bobo was last seen at Choa Chu Kang Central Block 228.

Please contact me at 67604218 if you have any news of him!

[Mon 19 Apr. Source:, Sun 18 Apr.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 7yo male maltese whose owner no longer has time for him

Please give this sweet boy a good home.

Due to work commitments, his owner is unable to spend quality time and care for him. Hence, had to eventually put him up for adoption.

He might be a little senior (7 years old) BUT we trust that age is not a problem when it comes to offering a home to lovely boy, a maltese with nice temperament.

Strictly meant for sincere and genuine adopters, please contact Michelle at 9238 3278 for more details.

Thank you.

[Source: Wed 3 Feb.]

Update Mon 19 Apr
Beloved maltese has found a good home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: GG the happy, toilet-trained 3mo female kitten

GG is a 3 months old female kitten looking for a permanent home. She is a happy and playful kitten, enjoy attention and is toilet trained. More photos in link below.

Contact Doris 98197935.

[Thu 8 Apr. Source:, Thu 8 Apr.]

Update Mon 19 Apr
GG was adopted yesterday.

[rehomed!] He's no Mummy's boy: Yuki the X-breed Shetland Sheepdog

Dear All,

i need to find a new owner for my pet dog, Yuki, which is 3yrs ++.

Yuki was given to me by my friend, when he was about 3 months old. But my mother has been nagging at him as she minds about cleanliness.

He is a very well behaved dog, caring, paper trained, will not destroy any furnitures, gets along very well with kids, and small animals like hamster and rabbits. Slight skin problem like rashes. Love him lots, but have to give away as my mother does not want him. So i wish to find a better owner for him.

Can contact me @ 92213360, email

Thanks. Serene Zhou

[Original posts: (more photos here) and]

Update Mon 19 Apr
Yuki has found a home.

LOST: Mica the brown female cocker spaniel (Burghley Drive/Serangoon, Sun 18 Apr)

Name Of Dog: Mica
Breed: English Cocker Spaniel
Colour Of The Dog: Grown brown
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Size: 1 ft

Date The Dog Was Lost: Sun 18 April 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Burghley Drive at about 2 pm

Owner's Name: Mr Low
Contact Number: 96896409

[Mon 19 Apr. Source:, Mon 19 Apr.]

LOST: female kitten with pink ribbon and silver bell (Bt Batok West Ave 6, Sun 18 Apr)

Slipped out the door when we were not looking.
Was last seen on Sun 18 Apr 2010 at 127 Bukit Batok West Ave 6.

She's wearing a pink ribbon with silver bell.
Needs immediate medical attention.
If found, pls contact distraught owner @ 90074874.
Reward will be given

[Mon 19 Apr. Source:, Mon 19 Apr.]

[reunited!] LOST: 6yo pure white maltese (Punggol, Fri 16 Apr)

6 year old pure white maltese missing on Fri 16 Apr 2010 morning at Blk 641C Punggol Drive.

Contact 91839525 / 97992843.

[Sun 18 Apr. Source:, Sun 18 Apr.]

Update Mon 19 Apr
Maltese found!

[rehomed!] 7yo Golden Retriever looking for good family with landed property

Hi all,

As I am shifting to a smaller house, I am looking for a good family to adopt my active 7-year-old Golden Retriever. She is healthy and active. Looking for a new owner staying in a landed property (preferred) with space for her. No adoption fee.

If you are interested please feel free to contact me at 8223-8888 or email (Jerry).

Update Mon 19 Apr

[rehomed!] FOUND/ADOPT: 5-6yo beagle whose owner can't be traced (Balestier)

friend found a lost beagle in Balestier and sent into SPCA. but cannot trace owner. friend get him out B4 spca put to sleep. now put up for adoption. abt 5-6 yrs old.

contact if it's yours or if you wish to adopt it.

[Fri 16 Apr. Source: sg dogslover, Fri 16 Apr.]

Updte Mon 19 Apr
The beagle has been adopted.