Saturday, 19 June 2010

FOUND: thin 1-2yo black dog (lab?) at Tampines St 83 - contact SPCA asap!

Someone saw a guy in seemingly security uniform off leash a dog and walked away. Dog has been roaming around for a couple of days and is going to the SPCA. Might be a black labrador but very thin. Male, about 1-2 years old, not sterilised.

If it is not a case of irresponsible abandonment and if you know of anyone who has lost a similar dog, please get him/her to contact SPCA immediately 62875355 ext 25

[sat 19 jun. e-mail, sat 19 jun.]

Friday, 18 June 2010

LOST: Lost Cream Coloured Cat w green plastic tag (Chua Chu Kang Crescent, thu 17 jun_

I lost my cat at Chua Chu Kang Crescent, Block 948 on 17 June morning. He is an indoor cat but may probably have sneaked out of the window or the door. He wears a green plastic tag on its collar. Please call me at 94878218 if you have seen him. He is very dear to me and I really wish I can find him.

[fri 18 jun., fri 18 jun.]

LOST: Vodka the grey/white chihuahua puppy, needs medical attention (cashew heights, mon 14 jun)

Vodka, grey and white female chihuahua puppy went missing on Mon 14 Jun. Last seen carried into Cashew Heights.

She needs medical attention.

Please call Jayden Teo at 9068 1888 if you see her. Reward offered.

[fri 18 jun., thu 17 jun.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2 kittens abused by children

any one can adopt these 2 abused (by children) kittens? Now being fostered by my brother ..

Call Tiong at 96813640 if u'd like to adopt them.

[Mon 3 May. Source:, Sat 1 May.]

update fri 18 jun
Kittens have been adopted. Thanks to everyone who helped.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

[reunited!] LOST: Leila the 4yo female cavalier king charles spaniel (east coast beach, mon 14 jun)

Name Of Dog: Leila
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Colour Of The Dog: White and chestnut
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Size: 1 ft

Date The Dog Was Lost: mon 14 Jun 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: East coast beach

[wed 16 jun. source:, tue 15 jun.]

update 17 jun
She was returned to us yesterday.....

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Tucker the orange roan male English cocker spaniel

Orange Roan English Cocker Spaniel:

Was adopted from SPCA two years ago. According to SPCA, he was previously abused although they had no evidence of the fact.

He was already spaded and had his initial vaccinations at SPCA. He is currently up to date with all his vaccinations and doesn't need to be vaccinated again til' next year (2011). His veterinary clinic is The Animal Clinic@Sunset Way.

Tucker is a nervous dog and enjoys his personal space.

We think he is naturally nervous. He needs a gentle hand and an owner with ALOT of patience. He does not do well with boisterous dogs or young children. He gets traumatised pretty easily and pees submissively when this happens. He needs a calm, quiet home.

He LOVES food and will eat himself to death if this is not controlled.

Tucker is trained to go down to pee/poop. He is also trained to go off leash, he comes back when called. He understands basic obedience commands ie. sit, stand, wait, no, out etc... but NOT play ones ie. roll over, fetch, play dead etc...

A big plus is the fact that Tucker isn't a barker. I think I've heard him bark a handful of times in the two years we've had him, and they were one-offs. But he WILL whine for his food 'cause he's a glut!

Being a long-eared dog, he is prone to ear infections. We clean and dry his ears regularly to prevent and minimise this. Certain foods tend to make this worse so he is on a strict fish and veg/fruit diet. No meat. No wheat.

Also, being a cocker spaniel, his fur grows out pretty long, we groom him regularly to keep him clean and cool especially in our weather.

We will only give him up to a good home so I apologise in advance if I ask you too many questions.

Upon adoption, we will give you all his things, his food, collar, leash, ecollar, bowls etc as well as his vaccination card and SPCA adoption forms.

[Tue 6 Apr. Source:, Mon 5 Apr.]

update thu 17 jun
Tucker has recently been adopted by a good family.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Genie the 1+yo female mongrel, rescued from car accident in Nov 09, still waiting for home

Little Genie is still up for adoption… She a ex stray that met in a car accident in Novemeber 2009… Found by me on the dark and fast running expressway TPE on 30th November 2009 in the midnight… She weight only 9kg when we first found her… Now she is doing good and her wounds are healing up nicely… Had done her first vaccination and annual heartworm jab. Will be going for her second visit for her vaccination soon… Currently, she at my place but I cannot hold her long…

Status: For Adoption

Breed: Mongrel

Name: Genie

Age: 1yr 3mths

Gender: Female

Spayed/Neutered: No

Reason for Being Given Up:A stray found on the road

Good with Children: Yes

Good with Dogs: Need time to get along

Good with other animals: not Sure

Dog’s Temperament: Very obedient, gentle, likes company and enjoy long walks

Dog’s Pro! blems: Have a open wound on her arm, but healing up nicely

Ideal Owner: A owner that can give her love as she is very loving

Ideal Home:

Other information: She eating on kibbles and she total toilet trained.

Member putting up this adoption notice: Founder

Adoption Fee: Nil

Other Fee: Nil

update thu 17 jun
genie has found a home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Happy the 2.5yo male golden retriever

Breed: Golden Retriever
Gender: Male
Age: 2 and a half yrs old (human yrs)
Size: about 28kg

Vaccinated? YES
Sterilised? NO

Personality/temperament: Lots of energy, always up for a run
Responds to name? YES
Understands basic commands? YES
Toilet trained? YES

Happy needs a bigger space to live in, we currently place him in a shophouse and he does not have enough company.

[Wed 5 May. Source: e-mail, Wed 5 May.]

update thu 17 jun
happy has found a new home.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

LOST: Fluffy the 5mo male mongrel (jln jurong kechil, sun 13 jun)

5-mth old cross breed male pup missing in Jurong Kechil area. Last seen on Sunday 13 June.

No collar/microchip not desexed yet.

Responds to the name Fluffy.

Please contact me at 96841880 if you seen it.

check for updates on

[wed 16 jun. source: e-mail, tue 15 jun.]

[reunited!] LOST: male cream local cat with blue collar (Ubi Ave 1, Sun 28 Mar)

Hi my cat has been missing since Sun 28th March - he is a 3 and half year old male cream local cat, wearing a blue collar. Last seen Ubi Ave 1.

Please let contact me at 9452 2132 if you have any news of him. Reward will be given. Thanks!

[Tue 6 Apr. Source:, Mon 5 Apr.]

update wed 16 jun
cat has been found.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

[rehomed!] FOUND: male shih tzu (woodlands/admiralty)

My Granduncle found this shih tzu at woodland. He say that the dog follow him from Admiralty Mrt station to his house.

It's temporary staying at my house till we find a kind owner who is willing to adopt him. It's a male dog. Please reply asap as my dad may give it to SPCA as early as tomorrow.

PM the threadstarter at the link below.

[mon 14 jun., sun 13 jun.]

update tue 15 jun
the shih tzu is with a dog lover with lots of experience.

Monday, 14 June 2010

the apology video: think hard before you get a pet

Please take a moment and view the latest video that deals with the reality of pet ownership. In rescue, we urge our public to consider all aspects of owning a pet before they decide to make an addition to their life and family.

[mon 14 jun.]

DONATE: Medical bills for Bruno with a maggot-infested wound on his head


Strays which live in industrial areas, call construction sites or factories their “home”. The luckier ones get fed by kind workers, whereas the rest will have to live on scraps and rubbish. Fights for food and/or territory are common in order to ensure their survival.

A couple of weeks back, one of our stray feeders caught sight of a handsome looking dog when on her feeding rounds. She found it strange that the dog tilted his head slightly to one side, and initially thought it might be that he is born this way. When the dog started shaking his head continuously for a couple of times, she decided to take a closer look.

She was appalled to see the dog had a huge bite wound behind his right ear, which was dripping wet with pus and reddish looking. The same side of the neck was also wet with pus which flowed freely down from the wound and the stench smelt way too familiar. She was immediately reminded of Lady ( and Diesel (, all of who suffered the same fate of huge maggots infested wounds.

After a few days of trying, finally with the assistance of a few friends, she managed to get hold of the dog. They quickly gave him a bath and he immediately looked many shades lighter, minus all the grime and dirt. Every time he shook to dry himself, a few maggots will drop onto the floor. He was named Bruno, derived from the Germanic word brun meaning “brown”.

That day, the stench of the wound filled the entire car as Bruno was being driven to the vet. He looked tired, and one can tell he was weak from his injury as the wound was at least two weeks old. A slow and painful death will have been awaiting him, if he was not discovered, as the maggots will slowly eat into him and cause him to die.

Once at the clinic, the vet immediately sedated Bruno and shaved off part of the fur on his head to clean his wound. It was a huge and deep puncture wound which required multiple flushings in order to get rid of all the maggots deep inside. He also had aural haematoma – swelling of the ear vessels due to excessive scratching or shaking of the head. We believe this came by due to the irritation from his wound, and Bruno might require surgery for his ear if the swelling grows larger. However, this will come later when his maggot wound has been entirely cleaned up.

We are very thankful that the internal part of the ear seems uninfected thus far as advised by the vet. Next a blood test was also run on Bruno, and he was found to be slightly anaemic. There are many causes for anaemia and we are keeping our fingers crossed that he has no other serious aliments.

Please help us help Bruno, as his medical bills might run up to quite a hefty sum especially if surgery is required for his ear. Do write in to if you can help him in any way, big or small. These industrial dogs do not have a choice to where they are born in, but you have a choice as to whether to help them with a second chance in life.

“The street is not their home.” – This sentence can never been emphasized enough, and this is why Noah’s Ark is continuously working on Project Industrial Dogs (PID), to lessen the number of homeless strays on the streets. It is hoped that eventually one day, Singapore will be a stray free country. It may seem farfetched for now, but would be achievable with all your help.

[mon 14 jun. source:, mon 14 jun.]

[reunited!] LOST: Mew Mew the 1yo female cat with pink collar/bell (toh guan road, sat 12 jun)

Lost Female Cat Lost @ Toh Guan Road dated sat 12/06/2010

Name : Mew Mew
Color : as show in picture
Age : about 1years old

Last seen : sat 12/06/2010 void deck of Blk 274 Toh Guan Road

She is have not been sterlised yet , wearing a pink collar with pink bell with short curl tail, she is abit afraid of stranger, she is last spotted by neighbour heading toward blk 273 Toh guan Road with a Black cat with white paw with her.

please kindly let us know if you seen her around. thanks in advance

[sun 13 jun. source:, sun 13 jun.]

update mon 14 jun
mew mew is found.

[reunited!] FOUND: border collie (bedok reservoir view, fri 10 jun)

BORDER COLLIE FOUND AT BLK 774,BEDOK RESERVOIR VIEW on fri 10 jun, at about 11.30 pm....

PLS HELP SHARE THIS ALBUM..IF U ARE THE OWNER,PLS CONTACT ME ASAP... (click on the link below and leave a comment)

[sat 12 jun. source:, sat 12 jun.]

update mon 14 jun

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Chew on this: 30 reasons to go vegetarian

Not ready to be a full-time, full-fledged vegetarian?

Try it one day a week, on Meatout Mondays.


[reunited!] LOST: Money the 1yo female mongrel (taman jurong, thu 10 jun)

HI! I've lost my dog on thu the 100610.

Name: Money
Breed: Mongrel
Gender: Female
Age: 1
She have a set of long legs and a small white patch on her neck. Might or might not have a black collar on her.

I was working and someone from my family walked her and shes's gone. Probably lost around Taman Jurong.

[sat 12 jun. source: wall post on, thu 10 jun.]

update sun 13 jun
money is found.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Ginger the 4yo male cat

I'm giving up my cat for adoption. Please help to circulate this message to all your friends and see if any of your frens keen to adopt. The reason of us giving up "him" is we have to go back our country,we cant bring him along :(

My Cat profile as below :-

Name : Ginger
Sex : Male
Age : Coming to 4 yrs old
Color : Light Brown with tiger stripes
Breed : Not Sure (Sterilised)

His photo is posted for your viewing. He's got a very good personality, temperament, loves being with people and loves to be "sayang". A very quiet cat and he does not make any noise during the night. (His presence is not noticed unless he "meows").

Very easy to maintain him, as long as you feed him once a day and clear his litter regularly. Not a troublesome cat.. we are sad to give him up but circumtances forces us to.


[Sat 24 Apr. Source:, Sat 24 Apr.]

update sun 13 jun
ginger is rehomed.