Saturday, 3 March 2012

ADOPT: Baby - 7yo male crossbreed dog (mini schnauzedr x retriever?)

My wife and I seriously need to rehome a dog that we have adopted from a breeder many years ago in 2005.

Here are the details of the dog:-

Name: Baby

Gender: Male (Spayed)

Breed: Cross breed between miniature schnauzer and most probably labrador/golden retriever

Size: medium (small to medium build, medium-sized mainly due to long legs)

Temperament: Timid, wary of strangers, when encounter strangers need good orientation and sufficient time to warm-up, when in the house, could be territorial.

Colour: Fawn

Age: 7 years

Birth Date: 30 May 2005

Food Allergies: Chicken, Lamb and Wheat Products

Toilet Habits: Grass-trained

Special Requirement: Need an owner with good skills in handling dogs, preferably live in private housing

Please feel free to give us a call at 96433260 or 81282830 to arrange for viewing.

Thank You

Mr. Ng


ADOPT: Local cross breeds rescued from factory


Friday, 2 March 2012

[reunited!] LOST: BB - m/c, recently shaved 5yo male maltese (braddell heights, serangoon ave 3, 8.2.12)

Name Of Dog: BB
Breed: Maltese
Colour Of The Dog: Off-white
Gender: Male
Age: 5
Size: 0.50 m

Date The Dog Was Lost: 08 Feb 2012
Where The Dog Was Lost: Braddell Heights Estate, near Serangoon Ave 3.

He was recently shaved (about 2 weeks ago), so he looked rather bald right now actually. He sneaked out from our house at Braddell Heights Estate on 8 February morning.


We just got back BB this morning. (It's been 4 weeks since he went missing

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

FOSTER/ADOPT: Nugget - friendly male stray dog

Hold on, don't skip this adoption post! Open your eyes big, and here's Nugget. Yes, he is a friendly stray roaming about but he doesn't attack or charge at people and he'll prove all those that think that stray mongrels attack, bites and causes nuisance WRONG. He's the friendliest stray I've ever met in my whole life and I fell in love at him but I can no longer house another one. He trusts humans too easily and that makes him extremely vulnerable to being caught by the authorities. A van has already came down to look for dogs and we're glad he managed to escape.

No one knows how much longer can he roam about without getting caught. He's estimated to be about 1 (I may be wrong), but definitely less than 2. If you have a home and heart big enough for this adult, medium size mongrel, please contact me at or 97768464. Believe me, once you meet him, you'll fall in love with him. A big boy but still loves belly rubs, and did I mention? He love to follow people around the estate, yes any stranger. He's friend with everyone but unfortunately, some 2-legged cannot stand his presence and called the relevant authorities.

He may be a full grown, you may have missed the period that he may look the cutest, but.. you still have another 13-15 years more to spend with this lovely boy. He has missed his good "puppyhood" too. He has been roaming around since birth and has never experienced family warmth, how it feels like to have a home, a roof under his head and not going around, trying to scavenge for his own meal everyday. Kindly note that's he's non-hdb approved. If you're below 21, kindly get your family members, or working adults at home to contact me. Please remember that this is a lifetime commitment because this goofy boy will be dedicating the rest of his life, day and night, just for you and your family. Adopter has to sterilize, and vaccinate him, and grant house visits prior to arrangement so that we can monitor how he's getting along.

More pictures of him in the link below,


ADOPT: Lucy the 1+yo singapore girl found lying near the road

Lucy was found all skeleton and weak lying near the road looking at every passerby for help under the hot weather..many days went by but no kind soul came forward for Lucy.

She is about to close her eyes to accept her dying fate when a kind lady rushed over with fresh cool water and nice aroma food to perk her up...there Lucy opened her eyes weakly and started eating as it was emperor dish serve specially for her.

Today, Lucy is a very active girl that love being with human, she loves playing hide and seek like a little girl and she wont let you stop your sayang.

If you are keen to adopt Lucy, please call HP: 9765 9951 for viewing.

Please note that Lucy is not under HDB approved breed.

[Mon 7 Jun. Source:, Sun 6 Jun.]

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

ADOPT: Miko - sterilised 7yo female mongrel

Name: Miko
Gender : Female
Age : 6-7 years old
Breed : Mongrel
Sterilized : Yes
Background : Was adopted as a puppy but owners divorced and can't keep her anymore.

All interested parties have to be above 21 years old and will have to undergo thorough screening before viewing will be arranged. Appreciate your understanding that this is to the best interest of the dogs as we will want them to go to suitable families. Adopters have to be agreeable to home visits and to sign a simple adoption agreement.

Kindly write in to: . The person screening the adopters will try his/her best to respond soonest.


[rehomed!] ADOPT: Chelsea - curious, energetic female kitten with beautiful blue n brown eyes

Found inside the bonnet of a van, little Chelsea was trying to find some warmth to rest herself for the night. Had she been found later, she might have been cooked as driver was about to start a long drive for the day!

She is a thin but full of energy and a curious little lady too. She has started to use the litterbox. You will fall in love with her when you see her with her unique her blue and brown eyes.

Adopters must have experience with kittens/cats, and sterilize her when she reaches 6mth old. Home visit(s) is a pre-requisite as a follow up on the well-being of the kitten.


Chelsea has found a lovely home! 

[reunited!] FOUND: JRT (tai keng garden, hougang)

JRT found in tai keng garden. Owner pls contact 96471081. Friends pls help to share


Found its owner.

Monday, 27 February 2012

ADOPT: Sparkle, very sweet and playful 8 months old Singapore Girl

Animal's name: Sparkle
Age: 8 months
Gender: Female
Breed: Local, Singapore girl
HDB-approved: Approved?

Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilised: Yes

Health condition: Very good, no known medical condition.

Physical description: Sparkle is a medium size dog (will grow to be), with soft cream fur.

Personality/temperament: Sparkle is very sweet and will cuddle up to you on the couch or rest at your feet when you are working at a table. She loves to follow you wherever you go, and is always ready for a game of fetch. She never barks for nothing, and only barks when strangers ring the door bell or knock on the door. She will rush up to you and greet you when you are home. She loves to play with the children at the playground, who all have a good time holding her lease, and throwing tennis balls for her to fetch. She is very good!

Toilet trained: Yes, outdoor trained. She needs to go 3 times a day, else there will be accidents in the house (or you can train her to pee/ poo at home)
Understands basic commands: Yes. She attend Waggie dog obedience class (by Patrick, well known dog trainer) and was in third place! The first 2 places went to adult dogs. She went for training when she was just 3 months old.
Good with other pets: Not sure, as I have no other pets
Good with children: Yes, but very playful and likes to lick and sometimes jump on them wanting to play. Better for older children who won't be knocked off

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption: My helper has left and I am unable to provide optimum care for her and to walk her frequently as I have 2 young children, and now the housework to attend to. I genuinely hope to find a good family for Sparkle, someone who is able to bring her for long walks, to play with her more often, and to give her the attention that she deserves.

Contact details: 8112 7272 (


[rehomed!] FOUND: 5mo black mongrel w blue collar (blk 414 pandan gardens)

A black mongrel was found on Monday at the parking of Blk 414 @ Pandan Gardens. He has been sleeping underneath a car and has been brought to my house today, 29 Dec.

He is about 3 ft in length and no more than a year old (vet estimates him to be 4.5 months old). He was wearing a blue collar when found. He is playful but wary of strangers.


the kind rescuer is keeping the dog.

ADOPT: Erikka - 8mo female cat