Saturday, 1 May 2010

[rehomed!] The Changi Beach Club: Charu, Maitri and Clio

(From top: Charu, Maitri, Clio)

Charu's mommy, a gentle Changi village stray, gave birth to 9 puppies under a bridge at Changi Beach, We have been feeding and taking care of mommy and puppies at the beach since the puppies were born. We rescued the Charu and her siblings at age 6.5 weeks to foster them and prepare them to be adopted to good and loving homes.

Very Loving, affectionate, gentle and attached to humans. Always wants to be part of family activities.

Very Sweet, very intelligent, brave and adventurous. Loves going on adventures with humans to explore new things and new places.

Affectionate, outgoing, and fun-loving. Wants to be involved in as much family fun as possible!

They are still very young and have just been weaned off their mother's breast-milk a few days ago. They are now eating very soft-solids mixed with puppy milk and will need this till 10-12 weeks of age. They are toilet trained on grass and newspaper.

We are fostering them until we can find a loving home for them to get adopted into. If you are interested, please contact Kelly at 91888240.

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Update Sat 1 May
All pups have found homes.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: male Mini Pinscher by 1 May or owner will send to SPCA

Cute, adorable and active miniature pinscher for adoption. we can't take him along after moving house in 1st May 2010.

we sincerely hope to any pets lover to take care of him, we have no choice but to send him to SPCA after 1st May 2010, please contact me at 84448887 should you be interested on the adoption. thanks.

[Thu 29 Apr. Source:, Thu 29 Apr.]

Update Sat 1 May
Min Pin has been adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Misty the 8wo kitten rescued from potential culling

Velvet (left) and Misty (right), two 8 week old kittens rescued from potential culling at a Geylang Lor 40 condo, are ready for adoption! They have regained their appetites, become more socialised and are really looking cuter every day, purring and kissing us.

To view and adopt Misty and Velvet, contact Elaine at 90880675 to arrange for a visit at Angels Pet Shop. Blk 302 Ubi Ave 1 #01-49 (Mon-Sat 11am-9pm). Map and directions here.

[Fri 16 Apr. Source:, Wed 14 Apr.]

Update Wed 21 Apr
Velvet has been adopted!

Update Sat 1 May
Misty has been adopted!

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Scrappy the 6yo male JRT

We're very reluctant to be posting this ad but we seem to be running out of options. We recently had a new addition to the family & our kid has dveloped an allergy to Scrappy's hair

Scrappy is a very handsome jack russell, obedient & well trained. He's a bundle of fun & dishes out loads of energy & love. We are seeking a good family to adopt Scrappy.

Please drop me a text @ 92352117 to arrange for an appointment so that we can ascertain if you are suitable for Scrappy, or for that matter, if he is suitable for your family

Only serious families with previous or current dog experience please.

Thank You

[Sun 18 Apr. Source:, Sun 18 Apr.]

Update Sat 1 May
Scrappy is adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Tara the 4yo female chocolate brown labrador

TARA is a 4 years old female chocolate brown labrador.

Her owner is a doctor and lives in a small apartment. She goes to work very early in the mornings and comes home very late. She simply doesn’t have the time to give to her anymore.

Tara is often all by herself in the apartment L

She has a lovely nature and enjoys nothing more than a long walk, followed by a belly rub! She is extremely placid and never barks, which makes her a perfect pet for a family with children.

She just needs a loving and caring family who can give her LONG WALKS and lots of FOOD!

If you think you are the family who can give her the love and care that she deserves……..


[Thu 22 Apr. Source:, Thu 22 Apr.]

Update Sat 1 May
Tara has found a new home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Stormy the male local polish rabbit - fights with another rabbit

Stormy the male local polish rabbit, 1 yr 4 mths. Black with a little white on the nose. In good health.

Playful, very curious and very neat. Responds to name sometimes. Toilet trained. Good with children.

Being put up for adoption because he fights with another rabbit. Needs a fosterer and a permanent home.

Contact emine
Phone: 91120644

[Fri 2 Apr. Source: e-mail, Fri 2 Apr.]

Update Sat 1 May
Stormy has found a new home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Malty the sweet and adorable female maltese

Hi dog-lovers & friends,

There is a maltese looking for good home. She is really very sweet. Below is the trait of the lovely dog and has attached some pictures of her. Owner has to give her up for adoption is because she is having very bad allergic caused by dogs. It was diagnosed by doctors. She feels sad parting with her too but due to health reason she has no choice. Please help to spread the news and find a good home for her.

Name: Malty
Breed: Maltese
Gender: Female
Age: Estimated 7-8
Size: 5.8kgs, 27cm

Basic comment: "Come", "Sit" & "Paw-Paw"
Paper-trained: Yes
Teeth: teeth scaling was done Dec 2009
Exercise: daily walks
Sterilized: Spayed

Good with human: Yes
Good with other dogs: need to supervise


[Thu 1 Apr. Source: e-mail, Thu 1 Apr.]

Update Sat 1 May
Malty has found a new home.

Friday, 30 April 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Cathy the 1yo female mongrel with GSD blood (?)

CATHY was rescued in nick of time when she was seen being taken away by SPCA van this afternoon.

She is very docile, quiet, friendly and affectionate. She may have some German Shepherd blood based on her markings. She is good with humans and dogs, definitely a good companion for family with kids and elderly.

She has been vaccinated today and in good health. She is estimated to be 1yr old.

For more information, pls call 91027973. Pls note that she's not HDB approved breed and is medium size. Adopter must sterilize her.

More photos in the link below.

[Tue 27 Apr. Source:, Tue 27 Apr.]

Update Fri 30 Apr
BUTTER the labrador & CATHY the mongrel who was rescued from SPCA van have been adopted together by a kind family today!!!All the best to them and the family for giving them a new lease of life they deserve :)

[rehomed!] FOUND/ABANDONED?: Butter the male labrador retriever, now at MWS (Sun 4 Apr)

Found on Sun 4 April 2010. Within seconds, he gobble all the food showing how hungry he was. Badly infested with ticks. Volunteers bath and deticked him. Butter is now at Mdm Wong's shelter. Email us at if u have any information about him.

More photos in the link below.

Please help to spread the word.

[Tue 6 Apr. Source:, Tue 6 Apr.]

Update Fri 30 Apr
BUTTER the labrador & CATHY the mongrel who was rescued from SPCA van have been adopted together by a kind family today!!!All the best to them and the family for giving them a new lease of life they deserve :)

[rehomed!] The Viper that never bites...

6 yr 1 mth old Siberian Husky. Extremely gentle with children. Good natured and lovable. Very handsome and attentive dog that needs lots of love and care.

He stays with my mom and now her health has deteriorated and can't take care of him any more. I am staying in a 5 room which is unable to keep him with me. My mom's maid whom we hired to take care of her is fairly afraid of dogs. Eventhough Viper is a kind soul and never ever bites, she is unable to bring him out for his walk because of her fear in dogs.

Hopes to find a very loving family that stays in a landed property so that he can have his space to move around.

Connie 9827-4433

No adoption fee is required.

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Update Fri 30 Apr
Viper has found a new home.

LOST: Tiger the 4yo golden brown male pomeranian with white bushy upright tail (Sengkang, Sun 18 Apr)

Name: Tiger
Breed: Cross Breed Pomeranian
Gender: Male
Age" 4 years old
Color: Golden Brown with White Bushy Upright Tail (When he walks it's like a white flower on his butt)
Size: Medium (according to normal Pomeranian size)

Characteristic: Harmless barks at strangers but very friendly and will not bite.

Medical Condition *** URGENT appointment for operation is needed to fix for the dog as he has an abnormal problem - one of his testicles is in-grown and so only one is visible. Vet advised that he needs an operation as soon as possible as it will become cancerous.

Last Seen: AnchorVale Link Sengkang Block Singapore 540302
Date Missing: Sun 18 April 2010

Mr Yong at tel 9368-2992
Ms Ong at tel 9752-8892

Reward $1,000 reward for safe return. No question asked.

More photos on

[Fri 30 Apr. Source: e-mail, Fri 30 Apr.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Pokey the 8wo male cat rescued from culling


I rescued this stray kitten from potential culling by my management and I hope that you can publish his story so that someone can provide a good home for him.
Type of animal: Kitten
Breed: No idea
Gender: Male
Age: 8 weeks
Size: Small
Colour: White, brown and black.
Condition/injuries: No injuries. Healthy. I just bathed and de-flea him.

Personality/temperament: He is sweet natured and has good temperament
Toilet trained: Yes
Good with children: Should be ok with children.


Ready for Adoption.
Male, 8 weeks old.
Rescued from potential culling.

Pokey has really soft fur and is super cute. Even when you are sitting there and staring at him, he can just sit there and dozed off periodically.

He is sweet natured and has good temperament. He is curious and loves to wander around the house looking at things.

Needs a loving home.

If you are interested in adopting, please call Liyin at 98390060.

Contact person: Liyin
Phone: 98390060

[Source: e-mail. Sun 28 Mar.]

Update Fri 30 Apr
Pokey has been adopted.

[rehomed!] Bobby the mongrel - abandoned by 1st owner at kopitiam, given up by 2nd due to unforseen circumstances

Status: For Adoption

Breed: Mongrel

Name: Bobby

Age: Estimate 5-6 yrs old

Gender: Male

Weight: 16kg

Spayed/Neutered: Already Spayed on 14/06/08

Microchipped: Yes on 14/06/08
Vaccine: Yes on 14/06/08

Heartworm Injection: Yes on on 14/06/08

Reason for Being Given Up: Heartless Owner shifts home and abandon dog at nearby kopitiam. Thus, decided to rescue him as some pple were complaining. Afterwhich he was rehomed to a couple but due to unforeseen circumstances, they have to give him up.

Good with humans : Very affectionate, very mild tempered & loyal.

Pee and Poo : Out Door Trained. Needs to bring him out for a short walk at least 2x a day

Good with Dogs: Needs time to warm up with dogs, once warmed up he is great companion for your dogs

Dog's Temperament:
Very affectionate to human, small animals and dogs. A very obedient dog. Behaves very well when bathing and on car rides. Eats gently and does not snatch food from your hand. Enjoys freedom and hates to be caged up. Overall he is the dog with best tempermant I have seen so far and a dog that live his life to the fullest, and he definately deserve you giving him another chance to exprience the family love.

Ideal Home: Private or Landed

Other information: On dry food.

Contact: Rayne 90600810

Adoption Fee: Donation to dog shelter

More photos here:!/notes/rayne-gan/cute-mild-tempered-bobby-for-adoption/101609868286

Update Fri 30 Apr
Bobby has been adopted.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

[reunited!] LOST: Jacky the 13yo male shih tzu cross (Novena/Newton, Sat 24 Apr)

Date The Dog Was Lost: Sat 24 Apr 2010

Where The Dog Was Lost: My dog sneaked out of my house, Buckley Road (Novena/Newton area), behind IRAS on Sat night, around 9+pm

Name Of Dog: Jacky
Breed: Cross-breed Shih Tzu
Colour Of The Dog: brownish-grey (brown base with greyish patch on his body and long and crooked black nails)
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Size: 2 ft

Owner's Name: Helen
Contact Number: 92964022

[Thu 29 Apr. Source:, Tue 27 Apr.]

Update Thu 29 Apr
My dog has been fnd n is now safely hme.Im very thankful 2 Ms Theresa Yam,whom took d effort 2 bring him 2 d groomer n feeding him w char siew(his favorite) n protecting him from d dangers outside.Ive learnt a more indept lesson tht one should,respect, honor n cherish life even more,be it w/out prestige n will never forget tis special n unforgetable date,29th Apr.

[reunited!] LOST: Jumbo the 10yo male border collie, b+w with brown face (AMK Ave 5, Tue 27 Apr)

Date The Dog Was Lost: Tue 27 Apr 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Blk 538 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5

Name Of Dog: Jumbo
Breed: Border Collie
Colour Of The Dog: black & white with brown face
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Size: 3 ft

Owner's Name: Linda
Contact Number: 93886027

[Wed 28 Apr. Source:, Wed 28 Apr.]

Update Thu 29 Apr
Jumbo returned on Tues evening.

[resolved!] vietnam-romeo, 'the construction site dog', needs a new home

Vietnam-Romeo the 'construction site dog', as hailed by many of our readers, needs a new home.

His current family has decided to re-home him due to neighbourly relations being strained when he barks.

His age is unknown, possibly about 1 year old or so. He is neutered and recently been groomed and de-fleaed. He is leashed trained and only pees and poos outside the home during his walks.

He is currently still living in Audrey's home. To visit and adopt him, contact Aswat at 93378211 who will arrange for a viewing at Angels Pet Shop. We are open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 9pm.

Blk 302, Ubi Ave 1, #01-49

Nearest MRT station: Eunos
Bus nos: 8, 22, 61, 63, 65, 66
Nearest PIE exit: Eunos Link

Next to 7-11 and opposite Automobile Megamart

[Original post, Thu 18 Mar:]

Update Thu 29 Apr
vietnam-romeo no longer needs a new home, his current neighbours stopped complaining because he has been trained to not bark

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

LOST: 2yo orange/brown male pomeranian (Hougang Ave 1, Wed 28 Apr)

My dog break loose of his leash and ran out of my house at Blk 167 Hougang Ave 1, between 0630-0730hrs today Wed 28 Apr 2010. Not sterilized. Very active. Short fur (just went grooming not long ago). Please contact me at 92218960 if you have any info.

Details of him:

Sex: Male
Age: 2yrs old
Color: Orange brown

[Wed 28 Apr. Source:, Wed 28 Apr.]

LOST: Rev the 8yo male chihuahua (Hougang St 61, Wed 28 Apr)

Tricolor Chihuahua lost... @ Hougang Street 61 Blk 698A

His name is REV, close to 8 years old... small in size. Squeezed out of the gate at about 12 noon.

Kindly contact me @ 8187 0778.

Thank you so much

[Wed 28 Apr. Source:, Wed 28 Apr.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Hyper the abandoned 4-5yo male shih tzu

Hyper the male shih tzu. About 4 to 5 years old. Sterilised.

Contact or 91027973

[Tue 27 Apr. Source:, Mon 15 Mar.]

Update Wed 28 Apr
hyper has found a forever home! :)

[reunited!] LOST: Ah Huat the white male shih tzu (Beach Road, Sun 25 Apr)

** WHITE shitzu male dog, named Ah Huat, small size, has skin allergy, needs to take medicine urgently. Went missing 25 April 2010 Sunday 1.30am below Blk 4 Beach Road. If found, please kindly contact Ms Ang at 91050390. Reward will be given. Thank you.

** 白色西施公狗, 名Ah Huat, 体型小, 有皮肤病, 须吃药. 25/04/10 星期天凌晨1.30 失踪于Blk 4 Beach Road. 如看见此狗, 请立急联络洪小姐91050390. 必有奖赏. 谢谢.

[Mon 26 Apr. Source: e-mail, Mon 26 Apr.]

Update Wed 28 Apr
I have found my dog at the SPCA!!!!!! Oh my, finally.. :)

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

LOST: Kachang the 2.5yo tricoloured female cat, purple collar+bell (Woodlands St 13)

Name: Kachang
Gender: Female
Approximately 2.5 years old.
Tortoise shell cat(tri coloured)- black/brown/white.
Tipped left ear
Last seen at Blk 176 Woodlands St 13 wearing a purple collar with a bell.

If found, contact 98625081.

[Tue 27 Apr. Source:, Thu 22 Apr.]

LOST: Tigrou the chubby female tabby, white paws/chest, crooked tail (Serangoon Gardens, Wed 21 Apr)

My cat has been missing since Wednesday 21st April, around 9pm. She was last seen at my home at Cowdray Avenue. She is a chubby, three-year old female. She has a tabby coat (grey fur with black strips), white paws and chest, yellow-green eyes and a crooked tail. She is a talkative cat which responds to the name Tigrou.

This is the first time that she leaves home for such an extended period of time, so please let me know if you find her by calling me at 9327 9020.

LOST: Toffee the 5yo tabby female, orange mark, red collar silver hearts red bell (Meyer Rd, Thu 22 Apr)

Our 5 yr old cat toffee is missing since last nite (Thu 22 Apr).She is tabby in colour and has an orange mark on her forehead.She is wearing a red colour collar with silver hearts on it and a red bell. She is missing frm Meyer park condo at Meyer road.
Spotter / finder pls call @ 81823582 / 96350145

[Tue 27 Apr. Source:, Fri 23 Apr.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 5mo black female Labrador retriever

5-month-old black female labrador retriever given up by the same "ah-ma" as the unsocialised JRT. she's giving her up due to downgrade (from landed to hdb) there fore unable to accomodate her.

interested parties please email me with your information including

no. of family members
who will be sole care taker
any experience with dogs

you are to license and sterilise her within 2months from the date of adoption.

I'm schelduling a viewing for the JRT this Sunday (4 Apr) at 12noon in Katong, those who's interested to view the lab pls contact me directly at my email

[Fri 2 Apr. Source:, Fri 2 Apr.]

Update Sun 4 Apr
Need home urgently as the family is moving out of the property today and the 2 dogs are left in their own.. They are being fed when the humans drop by once/twice a day...

Charcoal is a very easy going dog. She's also mild and tame. So long she has a place to sleep an food to eat she's a contended dog.

Update Tue 27 Apr
Charcoal has been adopted by Michelle.

[reunited!] LOST: Pepsi the 8yo male golden retriever with pink nose, chain (Sat 24 Apr, Tg Katong)

Name: Pepsi

Breed: Golden Retriever, Male, 8 years old.

Location: Last seen along Tg Katong Rd Postal Code 437114

Date: Sat 24th April 2010 from 8am onwards

Distinct feature: Pink nose, short fur, golden brown wearing a chain with no tag.

Have you seen me?

Please bring me home to my family or call my mummy Jelissa at 97979704 or my daddy Bernard at 97474768

Thank you everyone!

[Mon 26 Apr. Source:, Mon 26 Apr.]

Update Tue 27 Apr
The good news is that Pepsi the Golden Retriever who was missing for 3 days, was finally found. Sam from contacted SPCA very early this morning and at lunch hour, SPCA identified Pepsi and the owner finally brought Pepsi home and give it a good bath.

[resolved!] Bao the female JRT is still up for adoption

Bao - a 3-year-old, small-sized female jack russell (4 kg)

Spayed. Good with children but very hyperactive, has to be under supervision. Good with dogs but not other animals. Allergic to grass.

Reason for giving up: Parents want to give dog away before March.

Her ideal owner would bring her for walks daily and have either no dogs or only one dog besides her.

Condition: Allow owner to do 1 visit 2 weeks after taking in dog. Agreement of not reselling dog, and if owner is unable to keep dog in the future, owner must find dog a proper home for adoption and not send it in to any pet associations.

Bao is looking for a forever home... For photos, please e-mail with info of yourself. (will not entertain those who just ask for pictures only)

Update Tue 27 Apr
the family has decided to keep it since no one adopted it.

LOST: Prince the 6yo male yorkshire terrier (Thomson, Mon 26 Apr)

"Prince", a Male Yorkshire Terrier was last seen on Mon 26 Apr 2010 in 83 Soo Chow Walk, Thomson Road vicinity, Near Thomson Plaza and Church of the Holy Spirit. Singapore 575377.

Colour: Black and Tan
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Size: small
is it Microchip: Yes, its microchipped.

Owner's Name: Vincent Soh and Janiviy Chang
Contact Numbr: 9747 4432

Details at

[Tue 27 Apr. Source: e-mail, Tue 27 Apr.]

Monday, 26 April 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Dragon the 9+yo male golden retriever

He is paper trained, very obedient, mild tempered do simple tricks like sit, roll over, stay, no health problems and good with children. He will make a wonderful companion. My in-laws recently moved into a smaller flat its too small for him. I am not able to take him as I have three cats.

Only for genuine dog lovers. Please contact me Gimm at 91799741. Thanks

[Wed 21 Apr. Source:, Tue 20 Apr.]

Update Mon 26 Apr
Dragon has found a new home. He's trying to adapt to the environment and get along with the other dog. So far feedback is good and hopefully all goes well as planned.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bindi the rescued 5 week old female mongrel

5 weeks old female mongrel is in need of a forever home! She was rescued along with 4 siblings. Had a wound on the tail but is healing very well. I can't keep her as I live in a flat

Contact or 84280562 (SMS only)

[Fri 9 Apr. Source:!/photo.php?pid=5501888&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=5071732769&aid=-1&id=700353708, Thu 8 Apr.]

Update Mon 26 Apr
Bindi's found a home.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

[resolved!] ADOPT: 2 female huskies (4 and 6 yo)

2 female huskies (4 & 6 yrs old) for adoption. they r 4 and 6, have been living together since like forever. I hope they can go to the same home together.

no rehoming fee but new owners will b thoroughly screened n required to sign for me an agreement.

Email and I'll arrange for u n the owners to meet.

[Tue 6 Apr. Source:, Mon 5 Apr.]

Update Sun 25 Apr
The owners have decided to keep their huskies.

[rehomed!] STILL LOOKING FOR OWNER - white female dog (Hougang Ave 6, Sat 13 Mar)


Just found a white female dog @ Hougang ave 6.

If you think that you are the owner, pls call me @ 98455514.


[Original post: Sat 13 Mar,]

Update Sun 25 Apr
Dog has found a home.