Saturday, 20 February 2010

Bruno's been discharged!

Bruno, a 9-year-old mixed breed dog is critically ill. He has been in Mt. Pleasant Whitley for the past few days. He started bleeding from his mouth a few days back. Low red blood cells and platelet count. He urgently needs a blood transfusion from dogs aged 2 and above and weighing more than 15kg.

Contact Jenny 97886610 or Yvette 97295162 if you and your dog can help.

Please spread the word. Thanks.

Update 20 Feb
Thank you especially to those who have responded, be it just asking about Bruno's condition or offering help. It is very much appreciated. Bruno's condition has improved and while not optimal, hopefully medication will be able to maintain and give him a good quality of life. he's been discharged from the hospital and is finally home with us.

Friday, 19 February 2010

[rehomed!] 3-legged Shih Tzu

Anyone is interested in adopting a 1 year old plus male shih tzu? He is a special dog because he has only 3 legs. One of his hind leg was amputated due to necrosis and negligence by previous owner. He is now well and healthy. Despite having only 3 legs, he is a very active boy. Currently being fostered by a guy working... in an animal clinic and dog is staying there til someone adopts him. Only serious humans will be considered as this special dog requires lots of patience and care of its new owner. Please do consider giving this shih tzu a warm home again..

If you've Facebook, leave your comments/contact on SPCA's wall (Post by Michele Tham) or send Michele a message. If you don't have Facebook, email and I'll convey your message to her.

Update 19 Feb
Hi, found out today the shih tzu has been adopted.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

RIP Vista and Puddy - thank you to all who helped

Hi hi,

I have urgent need for dog donors for my 2 rescued dogs.

Must be over 23kgs. And under 7 yrs old.

1. Puddy - A lovely mild mannered Golden Retriever, who has cancer.

Needs blood by end of this week.

2. Vista (pictured) - A 10 yr old TINY Shih Tzu rescued from a filthy stinking puppy mill, left in a corner to rot and die as she was no longer productive!!!

She had tick fever, heart murmur and renal failure.
But recovered. NEEDS BLOOD ASAP.

ALL eating well, alert and active. Vet said NOT time to go yet....

So no PTS for now. Only when their quality of life is no longer there and they have stopped eating or no longer interested in their food.

Hence, my need for blood now to keep their quality of life good.

Donors -

Please contact JIREH VET Tel: 6556-0268 to go down and do blood typing.


For more details, please contact Alycia @ 96890777.



Update 10 Feb 1032h
Dear all, I regret to inform with great sadness tat spunky, brave and fiesty VISTA passed away just :( very unexpectedly as she did very well after her blood transfusion. Thank u all for ur concern and effort. RIP Vista...

At least we tried and tried very hard. She had a hard life and was not young. She suffered so many ailments and serious condition when her current mommy took her in. She lived life to the fullest during the period she's with her mommy, waddling around with her waggy tail in the air and smiling with her eyes.Thank u all so very much for trying.

Update 18 Feb
Dear all, Puddy passed on peacefully with great dignity and looked very serene today. This distinguish Goldie left ahead of his time being only 8 years old. His rescuer had bought extra around a year's time after rescuing him from being PTS. His bladder cancer was aggressive and came back with vengeance. He was stoic and did not fuss. Excellent patient. It was his body that let him down. R.I.P. Puddy dearest.

A big thank you to all the dogs who donated blood to both.

[rehomed!] Adopt Beanie the Chihuahua

Beanie's a fast-learner dog and she knows commands like "Sit", "Stand", "Shake hand", Lie down", "Catch", etc. She is very loyal to owner and like any other dogs, she loves attention. The more you give her, the more she'll be happy.

I am giving up on her because of my work (as I work 3 shifts and soon 5 shifts), I do not have time to look after her neither is my family as my Mom need to babysit my nieces and nephews.

Everything that belongs to her will be given to you.

Kindly contact me ASAP for adoption at with your contact details. More information will be revealed to you via email.

Viewing will be strictly at my place at Bukit Panjang, Petir Road.

P.S: Please be sure you are a sincere adopter as I wish her to go to a good family. Kindly DO NOT adopt her out of impulse!

Update 18 Feb
Beanie has found a good home!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

[Reunited!] Lost - Snuffy the Mini Schnauzer (Yishun, Sun 14 Feb)

Owner's Name: Chin Fu Yeong
Contact Number: 97502347

Date The Dog Was Lost: Sun 14 Feb 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Lost at blk 755 yishun st 72 void deck

Name Of Dog: Snuffy
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Colour Of The Dog: Grey
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Size: 50 cm long 30 cm tall

Update 17 Feb
I have already found snuffy. Found by the neighbourhood police.

Monday, 15 February 2010

[Reunited!] Lost - Newton the cat (Woodlands Ave 1, 12-13Feb)

Missing between 12 Feb night to 13 Feb Afternoon. Only realised he's missing when he didn't come out for lunch. Thought he was sleeping in some obscure area. The wooden door was accidentally left open on 12 Feb night so he might have went out. Might have been last seen around 8am on 13 Feb below Block 339 in Woodlands Ave 1.

CONTACT: 91871496 Melissa

Update 15 Feb
found! he came home on his own.

[rehomed!] Lucky Lucky, the 3-legged golden retriever

Male Golden Retriever (3 legged) Lucky. Vaccinated yearly at Mount Pleasant Animal Clinic. 4 years old.

Friendly, good with kids, playful n loving. Likes to do his own things sometimes.
Requires lots of love n attention (he will nudge u with his snout to ask for a pat or a cuddle)
Wags his tail a lot. Afraid of loud noises and noisy plastic bags. (i mean really afraid)
Will chase cats.

Currently on a fish diet. (strictly dry dog food plus multi vitamins)
Needs to go out to do his business daily.

His current owner is giving him up due to his poor health.


Update 15 Feb
Lucky has been adopted by a lovely lady.