Thursday, 2 December 2010

SPOTTED/HELP: Black dog in middle of road (tampines, tue 29 nov 2010)

I saw a black dog wondering around Tampines on Tuesday night (Tue 29 Nov 2010). It was right in the middle of the road and I was in a taxi and I saw it and alerted the driver to avoid it! It seemed not to care about the cars coming and I was very worried for it. After we went by, I turned back and saw a few more cars avoiding the dog, but I'm worried that some careless driver might knock down the dog!

I was hoping someone with his/her own vehicle would be able to help rescue the dog and perhaps bring it to a shelter like ALL or ASD? I don't possess my own transport and taxi drivers are not receptive to carrying animals, especially a dog that is relatively large. I really hope that someone can help this poor dog..

Anyway, I'm leaving my contact number behind so if you need any more information that I can provide, you can call me. My number is 9710 4345.



[thu 2 dec 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, thu 2 dec 2010.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Jack the affectionate, loving 3yo male border collie-X abandoned by family

Jack used to be from a home, together with his brother (Ben), but the family abandoned them for some unknown reasons.

And the two poor siblings waited for their owner to come back to pick them up but of course, their owners didnt return at all.

These lovely dogs are actually border-collie cross and are about 3 years old. Jack is the dog with floppy ears while Ben has upright ears.

They are two loyal dogs and we wanted to get them adopted together but unfortunately, that was only a wish. Ben has already been adopted into a new home, and is adjusting pretty well.

Such an affectionate and loving dog like Jack, he deserve a better life than staying in a shelter.

Do give Jack a chance and do it fast, as the longer he waits.. the smaller chances of him getting adopted as his age increases.

[mon 6 sep 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, mon 6 sep 2010.]

thu 2 dec 2010
jack is adopted!

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2-3mo male mongrel pup

Hi all,

I have a puppy for adoption.
Should be ard 2-3 months old.
Active and playful.

more photos here:

[wed 1 dec 2010. shared with permission of post creator. original post:, wed 1 dec 2010.]

thu 2 dec 2010
someone has adopted the puppy.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

[reunited!] LOST: Toto - 5+yo white/black/brown female chihuahua x papillon (pasir ris st 53, tue 30 nov 2010)

(Lost from Blk 570 Pasir Ris Street 53
on 30Nov10 around late afternoon)

Name : Toto
Gender : Female (sterilized)
Age : 5+ years old
Colour : Tri-color – white, black and brown
Breed : Chi Hua Hua cross Papillion
Others : Should not be wearing any collar when lost. She is microchipped.

Toto is friendly to human beings, will never bite.

[tue 30 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail and tagged on, tue 30 nov 2010.]

wed 1 dec 2010
Pleased to inform Toto has been found. A student picked her up and she is now safely back home. Thank you!

[reunited!] FOUND: male yorkshire terrier cross? (bedok reservoir)

details here:, mon 27 sep 2010

[wed 29 sep 2010.]

wed 1 dec 2010
dog reunited

[reunited!] LOST: Haner the microchipped 6yo white/grey male husky w blue collar (cashew terrace, wed 28 jul)

hi all,
My Dog ran out of my house, but usually he will come back on his own. But this time round he did not, Hope some one of you found him..!
He will respond to Haner

my dog description as follows:

breed: Male Siberian Husky

Age: 6 years +

Colour: White and Grey

Place he when missing: Cashew Terrace Estate

Date when missing : 28 July 2010 Wednesday, afternoon 1PM

Distinct Features: He is wearing a Blue Collar, He is microchipped



[mon 2 aug., mon 2 aug.]

wed 1 dec 2010
haner's found

[reunited!] FOUND: white/brown female siberian husky (toh guan road east, thu 23 sep 2010)

more details here
, mon 27 sep 2010

[tue 28 sep 2010.]

wed 1 dec 2010
owner found

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

LOST: Inu - 7yo brown/white female shih tzu (lor marzuki/kembangan, sat 27 nov 2010)

Name Of Dog: Inu
Breed: Shih Tzu
Colour Of The Dog: Brown/White
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Size: 2 ft

Date The Dog Was Lost: Sat 27 Nov 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Lorong Marzuki (Kembangan Area)

Owner's Name: Benedict
Contact Number: 92277678

[tue 30 nov 2010. shared with permission of post creator. original post:, mon 29 nov 2010.]

LOST: tabby cat (bedok reservoir rd blk 101, sun 28 nov 2010)

I have just lost my Tabby cat on the Sunday, 28 Nov 2010, around afternoon time when I was in overseas.

I am not sure how my cat was lost. It might have run out of the door due to negligence.

Attached is my cat’s photo. I hope somebody has reported my cat.

I’m staying at Bedok Reservoir Road Blk 101. If you have news, pls contact me asap at 90088086. I miss my cat a lot!

[tue 30 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, tue 30 nov 2010.]

ADOPT: Papi the shy 1yo singapore girl, rescued from rubbish dump

Papi - SG Special, Female, Sterilised, 9 mths

Papi and her sister were rescued off rubbish dump at Lor Halus when they were 2 months old and left to risk their life amidst the fast passing garbage trucks in the area.

Papi is a little shy, but can be cheeky once you've clicked with her.

Papi is currently at Stormville. To arrange for viewing, please call 6289 9273.

[Original post:!/photo.php?pid=3833247&id=725367335&fbid=334130117335]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Rocky & Diamond - male and female pups

My wife and I found 2 puppies being abandoned at The St Michael's Church in-front of the Statue of Mary near where we are staying. We found them on 12th Nov and they have been staying with us for the last few days and also with some good samaritans from the church.

I believe they are about 1 to 2-month old and but at this point in time, we are not sure with regards to their breeds. There is a boy whom we have named Rocky and the other girl Diamond as you can see there is a diamond shape on her forehead. They are siblings as they look very identical except for a spot on Rocky.

We are staying in a HDB flat and as such, we are not allowed to keep them when they grow bigger. My wife and myself are working and there is no one home to look after them. We brought them to the church during last Sunday mass and everybody loves them when they set their eyes on them. We were disappointed as no one was able to adopt them. We are hoping that you could find permanent home for them becos they are really very lovely and adorable. Rocky and Diamond are especially very fond of people.

Attached are their lovely photographs and we really hope they can find a permanent home for them.

[thu 18 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, wed 17 nov 2010.]

tue 30 nov 2010
both dogs have found homes

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Kitten 2: joyful, active 5mo female kitten great with dogs

Kitten 2

Statue : For adoption

Breed : Local

Age : about 5 months (last update 13 sep 10)

Gender: Female

Spayed/Neutered: Not yet. After adopt, must neutered her.

Cat's Temperament:
Active, joyful, love to purrrr :D
They are good with Dogs.

Ideal home : A house which is cat proof

Kindly sms us with intro of yourself, age and occupation, family size and experience with or without cats.

Adoption fee : $60 for all the 3 vaccinations.

Owner's request : Give her a lovely home! All family members should agree to keep her.

Reason for giving up:

Someone passed 3 kittens to us when they were around 3 weeks old. They are now old enough to be adopted. (: One kitten had been adopted. (: If possible, adopt kitten 1 and 2 together because they are siblings.

[mon 13 sep 2010. source: facebook message, mon 13 sep 2010. original post:]

tue 30 nov 2010
kitten 2 is adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Spike the 2yo s'pore boy + Patchy the female cat - owners leaving, adopters changed their minds

Dear all,
We are looking for home for Spike: male dog , mix breed, 2 years old, clever and loveable but sensitive and protective (barking at strangers), we are willing to pay for training (up to 250$).

We are also looking for home for Patchy: female cat, beautiful and loveable but she has a problem using the sand tray so, she needs a house with a garden.

They were both adopted from SPCA and were vaccinated and sterilized.

They need warm and patient family that will accept them as they are – we are all unique J
I’m attaching pictures of the animals, any help will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

[wed 30 jun. shared on request. source: e-mail, wed 30 jun.]

tue 30 nov 2010
both dogs have found homes

LOST: fat, greyish siamese tabby cat w stripey limbs, stumpy tail (novena ville, sun 28 nov 2010)

details here:, mon 29 nov 2010.

[tue 30 nov 2010.]