Friday, 28 May 2010

[rehomed!] FOUND/ADOPT: Benji the 4-5mo male mongrel (Woodlands Industrial Park)

Found Benji (temporary name) near Woodlands industrial park. I think it's about 4-5 months old. Nice chap, does not bark and pretty obedient for his age. Temporarily, I'm keeping in my house till I can find a good home for him. It would be good if you guys have any leads on his adoption - cheers!

he has not been taken to the vet as yet. However, he has his daily pedigree nutrients and puppy food. Well, I just do not mind forking out the extra cent for his medical bills for now. Hope you can let me know if anyone is interested ja :)

Well, he is not wounded. It's oil paint that he got on himself. I tried removing with turpentine - it only removed a bit. However, his red paint is disappearing as time goes.

As for the jabs, I'll get it real soon. So no worries on that issue...

My neighbours are already getting cranky.

[Fri 21 May. Source:, Thu 20 May.]

Update Fri 28 May
Benji's rescuer has found him a home.

[reunited!] LOST: Cookie the male silky terrier (Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Wed 26 May) - no pix yet

To all Kind Soul.. please help to find my dog

I lost my dog yesterday (between 4pm - 5pm).. from Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Blk 112.
Anybody found it.. please inform me...he has been with me for 6years..

Name: Cookie
Breed: Silky Terrier, Short Tail
Colour: Black on body and Golden Brown on his head and legs
Sex: Male

If found..please contact me at 97560722

(Rewards will be given)

[Thu 27 May. Source:, Thu 27 May.]

Update Fri 28 May
After missing for 3 days, Cookie, the silky terrier at AMK is finally found and reunited with the pet owner.

LOST: female shetland sheepdog (Sunbird Ave, opp Simei ITE, Mon 24 May)

Dear friends,

Please help if you've found a adult female Shetland wondering around your neighbourhood. She's been lost at Sunbird Ave (opposite Simei ITE) in the evening on Mon 24th May 2010. Will appreciated your help, I can be contacted @ 96960903.

Thanks Everyone

[Wed 26 May. Source:, Tue 25 May.]

LOST: Russell the 10yo white male jrt (Bukit Timah Hua Guan Ave, Sun 9 May)

Name Of Dog: Russell
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Colour Of The Dog: White
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Size: 1 ft

Date The Dog Was Lost: Sun 9 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: 96 Hua Guan Avenue, Bukit Timah

Owner's Name: Rosemarie
Contact Number: 92384813

[Thu 27 May. Source:, Thu 27 May.]

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: Belle the 5mo female JRT

BELLE, a 5mths old female Jack Russell Terrier pup was found abandoned at Bukit Batok Heavy vehicle park few days ago. She has been sent to vet for vaccination and microchipped.

It's really sad that cruelty act of humans that could have cause the death of this little fragile life being knocked down by heavy trucks, starvation, culled by authorities etc. She's in good health except mild skin problem which will subsides after boost up her immune system with proper diet and care.

She has excellent temperament, very sweet, friendly with humans and dogs.

She's up for adoption and fostering. Preferably someone who has experience with JRT and understand this breed. Adopter must sterilize and license.

[Sun 23 May. Source:, Sun 23 May.]

Update Fri 28 May
Belle has been adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Max the 11mo male golden retriever

Name: Max
Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 11 months (1 year old in June, not sure what date)
Gender: Male

He's full sized already. He's very healthy, on frontline and heartguard, and takes calcium supplements for a minor hip problem.

[Fri 21 May. Source: SG Dogslover, Fri 17 May.]

Update Fri 28 May
Max has been adopted.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

LOST: Bear Bear the black/brown 9yo female mini pinscher x jrt (Tampines, Wed 26 May)

Name Of Dog: Bear Bear
Breed: Mini Pincher Jack Russell mix
Colour Of The Dog: Black and Brown
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Size: small

Date The Dog Was Lost: Wed 26 May 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Blk 131 Tampines St 11, Tampines Court

Owner's Name: Selena
Contact Number: 90289337

[Thu 27 May. Source:, Thu 27 May.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Alphy the female forest pup - last one!!!

As many of us know, it has been raining for the past few weeks in Singapore. The wind and rains are particularly strong in the forested areas.

One day, an 80 year old man was taking his routine walk when he heard a yelp – sounding like a piteous cry for help from a far distance. He was curious and began walking through the difficult wood to search for that cry. After 45 mins of tedious hunt in a heavily forested area, hurting himself through dead trees, snagged by pricky thorns, thick undergrowth and multilayered canopy dominated by large trees and accumulations of dead leaves and rotten wood.

The kind old man finally saw a lonely mommy dog with her 8 pups trapped by dead logs in the dense forest. As there was no way for him to remove the logs, he went home and brought along a chisel, an axe and trowel to start removing the logs and making small pathway for the mommy and pups to walk. As he is old and did not have any other help, the old man spent one full day removing all the obstacles to rescue the family. He carried the pups and made a makeshift room for them to rest and went off to cook a simple meal for them to eat.

As age is catching up, the old man suffered a terrible backache and fatigue; he was sick for many days and was unable to get out of bed. As he lived alone, there was no one to care for him, much less cook for the dogs. The mommy was hungry and started bringing her pups to the deep forest to search for food which resulted in 3 deaths as they were either starved to death or crushed by the falling dead trees.

The old man is pleading for kind souls who have the space and love at home to give the puppies a chance in life to call it their home as well. Right now we are trying to help him rehome them since they are very young and when time is right, we will have mommy sterilized, if we can get near enough her to catch her. Many have suggested to the old man to bring the pups to SPCA as there are so many others out there also looking for home. We are as torn on how to help him but we will try this avenue first.

These are the Forest Pups. Please note that these pups will grow into medium size thus they are not HDB approved breed.

If anyone is able to help and wishes to view and adopt the puppies, please call HP: 9765 9951 or email to

Many more photos here:

[Source: Tue 30 Mar.]

Update Fri 2 Apr - four pups left?

Left to Right : rocko (female), alpha(male), pinky(female) and coy(female)

[Source:, Thu 1 Apr.]

Update Sat 10 Apr
Only 3 forest pups are left ~! Bearie (??), McCoy, Alphie.

Update Tue 13 Apr
Bearie's adopted ~! Only McCoy & Alphy Left

Update Mon 26 Apr
McCoy's Adopted ~! Last one - Alphy!

Update Thu 27 May
All the forest pups have been adopted!

LOST: Nessa the female husky (Choa Chu Kang, Wed 12 May)

Went missing on Wed 12 May around 8.30pm iin the vicinity of Choa Chu Kang St 53. Responds to the name of Nessa. Very active girl. Has a choke chain and microchip number 702055550015925.

Pls call 84980364 when you spot Nessa.

[Thu 27 May. Source:, Fri 14 May.]

FOUND: Tall black dog with sharp pointed ears (Hougang)

Found: tall black dog with sharp pointed ears at Hougang

Kindly pm me if you have lost a dog which look likes a mongrel with the above mentioned characteristics. thanks.

[Thu 27 May. Source:, Wed 26 May.]

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

LOST: Xiao Gong Zhu the 6mo female stray dog (Kim Chuan Rd, Mon 24 May)

I have been feeding Xiao Gong Zhu, a stray 6-month-old female puppy, almost every day. She was last seen 6pm on Monday 24.05.2010 at Kim Chuan Rd. She is neutered and playful.

Contact if you've seen her.

[Wed 26 May. Source: e-mail, Wed 26 May.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Rocky + Raco, male + female bull terriers

Dear all,

I'm helping a friend to post this.

The reason is he's always not in Singapore and the maid doesn't know how to take care of them so when he's away they are always locked up. So i really think that the dogs will be more happier with other people who have the time for them and know how to take care of them.

There won't be any adoption fee. Just hope to look for really sincere adoptees for them.

Below is the information:

Breed: Bull Terrier / Bull Terrier

Gender: Male / Female (Spayed)

Color: Tri Color (Brown/Black /White) / White

DOB: 01-01-2007 / 06-07-2007

Temperament: Friendly, Just love humans

Toilet-trained for living in an apartment (Bull Terriers is not approved for HDB)

(Conditions of adoption includes "Rocky / Raco is to be walk everyday and the whole family members must agree to the adoption)

[Wed 26 May. Source:, Mon 24 May.]

Update Wed 26 May
Both Dogs have been adopted by a very good family.

[reunited!] LOST: Bella the female short-legged munchkin kitten (Chua Chu Kang, Sat 15 May)

PLEA to any kind-hearted soul out there. We are worried sick of our precious kitten who went missing. Last seen Sat 15 May 2010 at 613 Choa Chu Kang St 62, 3rd floor approximately 7.30pm. She's a standard short-legged munchkin. Requires special attention to her medical condition and food intake, thus she is very very precious to us. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE dear good samaritan, contact us immediately if she's found. Microchip is embedded so any vets could identify owner's details. Devastation has hit us at home due to her loss... PLEASE HELP ... PLEASE .... Your kindness will be well rewarded & greatly appreciated. Thank you.

[Fri 21 May. Source:, Wed 19 May.]

Update Wed 26 May
Bella found thanks to neighbours who spotted her hiding place and alerted the family. Neighbour Watch is the Best!

FOUND: light brown, long-coat chihuahua (Novena, Fri 21 May)

Date The Dog Was Found: Fri 21 May 2010
Location Where The Dog Was Found: Novena, beside Novena church

Breed: Chihuahua
Colour Of The Dog: Light brown

How The Dog Was Found:

I was with a friend and i saw this dog wandering around looking really lost. its' extremely cute and i have a soft spot for chihuahua as well. I wanted to leave it alone originally but my friend said he saw the dog wandering around the area for a few days already so i melted and took it in to feed and bathe it. Very obedient and knows commands such as sit, stand etc. it doesn't piss or shit in the house as well. only when i bring it out into the garden thats where it does it's business. I really do hope its not abandoned and the owner please come forward soon. I can't really have the dog in my house as i'm allergic to them :(
Condition of the Dog when Found: had some ticks on it but i already removed them all (might shave it as well for hygiene purpose. ) btw its a long coat chihuahua. smelly but bathed. (been wandering for god knows how long)

Name of finder: Kwan Le' En

Please contact ASD if this dog is yours.

[Wed 26 May. Source:, Tue 25 May.]

LOST: Miggi the 2yo Persian/Tabby mix with purple collar (Pasir Ris Drive, Mon 24 May)

Missing Cat.
Name: Miggi
Age: 2yrs
Weight: 4kg
Colour: Silver/Grey with a little brown patch on top.
Breed: Persian/Tabby Mix.
Last seen: Mon 24/5/2010
Items: Purple fish patterned collar with a blue bell.
A reward will be given to the person who returns the cat back to us.
Last seen at home corridor of Pasir Drive 6, (s) 510477, #06-514

Contact: 92720391

Kindly spread it around.. thank you.

[Wed 26 May. Source:, Tue 25 May.]

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Novi the 7mo male mongrel pup

Novi has excellent temperament , good with other dogs.

He was rescued and was in bad condition with lots of ticks.Today Novi has grown to a very good looking dog, with lots of care and love from rescuers.

(Left: Novi when found, Right: Novi after TLC)

He is not HDB approved.Adopter must sterilize, microchip and license.

[Thu 15 Apr. Source:, Thu 15 Apr.]

Update Tue 25 May
i brought him home with me...decided to keep him together with my 3 other dogs.

Monday, 24 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Milo the spayed 8yo male golden retriever - owners immigrating in June

Hi, we are looking for a dog lover, who would adopt our 8-year old golden retriever. Milo is very friendly and good natured. He has been spayed.

Reasons why we need to rehome him are:
1. We are immigration to Canada

2. I have 2 very young boys to take care of and it will be a great adjustments for myself too

3. The flight to Toronto is more than 20 hours and I am afraid he might not survive the journey due to his age.

Hence, we would rather he goes to a good family.

Thank you.

Update Wed 5 May
We have yet to find a home for Milo, would sincerely appreciate if you could help. We will be relocating in June and need to settle Milo in a home before we leave. At least we can be assured that he can adapt well in the new home. Thank you.

Update Mon 24 May
Milo has been adopted!

[resolved!] ADOPT: Kookie the obedient 6yo male cocker spaniel

Owner is forced to give him up due to travelling schedule.

Looking for RESPONSIBLE lifetime dog owner only. Strict screening will be conducted. Successful adopters have to sign a terms and agreement letter to sterilise, microchip, vaccine and to licence the dogs.

Prefer families if possible.

Interested, please email the following particulars to XXXXX

Any young children:
Any dog/animal at home:
Owned any dogs before:
Who will the main caretaker to the dog:
Reason to own a dog:

[Wed 28 Apr. Source:, Wed 28 Apr.]

Update Mon 24 May
owner has decided to keep kookie.

FOUND: Black male dog with red collar (Sunset Way, Wed 24 Mar)

message from a kind soul - could it be your dog by any chance?

i stay at clementi ave 6, blk 202 area.

for the last 2 nights (sat 6 mar and sun 7 mar) i've seen a black dog wandering around the parking lot late at night. he/she has a collar but i can't get close enough to check if there's a tag - he/she will run off before i can approach (plus the parking lot is pretty badly lit at night).

i think he/she is a mutt, medium in size (not large like a retriever).

all black, looks like a short-haired dog, but the hair on the tail seems to be a bit longer. again, it was pretty dark, so i couldn't really make it out.

hope the doggie is safe and sound now : (

Update Tue 23 Mar from another kind soul
We saw him last nite at Sunset Way (Clementi Street 13) while walking our dog and fed him. He's back tonite and guess he'll be back tmr nite. He's got a red collar, but no tag.

Update Thu 24 Mar
We captured the dog, or rather just leashed him and brought him home. We just showered him and brought to the vet to scan for microchip. Nothing. He's very docile.

Update Sat 3 Apr
Photo added. Contact if it's your dog.

Update Mon 24 May
We are still fostering. Dog led us to faber estate. We'll be dropping flyers there.

FOSTER/ADOPT: Putra the 1.5yo cat till owner's daughter recovers from asthma

Hi Everyone! I need to find a good home for my Princely Putra (a year n a half) cat.

My 6yr old daughter has been diagnosed as asthmatic and the problem is, she's very attached to Putra. We love him very much. Unfortunately, we need to seperate them.

I am looking for a temporary home for him- for 6mths or so- hoping my daughter will recover well by then.. if not, it will be a permanent adoption. Pls get in touch with me for more info.. thank you for your kind support.

Contact Emmiellia Arip at

[Mon 19 Apr. Source:!/photo.php?pid=1236812&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=262947298154&aid=-1&id=1306121929, Mon 19 Apr.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Billy the sweet and mild 2-3yo male cat

Male, about 2-3years old, sterilized with a tipped and tattooed ear.
Very friendly, sweet and mild-tempered, most likely a home cat before.
Believe he will make a very good companion :)

[Thu 15 Apr. Source: e-mail, Thu 15 Apr.]

Update Mon 24 May
Billy is adopted.

[rehomed!] Kampsite Kenzo - mongrel pup needs a home soon

2 month old male local breed. Fun loving & Active. Found from camp site.

Needs a home badly. Need some one who can give him love and care. Needs to be adopted soon, if not the temporary owner will send to SPCA.

More photos here:

No fee needed.

Update Mon 24 May
Kenzo has found a home.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

[rehomed!] 2+1 dwarf hamsters still looking for a new home

I have two sapphire hamsters (male and female) and a winter white male hamster. The sapphires are 4 months old and the winter white is about 8 months old. I need to rehome them, due to family conflict.

the sapphires are a pair, so they are to be given away together. The winter white is by itself. Urgent rehoming!

Update Sun 23 May
hamsters have found a home.

LOST: Brownie the brown dog, last seen Bukit Teresa Road

Lost brown dog, responds to 'Brownie'. Last seen at Bukit Teresa Road. If found, please contact HY 96699590

[Sun 23 May. Source:, Sun 23 May.]

[rehomed!] FOUND/FOSTER: Male JRT (Pasir Ris Drive 10, Sun 25 Apr)

Male Jack Russell found at 707 Pasir Ris Dr 10 on 25th Apr 2010, Sunday.

The kind couple who found him sent him for a vet check up, he's in good shapre, except for the neglected nails.

The Jack is rather shy and timid, and might snap with sudden approach.

As the couple are both working, they are unable to keep the dog for long. He has been sent to Mdm Wong's Shelter this afternoon, but the environment proved too stressful for him.

Appreciate anyone who is able to foster him while we continue to look for his owners/potential adoptors.

Please contact XXXXXXX if this is your JRT, or if you are able to help with short term fostering.

[Mon 26 Apr. Source:, Mon 26 Apr.]

Update Sun 23 May
JRT is adopted.

[reunited!] LOST: Waggie the female mongrel (Upper Serangoon/Hougang St 31, Sat 22 May)

Waggie was lost on Sat 22 May 2010 in upper serangoon area near serangoon jc. Last seen ard blk 373 hougang street 31.

Waggie ran away from d handler while she was on the way to save another dog...

Please, if anyone seen this dog, pls contact derrick at 83833714 or send it to Animal Practice at Upper Serangoon.

Animal Practice Pte Ltd
1015 Upper Serangoon Road #01-00 S534753
T: 62883929

Pls help to share this post! Thank you!

[Sat 22 May. Source:, Sat 22 May.]

Update Sun 23 May
Waggie is found.