Saturday, 10 December 2011

ADOPT/MEET@ADOPTION DRIVE (11 DEC): Huahua + Xiaochun - friendly, affectionate inseparable 2yo siblings, survivors of posioning case


Meet Huahua, Xiaochun and friends at an adoption drive at Torte this Sunday, 11 Dec.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Ryan - affectionate, loving, charming, warm, intelligent 3 to 4 yo male golden retriever given up at industrial estate

Name: Ryan
Sex: Male
Age: est. 3 to 4 years old
Breed: Golden Retriever
Personality: Affectionate, loving, charming, warm and intelligent.
Ryan is a joy to be around. He will bring a smile to your face almost
instantaneously. He enjoys the company of people, loves water, enjoys
long baths and swimming.

Note: It is preferably that Ryan gets adopted to a landed property as
he would need sufficient space to move around.

Ryan and another dog, Snowy (a male shih tzu) were given up by their
owner at an industrial estate. A lady happened to drive pass the
factory one afternoon and an old man approached her to help these

Feeling sorry for them, the lady sent an SOS via SMS asking for
assistance to help the dogs.

Ryan and Snowy are very loving boys, intelligent, able to do tricks.
Ryan is a very gentle Retriever, he shares his food and lets Snowy eat
first. When Snowy is done eating, Ryan will then finish whatever is

Snowy has since been adopted and Ryan would be most happy if you can
give him his forever home this Christmas as well.

Ryan is currently staying in a shelter at Pasir Ris.

If you are keen to adopt Ryan and would like to visit him, please
contact us the following volunteers for an appointment. Viewing
possible in the afternoon over the weekends.


Ryan has found a home

STILL LOST: Bibi - m/c fluffy cream-coloured birman cat w choco paws, blue eyes(still road/marine parade, 18.11.11)

Hi we lost a birman cat called bibi near the marine parade East Coast
still road area. near the library.

She is a fluffy cream coloured cat with chocolate paws and eyes that
are blue or pink depending on the light. She is much loved and much

she is microchipped with id 982 009101419091. We are offering a $200
reward. Thank you. please feel free to contact me at this number
90307728 or email me at if you fnd her.


Friday, 9 December 2011

LAST SEEN NUS OED CARPARK/YST (7.12, 8pm): Jordan - 14-yo- black mini pinscher w brown eyebrows, muzzle, lower halves of leg

My 14-yr old miniature pinscher has been missing since 4 Dec (Sun). He didn't have a microchip nor a collar when he got out of the house.

We live along West Coast Road opposite Clementi Woods Condo. He was last seen walking in the direction of Clementi Woods Park.

He's about 1 ft in size, has a stumpy tail, pointed ears. He's black but has brown eyebrows, brown around the mouth and the lower halves of his legs.

I will be extremely grateful if you can post this on your blog and your facebook page so we can be reunited with him soon.

Thank you very much.


latest update ... seen on tues around 4pm walking up the stairs leading to the Engineering Faculty @ NUS. please help to keep a lookout!

Latest update: last seen @ NUS OED carpark beside the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music on 7 Dec @ 8pm. Pls spread the word. Many many thanks!

Warm Regards,

Thursday, 8 December 2011

ADOPT: Candi - 2yo female singapore special


Candi will be making a special appearance at an Adoption Drive this coming Sunday 20 Nov at Animal Infirmary (Thomson Road) from 10am-2pm. Make a date with her and other lovely doggies who are looking for homes.

More details here:

Come meet Candi and friends at a special adoption drive this Sunday, 11 Dec, at Torte.

ADOPT: Lucky Boy - 5mo male cross breed, siblings culled by AVA


Lucky Boy will be making a special appearance at an Adoption Drive this coming Sunday 20 Nov at Animal Infirmary (Thomson Road) from 10am-2pm. Make a date with him and other lovely doggies who are looking for homes.

More details here:

For those who missed him the first time round, Lucky Boy will be at Torte this Sun, 11 Dec. Do drop by to lend him your support.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Babee - gentle, sentimental, healthy 8yo female maltese x silky terrier

Babee is a pretty Female Maltese x Silky Terrier.

Estimated to be about 8year by the previous owner, Babee now seeks a new home to be able to rest her head for life.

Given up by the owner because they had a baby. Babee is now very scared when I take her out of the house. She will tend to shiver alot and will want to sit very near to you and be next to you.

Babee's a more sentimental dog, therefore, she will stick to one owner. She is a very gentle dog and loves to be in your attention the whole day. Although she does not understand basic commands, she is the type of dog that will fit into any household really easily.

Babee has been vaccinated and been given a all-clear health by the vet. Babee is toilet / paper trained, but may forget once in a while where she is suppose to do her business.


babee has been successfully rehomed :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

ADOPT BY XMAS: Hugo - friendly, fun loving 4yo male husky, good w pple and dogs


[rehomed!] ADOPT: Winky - Winky, 5.5 month old bicoloured black and white female kitten, rescued as an orphan

Winky was rescued as an orphan nearly caught by pest control when she was just 3 weeks old. She subsequently suffered from bouts of flu' and has been rehabilitated from it. She has been vaccinated and is now vet-checked healthy.

Winky is a very manja kitten who loves nose-kisses, purring and kneading, and is a lapcat who loves to snuggle up to humans.

To adopt Winky, visit our blog and see 'How to Adopt'.

[sun 14 aug 2011. shared on req. source: email, 14 aug 2011.]

winky is adopted

ADOPT: 2 adorable, sterilised, vaxed female mongrels rescued from culling

We rescued 3 dogs, one of which had been rehomed.( cross fingers that they dont return the dog )

The balance 2 females, sterilised and vaccinated very adorable ,are looking for that forever home. I wonder if you have any kind friends who can adopt them - they do not bark unnecessary and the good news is we can obtain a license for flat dwellers for one dog.

please help distribute the appeal asap. presently we board them at the erickson and the going is very heavy.....


[tue 28 jun 2011. shared on request. source: forwarded email, mon 27 may 2011.]

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: Mimi the explorer & Rere the watcher - healthy 1.5yo female rabbits

Name : MiMi (caramel w/ white) & ReRe (albino white)
Gender : Female
Litter trained : Yes (w/ some scattered poo)
Diet : Hay, pellets & veg (prefers hay & pellets)
Age : 1.5 years old
Grooming : Routine 3 mths once
Health : Good w/ no prior vet visits for any symptoms (health check by vet can be arranged for the confirmed adopting family)

MiMi is an active & full of curiosity bunny who enjoys roam time out from cage. She is an explorer likes keeping herself busy checking out her surroundings. She may appear shy but would peek from behind to get attention. In addition, she's always the one seeking attention for foods & stroking pats yet shyly run away.

ReRe is more timid & quieter nature than MiMi. She is more of a watcher than an explorer. Both r siblings and have been bonded since they were born and are small eaters and smaller size than normal local breed rabbits. They need a good committed home by end May 2011. Fostering can be allowed for 3mths duration to access whole family suitability. Training / briefing can be provided for 1st timers.

more photos here:

[thu 10 feb 2011. shared on request. source: email, sat 5 feb 2011.]

MiMi ReRe has found a home finally on early Nov 2011.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

LOST: Yorkie - black/grey-white 7yo male silky terrier (hougang bus interchange, 2.12.11)

Yorkie, a male Yorkshire Terrier was lost at Jalan Naung and last seen at the Hougang Central Bus Interchange on 2 Dec 2011.

Daughter is heartbroken when she heard that news. Yorkie is one of their family members and accompanied the daughter for 7 years.

Yorkie is black and grey-white, age 7, and small puppy size. If you have seen her, please contact 91122734.

For photos and details, please visit

Please help to pass the words around.


[reunited!] LOST NEEDS MEDICATION: Scrappy - 15yo long-haired brown male chihuahua, cataract, deaf (upper thomson jln khamis, 4.12.11)


Scrappy has been reunited with his owner. Thank you everyone for helping.

ADOPT: Sparky - young, attractive male mongrel looking for loving relationship


[rehomed!] ADOPT: Chocolate - handsome, barkish alpha 4yo male silky terrier

Attached is video of this handsome pedigree ( alpha ) male silky terrier named Chocolate, playing with a soft toy.
He's about 4 years old, micro-chipped & licensed.

He needs understanding dog lover owner ( alone or couple ) with a garden compound ( not HDB / uses garden) as he tends to be barky.

He's extremely territorial as he will stand on his hind legs & push away strangers or even family members who suddenly goes near the owner.
However, he appears to be good with little children & would allow them to stroke & kiss him.

New owner would need to be able to control / dominate him.
He's with the last person I tried to rehome with. He's been there for 1 year.

I'm afraid I've run of out potential adopters on my side: He been through 3 others - they've kept him for 3 days - a week.
When people see him, they'll like him because he's so good looking & so strong. It's when they have him at home & he starts bullying
their family members ( stand on his hind legs & push people ) & his loud barking so they are forced to return him to me!

A friend adopted him when it didn't work out conveniently pushed him on my lap to find a home for him!


Fosterer decided to keep him as he's responded well under her care.

ADOPT: Citrine - 2mo female mongrel pup

*** "Citrine" Mongrel puppy looking for adopter***

She is estimated to be about 2-months-old and will be medium-sized when fully-grown.

Interested parties please e-mail volunteer helping to rehome at, or sms/call at 9781 0347 for a viewing.

Kindly note that the puppy is NON-HDB APPROVED. If you're below the age of 21, kindly get the working adults in your home to contact me instead. Adopter has to sterilize, microchip and license her.


Monday, 5 December 2011

[rehomed!] SOS! IN DANGER FROM AVA! FOSTER/ADOPT: Fortune Boy + Black Pearl - stray male dogs

Hi friends,

Please help to share the long post, if no one can help them, at least raise the awareness.

We have known 祥哥 (Fortune Boy) and 黑珍珠 (Black Pearl) for more than a year. They are very docile and gentle like most of the strays.

Fortune Boy actually had one buddy, but died tragically because of the illegal wild boar trap this April. And Black Pearl had one son who lost his life to a hit and run accident. They had another brown stray pal who also died because of rat poisons. So the place where they are residing and hiding is not safe, thus even after we had sterilised them early this year, we will still visit them, check on them, and provide them a decent meal once a week.

Today we went to visit Fortune Boy and Black Pearl again, a lorry stopped by, came down an old man and his daughter. The moment they got near us, the old man started blasting at us for dumping the dogs, blaming us for the noise made by other strays at night, and accusing us for feeding them everyday even though he knows nuts about us. We tried to explain Fortune Boy and Black Pearl are strays, not dumped by us, in fact we had helped sterilising them, and we have not seen other strays before and we only feed these two dogs, also we only come once a week to feed Fortune Boy and Black Pearl and always clear up after feeding them, how are we responsible for the noise most likely made by other dogs or even his own dogs at his farm?! However he just kept on blasting at us, refused to listen, and demanded us to stop coming to this public place, and his daughter even insulted us a couple of times and called the police.

The old man and his daughter kept threatening to call AVA and even claimed that all along feeding strays is a crime, we were committing a crime and wanted us to wait for police to come. We waited, not because we were afraid of them or wanted to appease them, it was because we wanted to learn and hear from the police what crime we had truly committed.

Two policemen came, one took down our statements, another took down the daughter's statements.

After the old man and the daughter left, and they may have thought we will be arrested, we asked the policemen is it a crime to feed stray cats and dogs in Singapore. One corporal said he think according to AVA we are not allowed to do so. Obviously this is not a good answer, what did he mean by "I think". We used the examples of the feeders of the stray cats around the neighbourhoods, as long as they clear after they feed, town councils will not interfere their doings, and they do not report to police to prosecute them, in such cases strayfeeding is not a crime. And we have never come across a clause clearly states strayfeeding is illegal in Singapore.

However the corporal seemed to be very bias, agreeing with what the daughter told him that we were responsible for affecting their business, saying that their crocodiles' productivity was affected by the noises made by the strays at night and they got scared. Absolutely absurd! The corporal was not being rational and clear minded, if the crocodiles are so sensitive of dogs' barking, why do the old man and his daughter themselves keeping so many dogs in their own farm?! Don't tell us all of their dogs are muted by them, and why do they need mute dogs for! And there is totally no evidence or witnesses to prove that Fortune Boy and Black Pearl are the ones barking. We asked the corporal by him calling AVA to come and cull them, will it really solve the old man's problem and appease his unreasonable complain which he claimed had haunted him for the past 16 years.

Sad to say, the corporal is definitely not an animal lover, and is obviously bias towards the businessman, he claimed that he will inform AVA no matter what. At this point, I bet you will know what will happen to Fortune Boy and Black Pearl. They will be caught and killed innocently very soon. Our main worry is that they are friendly towards strangers that they cannot fend for themselves, even when the policemen were talking to us, they just rested besides us quietly, listening. These poor dogs do not understand that they are in grave danger now just because of a pair of grumpy and unreasonable father and daughter's complain. And when asked one last time, did we commit anything against the law, if not can we move on, the corporal said we can go after copying down our NRIC's details; what a contradiction.

As much as we hope to help them, we can't. We are overstretched by other rescued dogs at the boarding kennel and fostering home, we simply don't have resources to provide long term boarding for them. We definitely understand that finding them a home or even a fostering home in such a short notice is extremely tough and difficult, especially when there are so many strays, puppies, abandoned pedigrees are in need of homes as well. We still hope to try, at least we try, there may be hope for them.

If you are unable to help, at least please share this post to raise the awareness of another poor plight of the local dogs...
Please keep them in your blessings...


they are now living in a nursery farm, the owner of the farm helped own them.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

[reunited!] LOST: Baby - limping 3yo full black female mongrel (doberman lookalike) (duxton,neil road, chinatown, tanjong pagar, 1.12.11)

Lost !!!!
Name: Baby
Breed: Mongrel (looks like a dobermann)
Color: Full Black
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old

Lost on 1st December 2011 evening time wearing a red collar.

She was last seen running towards The Pinnacle@Duxton Neil Road towards Chinatown/Tanjong Pagar Plaza area.

She is a timid girl and also she needs medical attention for her hind leg as it is injured and cannot be straightened thus she walks/runs with a limp.


Baby is found

ADOPT: Tinkle, 3mo mongrel pup found in industrial park

I have found 2 puppies Tinkle (Brown) and Whitley (white) (approximate 1 month old now) at an Industrial Park.

Looking forward to find good homes for them.

Kindly contact me at, hp 9455 4869 / 96363021 for more information.

[wed 18 may 2011. shared on request. source: email, wed 18 may 2011.]

wed 20 jul 2011
Tinkle is still for adoption. Unfortunately, Whitley had passed on, from injury with other strays last week.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Crystal - badly abused, burnt female cat

I recently came across a cat that was badly abused. Someone threw something really hot on her and her lower back was all burnt.
Luckily for her, she was found by her regular stray feeders, who together with Zeus Communications ( a group of animal lovers) rushed her to the vet in the nick of time...before the infection get the better of her.

She has since been treated and is now recovering very well at Mount Pleasant (RedHill) Clinic. All the staff at the clinic have nothing but praises for this girl as she was really brave and cooperative throughout the whole procedure to treat her and to do the skin graft. The vet also mentioned that her wounds are healing well and in a few week's time, she will be back to her cute and beautiful self again.

I hope you can help this cat, even if by sharing this info with all your friends who may be interested to adopt one. Crystal is such a strong girl and really deserves a good shot at life in a nice home, away from nasty humans who do terrible things that really baffle.

[tue 16 aug 2011. shared on req. source: email, 16 aug 2011.]


From Zeus Communications:

Do you recall Crystal the scalded cat? She is now living the lifestyle of a Princess. I am sure that in her past life, Crystal was served by several slaves! She sleeps on a leather sofa with her four paws in the air and just imagine it - her slaves fanning her to keep her cool. Crystal has found her forever home with our volunteer Jeannie who adores and loves her very much.