Saturday, 15 May 2010

[rehomed!] Shades of grey wherever I go - Mata the X-breed puppy

“Mata” stands for “eyes” in Malay. Many will say, for living beings, the eyes are windows to the soul. Have you ever been blindfolded, and led about? Know how it feels? Insecure, fearful and frustrating? How about being a stray, without food and water and shelter, and without your sense of sight too? One can only imagine the worst – an easy target for being rounded up, getting hurt by industrial tools or more often than not, becoming road kill.

Mata, as so he was named, was spotted by a volunteer on her routine feeding. Upon first sight, he looked fine when he came running out from his so-called home in a construction site. Due to the way he was moving, she presumed that he being protective of his food, as food was scarce being a stray. But when Mata finally looked up, she was taken aback to see that he had grayish eyes.

The volunteer moved closer to him, slowly patted him to get to know him. Being young and friendly, Mata simply wagged his tail, and gave her a few licks. The volunteer held Mata’s head up slightly higher, and took a close look at his eyes. Both his eyes were cloudy, and she could not see the pupils of his eyes. It looked as though he has lost his sight completely, but was still able to see vaguely when she did a simple eye test. The volunteer went back with a heavy heart, with images of Mata deeply etched in her heart.

The next week came about and Mata’s eyes seemed to have gotten worse. He stood far inside the construction site waiting, wagging his tail upon sensing the excitement from his fellow siblings, but did not know who or what it was about. The volunteer called out to him a couple of times and his ears twitched and tail wagged even faster, but it took a while for him to gradually venture out to the entrance.

The volunteer decided that she could not leave him in the lurch. He was a happy five month old puppy and had a good ten years or more ahead of him. Perhaps “good” is not such an appropriate word, as all of us know just how harsh the life of strays are. But how could she close both her eyes, and move on knowing that he will not last very long in this state? Feeling unsettled, the volunteer decided to bring him to the vet.

Being young and trusting, he was easily caught and the volunteer was extremely thankful for that. She brought him to Mt Pleasant Sunset Way and along the way, though nervous and salivating as this was probably his first car ride, the volunteer could hear his tail wagging – it was thumping against the side of the carrier whenever he was called. Such a sweet boy!

To our delight, Dr Heng who examined Mata informed us that Mata was actually not totally blind yet. The cloudiness in his eyes are caused by parasitic infection or bacterial infection, but as Mata was a stray, the doctors will not know what is the exact cause of his loss of sight as there could be many unknown factors unless we run numerous, costly tests on him. However, Mata actually still has some sight left; but it is like looking through a frosted glass – meaning he can only see vague images.

Nonetheless, most cases are curable and with proper medication and application of eyedrops, the cloudiness should clear in a few weeks. We literally jumped in joy when we heard that. However, Mata was also diagnosed as anemic, which wasn't hard to cure, and was prescribed medicine to treat that as well.

The volunteer delightfully brought Mata home from the vet, and bathed him for the very first time in his life. So many fleas and ticks came out with the bath, poor boy. He was surprisingly calm during the bath, and he certainly looked lighter colored after that!

The volunteer brought Mata to the fosterer’s place, where Mata was introduced to the fosterer’s resident dog at a park near her place first before Mata was brought into her house.

The silly boy greeted everyone with his happy wag and sniffed around curiously, checking out the place. The fosterer was very kind to let Mata sleep in her resident dog’s bed which was currently not being used, and Mata fell asleep within minutes! Guess he must have been tired out from all the traveling and bathing. What a baby!

Current update: Mata is available for adoption! He is 5-6 months old now, vaccinated and garden trained. Friendly, loyal and fun loving (as all puppies are). If you are interested, please call Ruth @ 96314050.

For more photos, see

Update Sun 21 Mar

Mata's still looking for a home.

Name: Mata
Gender: Male
Age: 6+ months old
Breed: Mongrel
Size: Will grow to medium size (not HDB approved)

Contact details: Ruth @ 96314050 (call after 7pm or sms) or email

Brown with white chest. Was suffering from eye infection when he was picked up but has since recovered. Good with other dogs.

Update Sat 15 May
Mata has been officially adopted!

[reunited!] LOST: Mooji - b/w female mongrel, white nails but black 3rd front left nail (Lim Chu Kang, Wed 12 May)

(Lost from 80 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 on Wed 12May10 around 4pm)

Name : Mooji
Gender : Female (not sterilized)
Age : About 7 months
Colour : Black and white
Breed : Mongrel

Distinctive Features : 3rd toe (from the left) of her front left paw has a black nail. The rest should all be white nails.

Medical Condition : Anemic (pale gums). Tick fever just subsided.

Others : No collar on her, escaped after a bath

Mooji is friendly to human beings, will never bite. Please call Willie at 8130 8611 immediately if you spot her. Thank you!

[Fri 14 May. Source: e-mail, Fri 14 May.]

Update Sat 15 May
Mooji has been found. She is now safely back at the kennel.

[reunited!] FOUND: slim and tired golden retriever (Choa Chu Kang, Thu 13 May 9am)

Found a lost or abandoned GR @ Choa Chu Kang on Thu 13 May 2010, morning ard 9am.

I found it outside the lift of a multi-storey carpark. It is quite clean overall except some blisters on its paw. It is very slim and tired :(

Owner please e-mail:

[Fri 14 May. Source: wall post on, Fri 14 May.]

Update Sat 15 May
Owner found.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Sign up for PetAlert (free!) - every 100 new subscribers gets Mdm Wong's Shelter $50

Dear Mdm Wong's Shelter (MWS) friends, we are pleased that MWS will receive 50 cents for every sign-up with PetAlert. It's that easy, just sign up with PetAlert and remember to get your friends to sign up as well.

PetAlert will pay MWS once it reach 100 subscribers.

E.g 100 x 50 cts = MWS receives $50 and another when it reaches 200.

PetAlert is a useful network to help locate missing pets. Check out their website at for more details.

Thank you very much :)

To find out more about Mdm Wong's Shelter, visit their:
- Website:
- Facebook page

[Fri 14 May. Source: wall post on MWS facebook page:, Mon 10 May.]

LOST: Summer the female JRT w light blue collar + bell (Boon Keng, Sun 9 May)

My jack russell terrier summer is lost, please help me bring her home.

She was last seen on sun may 9 2010 around boon keng mrt area in the evening time.

She's wearing a light blue collar with a bell when she was last seen.

My family and I missess her dearly, any information will be greatly appreciated.

Please contact 96550229/97375466 if found.

[Fri 14 May. Source:, Thu 13 May.]

Thursday, 13 May 2010

LOST: white-greyish male mixed persian cat w silver bell and purpleblue collar (Taman Jurong, Wed 12 May)

Missing Since Wed 12 May 2010
Area : Taman Jurong (Yung Sheng Road)

White-Greyish Cat
Mixed Persian Breed
Male and Neutered
Has a small silver bell
and a purple-blue collar

If found, please call
8113 5814 / 8201 9949

[Thu 13 May. Source:, Wed 12 May.]

EYE-WITNESSES NEEDED/FOUND: male Maltese involved in hit-and-run (Choa Chu Kang, Tue 11 May)

Is this your dog? He was found in a HIT AND RUN accident by a Taxi Driver who did not render help after hitting it.

SPCA has sent the dog to the vet and i think he should be alright as he can sit and stand own its own. Not too sure about internal bleeding, as he was oozing out blood from the mouth when we picked him up.

The dog is deft lost because he is quite well groomed and his nails has been trimmed recently (near his quick) ...

I hope residences of Choa Chu Kang who has witness the accident can go forward to the traffic police to uphold the justice of the taxi driver who did not stop to help. it's a YELLOW TAXI.

Date Of Accident: Tue 11th May 2010
Time Of Accident: 8am
Accident Site: Choa Chu Kang North 5 Junction

Contact SPCA at 62875355 ext 25. More photos, including photos of the accident scene, in the doggiesite link.

[Thu 13 May. Source:, Wed 12 May., Tue 11 May.]

LOST: Brownie the Shiba Inu (Bukit Teresa Rd) - pix and details pending.

Respond to "Brownie". Last seen at Bukit Teresa Road. If found, please contact 9669-9590. Thanks!

[Thu 13 May. Source:, Wed 12 May.]

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

FEED/STERILISE/DONATE: Cats at Newton Food Centre

A caregiver who had lived in Singapore for over 2 years had been helping her friend feed and sterilise strays in the area close to Newton Food Centre. As she has moved back to the USA, the remaining caregivers are struggling to keep the cats fed and maintained. As we understand, there are about 50 cats remaining in the area between Newton Road, Monk's Hill Road and Winstedt Road.

Furthermore, there are 3 individuals who have been tormenting the cats:
* a man has been throwing rocks at the cats and destroying the food left for them;
* a schoolboy has been terrorising the cats;
* a lady has been physically threatening and verbally abusing the young feeders.
How You Can Help:

We are urgently looking for caregivers who can help tend to the cats around the Newton Food Centre area by:

* Feeding the cats on rotation

* Sterilising any un-neutered cats in the area.

* Sponsoring / Donating towards the cost of sterilising these cats.

If you are able to assist, please contact Melissa at

[Wed 12 May. Source:, Mon 10 May.]

[reunited!] FOUND: Female shiba inu (Serangoon Gardens, Mon 10 May)

Found a female shiba Inu at Serangoon Gardens (Chuan park, chuan walk conway grove area side) this morning Mon 10 May at 8am. Wearing Choker collar with a broken leather leash.

Owner please call Anderson 98508827 to claim back dog.

[Mon 10 May. Source:, Mon 10 May.]

Update Wed 12 May
Shiba has been reunited with owner.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 4.5yo male german shepherd and 3.5yo male golden labrador by mid-May

I am sending this email as part of my effort to help these two dogs. The current owners are unable to keep them anymore for logistic reasons.

The German Shepherd is 4.5 years old and the Golden Labrador, 3.5 years old. Both dogs are males, vaccinated but not sterilised. They are lovable and good tempered, and are generally healthy.

If you know of anyone who might be keen to adopt either or both of them, please help forward this email. They need to get adopted soon because as of mid May 2010, they will be without a home.

If these two are not adopted, they will be sent to SPCA and there is a high likelihood of them being put to sleep.

Please help do all we can to save their lives.

I am contactable at:

Best regards,

Mark Ng

[Wed 14 Apr. Source: e-mail, Wed 14 Apr.]

Update Tue 11 May
Both dogs have been rehomed!

Monday, 10 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 4 x 1.5yo chinchillas - 2 male, 2 female

I have 4 Chins with me since 2001 and they're one family. I'm looking for Pet Lovers who could adopt them as I'll be away for 1.5 years. They are 2 TOV & 2 Beige, 2 male & 2 female where we've got a customised cage for them to let go together. They've been very healthy over the years and we're looking for owners who are fine with their age and are committed to take care of the family.

[Thu 29 Apr. Source:, Mon 26 Apr.]

Update Sat 1 May
Once again, thank you for those who had responded to this earlier. ...

To avoid unscrupulous acts against the adopted animals, I’ll be conducting a pre-screening of all potential adopters via Email
Hence, would appreciate if you could take some time to reply my queries as follows.

1) What is it that interests you in adopting a Chinchilla?
2) What is your experience in taking care of pets? (Any pets. Past & present experience.)
3) What will be your commitment towards the adopted Chin if you were the selected adopter?
4) What information would you like me to furnish you with about my 4 Chins?

Lastly, I hope you would not mind about this pre-screening which I felt is a need so as to protect the interest of the animals especially when they’ve been with my family for 10 years.

[Sat 1 May. Source:, Fri 30 Apr.]

Update Mon 10 May
A suitable owner has been selected for the Chin family.

[reunited!] LOST: Snowy, 2+yo female white westie w long, slightly bent tail (Clementi West, Thu 6 May)

my westie sneaked out of the house this morning and I haven't been able to find her in the vicinity at all. She is extremely curious and playful so she may have wandered far far away...

She also has asthma and skin problems so she needs to be on medication and a very specific diet. We miss her very much and are very worried as she needs special care. Please call me at 91380815 if you do find her. Reward will be offered!!!

Name: Snowy
Age: 2 years+
Colour: White
Gender: Female
She has a long tail and slightly bent at the last one inch.

Time: From 6am onwards, Thu 6th May 2010
Area: Blk 714 Clementi West St 2, West Coast

Name: L Goh
Mob: 91380815

[Fri 7 May. Source: e-mail, Fri 7 May.]

Update Mon 10 May
Snowy is found!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Girly the cat who fell into a deep canal

Girly was rescued on an early morning from a deep canal. We heard mewing coming from a fenced-off construction site but couldn't find her. A few hours later, she appeared and unknowlingly ran headon towards an adult cat. This got a big shock & promptly toppled into the canal.

Puts up a fiesty appearance but really very gentle and adorable. Her demeanour changes immediately when someone starts stroking her. A little bit passive compared to other kittens but still very playful. In good health.

About 5-6 weeks old. Female, orange/brown tortie/calico.
Medium-short tailed

Contact: katytonic @ gmail .com

[Sat 10 Apr. Source:, Sat 10 Apr.]

Update Sun 9 May
Girly has found a good home.