Saturday, 20 November 2010

ADOPT: Sugarbelle the 2mo female kitten

Hi, my sister has found a small kitten and she is looking for someone kind enough to adopt it. The kitten is only around 2 months old, and it's a female. As you can see from the pics, she is cute & adorable :)

Please help us find someone kind enough to adopt it. I can be contacted at

Thank you so much!


[sat 20 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, fri 19 nov 2010.]

ADOPT: sterilised mother cat

fri 24 sep 2010
all kittens are adopted. looking for a home for the sterilised mother cat.

full story here:

[sat 14 aug. tagged by katherine thia in, wed 11 aug.]

ADOPT: Owen the 7yo male jrt - gets along with people, seldom barks

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Gender: Male
Age: 7 Year old

Owen is a good and cute dog, he seldom bark unless necessary,Friendly dog that gets along with people well

Due To Some Reasons, i Cannot keep The Dog Anymore. Is Giving The Dog Away And Hoping To Find A Nice Owner To Adopt.

Pls email to if you are interested.

[mon 20 sep 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, fri 17 sep 2010.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Fatty and Black, 2 x 4mo toilet-trained male kittens


I found 3 abandoned kittens, Fatty (top) and Black (bottom) around my HDB estate. I've been keeping them for around 3 months. My parents are reluctant with letting me keep the kittens. I can't keep them much longer. 1 has been adopted.

The 2 kittens are toilet trained. They are very friendly and adorable. They will cuddle up to you and fall asleep on you and they play with each other very actively.

New home(s) needed ASAP. I do not wish to release them into the wild as i'm afraid they would not be able to survive as they grew up in domestic environment. New home(s) needed ASAP.

2 Male kittens.
Roughly around 4 months old.
Toilet trained.

[sun 24 oct 2010. posted on request. source: e-mail, fri 22 oct 2010.]

sat 20 nov 2010
kittens found homes

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Eli (3yo male golden retriever) + Levi (5yo male beagle)

Dogs for adoption

Breed: Golden Retriever and Beagle

Name: Eli (golden)
Levi (beagle)

Age: 3yrs, Eli; 5yrs, Levi

Gender: both male

Neutered: yes for Levi, No for Eli

Microchipped: Yes for both

Reason for adoption: Owners moving overseas

Good with humans: very much so, loves children

Pee and Poo: will do so on walks or in garden

Good with dogs: ok, protective of each other

Temperament: Eli is very sweet natured and calm, Levi is curious and stubborn

Ideal home: Landed or private with yard or patio

Eli is purebred from Australia. Levi is also purebred, parents from australia
Has yearly boosters and use frontline and heartguard monthly

[fri 29 oct 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, thu 28 oct 2010.]

sat 20 nov 2010
eli and levi have found homes

Thursday, 18 November 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: adorable black/white female kitten

Hi I found this kitten.. Please help to find a home for it as I already have 2 cats and can't keep her.

[mon 1 nov 2010. shared on request. source: facebook message, sun 31 oct 2010.]

thu 18 nov 2010
kitty has found a home

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Tiny, 3yo female jrt, good with kids

Female JRT about 3 years old, good with kids, free to good home, owner migrating

[sun 24 oct 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, sun 24 oct 2010.]

thu 18 nov 2010
tiny has found a home

[rehomed!] ADOPT: cheeky, playful, obedient silver-grey 8yo male mini schnauzer

One silver grey male schnauzer for adoption.

Color : Silver grey white kind.
Gender : Male
Toilet Trained : yes
Obedience Trained : Yes
Coat : working coat (short)
Good with kids : Yes
Neutered : Yes
Expected lifespan : 16 -18 years
Current age : going 8

Giving up because daily schedule of work, ferrying etc is getting long and crazy. Poor dog is alone from 730am till 830pm. Currently caged up when alone as he had a mishap when left alone at home (went to dig the bin and ate up a corn cob... had to go for surgery).

He loves company, loves children, loves people. A generally active, cheeky and very playful dog. Obedient as well.


[fri 29 oct 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, thu 29 oct 2010.]

thu 18 nov 2010
he has just been adopted

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Suchi the sweet adventurous 9mo singapore girl

Suchi comes from a litter of 9 other puppies born at Changi beach. All have been adopted when they were abt 3 mths old, except Suchi, as we wanted to keep her under our foster care until a little older. Suchi was the smallest in her litter and we kept her under our loving care as she was in a delicate stage of growth, being the runt and the smallest. Now at 4.5 months of age, she has grown strong, robust and extremely healthy! She is ready to be adopted to a loving home.

Suchi is extremely sweet, soft, mild, submissive and obedient. She has grown up with older dogs so she has no dominance issues and will submit to authority. However she is still a puppy so she is spritely, playful, happy, and active with an even more active play-imagination! :)

She has been vaccinated and dewormed and is left with only a 3rd booster jab due in mid May. She is on Frontline. Suchi has grown up in a huge garden near a forest (where we take her hiking every day) and near the beach (where she swims at least once a week) so she will need a home that provides her with large running and playing space with the opportunity to swim often (she grew up with our Labrador so she thinks that she too, is a water dog!)

[Sun 2 May. Source:, Sun 2 May.]

wed 18 aug
suchi is now almost 9 months old...

she has an touchingly sweet demeanour that is tempered with a real rugged sense of adventure!

right now she has already learnt the basic obedience calls - sit, stay, down, heel, come, and stay out.

she has taught herself some amazing tricks, like jumping 1.2 metres over the pet gate with no clearance at all!

wed 17 nov 2010
suchi is now 11 months old and since no one has adopted her, we have decided to keep her. :)

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

FOUND: microchipped friendly, gentle German shepherd

this dog is a lost dog found by our neighbour wondering under our block yesterday, it is found to be just showered and is very friendly and gentle. So hope able to find its owner soon else will have to find a new owner for it.

[tue 16 nov 2010. shared with permission of post creator. original post:]

LOST: Rainy Day the grey female abyssinian/tiger cross w red collar

Hi, our cat, Rainy Day, is missing for two weeks now. She is a grey abassinian/tiger blend (grey with some strips on her legs). She's on the big side and she wears a red collar with her name and our home phone number. Attached is a picture. Please let me know at 81181702 if anyone sees her!!!

Thank you. Laura

[tue 16 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, tue 16 nov 2010.]

ADOPT: 5 cats - may be abandoned at void deck if not adopted soon

This lady currently owns 7 cats. She decides to give up 6 of them due to financial difficulties. 1 out of the 6 has been successfully rehomed. Only 5 cats are left right now. Two black ones, two tabby brothers and one siamese. The lady intends to release them at the void decks near her flat if nobody wants to adopt them, hence the urgency. There is no definite dateline. The kind person who has initiated this adoption of the cats on behalf of the lady is currently trying to buy time.

If they can be adopted out, this could be a blessing in disguise for all five of them as personally, i feel that this lady has not been taking good care of them. They are fed with salty 'ikan bilis' as the owner claims to have not enough money to get them proper cat food and they sometimes have to spend the cold night on the corridors.

More photos can be found at:!/album.php?aid=27701&id=100000915074339

If you have an extra space in your house and an extra room in your heart for them, do contact 83423435. (Do note that the person of this number is not the owner of the cats. She is just a neighbour helping to buy time and rehome the cats. So do mention that you're calling for the viewing or queries about the cats.)

[mon 25 oct 2010. posted on request. source: e-mail, mon 25 oct 2010.]

[rip] LOST: 2+yo sterilised female ginger cat, red collar, green bell (wellington circle, mon 18 oct 2010)

Kindly refer to my lost cat photo attached.My cat have lost on dated,Monday 18 october


She was around 2 years old +,female with ginger colour with no ear clip,indoor cat.It already

steriled.Her neck was wearing with a red collar belt and a green bell.

My female cat was missing at my home area

Please help us, we miss her so much and feel sadly.

Your kind understanding are appreciated.

[mon 25 oct 2010. posted on request. source: e-mail, mon 25 oct 2010.]

tue 16 nov 2010
kindly be informed that our cat have been confirmed by ava and put down to sleep,dated 20 oct 2010.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: healthy, sterilised, timid 7yo short-coat female chihuahua

Short Coat CHH for adoption.
- Female
- Healthy.
- Toilet trained.
- Sterilised.
- Temperament: Timid
- Good with children & dogs

She's coming to 7yrs old but healthy w NO sickness.

Looking for someone who really love her & have prepared to take up the responsibilities of adopting the dog for lifetime. Must allow us to do some visits once in a while.

[sat 16 oct 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, fri 15 oct 2010.]

tue 16 nov 2010
dog rehomed

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Ginger and Basil, 2 x 2-3mo kittens

Ginger and Basil. 2 to 3 mths old. Prefer to be adopted together.

[fri 8 oct 2010. posted upon request. source: e-mail, fri 8 oct 2010.]

tue 16 nov 2010
both kittens have found homes

Monday, 15 November 2010

ADOPT: Alpha the 5yo male husky - friendly to people, hates cats

Name : Alpha
Birth: 1st Jun 2005
Sex: Male
Nature: Very friendly towards People
Dislikes: Hate Cats

Kindly consider to adopt Alpha, he is a very nice dog to have around, doesn’t buck much except time for food or play. I’ve move to my this new place about 4+ years, along with one old cat and 3 other new cats, where we adopted during these couple of years, he has attack 2, despite much efforts separating them with gates.


[mon 15 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, mon 15 nov 2010.]

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: Charcoal the male mongrel, found malnutritioned under the sun


I really need help to rehome this black stray.

I’ve picked up a black mongrel near my office building in mid May this year. I’ve heard from my security he has been at the same position under the sun the whole day so I quickly took him to the vet, worried that he was not well.

The black stray (which I’ve named charcoal) was hospitalized for afew days as he was running a high fever and was malnutrition. Since he was with the vet, we gave him all the necessary vaccinations required.

Since then I’ve been nursing him back to health and been trying to rehome him. He is a smart fella, toilet trained and understands basic commands. A few reasons why I need your help :
- I’m staying in a HDB
- I’m already keeping 2 dogs at home, and being pregnant at 6 mnths really doesn’t make it easy to manage 3 dogs
- Because of his breed, he will soon outgrow his current size in mnths to come

My family are suggesting to put him back where I found him but my office building has got heavy traffic, I really can’t allow myself to do that

Really hope that with your help, we can give him a chance to be rehomed. I am willing to sponsor his food and other expenses as long as he can find a safe place to be at.

[wed 27 oct 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, tue 26 oct 2010.]

mon 15 nov 2010
Charcoal has found a new loving home!! He’s definitely enjoying himself with his new family, getting pampered and loved by them.

[reunited!] LOST: Ah Bi the brown female poodle (blk 217 choa chu kang central, wed 3 nov 2010 evening)

[thu 4 nov 2010. shared on request. source: tagged on, thu 4 nov 2010.]

mon 15 nov 2010
dog found

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Sapporo - outgoing 4.5mo white cat with Oriental looks+personality, rescued from pest control

details here:, tue 19 oct 2010

[tue 26 oct 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, tue 26 oct 2010.]

mon 15 nov 2010
sapporo has been adopted, mon 15 nov 2010

[reunited!] FOUND: sad female golden retriever (braddell tech bldg, lorong 8 toa payoh)

My mum found a Golden Retriever around Lorong 8 Toa Payoh Braddel Tech Building
She is very sad and we want to reunite her with the owner as soon as possible

[sun 31 oct 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, sun 31 oct 2010.]

mon 15 nov 2010
I've managed to get a microchip no from the vet and returned the dog to her owner