Saturday, 19 November 2011

FOUND: CAT - Blk 351B Canberra Road, opp. Sembawang MRT

while advertising at Sembawang estate yesterday, saw this ad posted at the letter box area of Blk 351B.


Friday, 18 November 2011

[rip] ADOPT: Spuzzy - timid, healthy, active 4+mo mongrel puppy girl found loitering at carpark

A mongrel puppy girl was found loitering at a HDB carpark for weeks and the authorities were called in but we managed to take her away before they could arrive.
- 4+mths old
- Healthy and active
- Timid and takes time to warm up
- Needs a lot of patience to bond with her

We wish for Spuzzy to be adopted by experienced owners. We also request for home visits before and after the adoption for follow up.

[tue 16 aug 2011. shared on req. source: email, 16 aug 2011.]

spuzzy passed on due to kidney problem

Thursday, 17 November 2011

ADOPT: Cute BoBo (male mongrel pups) is looking for a good home

These 2 delectable warm chocolately little puppies, a boy (Bobo) and a girl (BiBi) are pups rescued before a recent 'clean' round up. Four of their siblings are still out there. They are estimated to be less than 3 months old.

You will expect pups as young as these to be noisy, happy, excited and greedy. Sadly, not these babies. Since their arrival, they have not made much sounds, hiding behind doors and peering from 'neath the sofas and cabinets and treading with great care. They are fearful of humans, and who can blame them. BoBo and BiBi are testament to the cruelty and intolerance of mankind. This is the real realistic world for pups not born into pedigree or to families. We can only imagine the horrors their innocent eyes have seen and screams only their ears have heard.

But we are confident these too very lovely dogs will learn to adjust to normality given your love and care to shower on them and they will grow up to be magnificent companians.

Young BoBo and lovely BiBi have certainly gone through much in their short little lives, through no fault of them own, except the unfairness the world have thrust them in.

Can we help right the wrong? Give them a chance at life? A life that some of their siblings can never have because we didnt manage to save all. The pups do not need to be adopted together.

If you would like to adopt them, please let me know by emailing or SMS/call 91552213


Bibi & Bobo are the latest rescued BB pups. Bibi was adopted by a kind family at the adoption drive on 12th November. Be blessed and be happy girl!

Bobo is still looking for his forever family. He has every potential to be an awesome companion if angels will give him the chance.

Make a date with him and other lovely doggies who are looking for homes at an Adoption Drive this coming Sunday 20 Nov at Animal Infirmary (Thomson Road) from 10am-2pm.

More details here:

[rehomed!] ADOPT TOGETHER: Booie + Baby - mother/daughter coronet guinea pigs

Both Booie and baby are mother and daughter.

Breed: Coronet

Booie's birth month: Dec 2010
Baby's birth month: Apr 2011

Both are very lovable and adorable.
Baby is more chatty and loves to make sounds compared to the quiet, shy and loves-to-eat mummy

Hope to give both of them away at the same time, and don't wish to separate them.
Preferably an adopter who has had experience handling piggies


They've found a new home (:

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Dixie - sweet, affectionate, mellow, smart, food-loving female tortoiseshell kitten rescued from bus stop

Here's Dixie, a tortoiseshell kitten for adoption. I rescued her yesterday at a bus stop which is pretty dangerous for her to be as there are lots of cars on the road.

She does not get along well with other cats except when she is sleeping or the other cats stay a distance away from her. With slow and patient introduction, I think that she will be able to get along with cats and dogs.

Even though she does not get along well with other cats and dogs, she gets along really well with humans. She is a really sweet kitten who loves to sleep on anything soft, like a pillow or on your lap. She can lay on my lap and fell asleep.

She is a mellow kitten who sleeps most of the time and love food. She will meow whenever she sees food. She is a bit skinny now and the new owner will need to fatten her up a bit. She is really affectionate and loves people to pet her. She loves feathery toys too.

She is really smart and knows how to use the litter-box on her first attempt. It is really great for me as I am worried that she might not know how to use it and will make a mess on the floor and my dad will surely scold me for that. Luckily for me, no mess on the floor throughout the first night.

She is currently staying at Guardian of pets ( as my dad does not allow me to keep her.

Thanks! I really hope that she can find a good home soon as she is a really sweet kitten who deserves to be loved and pampered. :)

more photos of dixie on

[tue 7 jun 2011. shared on request. source: tagged on]

Dixie is happily adopted. Thanks everyone! :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

ADOPT: Monk the smiley, beautiful singapore girl

Gender: Female
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

Monk had been with us since she was a puppy. She was one of the lucky puppies who was rescued from Seletar years ago and was brought into the shelter, around the same time as Chez.

Whenever we had visitors, this lovely girl will seek comforts in the arms of theirs. She only yearns for a home to call her own.

If you lack companionship, would you mind to consider in giving Monk a chance to feel warmth in the comfort zone of yours?


if you've facebook, add as a friend to view more photos on

[Mon 3 May. Source:, 4 May 2009.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Lunch - sweet, affectionate male cross breed puppy

Name - Lunch
Gender - Male
Breed - Cross Breed
Size - Medium when fully grown
Health - Good
Age - 1 mth
Vaccinated - Yes
Sterilized - - N/A -
Paper Trained - No
Basic Commands - Partial
Good w/ Children - Yes
Good w/ Pets - Yes

History - These puppies were living at a dangerous site with the risk of being knocked down and eaten. Their siblings have found homes.They now await adoption at Pets Villa. Adopt and save lives.With every dog adopted, you save a rescued animal and allow room for a dog in need of a safe haven.

Personality - Lunch and Brunch are very sweet and affectionate puppies. Lunch is the bigger and more boisterous one of the two. Lunch is smaller and very gentle.

Special Needs - Not HDB Approved

For more pictures, please view:

our poor lunch still needs a home! His brother Brunch has found a home

Lunch has found a home!

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Dozer - abandoned, healthy 3yo male husky


My name is Dozer. I’m a male Siberian husky about 2-3 years old. My former owner let me out of his car at Kranji. I stood in the rain at the same spot faithfully waiting for him, thinking he would come back for me, but he never did.

A kind-hearted lady came to rescue me after the 2 horrid days and I heart-brokenly left with her.

The kind lady works in a clubhouse near Kranji and she provided me with food and temporary shelter till her manager wanted me to leave. Meanwhile, I had been to the vet and am found to be healthy (!)
- Tick fever and heartworm negative
- Blood test normal
- Kidney and liver functioning well

I am now at a shelter waiting for adoption. My rehomer told me I’ll need to sterilized soon.

I get along very well with my human and fellow four-legged friends. I’m hoping to find a new owner who has a firm hand and will send me for obedience training so that I can be more lovable.

While waiting for adoption, I would really love to have someone help to sponsor my current boarding. Anyone interested in helping or adopting me, please email to I would love to meet you and say hi and thank you.

[mon 30 may 2011. shared on request. source: email, mon 30 may 2011.]

tue 28 jun 2011
dozer is castrated @ sgd 145 (discounted price from a kind vet)

adrian & wife are sponsoring dozer's boarding. he is still looking for a permanent home.

dozer is adopted

Sunday, 13 November 2011

SOS! DOG BLOOD DONORS! type dea -1.1, donors 14-20kg. call Ryan:97621723

Here's a message from my grandaunt!

**Good ppl, my dog is down n out in the hospital, n may need blood transfusion soon as her blood count is really low, 13% only. We Need doggy blood type dea -1.1, from donors which is abt 14-20kg, size like that of a retriever.. If anyone can help, please call Ryan:97621723. God bless you all..**

[13.11.11/ 12.11.11]