Saturday, 11 February 2012

ADOPT: Big Girl - loving, gentle giant who walks gently by your side

Hi, my name is Big Girl. Do not be intimidated by my size for I am known as the gentle giant. My siblings and I were strays in an industrial area where we were at risks of being captured by the authorities. Strays do not enjoy an easy life. Too defensive and we could be labeled as fierce aggressive beasts. If we get too close and friendly with humans, we may also be lured and captured. Luckily, my rescuer decided that it’s best for me to be in Gentle Paws & Friends where I will be loved and away from the dangers of the streets.

Among my sisters, I took the shortest time to warm up to the loving volunteers at the shelter. I may be big but I am a joy to walk. I will walk gently by your side, keeping pace and never rushing or tugging. Like the BFG, I promise you not just happy dreams but unconditional love and joy in your everyday life.


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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

[rip] LOST: Zan - 10yo female sheltie w short fur, collar (jalan seaview, east coast, tg katon, 6.2.12)

Zan, a female Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) was last seen at 121 Jalan Seaview on 6 Feb 2012.

She is Sabre (brown), 9.5 years old, small in size. Fur is shaved short. Has collar tag with name and telephone number. Zan has a heart condition and requires medication. Will offer Reward, no questions asked.

Details and photos at

Please help to pass the word around


zan has died. rest in peace.

LOST: Little Guy - 8yo male maltese (rosyth road, yio chu kang road, 2.2.12)

Name Of Dog: Little Guy
Breed: Maltese
Colour Of The Dog: White
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Size: 50 cm

Date The Dog Was Lost: 02 Feb 2012
Where The Dog Was Lost: Left the house (12 Leith Road) at around 1.30pm. Rosyth Road, Yio Chu Kang Rd, House of Seafood

Owner's Name: Roy Ng
Contact Number: 81018368


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

ADOPT: Tommy the big, manja, gentle 2yo male cat

PLEASE PASS WORD AROUND. Tommy is aged around 2. Big boy, weighs around 7kg. Sterilised, vaccinated, tested -ve for FeLV and FIV. Loves kids and people, prefers no other cats around, very manja and gentle. Needs new home urgently.

Because he is a bully with other cats (although extremely gentle and loving with people!), he has to be isolated in a bathroom most of the day.

[sun 26 sep 2010. shared on request. source: facebook message. original post:, 14 jul 2010.]

ADOPT: Maggie - sterilised 6-8mo singapore girl (labrador-lookalike)

Gender : Female
Age : Estimated about 6-8 months old
Breed : Mongrel? Looks like a labrador but uncertain of her background.
HDB Approved : No
Sterilized : Yes (tipped ear)
Background : Found abandoned

Interested parties to write in to, including but not limited to an introduction of yourself and your family, and experience in keeping dog/s. Anyone below the age of 21 years old who is interested, please get your parents to write in instead.

[wed 3 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail: mon 1 nov 2010.]

ADOPT: female mongrel found at bishan park

Hi, I found a mongrel a very skinny mongrel at bishan park. My mother isnt too keen with her being at my place and I have 2 other small Pom already. I really don't wish to send her to SPCA that's what my mum is threatening me if I don't get her rehome soon. She is not that skinny anymore compared to when i found her. I would really be grateful if she could get another home. Thank you


Monday, 6 February 2012

FOUND: friendly, thin male mongrel, faded red collar, knows basic commands (choa chu kang st 64, 21.1.12)


[reunited!] LOST: Belle - female black/grey mini schnauzer, red collar w bell, white diaper (blk 122 bedok north st 2, 4.2.12)

Belle, a Mini Schnauzer (MS) was missing at Blk 122, Bedok North St 2 near the soccer court on 4 Feb 6pm. It is black/grey in color, wears a red collar with bell, wearing white diaper, quite big build about 11 kg, dry eyes and skin which needs medication. Responds to name: belle.

For details and photos, visit


[reunited!] FOUND: male mongrel, no m/c, floppy right ear, floppy left (toa payoh)

pls help share. found in toa payoh. male mongrel. no chip. right floppy ear left perky. extremely good boy. skin n fur feel clean n in good condition. (slight dirt behind ears) friendly with other dogs. have not heard a single bark from him at all. not skinny so could be lost or abandoned recently. hopefully it's just Lost!


owner found on 15 jan.

ADOPT: Brightie the 3mo singapore girl, found w neck wound, covered w dirt + ants

About a month ago, a supervisor (local chap) arrrived at the construction work site somewhere in Changi to find a puppy covered with dirt and ants. He thought it was dead and was about to bury it when he noticed there was chest movement.

He rushed the puppy to a vet.
The vet said that the puppy's head was very swollen.
Under anaesthesia, he found a long longitudinal laceration along the line of the neck spine. He suspected that the wound was likely to be intentionally inflicted with a chopper or cleaver. Was the puppy meant to be food but for some reasons, it didn't end up in the cooking pot?
There were bits of what looked like brain tissue in the wound.

Miraculously the puppy survived but with some impairment of vision. He is now due for discharge.

He is about 3-month-old by now.

Because of his partial visual impairment, he may be snappy to "strange" hands but once your smell is familiar and the hands are proven to be friendly, he will open up his heart to you too.

[sun 29 aug 2010. reproduced with permission of MettaCats. original post:, sat 28 aug 2010.]

thu 2 sep 2010
Brighton, the puppy suspected to be "chopped" for food, is a girl, so her name is changed to Brightie.

This is the photo taken by the rescue on the day she was found.

Anyone who wishes to support Brightie's care under MettaCats, please write to

wed 27 oct 2010
SY's update
"Brightie - the scar on her forehead sort of leveled off n no more bump. She s very sweet but camera-shy, difficult to take good pics. this was taken last nite after her supper, where she happily crossed her front legs holding on to a piece of beef jerky, enjoyed all the way, you can see the contentment in her. :)"

If you can open your heart and your non-HDB home (local dogs are NOT permitted in HDB flats) to Brighton, please write to

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Handsome, faithful Sunny - male local cross badly abused when found

Breed: Local
Gender: Male
Size: Med
Health: Good
Good with other pets: Yes
Good with children: Yes
Paper trained: No
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilized: No
Understand basic commands: Yes

History / Description:

Sunny is a good looking and faithful boy, he is very kind and caring towards his mother and other sibling. He was badly abused and was discovered dragging his front legs. His two back legs was badly injured.

He has since recovered after may sessions of accupunture. He is able to walk on 4 legged now. Sunny is looking for a forever and kind home to give him a good place to stay.

[Original post:]



Sunday, 5 February 2012

FOSTER/ADOPT: Fluffy - well-behaved 1yo male kitten

i have a young kitten for adoption.

name: fluffy
age: 1 month
gender: male

cute, fluffy, nice fur, well behaved. not paper trained, small sized. it was found walking around the void deck. Looking for a fosterer or adoptor now.

adoptor must take care of fluffy and feed it milk everyday. Can eat wet soft food. Fluffy is free. pl email me for more details. viewing on weekdays only prefably only experienced adoptor as a cat is lifetime commitment. must not sell for profit. IT IS URGENT AS MY DOG CANT GET ALONG WELL WITH CATS.


FOUND: m/c 5yo female salt/pepper mini schnauzer, pink collar, just given birth? (yishun ring rooad blk 795, 30.1.12)


Age: Appx 5 yrs old
Gender: Female
Breed: Mini Schnauzer

Physical/character traits :
Colour salt & pepper
Gentle, docile. Wary at first but warms up easily

Microchipped : Microchip #xxxxxxxxxxx6483.

When and where was it found?
Found around Yishun Ring Rd, blk 795 on 30 Jan (Mon) night

Found with pink collar on her
Vet advised likely just given birth 3-4 weeks ago & still nursing

contact Cindy at


LOST: Snowie - m/c female jrt all white except brown patch on left ear (jurong west st 52, 2.2.12)

Snowie sneaked out of her flat at Jurong West St 52 on 2 Feb 2012 and could not be found.

She is a female Jack Russel Terrier (JRT), all white except for a brown patch on her left ear. She is microchip (ends with 2607).

Please help to find her. If you have any info, kindly contact Sharon Tan at 9220-8319.

Reward awaits the finder if the dog is safely recovered.

Details and photos at

Please help to pass the word around.


[rehomed!] FOUND: male dog - jrt mix? - with 2 collars (sungei buloh, neo tiew crescent, 29.1.12)


The above dog was found wandering at Sungei Buloh (Neo Tiew Crescent) on Sunday, 29th Jan.
He looks like a Jack Russell mix, and has 2 collars on him.

We have restrained him in a cage and hope his owner can turn up soon.
Please help to post - thanks


this dog has been adopted by the rescuer's friend. 

[reunited!] LOST: Girlgirl - sterilised 1yo female mongrel, white w brown patches on back, pink right nostril, choke chain (kranji/industrial areas?)

Name: Girlgirl
Age: 1 year
Breed: Mongrel
Color: White with brown patches on back. Tricolored.
Size: Medium (15kg)

Microchipped: No
Sterilized: Yes

Distinctive Features: Pink right nostril. Wears a choke chain.

Might be in warehouse/factories/industrial areas. Possibly Kranji.


Girlgirl is found!!!