Saturday, 24 September 2011

ADOPT: Gilderoy - sweet-tempered, friendly, active, incredibly greedy 5yo male cocker spaniel

Name: Gilderoy (but he basically responds to any name called in his direction)

Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Age: Estimately 5 years old

Medical conditions: Low-risk anaemia

Sweet-tempered dog, incredibly greedy so don't spoil him! Toilet-trained but if you don't bring him out regularly, he will relieve indoors. He has really large paws that I guarantee you will fall in love with immediately. It is one of the features I like best about him. It's so warm and fuzzy. 

Very friendly towards both humans and dogs and is child-safe as well. He is an excellent addition to any family. However, it is best that he is the only dog because he is too active.

If you would like to adopt him, please contact Cheryl Tan at 90097981.


ADOPT: Tui - loyal, faithful, intelligent 2yo mongrel, good with dogs and humans

Together with Yenyen, Tui is also a rescue by the kind foreign worker. Tui is very loyal and faithful. He is also responsive and highly intelligent. He is good both dogs and humans.

Male, est. 1-2yrs old
Size: Medium
Vaccinated: Yearly booster

Please contact: 9338-3800


ADOPT: Small Girl - loving, alert female mongrel rescued from industrial area

Hello, my name is Small Girl. Have you met my siblings? I am smaller than my sister Big Girl and I am more alert than her.

My siblings and I were strays in an industrial area where we were at risks of being captured by the authorities. Strays do not enjoy an easy life. Too defensive and we could be labeled as fierce aggressive beasts. If we get too close and friendly with humans, we may also be lured and captured. Luckily, my rescuer decided that it’s best for me to be in Gentle Paws & Friends where I will be loved and away from the dangers of the streets.

The tough life of industrial areas has taught me to be more alert. I can be seen patrolling my compound but I am no less loving. I am also easy to walk and it is a sweet sight to behold when I walk together with my sisters. The three of us when out on a walk, would sometimes sweetly check to make sure nobody is missing from the pack. If you take me home, I promise the same unconditional sweet love and loyalty.


More Details And Photos:


ADOPT: Green - female mongrel rescued from industrial area, shy but loves human companionship

Howdy! I am Green and while we look so different, I am actually the sister of MooMoo.

My siblings and I were strays in an industrial area where we were at risks of being captured by the authorities. Strays do not enjoy an easy life. Too defensive and we could be labeled as fierce aggressive beasts. If we get too close and friendly with humans, we may also be lured and captured. Luckily, my rescuer decided that it’s best for me to be in Gentle Paws & Friends where I will be loved and away from the dangers of the streets.

Among my siblings, I am the shyest of them all. I may shy away from you initially but I really do love human companionship. I take time to warm up but bond with me and I will always welcome you with the wag of my tail. I also have the trademark one ear up, one ear down look about me. If you are looking to adopt, please do consider me.


More Details And Photos:


[rehomed!] SOS! ADOPT BY 17 SEP: Bobby - very active 5+yo male jrt


Name: Bobbie
Breed : Jack Russel
Colour : White/Brown
...Age: 5+
Sex: Male
Sterilized?: YES
HDB-Approved?: YES
Vaccinated?: YES
Toilet-trained?: NO
Temperament: Very active. May snap sometimes and bite the owner/ caretaker if he is new to the person. Experienced owners/fosterers preferred.
Any other remarks (e.g. Skin allergy): NO
Reason for putting up for adoption: Lease of rented apartment that owner is staying in is expiring. Landlord refuses to allow owner to continue staying and unable to find another apartment that accommodates pets. Has until 17 September to rehome Bobbie.

[fri 2 sep 2011. shared on req: email, 1 sep 2011.]

Bobbie has gone to a good home!!!!!!

Friday, 23 September 2011

ADOPT: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter - 3 s'pore girls, 1 boy

Spring @ 春
Gender: Female
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

Summer @ 夏
Gender: Female
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

Autumn @ 秋
Gender: Female
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

Winter @ 冬
Gender: Male
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

4 Seasons that comprise of Spring + Summer + Autumn + Winter (春夏秋冬), is the last batch of puppies whom we rescued from the expressway last year.

At first sight, they are extremely shy dogs and will run away when being approached.

Once they know you well, they will be friendly yet gentle to human touch! :)


add as a friend on facebook to view more photos of the 4 seasons and friends

[Thu 29 Apr. Source:, Sun 18 Apr.]

ADOPT: Jo Jo the quiet, pleasant male mongrel

Gender: Male
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

Jo Jo is an unhappy dog in the shelter. Same like Xena, we believed he also yearns for a home to call his own. As much as we would like to help him, we still have to believe in the fact that humans do prefer pedigree vs mongrel.

If only a kind soul is willing to adopt him and give him a home, we are confident that he would be easily contented. Furthermore, what more can he asked for?

Jo Jo is an extremely quiet and pleasant dog you would love to own. :)

Don't let him wait for too long. Pls e-mail us at to arrange for viewing of him.

We bet that you will not be disappointed!

if you've facebook, add to view more photos of jojo and other dogs looking for good homes.

[Wed 5 May. Source:, 23 Jun 2009.]

ADOPT: 2 x 4mo(?) abandoned mongrel pups

Hi everyone,

These two pups, I'm guessing 4 months (milk teeth still present), are up for adoption.

If any responsible individuals want to adopt them for life, please email to

1. your name,

2. your contact and

3. why you think the puppy should live with you.


Q: How is the champagne-coloured pup like?

A: Love toys, always playing (if not sleeping), yet independent and affectionate.

Q: How is the brown pup like?

A: Intelligent, daring, active climber, seeks fun and adventure!

Q: Where are they housed now?

A: (Divert question) They are somewhere in the west, I can check for you. Are you really interested in adopting them?

Q: Are they vaccinated?

A: No. Please check with a vet for required vaccinations and routine check-ups.

Q: What's their story?

A: Abandoned by 2 men in a lorry.

Q: Are they paper/grass trained?

A: No.

Q: What are they fed now?

A: Solids; canned food, rice, raw meat.

Q: What is the procedure to adopt them?

A: Come down with your family or just your spouse. We will have a interview and decide the best house for them.



LOST: Sammie - medium, slender 5yo golden brown female local mixed breed (east coast/joo chiat, 14.9.11)

Have you seen a Missing local mix breed dog lost at Joo Chiat?

Name of dog: Sammie
Breed: Mixed breed
Gender: Female
age: 5 years old
Size: Medium, slender
Color: Golden brown
where was it lost: East Coast, last seen running towards Joo Chiat along Joo Chiat Place
when was it lost; 14 September 9:30 PM

Reward for safe return. Photos and details at

Please help to pass the word around. Thanks.


LOST: Roxy - 2yo tabby/white cat, no collar or tail, previous shoulder surgery (meyer road/peach garden, 16.9.11)

Attached are photos of our cat Roxy who went missing from Meyer Road/ Peach Garden on Friday 16th September.

She is 2 years old tabby/ white, she has no collar or tail and has had shoulder surgery in the past.

Hope you can help us find her!

Many thanks!

Best regards,

Sianne Dixon-Hall
8113 1612


[reunited!] LOST: Rusty - 6yo male golden retriever (serangoon lane, thu 15 sep 8.30pm)

Our 6 year old Golden Retriever called Rusty went missing at Serangoon Lane at 8.30pm on 15 September, Thursday.

He was last seen at Serangoon Sunshine Park at 9p.m. Rusty responds well to his name and sits on command. He was not wearing any leash.


rusty is found

LOST: Fluffy - m/c 6yo white male maltese (jalan usaha, tai keng gardens, upper paya lebar, 16.9.11]

Fluffy, a male white Maltese dog was last seen at Jalan Usaha, Tai Keng Gardens, Upper Paya Lebar on 16th Sep 2011.

White color, 6 years old, small size, it is microchipped.

Reward for safe return. Photos and details at

Please help to pass the word around. Thanks.


FOSTER/ADOPT: Jacob - healthy, active, sociable 10yo male jrt

Animal's name: JACOB
Age: 10
Gender: MALE
HDB-approved: YES

Vaccinated: YES
Sterilised: YES

Health condition: GOOD

Physical description: WHITE WITH BROWN PATCHES

Personality/temperament: ACTIVE AND SOCIABLE

Toilet trained: YES
Understands basic commands: YES
Good with other pets: YES
Good with children: YES


Other comments: NIL

Contact details: MOBILE: 8627 2380


ADOPT: Trixie - intelligent, patient, well-behaved 7mo female tri-coloured local cross breed


ADOPT: 6yo golden retriever

Age: 6 years old
Hdb approved: No
Breed: golden retriever
Owner migrating
Contact details:


[rip] SOS! MINI PIN NEEDS BLOOD - healthy dogs 20kg with heartguard

My relative's female mini pinscher age 6 years plus is critical ill in emergency unit at Mt Pleasant Hospital, Whitney road needs HEALTHY DOG 20KGS WITH HEARTGUARD blood donor to my female mini pinscher 6 years plus.

If not she will died.



unfortunately no suitable blood donor was found and the dog has passed away. thank you to all who offered your help.

[rehomed!] ADOPT TOGETHER: Bibi + Summer, healthy 5yo maltese x jrt

bibi(male) is on the left. Summer(female) is on the right. I would like them to be adopted together as I do not think they are able to bear being apart after parting from my family and I. They have always been by each other's side since birth and are very loving to each other.

Animal's name: Summer (female) and Bibi (male)
Age:4 yrs 8mths
Breed: Maltese cross Jack russel
HDB-approved? prefer them to be adopted together.

Vaccinated? Yes for both.
Sterilised? Female Summer is. Male Bibi isn't.

Health condition?
Both healthy but, Bibi lost his hearing a year ago. Has sensitive skin.
Summer is overweight. Has sensitive skin. She has gone through 2 pregnancies and sterilization.

Summer: friendly with people, loyal, sweet, smart, loving, caring, loves her walks and needs attention...
Bibi: May sometimes need time to get to know people, loyal, loving, loyal, sensitive, playful, loves his walks and needs attention..

Toilet trained? Newspaper trained.
Understands basic commands? Yes, like sit or jump.
Good with other pets? Depends. May need time to get to know other dogs first.
Good with children? Yes.

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption?

Unable to continue taking care of them.
Prefer to explain in person.

I've been trying my best to find the owner for them, but have so far not gotten any response for both to get adopted together.
If you are able to help me spread the word, please do. Thank you.

[sun 31 jul 2011. shared on request. source: email.]

Both Summer and Bibi have found homes.

[rehomed!] FOUND/ADOPT: 2-3yo male male JRT (marsiling, late aug 2011), quiet except when he's alone

I'm helping my friend, Mee Yoke , to spread the words.She found this JRT one week ago at Marsiling. This JRT was seen following humans around. Mee yoke brought him home but unfortunately her own 2 JRTs couldn't get along well with this JRT. She sent him to SPCA and bailed him out the next day and board him at Petopia for a nite. He is now being fostered by a friend but not for long. Mee Yoke had put up posters around her area , placed ads from Monday till Tomorrow but so far no news from SPCA and public. He could be another abandoned dog. Estimated 2-3yr old.

He's not sterilized and only problem is he likes to hump and dislikes being alone. He is quiet generally except when he's alone he only bark for awhile. He's ok with other dogs and humans.

[fri 2 sep 2011. shared on req: email, 2 sep 2011.]

he is adopted

[rip] FOSTER/ADOPT : Scrumpy - Super affectionate male spayed cat with FIV/Kidney problems

Scrumpy the friendly black cat usually resides near the neighbourhood carpark area, most of the time hiding under the parked cars or lorries, looking sick, skinny and drooling.

I managed to catch him one night and sent him to Mount Pleasant (Sunset Way) the next morning, Vet Cheryl Ho attended to Scrumpy and found out he got the following problems:

1) FIV positive
2) Kidney problems (not Acute)
3) Open wounds on his tongue, thus he can't eat much and eat well
4) Fleas and furmites, coz he can't use his tongue to clean himself up
5) White blood cells going up

Currently he's still recuperating at the clinic, since then they have given him shots and medicines to tackle the fleas/furmites and tongue's open wounds problem, booast up immune system and also drip him to keep him hydrated. Vet says he's showing improvement on his appetite, fleas problem subsiding and I can see he looked much brighter and alert than before.

Vet says since he's FIV positive it's better he not roam back as stray again coz it might spread to other community cat should they get into serious fights. I am against putting him to sleep coz he's not that sickly and clearly shown strong will to live a good second life.

I hope to find a good fosterer/adopter to keep Scrumpy, coz he's a cat with special needs, he would require an experienced person to take care of him. After he's discharge, he would have to be on IV drip once every two days (or as and when he's not drinking enough water and dehydrating), he would have two kinds of pills medicine, one is antibiotics, and the other to control his illness which he would have to take permanently. He would be required to take in a type of special diet for Kidney problem cats, and would also need to be brought back to Vet Ho once every 3 months for review.

Ideally, prospective fosterer/adopter should have no other cats at home, if they have any, they should be aware of the risks of FIV transmitting (only through aggressive fighting +open wounds+exchange of fluids, or through mating), and take proper precautions. Scrumpy isn't aggressive at all, and he's spayed, so basically there won't be any possible fighting or mating problems caused by him.

Temperament wise, which is a huge bonus point of him, is that he's superly affectionate and loving, everytime I visit him he will come straight to me and let me pet his head and neck, and after a while he will got sooo cozy and simply just fall asleep...while standing lol. Vet Ho and vet techs there commented he's so gentle and nice that they have no problem feeding him meds or syringing him.

I will be letting Scrumpy stay at clinic till this Saturday (30 April), hopefully by then I would have found him a good home to go to, if all else fails, I might send him to a cat shelter, where he would be kept in a large cage permanently, that would be my very last option, coz he's not that sick and can't move, and being a community cat before, he would love to have some space to walk around and explore, he might require some guiding and coaching to be an indoor cat, but given his sweet loving nature, it definitely won't be a huge task to the caregiver.

His medical bills, which comprises hospitalisation since Sunday (24 April), comprehensive blood tests, drips, meds till today sums up to around 900+, a few more days of staying at the vet (till this coming Saturday 30 April) and doing more blood tests might up the amount to over $1200, me and some of my friends do think Scrump deserves a good second chance, so we would be raising money among ourselves to pay for this med bill.

If the prospective fosterer/adopter have concerns over medicine/special diet money for Scrumpy, we would definitely help out with it, we just hope he would go to a loving home and would shower him with loads of TLC, coz clearly he himself have loads to offer. :)

[sun 1 may 2011. shared on request. source: email, 28 apr 2011.]

fri 8 jul 2011
scrumpy's now being boarded and is still looking for his human.

unfortunately Scrumpy crossed over the rainbow bridge last month :"(
but at least he's happy with the last fosterer he stayed with...

[rehomed!] ADOPT/BOARD FOR 2 MONTHS: Yuki - beautiful 7yo b/w, blue-eyed husky girl

Giving my husky up for adoption. Neighbours complain, and have been putting her at boarding for 6 months, but the high cost of boarding makes it unaffordable to maintain at current situation.

Breed: Siberian Husky
Sex: Female
Age of dog: 7 yrs
Colour: Black/White, blue eyes
Neutered: Yes, done at 6 months old
Diet: on dry food
Toilet trained: Yes, on newspaper
Health problems: none.
Ideal home: landed house

[Mon 31 May. Source:, Sun 30 May.]

thu 19 may 2011
Yuki's still up for adoption.

I also need to find someone willing to board her for end July till end sept. 2 months, Dog food will be provided, and willing to pay up to $500 a month, but must take her for walks.

Yuki has found a home.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

[reunited!] STILL LOST: Jojo the 3yo female JRT, white with brown patches (Serangoon Ave 4, Mon 1 Mar)

Date The Dog Was Lost: Mon 01 Mar 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Serangoon Ave 4, Blk 217

Name Of Dog: Jojo
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Colour Of The Dog: White With brown patches
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Size: 1ft

Wheelchair-bound Granny misses dog badly. Any information on this dog
is greatly appreciated

[, 4 mar.]

jojo has been found after more than a year!

read her story here:

LOST: Kang Kang - m/chipped tri-coloured male shih tzu w medium-length fur, big round eyes (charlton park, kovan, 14 sep)

hi, can u help me to find my pet dog? :( My pet dog got lost on 14/9, at Charlton Park, hes a male shihtzu tricolor- grey/white/black/brown, short-medium length fur, hes micro-chipped. and he has big round eyes. anyone who has info can call me too at 81024188. thanks so much!!! :( or able to help spread the news around? really sad that hes lost :((



FOUND: 7-8yo white/brown male shih tzu, no m/c, collar or leash (south haven, bukit timah, hindhede road, 17.9.11)

[21.9.11, e18.9.11]

[rehomed!] SOS! NOW@SPCA! FOUND/FOSTER/ADOPT: friendly female black/white shih tzu(?) (blk 148 woodlands, sun 4 sep 2011)

I found this loss dog yesterday night under my block Woodlands Block 148, a black/white Shi Tzu?

She was hungry/thirsty, but friendly to me after I fed her & protected her from the stray cats around my void deck.

She is friendly, allow ppl to touch. I waited 2 hour plus with the dog for her owner, but no one was looking for her.
I have no choice but to send her to SPCA as ASD said they were full and unable to help.

My house have other small animals (rabbits, hamsters), if not I don't mind fostering till she found adopter.
I have asked SPCA what they will do to the dog, their procedure is wait 3 days for owner to come claim back.. if 3 days later nobody come look for her, she will go through healthcheck to see if she is fit to put up for adoption. If yes, she will put up for adoption till she found adopter. They did not mention will PTS but I suppose if she is not fit for adoption they will put her to sleep.

I told SPCA if she is not fit to put up for adoption please call me & DO NOT PTS. SPCA are willing to do that.
So I am trying to find a "fosterer"/adopter for this dog right now, I am willing to help this dog raise funds & also provide food and necessity for this dog.

I really hope someone can help this sweet heart. Thank you.

[mon 5 sep 2011. shared on req: email, 5 sep 2011.]

The dog has been successfully been adopted and has been renamed as "sze sze".