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[Originally posted on Cat Welfare Society, 23 Jan 2010]

There are about 20 strays cats near No. 45 Kim Chuan Drive and they are extremely skinny and unsterilised. The cats have no water and food. The aunty who spotted them last week is willingly to sponsor food for the cats and had tried approaching and pleaded the foreign workers and the eatery house workers to feed them on behalf. Her request was rejected by them.

Aunty does not dare to call SPCA as she is worried that they will be put down.

Hence, we are appealing for volunteers around the areas to feed the cats and also relocate and sterilise them. We can chip in for the food and the sterilisation cost. What's important now is to ensure someone can feed them or they might die of hunger or thirst. After which, we need to relocate them and sterilise them.

If you are able to help in any way, please contact Bee Leng at 91760514 or the Aunty at 91783236. Contact to find out more. Thanks!

FEED: Cats at Telok Blangah Block 4 - Call Rashida 94659421.

There are about 8 cats at Telok Blangah Crescent Block 4 and the only feeder has appealed to me for help in feeding the cats. As I do not stay in that area, I am unable to help her feed the cats regularly.

If you can help, please contact Rashida at 94659421.

[Original post, 11 Mar,]

SOS! Max still needs 2 bags of negative blood. Dogs below 7yo, above 23kg.

SOS! My fren's French Mastiff-Max's tick fever relapes and needs 3 bag of negative blood urgently. If you have a big dog that is below 7 years old, 23kg, kindly bring your dog down to Jireh Vet at Windsor Road Estate, Venus Road, tel: 65560268 for blood donation.

I know it's not easy to drop everything and leave but please try, we are trying to save his life. He is a very sweet giant.

[Tue 19 Apr. Source:, Tue 19 Apr.

Update Mon 26 Apr
Max still needs 2 more bags of NEGATIVE blood. He has improved but he's still feeling lethargic and gets tired very easily. Please continue to help spread the word.

FOSTER/ADOPT/DONATE/HELP: 13 kittens + 12 adult cats on St John's Island

13 kittens on St. John's Island will be put down if we don't manage to rehome them. If you're in Singapore and can open your home to these beautiful darlings, please contact me!

Many more photos in the link below.


[Wed 28 Apr. Source: Twitter+Facebook post linking to, Wed 28 Apr.]

Update Thu 29 Apr
The 13 kittens on St John's Island are still urgently seeking fosterers and adopters, or risk being culled if they are not rehomed.

There are also a total of 12 adult cats on the island that need to be sterilised a.s.a.p.

We are appealing urgently for:
1) Fosterers or adopters for the 13 kittens
2) Sponsors for the sterilisation of the 12 cats
2) Assistance in trapping the cats, transporting them, etc.

Should you be able and interested in assisting in any of the above, kindly contact us via email at, and

Thank you!

[Source:, Thu 29 Apr]

Update Sat 1 May
It can cost around $60 to $130 to sterilise each cat, depending on the gender and the clinic. Due to the urgent nature of the case, it's unlikely that there'll be any subsidised slots available, as these have to be booked way in advance. Do contribute if you can - every little bit helps.

FEED: Cats at NTU, 1h/session (7 May - 20 Aug). Email

NTU Cat Management Network needs volunteer cat feeders at NTU from 7 May 2010 to 20 August 2010. Each feeding session only takes about 1 hour. Interested, please message us at Thank you!

Facebook group:

[Mon 19 Apr. Source: Cats Cafe CMN's wall post on by , Mon 19 Apr.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Jay Jay the 5yo male shih tzu - no pix available

Status: For Adoption

Breed: Shih Tzu

Name: Jay Jay? (New owner free to change)

Age: 5

Gender: Male

Spayed/Neutered: Unsure

Reason for Being Given Up:

Good with Children: No info

Good with Dogs: Current fosterer has a maltese that does not get along with the dog. But it could be the fault of the maltese.

Good with other animals: No info

Dog's Temperament: He looks very active and friendly but apparently very clingy.

Dog's Problems: None, apparently.

Ideal Owner: Any

Ideal Home: Any

Other information:

Member putting up this adoption notice: Fosterer's Neighbour (!)

Contact: PM

Adoption Fee: $100 to be donated to a Charity Organization of my choice (yup, my choice. Yay.)

The dog is really bright and alert and looks really friendly. It's got long and shaggy fur now and is coloured white and beige, I think.

My neighbour approached me, asking if I know of anyone who would like a dog.

I'm pretty stringent with the adoption process so don't think you'll be able to make a quick buck out of adopting and selling or breeding to sell.

PM Ensel on the doggiesite link below.

[Tue 4 May. Source:, Mon 3 May.]

Update Sat 8 May
Jay Jay has been adopted.

[rehomed!] FOUND/ADOPT: Boy Boy the black and tan mini pinscher (Dakota Crescent, Sun 21 Mar)

A male mini pinscher, colour black & tan was found last night (Sun 21 Mar) at Dakota Crescent at around 10pm.

If you are the rightful owner or wish to adopt this dog, please contact Ray at 91027973.

[Original post, Mon 22 Mar:]

Update Tue 13 Apr
Boy Boy's owner cannot be traced, so we are putting him up for adoption.

He is estimated to be 8 months old by the vet, is microchipped and no issues with health.

He is friendly to both humans and dogs and cats, a manja boy and has a good temperament. He is a smart and obedient boy, learns command pretty fast. He only responds to "No" initially but now he knows a couple of commands. He loves to eat, totally not fussy.

He is hyperactive, good to bring for walks daily. Min pins barks pretty loudly as opposed to their small size, he is a good watchdog, sensitive to noises outside house, not advisable if you do not have good neighbours, however he listens to command.

Want to find a good home for min pin, preferably someone who understands the breed well or one with experience with dogs.

If you are keen to adopt min pin and know about him, please contact 91513071 or email

Update Sat 8 May
Boy Boy has been adopted.

[reunited!] STILL LOST: Rummie the 6yo male Yorkshire Terrier (Tampines, Fri 5 Feb)

Name Of Dog: Rummie
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Colour Of The Dog: Black & brown
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Size: small

Date The Dog Was Lost: Fri 05 Feb 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: blk 895 Tampines st 81 #04-958 - Dog was last seen along the corridor. A chinese garang guni man was seen luring the dog away.

Owner's Name: Priscilla Lim
Contact Number: 96877574

Update 6 Mar

my dog's been missing for almost a month - pls helpe lookout... already posted on other forums/blogs, notified SPCA/AVA, mass email etc etc... still no news... ;(...

he's has a gold head, with black body, fur shld be a bit longer now, & a very feisty dog when he was at home... tail is long,kind of curl inwards towards his back....

if anyone has heard any excessive barking that just started over the past month, please let me know so that i can check it out. Theft was suspected, so he could be anywhere.

he's probably being kept by someone (fingers crossed that he's not abused)... so i'm trying to make it known as much as possible in the hope that someone somewhere will see him & let me know...

reward will be given

my hp is 96877574

many thanks

Update Mon 3 May
STOMPer Priscilla is desperately trying to locate her missing Yorkshire Terrier, Rummie. She would like anyone who has seen Rummie to contact her.

In an email, the STOMPer wrote:

"I miss my dog terribly and I'm trying all ways and means to spread the word so that somehow, some kind soul out there who has seen him will contact me.

"He went missing on Feb 5 and now it's been 86 days. He was last seen around 6.30pm at Tampines.

"If found, please call 96877574.

"A reward will be given to the one who finds him."

[Source:, Sun 2 May.]

Update Sat 8 May
Just want to update you that Rummie (yorkie) is home at last !!! He was adopted by someone, who contacted me when she saw my post on STOMP.

RH: Don't give up if you still haven't found your dog! Keep trying different avenues and keep reminding people of your appeal; sometimes, it's a matter of your ad being seen seen by the right person at the right place at the right time.

HELP: Foster cats for about 3 nights before/after sterilisation

As there are an increasing number of tom cats and unspayed female cats nearby my house, my family would like to try to sterilise some of them one by one. However, before sterilisation, the cat MUST fast for ard 9 hours overnight, thus it must be ensured they cannot eat. It's not possible for my family to house them cuz we alrdy have cats and small animals in our house.

We are appealing for kind people who can

1)house the cat for one night before its operation

2)house the cat for ard 2 nights after its operation, as it is still under the effects of the drug and wouldn't be alert enough to react to dangers outside if it is immediately released.

3) To preferably live near yishun, on red line.

4) To have his or her own cat carrier

We know that this is a payless job, but we all know that becuz of uncontrolled cat population, many innocent cats are often caught by organisations to put to sleep when they havent done anything wrong.

We will provide litter, litter tray and food for the the duration of the cat's stay in the person's house. We will pick the cat up from the person's house on the day of sterilisation and then bring it back to the person's house after it's operation. After 2 nights we will take the cat back to where it came from.

For interested parties please contact 94308025

[Thu 6 May. Source:, Mon 3 May.]

Update Sat 8 May
Actually we would prefer if the person lives near to us (Yishun) cos we will take cab to near the person's home for him or her to collect the cat. For the one night stay actually nothing much, just make sure the cat does not eat or drink anything at all during the stay.because 9 hrs prior of operation must fast. yeah sure okay with ppl who never take care of cats b4. we will try to catch a more docile cat so that will be more easy for caregiver.

[reunited!] LOST: Nini the female shih tzu (Punggol blk 202, Wed 5 May)

Hi all,

:help: , My friend has lost her dog today (Wed 05/05/10) at about 4pm, around Block 202A Punggol Field.

The dog breed is Shih Tzu
Name: Nini
Colour: Light Brown and white

You may contact me at 9181 9099 if you happened to FOUND her or SEEN her.
Her owner really miss her very much...


[Wed 5 May. Source: and, Wed 5 May.]

Update Sat 8 May
Nini has been found.

Friday, 7 May 2010

[reunited!] FOUND: female Shih Tzu (blk 606 Jurong West St 65). Contact 97517127.

I found a female Shih Tzu at 606 Jurong West St 65. Please contact me if you have lost your dog. My contact is 97517127. Thank you

[Thu 6 May. Source:, Thu 6 May.]

Update Fri 7 May
Dog has been reunited with owner.

[reunited!] LOST: Bear the 4yo black/silver mini schnauzer (former Maju Mall, Serangoon Garden Way, Sun 2 May)

Name: Bear (aka Teddy Bear)
Colour: Black & Silver
Gender: Male
Age: 4years old
Body Size: about 1+ ft

Lost area: Serangoon Garden Way
Last Seen: former Maju Mall on on Sun 2nd May 2010, at early afternoon between 2 plus to 3 pm.

Reward: $1500
Owner's Name: Lareina
Contact Number: 97809335/ 96675228/ 98303715

Tends to explore. (suspect to be stuck in drains)
Likes to provoke bigger dogs.
Small Pointed Ears.

Have Liver and Skin condition. In need of regular medication.

[Tue 4 May. Source:, Mon 3 May.]

Mu>Update Fri 7 May
I am pleased to inform you Teddy Bear has been found today :)
He is now safely back at home with me and my family.

STILL LOST: Guinness the b/w male mini schnauzer with yellow collar (Taman Jurong, Tue 30 Mar)

Dear Forumers,

Please kindly help to look out for a Male Miniature Schnauzer named Guinness (black and white in colour) wearing a yellow collar. He's around 6 years old. He was missing since yesterday afternoon Tue 30 Mar) around Taman Jurong area Blk 161 Yung Ping Rd. He's having fits so he needs urgent medication.

If seen, pls call 62657462/90979518 to contact Mrs Wong.

Many thanks!

[Wed 31 Mar. Source:, Wed 31 Mar.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: friendly and playful little kitten

He is very friendly, playing little kitten.
he is looking for a home.... more photos in the facebook album below.


[Wed 31 Mar. Source: Sun 7 Mar.]

Update Fri 7 May
Cody has been adopted by a good family.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2-3 wo female mongrel

2-3weeks old Female. Mix Breed (unknown) Might be a mongrel.

Contact Shobhana or 91850360!/album.php?aid=53672&id=1026243777

[Tue 13 Apr. Source:, Tue 13 Apr.]

Update Fri 7 May
Puppy has found a home.

[reunited!] LOST: Ling Ling the 10yo female cat who may have bald spots (Hillview, Sat 23 Apr)

Ling Ling is a 10 year old, petite female cat who went missing on Saturday, April 23 in the Hillington Green/Hillview Avenue area. Ling Ling is a much-loved family pet who is not used to being outside and is probably very frightened right now. She is a timid and nervous cat who might have thinning fur/bald spots in some areas as she chews her fur out when she gets stressed. Please call Dan at 9673-1852 or Kristen at 91715395 if you find Ling Ling.

[Tue 27 Apr. Source:, Mon 26 Apr.]

Update Fri 7 May
Ling Ling is found!

[rip] ADOPT: Jia Jia the female mongrel once terrified of humans

Gender: Female
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

Jia Jia was formerly known as Olive. But we changed her name for the better. She used to be very skinny and terrified of humans when we first brought her into the shelter.

Not sure if it was pure coincidence or what, upon changing her name to Jia Jia, her appetite slowly picked up and she looks so much better as compared to before.

Now she is a happy little girl in the shelter.. still afraid of humans but has shown a drastic improvement.

Look how lovely she posed for this picture? :)


[Fri 7 May. Source:, 6 Jul 2009.]

update fri 16 jul
Beloved Jia Jia @ 佳佳 passed away on 9 Jun 2010.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

[rehomed!] FOUND: male maltese (Choa Chu Kang Blk 400+)

Found this male Maltese around at the void deck, seems to be missing. Pure white colour, good with human, a shy dog.

Not sure about more details as the dog has no collar or dog tag. Only know that the dog is rather small and cling to human tightly. Currently he's living with my friend. If you have lost your dog please contact 96904680. Thannks.

[Thu 29 Apr. Source:, Thu 29 Apr.]

Update Thu 6 May
Maltese has been adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Hazel the female mongrel pup found in a Jurong factory

2 month old female mongrel found in Jurong factory. Smart and playful.

Not HDB approved. Only consider to good owner only.

Contact 91455311

[Tue 6 Apr. Source:, Mon 5 Apr.]

Update Thu 6 May
Hazel has been adopted.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

LOST: Candy the skinny white/beige female terrier cross (Jurong West, Sat 1 May) - no pix yet

Dear all,

My dog Candy ran away from Blk 911 Jurong West, last Saturday and has been spotted around Jurong West area (Blk 964). Anyone spotted or seen her please contact me. Many thanks!

Tel: 97488043

Breed: Cross Terrier
Colour: Whitish Biege
Look: Skinny

[Wed 5 May. Source:, Wed 5 May.]

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Petition against pigeon culling - Chinese translation now available!

The author of Save The Pigeons(Singapore) blog has created the following petition to appeal to the authorities to spare the pigeons.

If you agree that a more humane method should be adopted instead of senseless killing, please kindly lend your support and sign the petition. Would appreciate it greatly if you could pass the word around too.

Thank you for helping the helpless, and for helping to promote a harmonious environment of non-violence.

Petitions are effective, every single signature counts.

This isn't just about pigeons, it's also about making a difference in our own way, about building a better society, starting with ourselves.

To make a stand and put your name down, go to SAVE THE PIGEONS PETITION
Stop Pigeon Culling (Singapore)

To: Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong, Minister for National Development Mr Mah Bow Tan, Town Councils, Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore, National Environment Agency

We, the undersigned, appeal to you to review your method of controlling the pigeon population in Singapore.

Presently, pest controllers are engaged to poison the birds. This method should be abolished for the following reasons:

1. Studies have shown that not only does culling fail to reduce the pigeon population, it actually increases it. This is because pigeons control their population by the amount of food available. When food supply remains constant, surviving pigeons thrive and reproduce more.

2. Poisoned food for the pigeons may harm other animals and even children, who may unwittingly play with or even consume it.

3. It is a modern myth that pigeons are detrimental to human health. Chances of us being struck by lightning or getting diseases from eating farmed animals like chickens and pigs are much greater than getting ill through contact with pigeons. Pigeons, being revered as 'birds of peace', have lived alongside humans for thousands of years. If they truly are disease-carriers, our ancestors would not have engaged them as 'postmen'. Nor would pigeon racing have become a favourite sport.

4. We are outraged that our hard-earned money is spent on such a cruel and ineffective method. The money used to pay pest controllers should be channelled to wiser, kinder and more constructive purposes.

5. The sight of lives being killed can be extremely haunting to young children and may have very negative effects on their emotional health.

6. By killing living beings that are deemed a nuisance to us, we are inculcating our young with absolutely wrong values. We are encouraging intolerance and destroying seeds of compassion. Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." The government wants Singapore to bloom into a gracious society, yet being the leader, it is doing exactly the opposite and advocating cruelty and barbarism.

It is obvious that the conceived pigeon problem stems from food available, not the pigeons themselves. Therefore, instead of killing the birds, we urge you to designate feeding areas and step up enforcement of the no-pigeon-feeding law in non-feeding areas:

a. Create zones where feeding is allowed.

b. Provide more prominent signages that advise against feeding of pigeons in non-feeding zones.

c. Assign personnel at reported hotspots to catch and fine feeders in the act.

d. Remind people that food should be disposed of properly so that it does not attract pigeons.

e. Post educational advertisements and reports in the papers on the issue.

Live and let live. Show the world that Singapore is not only a society advanced materially, it is also a land of greenery where its citizens live in harmony with nature and are caring towards weaker beings.

The government wants to promote active citizenry. Please do your part by listening to us when we do speak up. Please do the RIGHT thing and stop adopting the same old method that is easy but that has never worked.

(For more information on effective and humane pigeon control, please visit Pigeon Control Advisory Service @

Thank you for reading and we hope to see a positive change and a more compassionate leadership.


The Undersigned
[Thu 21 Apr. Source: Thu 14 Apr.]

Update Sun 2 May
550 signatures so far - the target's 10,000. Spread the word, even to friends who aren't from Singapore.

Update Tue 4 May
There's now a Chinese translation of the petition, in order for it to reach a wider audience. Please also make sure that you've submitted the petition and that your name is added to the list. Details here.



1. 研究显示,宰杀鸽子不但起不了减少鸽子数量的效果,反而有助于鸽子繁殖。这是因为鸽子繁殖快慢全靠食粮多寡,食粮数量依旧,活命的鸽子便有更多食物养育下一代。

2. 其他动物,甚至是小孩,可能会捡起毒食玩耍,甚至把它吞下,造成生命危险。

3. 鸽子对人类带来生命危险是错误观念。我们被雷劈,或通过食用其他牲畜如鸡肉、猪肉而得病的几率,远比通过接触鸽子高。鸽子向来被誉为“和平使者”,与人类共处数以千年。如果鸽子真的是疾病传播者,那么我们的祖先就不会请它们做信使,赛鸽更不会成了一项消遣活动。

4. 我们对于辛苦赚来的血汗钱被胡乱用于既残忍又无效的方法,感到愤慨不满。支付灭虫公司的巨款,应当用在更明智、仁慈、具建设性的事情。

5. 生命被屠杀的情景很可能在小孩子的脑海里留下恐怖的烙印,对他们的心灵成长可能带来极为负面的影响。

6. 以杀害的方式消灭我们讨厌的东西,不外乎是给下一代灌输完全底错误的价值观。我们这么做,是助长偏执狭隘的心理,摧毁仁慈善良的种子。甘地曾说:“一个国家民族有多伟大,道德上有多进步,可以其如何对待动物评判。”新加坡政府要我们变成优雅的社会,然而身为领导,政府官员做的却正好完全相反∶鼓励残暴,助长野蛮。


a. 划定允许喂鸽的地点。

b. 在非喂鸽区放置更显眼的禁止喂鸽的告示牌。

c. 委派工作人员在喂鸽热点监视,处以喂鸽者罚金。

d. 提醒公众食物必须妥善处理,以免引来鸽子。

e. 在报章刊登教育性报道,通过媒体提高公众对问题的意识。







HELP: SPCA needs info on abused (scalded?) cat, found in Woodlands Fri 30 Apr

The SPCA is looking for any information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person/s responsible for inflicting injuries (through suspected scalding on two occasions) on this cat which was found at Circle Green Park, Woodlands on Fri 30 April 2010. For more information, visit

[Tue 4 May. Source:, Tue 4 May.]

LOST: Microchipped brown female chihuahua (Bukit Batok West Ave 5)

Brown female chihuahua, microchipped. She's on medication and needs to be fed daily.

Last seen: Blk 385 Bukit Batok West Ave 5

If found, please call

Benny 8484 9226
Eileen 8383 6660

Or bring to Blk 385 Bukit Batok West Ave 5 #01-336


[Tue 4 May. Source:, Mon 3 May.]

Monday, 3 May 2010

[reunited!] LOST: KC the 6yo female Kelpie X (Toh Yi Drive, Jln Jurong Kechil, Sun 25 Apr)

KC the 6-year-old female Kelpie X was lost on Sunday 25/04/2010, Toh Yi Drive/Jln Jurong Kechil at around 4pm. She's medium with black brown fur.

Distinguishing features: Coat is black under normal light but turns brownish under sunlight. Hazelnut eyes. White stripe along the chest with 2 white patch at the hind legs (near her nails)

She is microchipped.

Contact Sean Lee/Hannie
Phone: 98530640/91858608

[Mon 26 Apr. Source: e-mail, Mon 26 Apr.]

Update Mon 3 May
We got some leads about our Kelpie X ,KC, whereabouts from the nearby residents during the weekend after they saw our flyers and we manage to pick her up from AVA this morning!! Yeay!!! :)

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Star the 1yo female siberian husky cross golden retriever

playful and active,GR cross with looks more to husky.

owner is leaving singapore,can't bring her along.w like to find her a stable home

her size is much smaller than husky &GR,bt still need a suitable living place.

adoption fee $50 optional.
if u can speak mandarine pls call owner 84317871
If nt pls contact 91492717

[Wed 7 Apr. Source: Tue 6 Apr.]

Update Mon 3 May
Star has been given away.

[rehomed!] have a little faith in me

'Cause I've been loving you, for such a long, long time
Expecting nothing in return
Just for you to have a little faith in me

- Sam Lewis & Joe Young, 'Have a Little Faith in Me'

Faith, a 3-week-old female local breed, was found almost drowned in a condo pool. She's calm, well-behaved, and good with dogs and other animals

She's looking for a permanent home now, ideally in a condo or landed property.

Contact Rachael at 90695511. There's no adoption fee, but the new owner MUST spay/neuter Faith after successful adoption.

[Original post: 7 Mar 2010,]

Update Mon 3 May
Faith has found a home.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: abused Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This King Cavelier Spaniel puppy was abused by her previous owner. Born: August 2008. Very loving and needs a loving home, no cages allowed. Interested, kindly contact Fareena at:

Please help this puppy find a home soon by helping to spread the words. Thank you very much! ; )

[Source: E-mail. Mon 29 Mar.]

Update Sun 2 May
The dog has been adopted.

ADOPT: 4 macpherson mongrel pups

These puppies are up for adoption at absolutely no cost. They are currently housed in a foster home. They have been taken to the vet and bathed and will be getting their vaccine shots next week.

Contact 9790 5063 or 9760 3342.

[Sat 1 May. Source:, Thu 29 Apr.]

Update Sat 1 May
one puppy is being adopted by a nice family today.

Update Sun 2 May
another one being adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 7wo male ginger kitten

I have a 7 week old ginger kitten that I picked up to nurse at 2 weeks. He's now very healthy, active and is a wonderful frisky, playful thing and ready to be rehomed.

He is litter-trained and he comes with a scratching post, a litter box, a kitty carrier, some toys and some cat food.

I am only rehoming him because other family members are cat-allergic.

Interested parties will be screened. Needs to be above 18, have consent and support from the rest of the family, and responsible, loving and patient.

He's been to the vet several times for de-worming, so the new owner will have to bring him to the same vet to continue and vaccinate him.

Contact Emerald at 8133 5177.

[Sun 18 Apr. Source:, Sun 18 Apr.]

Update Sun 2 May
The kitten has found a home.

[rehomed!] FOUND - grey cat with white stripe down face, pink nose, fluffy tail, red collar and bell (Bishan)

Found a lost 2-year-old tom cat yesterday night (Wed 17 Mar) at about 1130pm at Bishan St. 11, outside POSB.

He is wearing a red collar with a bell. He's been neutered; his left ear has been clipped.

Description: Grey-ish with white paws, a white stripe down her face, pink nose and a very fluffy tail. Very affectionate.

Condition: Dirty and very hungry.

More photos here:

Anyone who has lost her or knows anyone who might have lost her, please contact June Chia at

[Original post, Thu 18 Mar:!/spcasingapore?ref=ts]

Update Fri 19 Mar
I just brought the cat to the vet. It's a tom cat, about 2 years old and has heart murmur.

Update Sun 2 May
Hi, nobody has claimed him yet but we( Tom cat and me) have developed a bond and I intend to keep him for good. He looks for me to hug him to sleep at night. How can I bear to give him up? :)

[rehomed!] 7yo shih tzu for adoption - needs toilet training

hi we have a Shih tzu to give away. 7+ years old. need to put effort to toilet train. If you are interested, pls sms my husband at 97630515.

[Original post, 4 Mar:

Update Sun 2 May
Owner has found a home for the dog.

[rehomed!] Kiwi the 2mo female mongrel

Kiwi, the 2-month-old female mongrel, was cruelly left behind to fend for herself. She was abandoned with nothing but a red collar on. How harsh and cruel this world can be to the innocent who only long for a meal and home to call their own.

Personality - Kiwi is an excellent dog with a wonderful personality. She loves the company of bigger animals and cannot wait to play. She is a sweet girl who just needs a forever home.

Special Needs - Kiwi will really be the perfect addition to a family with an active dog or a family looking for a sweet and loving companion. She looks so much like a golden retriever and has the personality of a dog who knows no sorrow despite what she has gone through. Kiwi is not HDB approved.

Enquiry - Please contact us at 97937162 or 96973491 Or drop us an email at

More photos here:

Update Sun 2 May
Kiwi has been adopted!

[rehomed!] ADOPT: abandoned female schnauzer

This female schnauzer was found abandoned outside a shelter in Pasir Ris Farmway 2 today. She was then taken by our volunteer to MWS and is currently fostered by one of our kind donors.

Contact 91027973 if you wish to adopt. Adopter must sterilize and apply license for the dog.

[Tue 27 Apr. Source:, Mon 26 Apr/]

Update Sun 2 May
GREAT NEWS!! The schnauzer has been adopted by our friend Martin & family today :)