Friday, 13 January 2012

FOUND: Friendly, small young female mongrel, no m/c (telok kurau/upper changi)

Anyone lost a dog?

A very friendly, small sized (just 11 kg) young female mongrel found in the east, near Telok Kurau/Upper Changi.

Allows herself to be leashed with no fuss. Walks well on leash. Has iodine solution applied to skin near armpit area. Very likely a lost dog. No microchip.

* Pls share and help to look out for Lost Notices for a dog who looks like her. And contact us asap. Thanks!

* If you can foster this girl to give rescuer more time to look for owners/new home, pls contact us asap at or drop us a note here. This girl is small-sized. Will appeal for her to be housed in HDB flat if required.


ADOPT: Max - lively, friendly 9yo male beagle who loves to eat and play

Breed: Beagle

Gender: Male

Age: 8 yrs 7 mths old

Size: Large

Good with children: Yes

Good with other pets: Yes

Paper trained: Unknown

Vaccinated: Yes

Sterilized: Yes

Health: Good

Understand basic commands: Yes

Despite his age, Max is a lively, friendly dog who loves to eat and play! Although he had to have one of his ears amputated on because of a major infection, he does not let that stop him from having a balanced life! :)

Max's owners are moving to a HDB flat and are desperately trying to find a warm, loving family to care for him.

Max is allergic to yeast.

Contact Details to Adopt Max
Please contact JC at 94769623 or email at if you are interested in giving Max a new home :)


ADOPT: Marble the 2mo singapore girl rescued from shipyard

Found at a shipyard. Very friendly and adorable. Gets along very well with animals and children. Extremely gentle.

Requires 2 more vaccinations and needs to be sterilized at the age of 6months. Sadly, Marble is not HDB approved

Please contact Christine @ 97937162 or Marcus @ 96973491 or send us an email at should you be keen to help these lovely dogs in any way.

[sat 3 jul., fri 2 jul.]

ADOPT: Coco + Mocha - 2 cute abandoned singapore girls

These 2 cutie pies (little girls) named Coco (cream coloured one) and Mocha (Mocha-coloured) are looking for a good home!

Someone left these puppies outside someone's home/office and drove away! The good folk at the home/office are currently taking care of them, but they already have their hands full with their existing doggies (they have also taken in 2 other abandoned dogs outside their compound).

Singapore Specials are the best! They are intelligent and will love you for life if you offer them your love. These puppies are currently up for adoption. If you can give them both a good home (or one of them although preferably both), pls give Ling a call at HP 90677953, and I will try to arrange for you to meet the princesses!

For more photos of these sweeties, click here


Thursday, 12 January 2012


Adopt A Dog. Save A Life.

Please do NOT buy puppies or dogs. You can never start to imagine the sad lives these breeding dogs lead; caged up all their lives and made to breed twice yearly from the time they are 6 months old, till they are old and white and when they have outlived their productivity, they are simply discarded in an extremely inhumane way. Think! Stop breeding cruelty.

The dogs we have available for adoption are all rescued. Some were lost and never claimed. Others were abandoned when their owners had babies, got tired of them or simply when they no longer wanted a dog. HOPE Dog Rescue believes that all dogs should be given a fair chance at happiness and a life they truly deserve. Dogs are loyal, intelligent and selfless animals and not only do they bring us tremendous joy, they have so much to teach us as well.

All dogs are well behaved and and a pleasure to have and be with. There are no naughty dogs and no badly behaved dogs. If there are, it is the owner's fault for not having guided and nurtured the dog.

Should you wish to adopt a dog, please email us at and we will email you a questionnaire to get to know you better. We will then provide you with more details on this Saturday's viewing of the dogs. After you have met the dog you intend to adopt, our volunteers will carry out house checks over the next two weeks, after which we will inform you if the dog has selected you to be his / her guardian for the rest of his / her life!

Please note that viewing of the dogs this Saturday is strictly by appointment only.

Thank you for choosing to adopt. You have saved a life.


[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bobby - good-natured, friendly 6mo male kitten tolerant towards young kids

Bobby was rescued from Meyer Park 2 weeks ago, he is looking for a good home.

He is about 5/6 months old judging from his size. He is very good natured, can tolerate young kids playing with him, he is very friendly, has a great personality and follows people around like a dog, comes charging towards you when you call out to him. He catches pest.

I suspect he is a Bengal mix which is famed for their distinct character. Bobby bounces around, roll around and sometimes do somersaults when he is in a good mood, I also found that it is really easy to wash him, definitely not a cat that is bath shy!

I really hope that he can find a good home soon as I cannot have another cat in my house due to my ageing cat.

more details:


bobby's adoption is confirmed

ADOPT: Jay Jay - warm, friendly, lovable 1yo mongrel male sweetheart, gets along with older/younger dogs

This is Jay Jay the sweetheart. He basks in the love and company of his kind fosterer as they've been pampering him. Sadly, Jay's foster period is ending soon. He needs to find a good home ASAP. Please help this sweetest heart find a good home, he does not deserve to live out his sweet life in a kennel...

Male, est. less than 1yr old
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilized: No
Size: Will grow up to 45 inches long (from the nose to the end of the tail)

A total sweetheart, extremely lovable
Warm and friendly, responsive to instructions.
Toilet-trained. (will pee in toilet and knows how to hold his pee and poo till the morning)
Minimal soft barking.
Gets along with other (older/younger) dogs but not his peers.
Not HDB approved.

For adoption please contact: 9338-3800 or 9222-4607

[fri 2 sep 2011. shared on req: email, 30 aug 2011.]

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

FOSTER/FOUND: brown male mini pinscher puppy (ang mo kio)

Brown Male Min Pin puppy found at Ang Mo Kio, near Teck Ghee Primary School. No name tag, wearing a blue collar. If you lost your dog please call Weiting at 93859807. Please share the post!!!!


[rehomed!] ADOPT: 3 x 3wo ginger kittens - fosterer can't cope with load

Hi there, found a litter of abandoned kittens yesterday.

There are 4 of them, estimated to be about 3 weeks old, ginger breed (3 are all ginger, 1 is part ginger mixed with white), all have straight tails, the sexes of all of them are unknown, I am not very good at discerning cat genders at such a young age. They looked to be in good health.

They are currently in the care of a fosterer and are urgently looking for good homes as the fosterer is not able to cope with the load.

More photos here


1 kitten has been adopted. :) 3 more still looking for good homes.

all the kittens have found homes

ADOPT: Amber the 1y3mo singapore girl - loves walks and belly rubs!

AMBER, 1yr 3mths old is looking for home. Fosterer can't take care of her anymore. She's sterilized, microchipped and vaccinated.

Active, playful and affectionate. Know commands like sit and paw.Good with children.

Do let me know if u or your fren are interested to adopt her. She's currently at a shelter. Pls help spread the words for Amber.


[thu 5 aug. e-mail, tue 3 aug, and, sat 14 aug.]