Saturday, 21 August 2010

[reunited!] FOUND: female chihuahua lookalike (pasir ris chalets/farmway)

We found this abandoned dog @ pasir ris farmway.

Dog wandered around and went right in the middle of the road, cars had to slow down in order not to hit the dog. I've managed to leash the dog and asked Cathy to temporary keep the dog while we post for Lost n Found.

Poor dog is so afraid she shit everywhere. Gave her some water and food, clamed her down but she's desperate to run off. We kept her in a confined area with the gates closed but being small, she managed to squeeze out from below the gates and immediately ran to look for escape route. Had to catch her again and put her in a cage.

[mon 16 aug. email, sun 15 aug.]

sat 21 aug

[reunited!] LOST: light brown, white streaked female dog (flora drive, tampines ave 7, wed 18 aug morning)

STOMPer Rosciel lost her dog at Flora Drive in the Tampines area yesterday at around 10am and is appealing for any information regarding its whereabouts.

The STOMPer wrote:

“I am currently looking for my doggie, which is light brown with white streaks.

“It went missing on Aug 18, at around 10am.

“It is a female dog and was last seen at Flora Drive near Tampines Ave 7.

“If any kind soul has seen my dog, please kindly contact me through STOMP. A reward of $500 will be given.”

[fri 20 aug., thu 19 aug.]

sat 21 aug
dog is found

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Fei Zai the 6yo male JRT whose owner died

Fei Zai was taken in when his owner passed on a while ago.

Fei Zai is a great dog for a middle aged or elderly couple. He is great company and not too active. He enjoys eating and lazing around all day. He will need a forever home. Fei Zai is excellent with bigger and smaller dogs. He will make a good family dog.

Family adopting him will need to pay for a medical checkup for Fei Zai

Do contact us at with information about your family and you

Thank you

[Sat 5 Jun. Source:, Fri 4 Jun.]

mon 20 dec 2010
feizai has been adopted

Thursday, 19 August 2010

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: Nacho the active, loyal, affectionate 4-5yo male dachshund

We adopted this baby about 2 years ago, after his owner went home to Thailand. He is one of 4 dachshunds left behind by the owner. When we first brought him home, he was very withdrawn and sad.

We observed that he responds better to women and would be very suspicious of man. Patience is needed to win him over and he is timid with strangers. However, when you get to know him and win his confidence, he is very affectionate, lovable and loyal. He has an active nature and loves to play ball (he will dribble the ball towards you).

Nacho is the companion of Rascal the 8yo male spaniel, who is also up for adoption.

Both dogs get along well 90% of the time and would fight every now and then over a ball or food. However, every night, they would be sleeping next to each other, with one resting his head on the other.

They love their daily walks and love to bathe as well.

[tue 20 jul. e-mail, tue 20 jul.]

thu 12 aug
Nacho's fosterer cannot keep him anymore as their young child broke out in rashes and he is in need of another fosterer asap.

thu 19 aug
nacho is adopted

[reunited!] LOST: 2yo female sable-white mini sheltie (gangsa blk 102, bukit panjang, sun 1 aug) - needs medication

STOMPer Sharon's Miniature Sheltie, who has been missing for more than a week, was last seen in the Bukit Panjang area on Aug 1. The dog requires medication as she just received sterilisation and has an infection on her wound.

The worried STOMPer appeals for help:

"My dog ran away from Bukit Panjang on 1 Aug 2010, at around 5pm.

"She's a two-years-old female Sable White Miniature Sheltie.

"She needs medication because she just received sterilisation and has an infection on her wound.

"We've searched the area countless times. All the posters put up around the area had been torn down. I've also reported it to the SPCA and even checked with AVA.

"I really hope that those staying around Gangsa Road Block 102 in Bukit Panjang can help to keep a lookout for her. Our family is really worried and miss her a lot.

"Greatly appreciate your help."

[sat 14 aug., fri 13 aug.]

thu 19 aug
Wish to share this good news, we have found Cookie.

Thanks to everyone specially to Mr. Sherman & his family for their kind heart to take care of Cookie for the past weeks as well as Ladee369 for providing the information.

Thanks a lots. We really appreciate your help tender to us.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Yoda the 2yo male toy poodle cross rescued from owner who locked him up 24/7

Name : Yoda
Gender : Male
Age : About 2 years old
Breed : Toy poodle cross

HDB approved? : Yes
Sterilized : Not yet.
Background : Rescued from owner who locked him up 24/7.
Adoption Fee : $220 (covers vaccination, sterilization and microchipping)
An attention-seeking boy due to his background. Adores humans!

Contact :

[mon 2 aug. e-mail, sun 31 jul.]

thu 19 aug
Pleased to inform that Yoda has been adopted.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

LOST: Malty the female maltese-lookalike w 2 lumps near left ribs (old bedok road, may 2010)


Poor gal. What a life :(

She was saved in the nick of time from being put to sleep in May 2009 and was adopted in Nov 2009, but her adopter gave her away after few months without informing the rescuer or fosterer.

The new family, male adopter claimed that she chewed off the harness and ran away at Old Bedok Road in May 2010, shortly after she was passed to them. It was only after umpteen request to view Malty that the family finally revealed that she's gone missing. Malty has 2 small lumps on her left side body (2-3 finger space after her last ribs). She should be micro-chipped but not licensed.

Please email if u have any info about Malty. Thanks.

[wed 18 aug. shared on request. source: e-mail and, tue 17 aug.]

Monday, 16 August 2010

SPOTTED: medium b/w mongrel w tiny black spots, bushy upward-curling tail (hougang ave 5, fri 30 jul)

Dear all,

Sighted a lost/abandoned dog in Hougang Ave 5.

Description of dog:
- Medium size
- Black and white
- Bushy upward curling tail

The dog is very afraid of human and runs away whenever I get near (even with food, and even with another small non-barking dog in tow)

No pic available as I usually see him after nightfall.

However he looks something like these:

It has tiny black spots like the 2nd link, but tail is bushy (more hair).

I havent seen him since 30 July 2010 (Friday), after an intense attempt to scout for him around the neighbourhood.

Appealing for the following to come forward:
1. Anyone who saw LOST DOG posters that fit above description in your neighbourhood
2. Dog owner

SPCA has a rule that we need to confine the dog till they come and pick him/her up and I have limited abilities to do so.

Anyone with info, please help!

My email :

[mon 2 aug., end-jul.]

mon 16 aug
I haven't seen him since 30 July (fri) after appearing for a week in similar spots around the neighbourhood.

Thought he might hav been taken away.

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: Volt the 1yo male JRT

I have a male 1yr2months old jack Russell that needs to be rehome. He went to a new home for a few months but my friend and I realise that he was not well taken care of and took him back. Now he is under the care of a fosterer but needs a new permanant home in less than 2 weeks time. Please help!

[Wed 14 Apr. Source: e-mail, Wed 14 Apr.]

update sat 26 jun
Name: Volt
Age: 1year 5mths old
Gender: Male

Previously I adopted Volt via spoongees here @ However my mum has taken a serious dislike towards Volt (gdness knows why!!!) and thus has ordered me to find a new owner for Volt else he will be sent to SPCA.

Volt is really really cute and you can contact spoongees @ or me @ to find out more bout Volt. He is really really adorable and I really hope that he can go to a home where he will be graciously accepted.

I have until Monday to get him to a new home. Please give him a chance.

Thank you.


[, sat 26 jun.]

update fri 2 jul
Volt is currently being fostered with adoption in mind...
He's at a good place where they care for him and love him.
Now under going outdoor toilet training..
As he's absolutly not trained/ or forgotten how to...

tue 19 oct 2010
The current adopters are willing to keep Volt.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Daisy the extremely timid 4yo mini schnauzer

Daisy is a 4 year old miniature schnauzer looking for a new home. Her temperament is good, but very very timid...

More photos in the album below.

[source:!/photo.php?pid=3866960&id=553460591&fbid=374767125591. Wed 31 Mar.]

mon 16 aug
daisy has found a new home

STILL LOST: Congee's the 5yo female yorkshire terrier x maltese (last seen: kovan, fri 13 aug)

Name Of Dog: Congee's
Breed: Yorkshire terrier & maltese mix
Colour Of The Dog: Black & White with some part of her body greyish-black and brownish-gold
Gender: Female
Age: 5
Size: small

Date The Dog Was Lost: fri 25 June 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Blk 114 Hougang Ave 1 Singapore(530114)

Owner's Name: Zoe
Contact Number: 90684697

[mon 28 jun., mon 28 jun.]

mon 16 aug
My dog went Missing from Blk 114 Hougang Ave 1 S(530114) on 25 June 2010 at around 9:15PM.

*Someone saw her roaming around the bowling(named Superbowl) alley carpark area at KOVAN on 4 July 2010 around evening time.

*Another person saw her roaming outside the Singapore Pools at KOVAN, which is very near and is in the same area as Superbowl on 13 August 2010 around 7:45PM-8PM.

Breed: Crossbreed
Gender: Female
Size: Small
Colour of her fur: Top part(greyish-black), Bottom part(white) and small areas of brownish-gold
- Beige-white fur on face
- Has short fur when she went missing
- Right front leg is fractured, so is shorter
- Does not have any collar or tag on her when missing
- Has a mid-length tail with black, white and alittle brownish-gold fur

*For your informations, her fur may be longer already, so she might not look exactly like she is in the picture, as she has been lost for almost 2 months already.

Please help me look-out for any dogs that resemble her.
If any has seem her or has found her, Please bring her home first and contact Owner's(Ms Zoe) at 90684697.

She is dearly miss by her Owner's.

Your help is Greatly Appreciated!

[, mon 16 aug.]

[rehomed!] FOUND: microchipped 3-4yo black male french bulldog (nallur road, upper east coast, marine parade)

I recently found a male black French Bulldog near Nallur Road.I sent Jim to Mt Pleasant East but although microchipped, couldn't find his owner.The vet said he is about 3-4 years old.kindly check with your friends in the area if they have lost him

Thanks in advance

[fri 18 jun. e-mail, fri 18 jun.]

mon 16 aug
bulldog has found a home

[resolved!] ADOPT: 11yo male cavalier king charles spaniel

11 year old, lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, only to good home. Can also be on trial, as we want to make sure he fits into his new home. New owner should have had some experience with dogs. No problems with other dogs and loves children. Does not need a garden but enjoys simple walks.

[Sat 1 May. Source:, Thu 29 Apr.]

mon 16 aug
owner has decided to keep the dog.

[rehomed!] FOUND: Female JRT (Woodlands Vista Point dumpster)

Found white coat, short-haired female Jack Russell Terrier found around Woodlands Vista Point dumpster.

JRT desperately looking for owner!!!

[mon 2 aug. e-mail, mon 2 aug.]

mon 16 aug
My family hv decided to keep this JRT, we hv named her koko.
post will be removed soon.

[rehomed!] URGENT! FOSTER/ADOPT: female jrt, male sheepdog (s'pore special?), male pomeranian

These 3 dogs are sterilized, micropchipped HDB approved with dog license, between 2year+ to 5 years old.

1. Jack Russell female

2. Sheepdog Male
local breed looks like K9 Female

3. Pomeranian Male
This dog is the oldest , not sterilized, microchipped HDB approved with dog license

We are looking for people who are willing to adopt this dog for life
These dogs will be sent to sleep if we are not able to find them a good home because we are not able to find anyone that is willing to foster them until they get adopted

These dogs used to belong to a elderly who died suddenly due to heart stroke back on Monday and these animals have no where to go

We are not able to find any one to house them until they get adopted in such a short notice but we were lucky enough to get someone to temporarily house them for ONLY a few days these dogs will be put to sleep if we still cannot find anyone to adopt them

We are desperate looking for any kind person who can take them in and love them

[sun 18 jul., sat 17 jul.]

mon 16 aug
All of them are adopted on Jul 18, 2010 and are now very happy with their new owners. post will be remove soon.

[reunited!] FOUND: old female daschund (woodlands ave 1, tue 10 aug)

So calm and quiet - Found Woodlands Avenue 1 near KFC around tue Aug 10th

Female - Older - No teeth

No microchip or collar

[wed 11 aug.]

mon 16 aug
dog has found owner