Friday, 21 October 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Jojo - loving, gentle, timid 1yo s'pore girl, doesn't bark, loves sitting beside or on laps, gets along with dogs

THis is Jojo.

SHe is one year old, vaccinated and sterilized. She was adopted by a family living in a landed property at 3 months old. However a member of her adoptive family finds her "too obedient", "not fierce enough, "for being a female" and kept her in a cage small enough for her to stand, sit and sleep in. The family member complained to us and demanded her removal otherwise he would throw her out to the streets or leave her to starve to death.

- Does NOT bark.
- Gentle but timid.
- Has been paper-trained.
- Very loving towards people and able to get along with dogs.
- Loves sitting beside or on people's lap.

[fri 2 sep 2011. shared on req: email, 1 sep 2011.]

UPDATE: 2011 OCT21: JOJO HAS FOUND A FAMILY TO CALL HER OWN!!! A family who will love her unconditionally and be patient to guide her as she heals and grows into the lively & loving dog that she is! Thank you for giving Jojo a family to love and be loved :) Bless your heart!