Saturday, 27 March 2010

[reunited!] LOST - Happy the Apricot Poodle (Sengkang, Tue 23 Mar) - no pix yet

a friend of mine lost his apricot poodle this afternoon around rivervale drive - sengkang. it response to the name "Happy". kindly let me know should anyone sighted an apricot poodle around sengkang.

No photos yet. Apricot poodles generally look like

[Tue 23 Mar.]

Update Sat 27 Mar
Happy has been found.

Friday, 26 March 2010

LOST: Sasha the mongrel - close to a year and owners are still searching

Owner's Name: Richway Ponnampalam/Raine Tay
Contact Number: 92989317/96345674
Date The Dog Was Lost: 25-Jun 2009
Where The Dog Was Lost: Lost in Serangoon Gardens area. Very timid and tends to run away from people she does not know
Name Of Dog: Sasha
Breed: Mongrel
Colour Of The Dog: White
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Size: 3 ft

[Thu 25 Mar.]

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

ADOPT: Jojo the 6yo silky terrier

Jojo - Silky Terrier, Intact, 6yrs

Jojo was given the death sentence by her owners when her ringworm/fungal problem left her hairless, but with a few strains on her inflammed skin.

Jojo has finished her dose of medications, and is currently being treated with homeopathy to rid her of the remaining "scales" and hopefully we can see a new layer of fur on her again.

Jojo is currently at Stormville. To arrange for viewing, please call 6289 9273.

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Update Tue 23 Mar
JOJO disappeared from Joo Chiat Terrace this afternoon. Tiny SILKY TERRIER with almost no fur on body. Please call 96890777 or 97737129 if you spot her.

Update Wed 24 Mar
JOJO is found! Someone brought her to SPCA at midnight.

LOST - Xiaobai the white male JRT mixed dog (Sungei Tengah, Fri 19 Mar)

Had checked with asd and spca and there no sign of it.

The worker told me some one took away my dog near lorong semangka road on the 19march friday morning aroung 7-8am

Facebook album:

if anyone here come across this dog, please kindly let me know at 96699725.

thanks alot.

[Tue 23 Mar.]

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

[reunited!] STILL LOST - Girl Girl the white-orange-grey cat (Clementi West, March)

An ear-tipped, very friendly three-coloured cat (white/orangy/grey), 7 yr old, responds to the name GIRL GIRL was lost in Clementi West, St 2, blk 710. Cat feeders around that area happen to see this cat, pls contact Ellen at 97206558 or email to

[Original post, 5 Mar,]

Update Tue 23 Mar
We are lucky to have found girl girl.

STILL LOST - Orange cat with bell (Tampines, Tue 9 Mar)

a cat is been reported missing in blk 462, tampines north police post: orange coloured with bell.

pls contact Salleh, 9147 0357, if found. thanks.

[Original post: 10 Mar,]

Monday, 22 March 2010

LOST - Jacky the pointy-eared JRT (Jelapang Road, Mon 22 Mar)

JACKY, a male Jack Russell was missing at Blk 503 Jelapang Road Spore 670502 on Mon 22 March 2010 at about 1pm.

He is about 3 to 4 yrs old and is tagged by AVA. He is 35cm in length with very pointed ears.

If you have any info, please contact owner Mr Stewart Ong at or tel: 9729 4988

Reward for safe return. Thank you.

Poster at

[reunited!] Found - male X-breed terrier (Hougang, Tue 23 Feb)

Hi Everyone,

Found a male cross breed terrier at Blk 830A Hougang Central Multi-Storey Carpark on Tue 23 Feb. He is around 1 year plus, healthy and obedient. Listen to basic command like sit, stay and he even knows how to shake hand. If he is lost, will the owner drop me an email. If he is abandoned, hope that there will be some kind soul out there willing to provide this cute doggy a happy home. Please contact me at

[Original post:]

Update Mon 22 Mar
He has been reunited with his owner.

LOST - Snowy the female Westie (Katong/Haig/Dunman, Fri 19 Mar)

Owner's Name: Kerrie
Contact Number: 91420420

Date The Dog Was Lost: Fri 19 Mar 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Katong Road/Haig/Dunman Road area

Name Of Dog: Snowy
Breed: West Highland Terrier
Colour Of The Dog: White
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Size: 1 ft

No photo yet. General photos of westies here

[Original post, Mon 22 Mar:

[rehomed!] Tootie the hungry void deck cat

This kitten was found alone at the void deck, screaming from hunger. Hope to find Tootie a home soon. Keen adopters please email me:

More photos on Tootie's facebook album.

Update 22 Mar
Tootie got adopted last week.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

45 cats in a flat! Help foster/adopt some sick kittens!

Dear all,

My friend and I have visited a unit in Jurong East St 31. There stayed an elderly malay couple who are keeping 45 unsterilized cats, 8 of which are kittens born 2 days ago. The malay uncle works in NTUC supermarket so he doesn't earn much. Some of his cats especially kittens, are malnourished and sick. His wife has kept the place pretty clean and there isn't much smell. However, some of their neighbours have complain to them about the smell.

We are not trying to raise fund here, what I need is to find adopters or foster homes for the kittens until potential adopters are found. These sick kittens need the extra care and proper diet so that they can recovered and be healthy.

Please see the attached photos and help to spread my message around. Any helping hands are appreciated. Please contact me at Thank you.

More photos and original post on:

Update Sat 20 Mar
So far only 3 cats with eye problem were adopted by a same person.

[rehomed!] 8-month old Cocker Spaniel

He has not been taken care of anyone. Poor guy is currently staying in a dusty location waiting for someone to bring him home.

Pls email me at if u are sincerely intending to adopt him.

Update Sun 21 Mar
He has found a home.

[rehomed!] Albert, Newton and Alexander

History - These lovely local puppies used to call a construction site their home. They were rescued and are now looking for a home to call their own. They are not HDB approved dogs

Personality - They are very sweet and affectionate. They love the company of other dogs and are the sweetest imaginable puppies

Newton is pure black and very inquisitive. He is the bravest of the lot,first to explore. Loves to be carried.

Alexander (second from top) is black and brown, looks a lot like a mini Rottweiler. He warms up after a while. He is an independent boy. He is also very smart and understands the tone of voice.

As for Albert, he has a lovely coat. Spotted and white with some brown. He is the gentle one. Very friendly and loves attention.

Special Needs - Lots of love, care and attention

Enquiry - Please contact us at 97937162 or 96973491 or email Adopter has to pay for 3 vaccinations and steralisation when the dog is old enough

Visit for more information.

Please help us spread the word.

Update Sat 20 Mar via ALL
Newton, Albert and Alex aka Onyx are now happily rehomed. We would like to thank these wonderful families for choosing to adopt rather than buy a pet.

Newton is now enjoying his life with the company of a lovely couple who simply love his antics.

Albert is having an amazing time with his new pals, a ginger cat and a little chiwawa. He enjoys his runs in the garden with his new pals.

As for Alex aka Onyx, his new German shepherd pal loves him to bits. So much so, Onyx now spends his time napping on his new pal’s belly.

We are glad these lovely boys were given an opportunity of a lifetime and saved from the streets with the promise of a better life. They now enjoy a life of luxury compared to the many that continue to roam our streets with the simple hope of a meal each day.

[rehomed!] East meets West - Paris the Japanese Spitz

7 yrs 8 months. Very friendly, affectionate and playful. Might scare small children with her over-exuberance, but once she gets to know the children, will be very mild.

Has been with me since puppy days. Looking for genuine adopters who will be screened very carefully. Will be happy to discuss history with genuine adopters.

Contact Simon Yeo at 96654554. No adoption fee, but adopter must agreed to certain pre-set conditions to be discussed upon meet-up

[Original post:]

Update Sun 21 Mar
Paris has found a home.

[reunited!] FOUND - male Collie in Kembangan

Hi All

My sis in law found a lost Male Collie at Kembangan. Anyone who has info on reports of lost Collie around this estate, please do contact me via this thread. He is currently being taken care of and hopefully we can get owner of this pooch to reach us soon. Tx

[Original post, Sat 20 Mar:]

Update Sun 21 Mar
Thanks to Michelle Chan, the lost "Collie" - Shetland, Dorby, is finally home with his family!

[reunited!] LOST - Dorby the sable white shetland sheepdog (Kembangan, Thu 18 Mar)

Owner's Name: Joanna
Contact Number: 93972235

Date The Dog Was Lost: Thu 18 Mar 2010, 9.30pm
Where The Dog Was Lost: Jalan Grisek (Kembangan area)

Name Of Dog: Dorby
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Colour Of The Dog: Sable White
Gender: Male
Age: 1
Size: 15inches

Update Sun 21 Mar
Thanks to Michelle Chan, the lost "Collie" - Shetland, Dorby, is finally home with his family!

Update Tue 23 Mar, Message from owner
My Shetland Sheepdog was lost at Kemabangan area on Thursday and was back to us on Sunday. I'm sincerely thankful to have met a kind family who had kept my dog which ran into their house and took really good care of him. They even bought leashes and brought my dog to vet for checkup. They refused to accept any reward. They take the effort to help my dog to reunite with us and even to the extend of bringing him back home. I'm really grateful to them for taking care of him during those days. THANKS a million!

[rip] Sandy's still looking for a long-term home

Update Tue 4 May
Sandy has passed on a few weeks back at the vet's :(((

This poor girl was found outside my home earlier today.

She caught my attention when I heard a cat meowing in pain and that was when I caught a boy trying to prod at her/pull out her already clumpy fur with his FOOT, while she was hiding between 2 flower pots.

To cut a long story short, after I went ballistic at the boy, i rushed her to the vet for a check-up.

The vet says that Sandy is an old cat, is weak and probably has cat flu. She also suspects that she might have kidney problems as well :( They haven't ran a blood test on her cos the attending vet will be going for a long sabbatical and the other vet is not interested in taking over the case.

Note that Sandy has a tipped ear - could be a case of owner dumping her after finding out that she's sick......poor girl :(

Am thinking of bringing Sandy to Dr Ling but she's fully booked this weekend, so i really do need someone who can foster Sandy after she gets discharged from the clinic tomorrow at 5pm, cos i can't bring her back home with me.

If you know of anyone who can help foster her, do drop me a message.

Btw, Sandy is a very sweet girl with a mild temperament. She's probably not feeling too well but she still purrs lots when you pat her : )

Update 2000h
i just came back from the vet.

Sandy has just been diagnosed with a mild case of FIV and anemia :( but other than that, she is good. i was worried there might be a prob with her kidneys, but thank God she's fine.

i hope to find someone who will take her in long-term, cos i'm not able to bring her home.

she is doing much better today - stronger and eating well. and she looks prettier too lol, cos the vet asst gave her a good cleaning :)

right now, Sandy is with a very kind foster who will take care of her till she gets her strength back.

do let me know if you know anyone who's kind enough to take Sandy in?