Thursday, 9 September 2010

[reunited!] SOS! FOSTER/FOUND: 3-4yo medium male mongrel with red collar (sun 29 aug 2010)

The mongrel is of medium size and wears a red collar. He is around 3-4yrs old. He is found sniffing around for direction or food on 29/8 Sunday morning. It maybe belongs to someone or own by nearby factories. We have filed a report with AVA and SPCA but no one call to claim yet. If you find it familiar and know who it belongs to, please let us know..We believe that the dog is lost or (hopefully not abandoned) and finding his way home..

Currently the dog is at the vet for checks and quarantine till Sunday so that he can go to a temporary foster home. If you are able to help and foster him till we find the owner please contact us.

Harry: 98524418
Nebisa: 90286819
Alice: 97460790

Thanks. Sincerely appreaciated.

we need someone to foster as well cos sunday will be last day at vet so need to find a place to house him.

[sat 4 sep 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, thu 1 sep.]

tue 7 sep 2010
we are still unable to locate the dog's owner. however we will continue to ask around the hdb area and factories.

can anyone help to foster the dog temporary? he is healthy, vaccinated, friendly with human.

really appreciated.

thu 9 sep 2010
finally...the owner of the dog has been found..thank god..miss him though..

[reunited!] LOST: MooMoo the 6y9mo male golden retriever w thyroid problem (Blk 345 CCK Loop, Sun 5 Sep 2010)

MooMoo went missing when he broke free on a loose leash tied to a railing. Likely still have the leash attached to him.

MooMoo is very friendly and easy to catch. He is not aggressive toward people or other animals. But he can be intimidating to some because he love to get close and hug people.

MooMoo is on medication for a thyroid problem and needs to take it daily. PLEASE call if you see him or are able to capture him. We miss him terribly!

Golden white fur, with 2 hot spot patches (skin problem) near his tail. Very friendly and love to hug.

Last Seen Blk 345 Choa Chu Kang Loop, Sun 5 Sep 2010

[mon 6 sep 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, sun 5 sep 2010.]

thu 9 sep 2010
moomoo found his way home

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Elfie the 3yo male salt and pepper schnauzer

I have a 3 year old Schnauzer for free adoption. Elfie is male, salt and pepper colour, not sterilised yet, have micro-chip and of medium build. Very loyal and adorable but may tend to bark at times.

Needs a owner who truly loves dogs and has space for him to exercise at home, or is available to bring him for walks.

We need to release him to another owner due to our work and health reasons.

We will pass on the cage, fence and leash to the next suitable owner FOC too. All we want is for Elfie to find a good home and new set of loving parents.

[mon 19 jul., wed 14 jul.]

thu 9 sep 2010
elfie's found a home

[rip] SOS! Blood for Duke the dog @ ARC Balestier. Contact Kai Koon 96367566.

Duke is sick and needs a 3rd blood transfusion as the previous two failed. He is now at Animal Recovery Centre at 288 Balestier Rd. Anyone who is keen to help or get their pets tested for matching blood type in order to donate can contact Kai Koon @ 9636 7566. Would be great if you can help spread the message and save Duke. Thanks!

[thu 9 sep 2010. original post: wall post on, wed 9 sep 2010.]

thu 16 sep 2010
thanks to those who offered their help. duke has passed away.

ADOPT: Samson the gentle, laid-back, 10yo male purebred husky

Samson the 10 year old Husky is in need for a new home.

Fellow Dog Lovers, I am looking for suitable owners to adopt my Husky. I am shifting from a landed property to a condo in 2 weeks time. My parents aren't really animal lovers and we will have no helper. I would definitely keep my dog if i owned the property but unfortunately this is not the case.

I have been scouting around my neighbours and friends over the past few months to find a suitable new owner for my dog but to no avail. My appeal to you guys represents a rather desperate attempt on my part to prevent my dog from going to SPCA.

Samson is a purebred Husky I acquired when he was a puppy. Huskys by nature like to run alot. When he was younger, I used to cycle him around the neighbourhood and also to East Coast Park. Nowadays I just walk him around the neighbourhood or drive him to East Coast Park (he can sit on the front passenger seat )

He is pretty much a laid back dog. In the day he will be sleeping and I will bring him out for his walk in the evening before his dinner.His daily meal consist of rice mixed with pedigree dog food +/- the left overs we eat. He is not a great fan of dry dog food.

The only challenge keeping Samson is that he will run out of the house when the main gate opens. That's why most of the time he is leashed at home. I will unleash him at night, or when I confident that the main gate will not open for a long time.

He is a gentle dog generally has no fierce reactions to humans/strangers. He is only excited in the presences of cats.

A suitable owner for Samson is an animal lover who stays in a landed property and preferably has a helper (maid). Samson has been a stay out dog all his life. He basically just needs shelter from the sun and rain. Once in a while I will let him come into the house, much. If the new owner can let him be a stay in dog that will be awesome.

If anyone is keen on inheriting my dog, please call me at 91726487 or email me at

We can work out the details thereafter. You can also help me out in forwarding this mail to anyone who you think might be interested.

[tue 20 jul., mon 19 jul.]

ADOPT: 1, 2 or 3 playful, friendly, litterbox-trained female calico kittens

The calico kittens were rescued from the streets and are playful and energetic. All of them are females and they can be adopted together or individually.

The kittens are all litterbox trained and gets along very well with other cats and dogs.

Please note that adopters need to sign an adoption form before agreement, agree to sterilise the kittens when they are 6 months old and allow the foster to visit the kitten at the new home after adoption.

Please contact Siaping at 97958995 through SMS only. Interested parties can introduce yourself with your experience with animals, type of housing apartment etc, your family members that will be staying with the kittens etc, to let the foster know more about you.

The foster will contact you asap to arrange with you on the date/time to visit the kittens if you are suitable.

[wed 21 jul., tue 20 jul.]

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

[rehomed!] FOUND: 1-2yo beagle x jrt (jalan bahagia, sun 22 aug)

A Beagle-Jack Russel Terrier crossbreed was found wandering around Jalan Bahagia on Sunday (22 August 2010) around 9am. It appears to be around one-two years old.

Imagine beagle ears and tail on a white and tan JRT...

[mon 23 aug 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, mon 23 aug 2010.]

wed 8 sep 2010
No one claimed the dog but we have found him a new home and he is doing very well with his new family who adore him. :)

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Rusty the handsome 4.5yo male golden retriever

I have a male Golden Retriever (4.5 years old) for adoption.

I hate to part with him too but I am shifting to an apartment from my landed property now and cannot accomodate him. His name is Rusty and there is no fee involved but you have to love dogs and take good care of him.

I would like him to have a good home.

[thu 24 jun., mon 21 jun.]

wed 8 sep 2010
rusty has found a very good home

[rehomed!] FOUND: May the female dog - shih tzu? (Bukit Panjang, Thu 20 May)

On the night of Thu 20th May 2010. My wife saw a dog wandering aimlessly in our neighbourhood park (Bukit Panjang - Senja Grand). Curious, she observed the dog for a long while and noticed that the dog does not have a collar id nor any owners around her.

Subsequently my wife decided to bring the dog home to provide it with shelter, food and water. We have tentatively named the dog 'May' as she is found in the month of May and seemingly she responds to the name. We are seeking out the original owner/s.

Photos of 'May' can be found here:

May is a very adorable dog and both my wife & I are very keen to adopt her for good if the owner/s is/ are not to be found! Thanks.

[Mon 24 May. Source: e-mail, Mon 24 May.]

Update Thu 27 May
My wife & I brought May to the vet today, where a microchip scan was done and a microchip data was found.

Immediately we filed an updated dog found report of May with the microchip number to the SPCA. Concurrently we also made a dog found report (with the microchip number) with the AVA.

However AVA called back to feedback that the original owner did not file an official registration of May, hence there is no way to trace the original owner/s of May.

Guess this means May will stay with the Yaw family for the time being, until its original owner/s file a missing dog report with the SPCA or AVA.

Thank you all for your comments & suggestions. Meanwhile we will upload photos of May occasionally for our viewing pleasure :)

* May is estimated to be approximately 2 years old with healthy gums & body :)

wed 8 sep 2010
may has been adopted by her rescuer

[rehomed!] SOS! FOSTER/FOUND: 2-3yo male terrier cross (kallang bahru) - fosterer can't keep him any more

I found a terrier cross at the street and now he is caged up at my place for a week time. I can't keep the dog due to personal reason.

He us about 2-3 yrs, male. Around Maltese size. I can't find new home for him. He is not paper/toilet trained.

Found him at Kallang Bahru area around few weeks back.

Contacted SPCA n Ava but no response. SPCA did ask me not to bring him down of fearing to put to sleep, but I no longer can foster him now.

I am deciding to bring him to SPCA in these few days if I still can't find new home for him. Are you able to help?

wed 8 sep 2010
dog found a home

[reunited!] LOST: Scallop the 6yo beige male chihuahua (yunnan garden, jurong west, mon 9 aug)

Date The Dog Was Lost: mon 09 Aug 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Around Yunnan Garden (Off Jurong West St 93)

Name Of Dog: Scallop
Breed: Chihuahua
Colour Of The Dog: beige
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Size: ~2 ft

[mon 16 aug., mon 16 aug.]

wed 8 sep 2010
scallop's found

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Rotty the sweet, intelligent 1yo female rottweiler abandoned by owner

We met up with Uncle WeiXiang on Sunday to meet up with a Rotti he found wandering at Great World. She was microchipped and he actually managed to find her owner... unfortunately it was a case of abandonment.

Rotty was basically thrown to him to take care of and she had a chronic tick infestation. Luckily her tests all came back great and so far Uncle WeiXiang has paid almost $1000 in both medical and board for her.

She is a very sweet and intelligent girl, and Uncle WeiXiang is really upset he himself couldn't adopt her. He approached Pa about what to do, and Pa suggested that to reduce Boarding costs, Rotty should be moved to Mutts and Mittens. As a stray looking for a great home... that is a good place to go to.

Uncle WeiXiang only knows Pa by reputation, so we went down to the pet shop Rotty was boarded at Clementi Road, to help transport her to her new temp home.

[tue 20 jul., mon 5 jul.]

wed 8 sep 2010
Rotti (renamed Maya) has been successfully rehomed

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 3 singapore specials and their sweet, mild-mannered mum

This stray dog and her 5 puppies (born 3rd June 2010) are looking for loving and caring homes.

The mother is a mixed/local breed and only about 1 year old. She is mild mannered and shows no aggressiveness when we handle her puppies. She is a real sweetie in need of a loving home with a lot of patience and kindness.

The litter consists of 2 black females, 2 light brown females and 1 blackish brown male. They will be ready for adoption when they are 8 weeks old.

Viewing is possible upon appointment and for genuine pet lovers only.

[sat 19 jun., fri 18 jun.]

update tue 10 aug
Three of the puppies and the mother are still with me and looking for homes. Please see updated pictures of the puppies attached.

tue 7 sep 2010
All the puppies and their mother have been adopted! :)

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Trudy the lovely 2yo midnight black mediumhair female cat

A lovely midnight black (with some lighter strips) mediumhair cat. She's about 2 years old, has sterilized and vaccinated her.

[mon 14 jun. source:, sat 12 jun.]

tue 7 sep
trudy's adopted

[rehomed!] FOUND: 2-3mo male kitten w black fur, yellow eyes, stubby tail, white diamond on chest (jurong west st 81)

Kitten description:

- black short fur coat
- white diamond shaped on its chest
- yellow eyes
- short stub tail
- male
- about 2-3months old

- at Block 833 Jurong West Street 81

Currently at:
- Block 833 Jurong West Street 81

The kitten's hind nails are trimmed, and seems to have been showered recently. He is also observed to be litter trained.

[sat 24 jul., fri 23 jul.]

tue 7 sep
kitten's adopted

[rehomed!] FOUND/ADOPT: white Persian cat in car park

.... after 4 days in the car park. Black oil stains all over his back.

It's an unsterilized male. His teeth look good so I think he should be quite young.

He is a big cat, look at those big paws... but not much flesh under all that fur.... he felt very light when I picked him up.

He will be sent to Pet Clinic on 04-05-2010 for sterilisation and vaccination.

He will also be sent for grooming.

Then he will be ready for adoption.

Potential adopters, please read this....

and send the answers to these questions to

a. Are there any cats/other pets at home and what are they?
b. Are they sterilised?
c. Do you let your cats roam out of your home?
d. Are there any kids at home? If yes, are the kids allergic to furs/cats/etc?
e. Which floor are you living at?
f. Are your windows grilled with small grilles (2inch) that the cats won't be able to get out?
g. If not, are you willing to mesh out ALL your windows for the cats' safety?
h. Are you above 21 years of age? If you are younger, you will need the consent of your parents for adoption to be approved.
i. Are the other people living under the same roof, agreeable to living with a cat?

More photos in the links below.

Original links:, Mon 3 May.">, Sun 2 May.]

[Mon 3 May. Source: e-mail, Mon 3 May.]

tue 7 sep 2010
rain was adopted on 29 aug.

Monday, 6 September 2010

SIGN PETITION: End Abuse and ill Treatment of Dogs in Puppy Mills

Dear friends and animal lovers,

A petition directed to the Singapore authorities has been created to improve the lives of breeding dogs. Please sign this petition to show your support in freeing these animals from abuse and neglect.

Our petition:

Sign it here:

[mon 6 sep 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. source: e-mail, mon 6 sep 2010.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Champion the 1+yo female golden retriever

Breed - GR (more white color than gold)
Name - Champion
Gender - Female
Date of Birth - 28-Apr-2009 (1 yr, 4 mths)
Not steralised - adopter must steralise Champion
Local breed, bought from home breeder
Microchip - yes
license - no,adopted must license Champion
regular vet - defu vet surgery
heartworm - last eaten in aug 2009 (adopter must retest for heartworm)
frontline - yes last on 5 aug 2010
last vacin on 23 jul 2009
good with kids & bb - yes
good with other dogs - yes
good with other cats - no experience
need daily walk
pee tray trained
understand simple commands
diet - home cooked food cos commercial will give her rashes
health - good, no known condition

reason for giving up - malay neighbours complained, police, hdb & AVA officiers came, appeal with hdb & AVA failed. The other neighbour with dog already moved away, but owner is unable cos staying with parents. Champ is currently in boarding & owner is paying sgd 800 mthly, so Please do not post any negative remarks as owner is trying her best to rehome Champ
Fee - NONE but donation to any dog shelters or SPCA is welcomed.

Thanks U in advance

[thu 19 aug., wed 18 aug.]

mon 6 sep 2010
champ has found a home. moving in today.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2yo lively and playful male doberman

Lively and playful young pure breed Doberman for adoption. Male, red in colour, and coming to 2 yrs old. Vaccinated and mirochipped. Only landed house with garden is suitable for this dog.

Family must have experience keeping big dogs before.

There is no adoption fees for my doberman. He is a good dog, just that he cannot gel along with my 9 yrs old jack rusel. I have taken over this doberman from my friend three months ago.

[fri 18 jun., wed 16 jun.]

mon 6 sep 2010
doberman rehomed

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 8-9mo wholly white male guinea pig

I have to moved to a new house, and the place not suitable to have pet, so i hv to giving away,

my bebe is a whole white guinea pig. He is very cute n healthy, he can hear u can understand wat u said, he is a clever boy...
looking for who love pets, and take gd care owner for him...

[sun 22 aug. reproduced with permission of the 88DB user. source:, mon 16 aug.]

mon 6 sep
pig found a home

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2+yo female shih tzu and her parents

I am attaching the pics of the dogs when they were 6 months old. They are the same size now. They belong to the Shitzu breed.

They were born on 13 Nov 2007. They are very bubby and very playful.

Because I need to make way for my guide dog, I want to find dog lovers to adopt them.

Their parents are older, I don't know their ages but they are equally adorable. Unfortunately, I couldn't get good pics of them.

A daughter and her parents are up for adoption. Yesterday, someone has adopted another one. Now, I am left with 3 shih tzus for adoption.

Kindly help me spread the word.

[wed 18 aug. e-mail, wed 18 aug.]

mon 6 sep 2010
shih tzus have been adopted

Sunday, 5 September 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Belle the 5mo spayed female kitten abandoned 2 months ago at void deck

I think this cat is about 5 mths old. She is a female and sterilized about 15 days ago. Temperament very loving and can be cuddled. Belle is definitely raised in the home and abandoned 2 months ago at void deck. Currently needs adoption. Please contact me if there is a good home.

[Wed 26 May. Source: e-mail, Wed 26 May.]

sun 5 sep 2010
belle is adopted