Thursday, 21 October 2010

LOST: Bubbles the 8yo female maltese (marsiling rise, sat 9 oct 2010)

Josephine has lost her beautiful pet named "Bubbles", a female Maltese at Blk 125 Marsiling Rise on 9 Oct. The 8 year old, white color, small-size dog was wearing a colorful collar with a license tag no 5509.

Bubbles is very precious to the family and requires special attention.

If you have any lead, please contact Josephine at 8200-1172

There will be a REWARD for her safe return.

For more info and photos, please visit

Please help to pass the word around.

[tue 12 oct 2010. reposted on request. source: e-mail, tue 12 oct 2010.]

[reunited!] LOST: Pork Pork / Princess, 3.5yo brown female toy poodle (hougang police station)

She is a pure toy poodle 3.5 years old . Brown in colour.

Last seen at hougang police station.

Response to e name pork pork or princess.

[mon 18 oct 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, mon 18 oct 2010.]

thu 21 oct 2010

[reunited!] LOST: 4yo female brown poodle under medication (hougang st 91, sun 17 oct 2010)

[wed 20 oct 2010. public poster. source:, tue 19 oct 2010.]

thu 21 0ct 2010

[reunited!] LOST: Buddy the 1.5yo male black-tan mongrel w coloured bandana ((stagmont rink/choa chu kang link)

Name : Buddy
Age 1.5Yrs


[tue 19 oct 2010. posted on request. source: e-mail, tue 19 oct 2010.]

thu 21 oct 2010
We got him back after a 5 hr search and miles away from where he ran away. We are so happy.

LOST: Olio, 3.5yo female tabby - pink collar (jln kechubong, gerald drive, sat 16 oct 2010)


3 and a half year old female, lilac tabby with a white patch on her back and a stubby tail, grey eyes pink nose. Wearing a pink reflective 'bones' collar. Answers to the name of Olio.

Last seen leaving house in Jalan Kechubong, Gerald Drive vicinity on 16th Oct at 10am.

Please text 96527079 if you have any info about her whereabouts or her well-being, ie, dead, injured or alive.......Mommy is devastated and needs closure. Thank you.

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Monday, 18 October 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Reccee the intelligent, obedient, loving 7yo male JRT who loves belly tickles

Reccee is a 7 yrs old Jack Russell. He has been with us for odd years and is a loyal, sweet and faithful friend. He is cool and and is fond of being tickled on his belly.

Reccee is also intelligent, obedient and loving. and easy to care and feeds mainly on dry food. He loves fruits too. However he can be territorial initially and goes about marking his "space".

We want someone who loves JRT and is willing to shower him with hugs and brings him for walks to come forward to claim this special friend. He will be good for couples with no children or retirement folks as all attention will be upon him!

[Sat 1 May. Source:]

mon 18 oct 2010
reccce has found a home finally : ))

[rehomed!] FOUND: Injured cat (choa chu kang, thu 2 sep 2010) - contact dylan 94878216

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mon 18 oct 2010
rescuers will be keeping the cat

Sunday, 17 October 2010

[rip] FOSTER/SPONSOR VET FEES: Manja the female community cat w tumors in intestines

Manja is a community cat from under my block, her weight dropped drastically in two weeks. She used to be chubby and healthy, but a few days ago, I found her very skinny and dehydrated. She was eating/drinking, just not much.

I brought her to the vet (The Joyous Vet at Sunset Place, CCK) on Thursday, the outlook was not that great. Blood tests came out all fine, but the doctor felt a lot of lumps in her intestines, and have confirmed that it is cancer. She had to be hospitalised and put under IV because she was severely dehydrated. She is still at the clinic now.

The cost of the blood test was $80+, and each night at the vet would cost $18. Also, with the medication etc, I don't know how much it would cost me. I've paid a deposit of $200, but I have a grim feeling that it might cost more. I can update you with scans of the medical bills later.

Because she has cancer (tumors in her intestines), she doesn't have that much long to live. The doctor had said that she has, at most, 6 months to live. I already own 4 cats (1 of which just got sick), and I cannot take in anymore.

How You Can Help:
I hope to find someone who is willing to foster Manja for the remaining months that she has to live. I don't think putting her back out on the streets now is a good idea, and neither am I asking for someone to take her and provide her chemotherapy. I just hope someone would be willing to make the remainder of her life pleasant and peaceful.

I also hope to be able to receive donations to offset Manja's medical bills.

Even a shelter would be fine. if there is a shelter that is willing to take her, I wouldn't mind paying a monthly fee.

Thank you.

[sun 17 oct 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. source: tagged on and mentioned on twitter, sat 16 oct 2010. original post:, sat 16 oct 2010.]

thu 18 nov 2010
manja died on sun 31 oct

LOST: Miu Miu aka Meow D, 4yo female cat w blue collar/bell (namly garden/drive, thu 14 oct)

Our 4 year old female cat has gone missing around the junction of Namly Garden and Namly Drive. She stays indoors most of the time, and does not wander beyond the neighbouring houses. She has been missing since Thursday 14 Oct evening. Never happened before. She is very trusting and we fear she might have been stolen.

Her name is ‘Miu Miu’ but she doesn’t really answer to it. More often called “Meow D”. Please see attached photographs for what the cat looks like. She is predominantly white with black and orange spots and a kinked end of tail. She has on a blue collar with a bell.

If you find her or know of her whereabouts, please contact 64661782. Any help is appreciated. Her family is worried sick.

[sun 17 oct. posted on request. source: e-mail, sat 16 oct 2010.]

[reunited!] ADOPT: unclaimed microchipped 2yo female husky found in industrial park

Found in industrial park
M/chipped but no owner details
Lost adv printed on ST but no1 came fwd to claim

Estimated 2Y
Will be steralised before rehomed
Cant get along with my friend's cat thus being keep in kitchen now
Not much info, sorry
adoption fee - sgd 100 (to share the cost of steralisation)

[sun 26 sep 2010. posted upon request. source: e-mail. original post:, sat 25 sep 2010.]

sun 17 oct 2010
bibi was reunited with owner yesterday