Saturday, 14 August 2010

LOST: 3+yo pepperwhite liverbrown standard schnauzer (tampines st 41, fri 13 aug)

my dog went missing in Tampines st 41 during 13 August 2010 Friday. Please kindly call or sms to this number if found. Thanks a million!!

Breed: Standard Schnauzer
Color: Pepper White with Liver Brown
Age: 3yrs+


[sat 14 aug,, sat 14 aug.]

Thursday, 12 August 2010

ADOPT: rescued emaciated Tampines cats - doing well and putting on weight

For more background information on this case, please refer to the initial appeal here:

as well as our Facebook post here:


With regards to the case of the 10 emaciated cats that was reported previously, we are happy to update that the cats are doing well and have been putting on weight.

We have made contact with the family that abandoned the cats and have evacuated another 17 cats from their home for sterilisation and treatment. AVA is currently investigating into this case of abandonment and neglect, and we will update when there are new developments.

Of the cats that are currently fostered and cared for, 10 were extremely emaciated. The remaining cats that were evacuated are of decent condition and the suitable ones sterilised. The worst is over as the remaining cats currently still in the flat are doing well and will be gradually sterilised when they are of age.

We are working with delicacy towards a pre-agreed number of sterilised cats to be kept under their care and monitored to ensure that the cats can be kept within their means. This is to minimise the risk of them picking up other unsterilised cats in future and spinning out of control again.

Some of the cats are now up for adoption to good and responsible homes that will give them a second chance at life. Photos of the cats can can be seen in the following slideshow:

as well as from our Flickr set for the cats here

How You Can Help:
We are appealing for adopters for these rescued cats so that they can be well cared for in good, responsible homes and given a brand new lease of life.

CWS will be screening interested adopters to ensure that these cats can find suitable permanent, loving homes. An adoption fee of $40 per cat will be levied. All adopters need to agree to sterilising the cats before adoption (if of age and as yet unsterilised, or once the cat is of age in future). CWS will then arrange for sterilisation at one of our partner veterinary clinics at a subsidised rate for the adopter.

Should you wish to adopt any of these cats and give them a new lease of life, kindly email and, with the subject header:

Adoption of Tampines Emaciated Cats

and indicating in your email the cat that you are keen on adopting.
(Names are usually indicated on the Flickr set.)

This list will be constantly updated with new cats which we manage to remove from the home, and which are deemed suitable for adoption, so please check back for news.

Thank you!

[thu 12 aug., wed 11 aug.]

STILL LOST: Happy the male maltese w blue collar, pees in corners (chai chee)

STOMPer Puah's white maltese is lost in the Chai Chee area and he is offering a reward for its safe return. The dog goes by the name of 'Happy' and wears a blue collar.

The STOMPer wrote in an email (Aug 10):

"A white maltese is lost in the Chai Chee area.

"His name is 'Happy' and he is wearing a blue collar.

"He is still not toilet-trained hence he will have the habit of peeing around especially in the corners.

"If anyone has seen him, please email me at or contact 85222762.

"Rewards will be given."

[wed 11 aug., tue 10 aug.]

thu 12 aug
We received information from others that he have roamed to bedok north / bedok south area and he seems to be in a very weak condition. We've Been searching him in the said location For the entire day but to no avail. Tonight we will deploy 40 people for another round of search in the whole bedok area. We really hope to find him back.

ADOPT/HELP FIND DOG-FRIENDLY RENTAL ROOM: Tyson and Levis, 10+mo singapore boys


I need help urgently.

This is extremely difficult for me to give away my boys but I really have no choice. I had sold my house and have to move by the end of this month. I have searched high and low for an affordable place that allows dogs but to no avail. In order to keep them I have to get landed property which I can't afford.

So hopefully you will be able to help me find them a loving home cause I do not want to send them to SPCA.

My boys - Tyson and Levis are about 10-11 months old. They are brothers and are very playful with each other, they are also extremely loving and active. Like they would come to you and try to touch you with their paw and they will insist for your attention by resting their head on your lap etc

Please see their attached pictures. (Brown is Tyson and Black is Levis)

P.S Better still if you know of a room that I can rent that the owner doesn't mind, I would be so very grateful to you cause then I don't have to give my boys up. Believe me I am praying for a miracle right now.

[wed 16 jun. shared on request. source: e-mail, tue 15 jun.]

update fri 16 jul
I need a place for them but i am on a tight budget...

Please call me 96570581 if you are able to take my boys for 1 week.


thu 12 aug
I am still searching for a placa of my own to stay with the boys. If you have any contacts, would be great.


[reunited!] FOUND: Dog along Tampines Street 44, Wed 28 Jul. Call 90077959 to identify + claim your dog.

[mon 2 aug., sat 31 jul.]

thu 12 aug
dog claimed.

[reunited!] LOST: Ruby the 4yo white/brown female jrt (bukit batok, mon 9 aug)

Date The Dog Was Lost: mon 09 Aug 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: bukit batok st 33 blk 324

Name Of Dog: Ruby
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Colour Of The Dog: white, brown
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Size: 1-2 ft

[wed 11 aug., tue 10 aug.]

thu 12 aug
ruby was found this morning

[reunited!] LOST: Scooby the 3yo male toy poodle (serangoon, mon 9 aug 2pm)

Gender: Male
Breed: Toy Poodle
Age: Approx. 3 y.o

His body is recently shaved down.

Last seen on August 9, 2010 (Monday) at 2pm. Joon Hiang Road, Serangoon.

Thank you!

[tue 10 aug., mon 9 aug.]

thu 12 aug
scoobys found

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Happy and Joy the 8mo singapore boys

(left: Joy, right: Happy)

Status: For Adoption

Breed: Mongrel

Name: Happy & Joy

Gender: Male

Spayed/Neutered: Not yet

Age: Going 6 months

Good with humans : OK

Good with Dogs: Excited

Dog's Temperament:
Typical Puppy, Curious and Active but adorable

Ideal Home: Private or Landed

Member putting up this adoption notice: Rehomer

Adoption Fee: N/A, as long as you take good care them. They can be adopted separately

Please pm with intro of yourself, age and occupation, family size and experience with or without dogs

Photo: They look much cuter & adorable than in the above photos

[Wed 28 Apr. Source:, Wed 28 Apr.]

thu 12 aug
both dogs have found homes

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bear the 3.5mo male crossbreed w thick coat + green eyes

Breed : Cross Breed
Age : 3.5 months (DOB : ~30 March 2010)
Gender : Male
Nickname : Bear Bear
Features : Very Thick Coat + Special Green Eyes

Puppy was the first-born and only born of a female dog which resembles a Golden Retriever, while he looks almost exactly like a Chocolate Labrador puppy with long coat! Very intelligent puppy and is outdoor-trained. Healthy, playful and loves children.

Bear has gone through health-checks with vet, who considers him to have big bones - ie. will grow to become bigger than a medium-sized dog, therefore unsuitable for HDB dwellers.

There is no adoption fees involved. We just hope to find Bear Bear the best home he deserves.

[tue 13 jul., tue 13 jul.]

thu 12 aug
bear is adopted

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

[reunited!] LOST: Belle the 2+yo female salt/pepper mini schnauzer (hougang, tue 10 aug night)

We have lost our 2 years old mini schnauzer in Hougang. She could be wondering around Blk 437 area (junction of Ave 6 and Ave 8), possible area including Buangkok, Punggol Primary School or Punggol park area.

Description of the dog.
Name: Belle
Breed: Mini schnauzer
Sex: Female
Age: 2 ~ 2.5 years old
Colour: Salt and Pepper (grey and white)
Lost Date/ Time: tue 10 August 2010, ard 8.00pm - 9.00pm

She will take instruction like 'Sit', 'Stay', 'Shake hand', and is toilet trained, but loves to do her business outside of home.

[tue 10 aug. email, tue 10 aug.]

update wed 11 aug
belle has been found

[reunited!] LOST: Frosty the 8yo male white mini schnauzer (blk 450 sin ming ave, mon 2 aug)

Male White Mini Schnauzer missing in the area of Sin Ming Ave Blk 450 on 2 Aug morning. Dog is 8yrs and has skin problem.

wed 4 aug
Dog still not found. Neighbours saw him loitering around Blk 446/447. Traits : Schnauzer cut with skirting and poodle leg style.
If found or seen, pls inform owner. Our family misses him very much. Thank you.

[fri 6 aug., tue 3 aug.]

update wed 11 aug
we've found our dog yesterday. He roamed into a condo and probably cant find his way out.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Lucky the gentle, healthy 9yo male maltese x westie - great for an elderly owner

A male white dog believed to be maltese mix west highland terrier is abandoned by his owner. I am helping to take care of it temporary until someone adopt it, I cannot take care for long as I already have a dog at home. This dog is not barky and paper trained.

[thu 15 jul., thu 15 jul.]

update sat 24 jul
dog has found a home.

update fri 30 jul
Lucky, maltese mix west highland terrier is up for adoption. Male.

LUCKY was abandoned at a petshop. He had been vaccinated and vet gave a clean bill of health except his mild cataracts and weak hind legs due to old age.He's estimated to be 9yr old abv. He's very gentle and is suitable for elderly and inactive owner who is able to shower him with lots of love and provide him a comfortable and loving home in his golden years.

[, wed 28 jul.]

update wed 11 aug
lucky has found a home

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Midnight the 3yo male siberian husky who loves to play and walk

Male 3 year old Siberian Husky for adoption due to heavy work commitment. He is very friendly and loves to play, also enjoys going for walks.

Looking for a responsible and serious owner who can take good care of him.

Please email me at if you're interested to view him.

[mon 19 jul., mon 19 jul/]

update wed 11 aug
I have found a loving family for Midnight to be adopted. post will be removed soon.

[reunited!] LOST: Mekong the 7yo male white/brown JRT (hacienda grove, upper east coast rd, sat 7 aug)

Date The Dog Was Lost: sat 07 Aug 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: He ran out of the Hacienda Condo on Hacienda Grove. Just behind 77 Upper east coast road

Name Of Dog: Mekong
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Colour Of The Dog: white, brown
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Size: 1 ft

[wed 11 aug., tue 10 aug.]

update wed 11 aug
mekong found

[rehomed!] URGENT! ADOPT: 3yo male japanese spitz - might be sent back to SPCA

Dear all

I am looking for a good home for my japanese spitz, it's a three year old male.

I adopted it from the Spca around a month ago but he's not been getting along well with my mom so i have to give it away.

Previous owner gave him up due to food aggression and also because he's not well with young children, so family with young children or probably old folks are not adviced as he can be abit snappy at times.

He is a laid back dog, loves treats and if you can get along well with him he can be a really obedient dog. We do not cage him but ban him from the rooms but he's doing well with that and create no trouble for us while we're out. He knows basic commands like sit and stay, and does not bark much either. And he is outdoor toilet-trained so we bring him down for walks every morning and evening for his toilet breaks. Mircochipped, and vaccinated as well.

Hope to find someone who have experienced in dogs as he might get abit aggressive at times and also one who have no problems in commiting to bring him for his toilet breaks everyday. We spend quite alot of money of his necessarities, but we're not asking for any in return. Just hope to find a good owner for him.

more photos in the link below

[tue 27 jul., mon 26 jul.]

update wed 11 aug
dog has found a home

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2yo female shih tzu by Sun 23 May (owner not in SIN, father wants to send to spca)

URGENT: 2 yrs old female Shihtzu up for adoption / fostering by this weekend.
Owner is not in Singapore and the father wants to send her to SPCA.

**Adopter must sterilize,microchip & license.For more details pls contact our volunteer Ray.

[Fri 21 May. Source:, Fri 21 May.]

Update Sat 22 May
She's safe now under foster care. foster family might keep this sweet girl :) will keep all post.

update tue 10 aug
shih tzu is permanently adopted by fosterer

ADOPT: Mother Cat saved from AVA in nick of time

There are 1 kitten mama and 2 kittens for adoption.

The kitten mama was captured by the AVA at Choa Chu Kang Crescent due to complaints from some cruel residents and was supposed to be put to death. I saved her from the jaws of death the last minute and when she was reunited with her 2 kittens, she kept licking them just as a loving mother would.

Her previous batch of kittens were murdered by a psychopath killer at Choa Chu Kang Crescent. They were poisoned and had their necks slashed. The police were called in but no suspect was caught.

They are now under temporary foster care but they need a permanent home.

Any one who can adopt them pls sms me at 9386 1459 and email me at

Thank you.

[Original post:]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 3 adorable singapore special pups

they are currently at shelter...dont have much time left there...pls help if u can foster/adopt...

3 males and 2 females

one of the female is extremely timid and always being bullied, so hope can get her out asap

2 vaccines done and last vaccine due mid of June

Adoption fee of $50 and condition is to sterilise them in Oct 2010 and of coz to give them as much love...and a collar with ID tag

[Mon 7 Jun. Source:, Mon 7 Jun.]

update sun 20 jun
only 3 adorable pups left...pls help to foster/ adopt them!!

update tue 10 aug
all 3 pups have found homes

[reunited!] LOST: Jacky the 6yo small male maltese (choa chu kang central, fri 6 aug)

skin problem on front both elbows,
Just groomed (left 3mm of fur throughout)
No collor/ mircochip/ tag

Responds to name

Date, place and time found/lost: fri 6th august 2010, CCK central around 1am

[mon 9 aug. e-mail, mon 9 aug.]

update tue 10 aug
Jacky the maltese has been found and returned back to me,

Monday, 9 August 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Snowy the 3mo female local mixed dwarf rabbit

Local mixed dwarf rabbit for adoption.

I am helping someone to find a good home for "Snowy". She is 3 months.

[fri 16 jul.!/photo.php?pid=4672416&id=661964561&fbid=408229749561, fri 16 jul.]

update mon 9 aug
bunny has been adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: friendly 3mo singapore girl

2 local x breed puppies - healthier than pedigree dogs
Currently 2.5 months old
Not vaccinated as too young
Grow to about 20 - 25 kg
Not for HDB

Call Jeanette @ 96841880 to view

[Mon 17 May. Source:]

Update Tue 8 Jun
The girl on the right has gone to a good home. One girl left!

update mon 9 aug
girl on left has been adopted too.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Xiaohui the tame, toilet-trained 2yo male bunny

I am helping one of my boarding bunnies named" Xiao Hui" to find a home due to his owner has been working late and unable to spend time with him. He is about 2 years old, toilet trained & tame.

[fri 16 jul., fri 16 jul.]

update mon 9 aug
The bunnies have been adopted by my friends :)

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Spitty and and Bun - rescued/abandoned cats

(from left: Spitty, Pie, Bun)

Sisters Bun and Pie, and their pen-brother Spitty, in tonight's pictures taken by volunteers. Bun and Pie are orphans, rescued from Geylang Lor 40. Spitty was dumped outside Angels anonymously with his brother who has since been adopted.

If you are keen on visiting and adopting any of these kittens, do contact Elaine at 90880675 or email ubikuchingproject @

[Sat 1 May. Source:, Fri 30 Apr.]

Update Sat 1 May
Pie got adopted today!

update mon 9 aug
spitty and bun have been adopted

[rip] ADOPT: Deaf, limping and sickly female cat

This female cat of barely the weight of a 2 month kitten was found to be deaf, damaged and sickly. In recent times, she has also gotten a leg injury that leaves her semi-limping as she walks in a lop-sided fashion.

She is prone to falling into drains, appears to have some respiratory problems and will not hear oncoming traffic as she crosses the road. This is a dangerous situation.

[Mon 19 Apr. Source:, Sun 18 Apr.]

update mon 9 aug
cat has died

Sunday, 8 August 2010

LOST: Terry the 14yo jrt x fox terrier - white-brown w long legs/neck (ang ko kio blk 346, sat 7 aug)

o Name: Terry
o Breed: Jack Russell and Fox Terrier cross
o Colour: White and Brown. His brown patches are very faded due to his age.
o Sex: Male
o Area: Ang Mo Kio Blk 346
o Missing Date: sat 7 August 2010 about 2pm

Terry is an old dog (about 14 years old). He has very bad teeth and gum problems, and most of his teeth have been extracted already. His eyes are a little cloudy due to his age. He has unusually long legs, and a long neck. He knows how to sit and down on command and shake hands with his left paw only.

If found, kindly contact the owner ASAP at 9828 1297. Your help is greatly appreciated.

[sun 8 aug. shared on request. source: e-mail, sat 7 aug.]

LOST: Chocolate the shaven 14yo dog w black spots on back (Tampines St 24, fri 6 aug) - needs medication!

My dog is missing since yesterday (fri 6 aug) about 3pm at Tampines St 24 area

If any kind souls found/seen my dog. Please call me at 93895077 / 92989254.

He responds to the name CHOCOLATE.
Has got little black spots on his back.
He just got shaven down, thus looks clean and neat.
Chocolate is already 14 yrs old and he needs his medication, please please bring him home.

more photos of chocolate here:

[sun 8 aug. shared on request. source: e-mail, sat 7 aug.]