Saturday, 5 June 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Piper the extremely active 1y3mo female jrt

playful and active jack russel, white with brown patch to the left eye. nicely sized. needs a loving environment. she is slightly over a year old and has not been steralized yet. putting her up for adoption because she is too active for my 4 yr old daughter. not suitable for families with young children.

[Wed 2 Jun. Source:, Sat 29 May.]

Update Sat 5 Jun
Piper's adopted.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

SPONSOR: cat food for 2 feeder uncles in Toa Payoh+Geylang Bahru

There are two feeders (uncles) at Toa Payoh and Geylang Bahru who are in need of cat food urgently to feed their strays.

One is suffering from kidney failure but still goes around to do feeding. The other is financially drained and can only feed his strays white rice mixed with water.

How You Can Help:

We are seeking sponsors of cat food to help these caregivers feed the community cats.

Anyone who is willing to sponsor, please contact Jamie at 93221991.

Appreciate your kindness!

[Thu 3 Jun. Source:, Thu 3 Jun.]

URGENT: Seeking Caregivers in AMK to Help Feed Starving Community Cats!

One of the regular feeders and caregivers in Ang Mo Kio, Ah Lian (or Lian Jie as she is known to many) has just passed away.

She used to feed about 60 cats twice - once in the morning and another around 6pm - around Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 & 5 , from around Blk 151 - 154 to the Mayflower Market area and around the blocks nearby.

Her cats are now starving - amongst these includes a very old tri-coloured cat near the power station as well.

How You Can Help:
We are urgently seeking feeders and caregivers in Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 and 5 who can help take over the cats previously under Ah Lian (Lian Jie)'s care, and feed them from hereon.

If you are able to assist, please contact Carol at 92323283.

Thank you very much!

FOUND: white/brown male maltese (toa payoh, mon 31 may)

Breed: Maltese (Male)
Colour Of The Dog: White brown
How The Dog Was Found: found it loitering in the carpark while it was rainin
Condition of the Dog when Found: wet, dirty, very hungry

Date The Dog Was Found: Mon 31 May 2010
Location Where The Dog Was Found: Toa Payoh spring carpark

Finder's Name: Cassondra Tioh

Please contact ASD if this dog is yours.

[Thu 3 Jun. Source:, Thu 3 Jun.]

[reunited!] FOUND: microchipped female JRT rescued from middle of Sembawang Road

Found by Morna who said,

"Vet said got microchip no but I must call ava n spca 2morrow 2 check. If got licensed then can trace owner otherwise cant.

It's a 1 n half yrs white female jack russell found in the middle of sembawang rd. Vet said it's healthy must be lost dog:-(

Will walk her around d place found 2 c whether she can lead d way home n oso call spca n ava. She was almost smashed tis pm in d middle of d road wif heavy traffic, lucky 2 be alive."

Contact mettacats through the facebook album below or e-mail

[Wed 2 Jun. Source:, Wed 2 Jun.]

Update Thu 3 Jun
Owner found !!! :D Her name is Tutu and she is a deaf dog . Really blessed to have survived yesterday . M walked her to the area where she was found and after some time , the owner came running after them . Apparantly Tutu ALWAYS slips out . Pfffft !

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Run a business? Put up a guide-dog friendly decal on your (e-)storefront!

Dear all, our decal design is finally done! It is being printed, and should be ready by the end of next week. If any of you would like to post the decals up on the windows of your shops, please message us on Facebook, or send us an email at, and let us know how many you would like! The decals are free (although we'd welcome a donation!) and we'll deliver them to you by hand.

Guide Dogs Association of the Blind, Singapore aims to create awareness of guide dogs and encourage profound partnership between person and dog - and help to unleash the potential in both of them.

Read more about us at

[Wed 2 Jun. Source:, Sat 29 May.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Sarah the manja mongrel

Sarah is 8 mths old, medium to large size. Sterilized, frontline, dewormed, vaccinated, heartworm all given.

An active, attention-seeking girl who likes walks and play. Friendly, playful, manja. She knows sit and paw paw.

Please advise family background and if you have any experience with dogs for our understanding. No adoption fee required. However we would like to visit her at the early stage. Not really hdb approved.

[Source:, 5 Oct.]

Update Tue 13 Apr
Sarah is still in the shelter and waiting for a home. Contributions for her stay in the shelter are welcome.

Update Wed 2 Jun
Sarah has been adopted.

[reunited!] LOST: red female husky (Springleaf Estate/Upper Thomson/Sembawang/Yishun/YCK), Tue 1 Jun)

My friend lost her husky on the morning of Tue 1st June, around 6.45-7am from Springleaf Estate (Upper Thomson/Sembawang/Yishun/Yio Chu Kang all have to look out because there's easy access to highway). It ran from home.

She's a female red Husky, NOT neutered. Doesn't respond to any particular name.

[Wed 2 Jun. Source:, Tue 1 Jun.]

Update Tue 2 Jun
husky has been found.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Tigger the 3+mo brindle male mongrel

The wonderful thing about tiggers
Is tiggers are wonderful things!
Their tops are made out of rubber
Their bottoms are made out of springs!
They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy
Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is
I'm the only one
- The Sherman Brothers, 'Tigger's Song, The Tigger Movie

Little Tigger for adoption.

Tigger is our sweet and lovely 2-3 month old orphaned brindle male pup. During a recent raid he became separated from his mama and siblings and thankfully, escaped death by running in a different direction, towards a kind man who would later be his rescuer. The rescuer is not a dog lover per se but he felt sorry for the little pup as the gruesome operation took place, and took him home, away from the authorities.

As far as we know, Tigger is the only one of the litter not caught. He lives on to carry the legacy of his mama and siblings and bears his beautiful and unusual brindle stripes bravely and boldly. He has been to a vet for a check up and vaccination and declared healthy.

Unaware of his near demise, litter Tigger sleeps in perfect contentment and plays with gusto at his fosterers home. We pray for a good home for brave little Tigger.

only 1st vacination has been done, adopter to finish his 2nd and 3rd vacination and to sterillize him.

For more info, email us at or SMS 8128 9792 if you wish to view our little tiger cub look alike. Please be mindful that Tigger is not HDB approved.

See more photos of Tigger here:

[Original post:]

Update Tue 12 Apr
Little Tigger has grown handsome and taller but still a sweet little boy. He loves playing with his chewies and chasing his foster kor kor Princy around. Just like korkor he also likes to look at hamsters and guinea pigs without hurting them. His ears have stood up, or rather, one is up and one is still floppily down. He does look goofily cute with one ear up and one ear down as if beckoning us to take yet more photos of him, before they fully become upright ears.

Tigger is such a goody with people and during a recent gathering among friends, he was the soul and life, as he was passed from hands to hands, everyone oohing and awwingg at him and queuing to cuddle this docile little boy who is so very mild and even tempered. He stands proudly to guard his home when kor kor is not around, then hides below a table to sound his barks, supposedly not sure if he should or should not, mmmm. What a laugh ! It is hilarious to hear 'wuffing' from below the table and yet cannot see the dog. And when kor kor is around, he stands a step behind to give support and encouragement when kor kor barks, but not a sound from little Tigger, just egging on as a bystander - looking.

He has learnt his toileting habits well and has a marvellous appetite. Everything is appreciated by him, no remnants left as the food bowl is licked clean Once we went visiting with food for an impromtu mini party and much later, found comical little Tigger sitting patiently and quietly all alone at the back with his eyes fixed on his empty bowl, as if waiting for us to remember him in our jolly repast. This is the kind of joy and laugher Tigger brings his fosterers each day. Yes, he is loved dearly and if the fosterer could keep him, they will but they can't and the next best thing is to let him go to a home who loves him just as much.

If you have room for a little 3+ month brindle male boy, please email us at or send an SMS to 8128 9792. Viewing can be arranged for our little tigger cub. Please be mindful that Tigger is not HDB approved as he will grow into a mid size dog although his frame is very small.

[Source:, Thu 8 Apr.]

Update Tue 2 Jun
Tigger has been adopted.

[Source:, Mon 31 May.]

LOST: Guai Guai - 2.5yo brown cat with clipped left ear, bald patch (Geylang Lor 26)

“Guai Guai” is missing from his home in Lorong 26, Geylang.

Male, 2 ½ years old, 5 – 6 kg , fully brown in colour, clipped left ear, has a bald patch on the right side of his neck.

Fearful of strangers.
Reward offered.

Please Call Ms Gay, Hp no 96399376 or 97263165 immediately if you see him.

Details and photos at

[Wed 2 Jun. Source:, Tue 1 Jun.]

LOST: Mon Mon the 4yo male mini schnauzer (Faber Terrace, Clementi Ave 4, Mon 31 May)

Name Of Dog: Mon Mon
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Colour Of The Dog: Black, White, Grey
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Size: small

Date The Dog Was Lost: Mon 31st May 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Clementi Ave 4, Jalan Lempeng, 7 Faber Terrace, ran out of the house when the gate was left open

Owner's Name: Christina Png
Contact Number: 92293955

[Wed 2 Jun. Source:, Tue 1 Jun.]

[reunited!] LOST: microchipped b/w male husky (Seletar Hills) - call 81814448 - no other info yet

anyone have seen a siberian husky (black and white) around seletar hills?

he is microchipped.

[Mon 31 May. Source:, Mon 31 May.]

Update Wed 2 Jun
Dog is found. a kind neighbour kept her dog off the roads in case he met with an accident.

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: 2yo male cocker spaniel - owner ill

Cocker Spaniel for Adoption

- 2 years old
- Male
- Not sterilized
- HDB approved
- Not paper trained
- Needs to go for walks as he is very active
- Gets along well with most dogs
- Loves humans, extremely affectionate and playful.
- Obedient

This cocker spaniel needs to be adopted / fostered immediately. The owner is ill and unable to care for him.

[Mon 31 May. Source: e-mail, Sun 30 May.]

Update Wed 2 Jun
he is adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Golden the 1y 7mo female cocker spaniel

Dear animal lovers,

I have a female cocker spaniel for adoption, as I will be leaving overseas to undertake a position that required me to stay there for long.

She is a lovely dog, accompany you by the side always. Do not bark, paper trained. Very likeable companion and she is very attentive. About medium sized, beautiful golden fur, well-groomed.

I'm hoping that I can find her a good home as I neglected her most of the time.

New owner will be given contact to my friend's pet shop and you are able to enjoy 15% discount for pets food and stuffs.

[Fri 28 May. Source:, Fri 28 May.]

Update Wed 2 Jun
Golden has found a home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Ultraman the male scaredy cat

Ultraman was picked up and being cared after by a kind hearted security guard at Derbyshire Rd. He is named after the mansion which he was found at about a month ago.

Reason for letting go is because the security guard needs to be posted to some other condo soon.

i have alr adopted the black kitty in the pic and has my hands full with 3 cats on tow.
Ultraman is very timid and need a LOVING, CARING , RESPONSIBLE care taker immediately. More photos in the link below.

thanks all for looking.

[Source: Sun 28 Mar.]

Update Wed 2 Jun
Ultraman is adopted.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

[rehomed!] URGENT FOSTERING/ADOPTION: Miki the 5yo male mini schnauzer

Hi there i got a 5 year old male MS for rehome.

He has never fallen ill before and great with people and pets. He also loves companionship.

Have to give him up because moving out soon and renting a place which does not permit having a dog.

[Wed 19 May. Source:]

Update Sat 22 May
Please spread the word for a foster/perm home, as the owner will be moving out next week.

Update Tue 1 Jun
Miki is adopted.

APPEAL FOR WITNESSES: abandoned chihuahua (Bedok Reservoir, Wed 5 May)

$1000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the person/s responsible for abandoning this Chihuahua in the vicinity of Blk 767 Bedok Reservoir View void deck on Wednesday 5 May 2010.

Contact SPCA at 6287 5355 ext 9

[Tue 1 Jun. Source:, Mon 31 May.]

Monday, 31 May 2010

HELP: Property agent contacts for Mdm Ellen, carer of 200 cats, some dogs

Mdm Ellen's lease expires at end june 2010 and she will have to return to area to SLA. The whole estate is slated for redevelopment and will be no extension. She was informed only a few months ago without any offers of alternative locations.

Todate, she has been unable to find alternative housing for close to 200 cats and some dogs. She has been doing a job for these animals to the best of her abilities.

Please help to ask around. For contacts you know or forward the information to property agents. The current housing is rented from SLA which means she has been fulfiling the strict monthly rental and other basic obligations without issues.

The is not a request for donations but information. Kindly help to spread/look around or forwards to property agents. It is costless and will prevent a tragedy.

Requirements are about

  • For immediate move in
  • Terrace/Semi-D/Bungalow
  • Single/double storey
  • Total Floor area about 3000 sqf or so (flexible)
  • Budget, about 1.8k -2.8k per month negotiable
    (open to consideration of higher rental due to urgency)
  • Central/East side
  • Condition/Amenities/Transport not important
  • Privacy preferred.

please drop me an email ,or PM

artelem @ singnet. com. sg

Hp : 90033483

thanks all,


Link to original thread about Mdm Ellen's efforts:

[Mon 31 May. Source:, Sun 30 May.]

[rehomed!] UP FOR ADOPTION AGAIN: Romeo the 6+yo male golden retriever

Owner is forced to rehome the 2 dogs as neighbors are complaining. Please help in any way. Is there any shelter that has vacancy for the 2 dogs? That's the last resort for the owner. I think both dogs are sterilized! So breeders please do not call me. These dogs are not mine, but i can arrange for viewing. No adoption fee required but will be greatly appreciated if you can donate to any animal shelter of your choice. I don't need any receipt, it's from the heart.

You can either call me @ 98899955 or email me @

AGE : 6 YR +
DOB : JULY 2003




[Sat 17 Apr. Source:, Sat 17 Apr.]

Update Sun 25 Apr
He's been adopted.

Update Fri 30 Apr
Latest update, Romeo the GR has been returned...long story, it the adopter's fault.... anyway, it's up for adoption again. I managed to talk to the owner n she's going to keep them as long as possible n will not send the to SPCA as for now. Please Help before she change her mind. Please Be Sincere n Serious! Don't ask or adopt for fun!

Update Sun 23 May
The dogs have been sent to a shelter. The Malamute has problems with his legs/hips. The owner is not willing to pay for medical attention. I'll try to find time to bring him to the vet soon. Please anybody that can give the gr a good n loving home, please come forward and meet the sweet boy. I'm not pinning hopes for the malamute to be adopted in his condition, but please help the gr.

Update Mon 31 May
Finally! Romeo is adopted to a very very nice and loving family. Poor Rocky cried when they take Romeo away.... Rocky is still in the shelter.

I've to thank the ppl at the shelter! Both dogs put on weight and Rocky can run! They were very very patient in getting him back to health. He can stand for a long time now. very very sweet and manja boy. Please take a look at him, spend a few hours with him and u'll know.

Thank You Gentle Paws!

Sunday, 30 May 2010

[reunited!] LOST: Benney the female maltese x shih tzu (St George's Lane, Thu 27 May)

She is Benney. Her colour is white. Medium dog. 1.9years old. She tends to bark at door when people come by. Barks when people is trying to touch her or getting close to her. Her favourite food is steamed chicken.

Benney was last seen at block 7 of St Georges Lane yesterday Thu 27 May. About 10am..

If you find her, please contact me. I m really worried for her safety and people's safety as well.

[Thu 27 May. Source:, Thu 27 May.]

Update Sun 30 May
Benney has been found.