• Q. I would like to adopt Doggy/Kitty. Can I arrange to view Doggy/Kitty?

    A. We are not a shelter and the animals are not with us. Please contact the owners/rescuers directly for more information about the animal you're interested in. You can view their contact details on the blog or Facebook post. If it's a shared Facebook post, the details may sometimes only appear later in the comments. If you don't see an email or telephone number, you can still message the person via Facebook (click on his profile name).

  • Q. Is Doggy/Kitty still up for adoption?

    A. We're not sure. We try to update the animals' status whenever we can, but there is still a backlog. Please contact the owners/rescuers directly to find out the latest details.

  • Q. I emailed the rescuer but still haven't got a reply.

    A. Please be patient as many of the rescue volunteers have other full-time commitments and may not be able to respond to you immediately. Many will also be swamped with calls/emails once an ad is posted, especially if it's for a pedigree or puppy.

  • Q. Are there any HDB-approved dogs for adoption?

    A. There usually are some HDB-approved dogs for adoption. Look for "SO MANY ANIMALS SO FEW HOMES" on the right-hand column of the blog and browse through the listings for ADOPT: DOGS: HDB: [BREED].

  • Q. Is Doggy HDB-approved?

    A. You can usually tell from the post label (it's labelled either HDB or non-HDB). To be on the safe side, visit HDB's website for the latest info.

  • Q. Besides therehomers, are there other websites with animals for adoption?

    A. Yes, please check out this list, but be careful of scams, particularly on public forums/classifieds.


  • Q. Help! I've lost my pet!

    A. Email us at therehomers@gmail.com with the details and a photo and we'll help you post an ad. But before you do that, call the SPCA and AVA and read this

  • Q. I saw a lost dog/cat/stray. Can I send it to your shelter?

    A. We are not a shelter and also do not have the resources to rescue strays/lost pets off the street or take in any animals.
    You could try contacting shelters to see if any have room for one extra dog/cat, but truth is, most are full to the brim.
    If you have the means, find a place to foster the animal. Send it to the vet and scan for a microchip, then file a found animal report with AVA (6471 9987 / 1800-4761 600, ava_cawc@ava.gov.sg) and SPCA (6287 5355 ext 25, shelter@spca.org.sg).
    If you are unable to foster the animal, give it food and water (remember to clean up after feeding) and return regularly to feed it or monitor the situation, if you can.
    E-mail us a photo with more details and we'll help post an ad for you to try to find the owner or a potential adopter. With the same info, you can also make a simple poster to place near where you found the animal.

  • Q. I would like to put my pet up for adoption.

    A. Have you considered this carefully? Like you and me, an animal is a living, feeling creature, not an accessory or a piece of clothing or a hobby that you discard once you're tired of it. When you chose to take him in as a member of your family, you would have known that along with the love, companionship and joy comes something else - lifelong responsibility.
    Often, problems like "I'm too busy", "We're migrating" or "My wife is expecting" are a matter of priorities and can be worked out as long as you and your family have your pet's interests at heart. This may involve sacrifice (e.g., less time for shopping or hanging out with your friends; relocation and quarantine costs, lots of phone calls, trips to the vet, and having to deal with pet movers and airlines; training the dog and supervising dog and baby), but if your pet really means something to you, can you even begin to imagine the alternative for both you and him? Particularly so when that silly boy has been with you for his whole life, knows your every habit and mood, what time you arrive home, what it takes to get him that extra treat, every nook and cranny of your home... And the sobering fact that older, non-HDB approved animals are excruciatingly difficult to rehome.
    If after exhausting all avenues you still believe that putting your pet up for adoption is the only choice available to you, send us details and a photo of your pet and we'll help post an ad for you. By the way, if you're thinking of sending him to the SPCA - please, think twice.

  • Q. Where else can I share my ad?

    A. Here

  • Q. I would like to appeal to the HDB to keep a non-HDB approved dog breed. Any suggestions on how to draft my letter? 
    A. You can refer to this letter written by someone who successfully appealed to keep his golden retriever. Try to think of points that present your family and your dog as considerate neighbours, e.g.


  • Q. I'd like to donate food/cash, volunteer, help in any way.

    A. Thanks very much for your offer to help. For volunteer/donation opportunities with local shelters and other animal welfare organisations, please visit this page.

    As we're not a shelter, the best way you can help us to is share our posts so that more people will know about the animals in need. You can either subscribe to our e-bulletin, "like" us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

    Also, if you see a lost/found poster on the streets, please take a photo and email it to therehomers@gmail.com and we can share it online.

  • Q. Can you help us publicise an animal/event?

    A. With pleasure. Email therehomers@gmail.com with your ad or link.