Saturday, 13 February 2010

[rehomed!] Hongbao for Sandy

dearest Sandy for adoption ~

View to view MANY MORE pictures of this little clown ~

Update 13 Feb
Unlike for most kids, it came a week earlier for Sandy, and no we are certainly not complaining.

Yes, last Sunday a lovely family, came to visit Sandy and took her back for trial fostering with an intent to adopt. By the third day they texted us that she brought such joy to them and they wished to keep her permanently.

Hurray. Sandy has found her home, Praise God. Little Sandy, just turned 5 months, the last of Teddy's litter, the small little puny pup with an oversized appetite but skinny weeny because of her poor skin condition finally belongs. She has two girls to play with, a bond we know will grow thick with time for Sandy has a big heart and lots of licks and love to give.

She has been renamed to Cindy by the cheh chehs and now thrives on kibbles with meat, brown rice, sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and has big lamb bones to crunch on. She has a garden to run and investigate, tweet tweeting of birds to entertain her, toys to play with and watches over her new family proudly like a much loved family dog.

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[reunited!] Lost - Mocca the MinPin X JRT (Woodlands, Fri 12 Feb)

Name: Mocca
Breed: Mini Pinscher Cross JRT
Gender: Male
Colour: Tan with white socks and white patch on chest.
Microchip No.: 702055550010270
Age: 2 Years old

Date missing: Fri 12/02/10 (5.30pm)
Place last seen: Woodlands/Admiralty, near Admiralty Secondary School

Please contact us if you happened to find him.

Kat: 82332078
Lionel: 91141309

Update 13 Feb
he is back. make his own way back this morning.

Friday, 12 February 2010

[reunited!] Lost - Doggie the Miniature Pinscher (Woodlands, Sat 6 Feb)

Doggie, a Miniature Pinscher dog, age 12 was lost at Blk 819, Woodlands St 82, Singapore 730819 on 6 Feb 2010 (Sat) 5-9 pm.

She is black with brown patches. Has a distinctive white spot in the middle of her chest, which is unique from her breed. Size approximately 30cm by 9cm when lying down flat.

Doggie likes to stick out her tongue just like in the last picture. She has obvious white fur (due to old age) on her face, and does not have many teeth.

If you have any info on Doggie, please contact Crystal at these tel numbers: 91087272/96396272/96536418, or e-mail

Update 12 Feb
Hello! Good news! I've found my dog! =) she was found by a group of sec sch students ard my neighbourhood. they spotted my notice & contacted me after that. she was missing for 5days, and we're so glad we finally got her back.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

[reunited!] Found - Female Cairn terrier (Choa Chu Kang Lot One, Sun 7 Feb). Claim her from SPCA asap!

This small dog was found at Lot One and its finders are hoping to find her owners. If they are unsuccessful, she might be put down by the SPCA, they say.

In an email, STOMPer Niko_e says:

"A female Cairn terrier was found at CCK Lot One bus stop on Sun February 7.

"Owner, please claim your dog quickly from SPCA! She might be put to sleep."

If it's yours, please call the SPCA shelter office at 62875355 ext 25.

Update from Gary on Facebook, 11 Feb
I have called SPCA and the good news is that her owner has claimed her. :))

[reunited!] Lost - Tino the Golden Retriever (Coronation Rd, Wed 10 Feb)

Owner's Name: Johnny Heng
Contact Number: 98228158
Date The Dog Was Lost: Wed 10 Feb 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Coronation Road / King's Road vicinity
Name Of Dog: Tino
Breed: Golden Retriever
Colour Of The Dog: Dark Golden
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Size: 2 feet

Update 11 Feb
I'm very fortunate someone turned my dog in to SPCA. We just brought him home.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

[reunited!] Lost - Oreo the JRT x Beagle (Kim Keat, Tue 9 Feb)

Date The Dog Was Lost: Tue 09 Feb 2010, about 7.30pm
Where The Dog Was Lost: Block 259, Kim Keat Avenue
Name Of Dog: Oreo
Breed: Jack Russell Beagle Hybrid
Colour Of The Dog: Black and White
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years
Size: 1 feet

He responds to his name by wagging his tail vigorously and barking occasionally. I sincerely hope that all the kind souls out there will help to look for my precious dog and return him to us as soon as possible because he is sick and currently on medication.

If found, please contact Huiyee at 91789801 or Huiyen at 91837931. Or e-mail Thank you very much.

Update 10 Feb
my neighbour found my dog tied up at a supermarket a few blocks away when he was going marketing, and he brought it home for us.

it's good to find him back! and i would most certainly give thanks to the person who tied him there in the first place.

[reunited!] Lost - Fat Cat (Wed 3 Feb)

Update 10 Feb
Hey!!! the cat is found already!!!! apparently someone from the same block saw the lost cat loitering at the 3rd level of the HDB block and was angry that it shit just outside their area. They took the cat in and ignored the posters my cousin has put up. They even scribbled on my cousin's poster in chinese " KILL IT AND EAT IT". but all that has ended as the daughter of that family called my cousin and returned that cat safely. Thank God =)

Monday, 8 February 2010

[reunited!] Lost - Terry the X-breed Shih Tzu-Pom (Bt Batok, Sat 6 Feb)

Owner's Name: Tecklun
Contact Number: 96252460
Date The Dog Was Lost: Sat 06 Feb 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Bukit batok west. last seen at hong kah north cc by some residents at 6+pm. was not wearing any collar when he was lost.
Name Of Dog: Terry
Breed: Cross breed (shih tzu and pomeranian)
Colour Of The Dog: Beige
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Size: 1 ft

Update 8 Feb 2010
We found terry yesterday at around 7pm. A kind family saw him in dunearn secondary school and brought him home before calling us up to fetch him in the evening.