Thursday, 4 November 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Kirin, super-affectionate, nose-kissing 16wo tabby male kitten rescued from pest control

details here:, sat 23 oct 2010

[tue 26 oct 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, tue 26 oct 2010.]

thu 4 nov 2010
kirin has been adopted

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

[reunited!] FOUND: female shih tzu (yishun emerald condo, sun 31 oct 2010)

I found this female shitzu on sun 31.10.2010 at Yishun Emerald Condo.Pasted lost and found notices within the condo but no one come and claim it.

Shes in good condition. She understand english and very smart.guessed shes terrified by the lost so shes quite snappy when wanted to touch her,but she is ok after awhile when she know we are not harmful.

Shes presently in the good hand of my friend who has a maltese to play with.

[mon 1 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, mon 1 nov 2010.]

wed 3 nov 2010
shih tzu reunited with owner

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Snowy, a fit, healthy, low-maintenance 6-year-old singapore girl

Snowy was rescued six years ago and became part of a family. Unfortunately that family has since relocated to the UK and they have now decided to give Snowy up completely. Their suggestion was to take her to the SPCA where she will be put down. We CANNOT let this happen.

As her current foster mum is unable to keep her, she is now in desperate need of a loving home.

She is a very affectionate six-year old, all-white, short-haired mongrel. She is approx 95 cm long with and large ears!

Snowy is good with families and children and an excellent guard dog who is protective of her family. She is toilet trained to do her business outside.

Snowy is a low maintenance dog and has a sterilisation certificate. She would be better off if she were the only dog in the home.

Thank you fellow dog lovers.

Update Mon 19 Apr
Snowy's still waiting to be adopted.

Update Mon 24 May
Snowy's fosterers are leaving Singapore soon. he needs a home urgently.

update from relief fosterer, wed 30 jun
Other than a bit of a skin rash Snowy is perfectly fit and healthy. Her fosterer has been evicted from her apartment and has to move back to the UK in a rush.

Currently she is living with me and attending doggy daycare at K9 Kulture, but since I'm expecting twins in September, I'd really like to get her rehomed into a nice family before they are born.

tue 2 nov 2010
She has indeed found her forever home...with her rescuer!
She is currently curled up on her bed, dreaming of chasing cats and eating smoked salmon.

We couldn't find a home for her in the end and we got very attached to her. She gets a lot of love now :-)

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Prince, 4yo golden brown english cocker spaniel - good temperament, friendly with other dogs

Name: Prince
Breed: English cocker spaniel
Age: 4

Description : Golden brown , Medium slim built with aa shiny coat. We keep his fur short due to the weather .
He’s very playful and loving /loves attention. Loves the beach. Friendly with other dogs and has a extremely good temperament. Never bitten or growled.

[sat 16 oct 2010. posted on request. source: e-mail, sat 16 oct 2010.]

tue 2 nov 2010
prince has found a home

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Daniel the friendly, active 3.5yo male cavalier king charles spaniel

Hi! I need help in rehoming my dog as we have developed allergies. My dog Daniel is a King Charles Cavelier tri-colour breed, 3.5 years old.

He is very friendly, adapts well to his surrounding and has a good temperament. He can be barky and has a very bad habit of jumping on people. He is a very active dog and he loves attention.

I hope you can help me find a good home for him with lots of space to run and an owner who will love him.

[sun 10 oct 2010. posted on request. source: email, thu 7 oct 2010.]

tue 2 nov 2010
daniel is rehomed

Monday, 1 November 2010

FOUND: 2 labrador retrievers (coronation drive, bt timah, fri 29 oct 2010)

details here:, mon 1 nov 2010

[mon 1 nov 2010.]

[rehomed!] FOUND/FOSTER/ADOPT: 7-8yo female jrt x silky terrier (eastern lagoon/upper east coast rd/bedok south ave, early sep 2010)

I found this Jack Russel cross Silky mIx Silky Terrier near Eastern Lagoon last week.Female, about 7-8 years old,she had very long nails

Kindly spread the word as I may not be able to keep her for too long.

[mon 13 sep 2010. source: e-mail, sun 12 sep 2010.]

mon 1 nov 2010
dog is adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Sweety aka Ang Chui the singapore special found at the rubbish dump

Sweety, a 6-month-old mongrel pup, was found abandoned at the rubbish dump one early morning. A kind lady took pity on her and has temp put her on foster home.

Sweety needs to have a permanant family to love and care for her.

Please note that Sweety is not under HDB approved breed. More pix in the link below.

[Source: Mon 29 Mar.]

Update Fri 21 May
Sweety is very pretty but not lucky in being adopted. All her siblings are adopted including her mum's next batch.

mon 1 nov 2010
sweet angchui is adopted

Sunday, 31 October 2010

STILL LOST: Hello the fat patchy black and white female cat (Tampines st 21, fri 9 jul)

LOST beloved fat patchy black and white female cat "Hello" at Blk 201D Tampines St 21 on fri 9 Jul 2010. We tried all ways to find Hello but cannot. If found, please contact very worried owner, Alice urgently at 92707369.

[tue 13 jul., tue 13 jul.]

pretty persian for a responsible adopter

Hi all

She's a pure persian, about 2 or 3 years. Not sure if she's lost or was abandoned. Has no microchip. She is very shy and a bit scared. But allows people to touch her gently. She might have been roaming for a long time.

Anyone interested to adopt her please contact me at 98245852 Ang. Adopter must be patient with her and it's best if you have experience in handling persians. Adopter must bring her to the vet to check if she's sterilised--if not please sterilise her. Strictly not for breeding. Please be ready for the commitment, I dont wish this gal to be in this state again, Thanks

Teck Yong

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