Saturday, 10 July 2010

[rip] CHEWY HAS LIVER POISONING, NEEDS KITTY BLOOD: healthy 4-5yo cats, contact 84333307

Chewy (domestic short hair, male, 2 yrs 4mths) had just recovered from PU surgery but is admitted to hospital yesterday (8 July 2010) due to liver poisoning, which is spreading to his organs resulting to internal bleeding.

Chewy is currently being seen to at Animal Recovery Centre, and the vet has said that he urgently requires blood transfusion from a healthy cat between 4-5kg with no infections.

How You Can Help:
We are in dire need of help and are urgently seeking owners of healthy cats between 4 - 5 kg with no infections to come forward to donate blood in order to save Chewy's life.

We can make the arrangements for transportation etc if needed and we will cover for expenses. We just want him to be healthy and normal again.

Please help our Chewy. He was a healthy, active and lively cat until the illnesses. And we love him so much like our family.

Thank you very much and we truly appreciate any kind help provided.

[sat 10 jul., fri 9 jul.]

update sat 10 jul
Unfortunately, Chewy has succumbed to his illness today. Thank you for all your support, kind words and offers - we really appreciate this.

LOST: Nigel the 3yo male salt-pepper schnauzer w left eye infection (punggol drive 633A, sat 10 jul)

My friend's dog is missing! Please help to look out. Thanks!

Name: Nigel
Colour: Salt & Pepper
Gender: Male
Age: 3years old

Lost area: Punggol Drive, Blk 633A around 1am on sat 10th July 2010.

Owner's Name: Jaslyn
Contact Number: 92718012

He's very sociable and does not bite,so we worried that someone would just carry him away.
His left eye is having infection now!

[sat 10 jul. and, sat 10 jul.]

[reunited!] LOST: Numpty the large, m/chipped 8yo brown mackarell tabby cat (woodleigh park/braddell, sun 4jul)

STOMPer Roseann has lost her eight years old Brown Mackarel Tabby, Numpty. She was last seen at Woodleigh Park Area off Braddell, and has not been home for almost four days.

Roseann said:

"Numpty is quite large, around 6.5kg. She went out on Sunday evening and has not returned. Please keep a look out, especially neighbours who walk and exercise around the area.

"She has a microchip between her scapular. The number is 985120006815838"

[wed 7 jul., wed 7 jul.]

update sat 10 jul
numpty's found

[reunited!] FOUND: well-groomed young male chihuahua (compassvale/sengkang/buangkok)

Dog found near Compassvale/Sengkang/Buangkok.

Male Chihuahua
Quite young...cant tell the age....well groomed, no collar on him.....

[sat 3 jul., sat 3 jul.]

update at 10 jul
owner found

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Successful appeal letter to HDB for keeping a non-approved dog breed

Thanks to Katherine for sharing this:

Someone had written to HDB for permission to keep a Golden Retriever and his request was granted. I believe there are many requests have been granted. The letter was well written.

You may wish to inform HDB's owners to try to write in to HDB.


To: HDB Branch Manager / Person in charge,

I write with regard to the above subject matter.

I have been keeping a golden retriever (non-approved HDB breed) since it was a puppy. It is currently 2 and a half years of age. The dog was given to me as a gift back then. I have yet to get a license from the AVA for my dog as I am aware that it is of an unapproved breed for HDB dwelling. However, due to the recent spate of events over the news regarding dog licensing, I would like appeal to HDB for a license to be given to my dog. I have written to the AVA and they have referred me to write to HDB for prior approval on a case by case basis.

My dog has a good temperament and does not bark at anyone, even neighbours. He is also good with young children and the elderly as he is exposed to them on a weekly basis. He is also extremely friendly and mostly playful.

I am aware that AVA's rules and regulations do not allow large dogs in HDB dwelling as they feel that the small area is insufficient for them to run, roam and have fun. However, I would like to share that i do leash my dog and bring it for frequent walks around the estate and sometimes even to the neighbourhood dog run area to have his share of fun with his other dog friends. I also make an effort to clean up the poo left by my dog and take the responsibility to send my dog for obedience training.

I would like to further add that not everyone can afford luxury houses, and it would also be unfair to us for AVA to say that big dogs need bigger space to run and roam when in fact, what they need is ample exercise. If what AVA's guidelines is true, then it would be contradicting and an irony to allow condominium owners to keep large breeds (and a max of 3 at that). Moreover, most condos in singapore are not quite as spacious as our 3 - 5 room flats (especially the old units).

If need be, I am also willing to take the stairs with my dog in the event other neighbours wish to take the lifts. We live in a multi racial and multi cultural country, if we can make the effort to treat each other with equal fairness and equality, should we not also treat our pets in the same way (as long as they do no harm to our neighbours)? Afterall, animals have feelings too and having lived with my family for a period of time, my dog does feel a sense of closeness to us as well.

I am very reluctant to give my dog up for adoption or to the SPCA as he has been with the family for more than 2 years. I am also aware of what the SPCA will do to unadopted dogs. They normally put down animals which are not adopted after a few months. This is the most inhumane thing to do to any animal, especially when they are healthy and well. I also do not wish to contribute to the number of strays on the streets as i know full well what will happen when i do so. My dog is very well behaved and is very domesticated, he will not be able to survive alone in the streets.

I hope HDB will review my case seriously as I believe that all dogs have a right to enjoy a good home with a responsible owner, who is willing to shower on him love and attention irregardless of his size and the size of the home.

I hope to hear your good news soon. Thank you.


here is the update from the member dated 8/3/2009:-


HDB approved my goldie! hahaha.... now must apply to ava for dog license already!!

[thu 8 jul. Original post on - you need to be a member to view this, but it no longer seems to accept new accounts??]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 7mo white male bunny

male 7months old male unsterilised bunny for adoption as he started fighting with my other male bunny. only allow him to go to families whom have taken care of bunnies before.

-not allowed for breeding with other bunny
-potty trained but random poo will be out of potty, will have to sweep up the poo and clean the cage bottom with dettol to prevent him from peeing elsewhr but the potty.
-have to let him out everyday to run around
-able to bathe him with bunny shampoo but blow dry thoroughly

any questions can just call me or msg me directly even after adoption (:

owner must be able to take good care of him and able to commit time.

[sat 12 jun. source:, thu 10 jun.]

update thu 8 jul

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Angel, gentle and shy 6mo singapore girl found at lorong chuan

Found at Lorong Chuan. Very gentle and shy. Simply a darling. A good companion at home.

Thank you for saving another local stray puppy.

[sat 3 jul., sat 3 jul.]

update thu 8 jul
angel is adopted

[reunited!] LOST: Kiki, 1yo male b/w husky w red collar (farrer park, sat 3 jul)

my husky ran away this morning.
it is male, black and white color,quite prue.
he is one years old, quite big but not very ery big.
he is wearing a red collar.
his name is KIKI, he won't bite.
my home is near farrer park mrt, but he could go futher...
if anyone see him ,please call me.

thanks a lot.

[sun 4 jul., sat 3 jul.]

update thu 8 jul
my dog has been found by SPCA. thanks very much.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Macho the mini bull x jrt abandoned at pet shop

Macho - Mini Bull x Jack Russell, Intact (with 1 undescended testicle), est 9mths

Macho was brought to a petshop at Whampoa to supposedly wait for his owner while he "grabbed" lunch. Unknown to Macho, his owner ran off and never returned. A case of irresponsible abandonment.

Macho has the energy and traits of both the mini bull and the jack, and loves going for walks. Very trainable and playful young adult.

[Original post, Mon 1 Mar:!/photo.php?pid=3833258&id=725367335&fbid=334132117335]

update wed 7 jul
macho's adopted

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

[reunited!] LOST: Teddy the 10yo male yorkshire terrier (jervois road, tanglin/alexandra/river valley, sun 4 jul)

Name Of Dog: Teddy
Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Colour Of The Dog: Black body, Gold legs, head is grey and gold.
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Size: About 35-40 cm from tail to head

Date The Dog Was Lost: sun 04 July 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Jervois Road. He could have ran on to Prince Charles Crescent, Tanglin Road, Alexandra Road, Delta Road and even River Valley Road or other small roads branching out from Jervois Road (e.g. Cable Road).

[mon 5 jul., mon 5 jul.]

update sat 6 jul
teddy has been found

[reunited!] LOST: Putter the 8yo male cavalier king charles spaniel (spottiswoode park/everton, sat 3 jul)

Name Of Dog: Putter
Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Colour Of The Dog: Blenheim
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Size: 2 ft

Date The Dog Was Lost: sat 03 July 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Spottiswoode Park/Everton Road

[mon 5 jul., mon 5 jul.]

update tue 6 jul
putter has been found

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Blackie, Lovely and Sweetie, the 3 remaining kim chuan specials

(from top: blackie, lovely, sweetie)

Dear all,

Remember Novi? The puppy at kim chuan that was saved last november?

As i mentioned then, there are 6 more dogs staying at the factory: 3 females and 3 males. i managed to spay 2 females while they were on heat and the last female was already pregnant then and i could not nab her. she has given birth to 7 puppies of about 1 mth old now.

I went to take pictures of them today and the man told me one of them was not seen the whole morning. there is a big drain at his office leading to the main road and he suspected that the puppy was drowned by the heavy rain last nite.

Sadly, i got to see only 6 of them. Kindly help spread words around to see if there is anyone interested in adopting the balance 6 (Hopefully 7) puppies asap as it is really dangerous for them to put up at where they are now.(With a big drain and a 2-way road just outside the factory where they can just run out to the road coz the gate are always open).

Also,the man intends to bring them to spca. He's agreed to give me 2 weeks to look for adopters... Pls help give these puppies a home.

More photos here:

Anyone who is Interested pls contact me at my email add :

Update Wed 7 Apr
7 puppies are in a shelter now and need homes asap. Please help to spread the word.

Update Tue 18 May
only one is adopted....the six puppies are still awaiting for a loving home..

update wed 30 jun
Hi, those puppies (3mth +) are up for adoption with no adoption fee. However, we request you promise a loving home for them. Currently there's 3 left from the 7 puppies. Let me know if you are interested or pass this msg around. At the moment, those poor pups live in the factory. We are also open for those who like to foster them.

update tue 6 jul
the 3 pups have all been adopted

Monday, 5 July 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Josh the 6yo male poodle x schnauzer - owners divorced

Poodle x Schnauzer, Male, est 6yrs

Josh was given up after his owners divorced. Neither party is willing to commit to continue keeping him.

Very alert and playful boy, loves attention. Good with dogs and kids.

[Original post:!/photo.php?pid=3833225&id=725367335]

update mon 5 jul
josh has found a new home

[rehomed!] URGENT FOSTER/ADOPT: friendly singapore boy abandoned 6 months ago - AVA deadline 10 July

This dog was abandoned about 6 months ago according to someone I spoke to. He should be about 1 year old.
Temperament : Harmless, doesn't bark, weary of strangers, friendly to other dogs, friendly to people he knows

Some kind dog lovers have been feeding him. However, someone lodged a complain about him at AVA causing AVA officers to go down to attempt to catch him. The dog is very harmless, he doesn't bark and doesnt even leave the field to loiter at the HDB flats. AVA has given those dog lovers up to July 10 to home him, otherwise, he will be put down after being caught.

If you can help by adopting him, please contact Mr Vicky at 9 4 8 3 5 4 8 1

[mon 28 jun.]

update mon 5 jul
The dog was adopted yesterday. thanks Mr vicky for alerting the public and the adopter for taking the dog in.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Flappy the 9yo male yellow labrador retriever

We have no choice but to put up my 9 year old Yellow Labrador for adoption. He is fully house trained and loves to hang around people. His name is Flappy and he just turned 9 years on 3 March.

There is no adoption fee and we just want him to have a good home.

Interested, please message at 97436391. Thanks.

[Original post, Sat 20 Mar:]

update mon 5 jul
flappy has found a home

ADOPT: Boy Boy Tau Kee and Tiki, 1 male and 1 female JRT

I need to rehome my 2 babies due to personal problems back home, both are JRT, a male and a female.

Tiki (left), the female one, is going to be 5yrs old this year.

Boy Boy Tau Kee (right), the male, is around 4-6yrs old, this i'm not too sure as he was an abandoned dog which we brought home to nurse back to health,

this is the FB acc of both of my dogs, with their pics attached.

Boy Boy Tau Kee!/profile.php?id=100000299886493&v=wall&ref=a


Any further questions u can get back to me @ 97697960

[Sun 9 May. Source: e-mail, Sun 9 May.]

Sunday, 4 July 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: playful, handsome 7-8mo male beagle

Hi all have a beagle for adoption been abandon by owner due to stupid reason that wife don't want to spend time rearing it. Got so angry with this reason when I heard it from a friend looking for a nice home fo it as it is less than a year. Pity the little dog so trying to find a good hm for it . could not take in myself as I have a few dogs already

Very friendly with people love to play cute handsome little boy abt 7 to 8 month old only

[mon 28 jun., mon 28 jun.]

update sun 4 jul
beagle has found a new home

[reunited!] LOST: Pipi the 9yo grey/white male shih tzu (Bukit Batok, Wed 2 Jun)

Name Of Dog: Pi Pi
Breed: Shih Tzu
Colour Of The Dog: Grey/White
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Size: 2ft

Date The Dog Was Lost: Wed 02 Jun 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Blk 132 Bukit Batok West Ave 6

[Thu 3 Jun. Source:, Thu 3 Jun.]

update sun 4 jul
pipi is found