Saturday, 31 December 2011

ADOPT: Trino the manja, playful + fast 3-legged singapore boy

Name : Trino
Gender : Male
Age : About 1-2 years old
Breed : Mongrel
HDB approved? : No
Sterilized : Not yet
Adoption Fee : Adopter to pay for sterilization and microchipping to be done.
Important Note : He is 3-legged.

Due to a freak accident, Trino needed to have his left hind amputated. He is currently recovering well from his major operation. A very manja and playful boy despite his handicap. And yes 3-legged dogs can still run, as fast as his 4-legged friends too!

Contact :

[mon 2 aug. e-mail, sun 31 jul.]

Thursday, 29 December 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Brownie, Dolly, Jacky - 3 adorable hdb-approved dogs (shih tzu, maltese, schnauzer, cross)

Dear friends,

These dogs are up for adoption as their owner is unfortunately involved in a serious accident and still in hospital at the present moment.

All interested parties have to be above 21 years old and will have to undergo thorough screening before viewing will be arranged. Appreciate your understanding that this is to the best interest of the dogs as we will want them to go to suitable families. Adopters have to be agreeable to home visits and to sign a simple adoption agreement.

Name : Brownie

Gender : Male

Age (estimated) : 5-7 years old

Breed (estimated) : Maltese cross shih tzu

Colour : Brown and white

Sterilized : Yes

Vaccination : Done yearly

Adoption Fee : $120

Name : Dolly

Gender : Female

Age (estimated) : 2-4 years old

Breed (estimated) : Maltese cross schnauzer

Colour : Brindle

Sterilized : Yes

Vaccination : Done yearly

Adoption Fee : $120

Note : Body is on the long side

Name : Jacky

Gender : Male

Age (estimated) : 2-4 years old

Breed (estimated) : Shih tzu cross

Colour : Brown and white

Sterilized : Yes

Vaccination : Done yearly

Adoption Fee : $120


Good news. All 3 dogs Jacky, Dolly and Brownie has been adopted.

ADOPT: Popeye the singapore boy rescued from Pan Island Expressway

Gender: Male
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

Popeye was rescued at Pan Island Expressway. Hence given the name Popeye or PIE for short.

Don't be deceived by his looks as he is still a puppy despite his size!

Extremely playful, a small boy at heart.


add as your facebook friend to view popeye's photo album

[Sat 1 May. Source:, 6 Dec 2009.]

update tue 22 jul
here's a photo of PIE checking his flowers from crystal's owner for thanking him for donating blood to crystal! Who say strays are useless? They can save lives !!!!!

he is still up for adoption. contact if you want to bring home this friendly hero...

ADOPT: Kyoto the sweet, mild singapore girl rescued from industrial area

Name : Kyoto
Cross breed
1.5 years old
Small-framed mid size dog (not suitable for HDB dwelling)

A sweet, non aggressive and mild dog, Kyoto was rescued from an industrial area, in a car parts shop. She would hide beneath the cars, amidst battery water and car acid that ate into her fur and skin. Kyoto then always had bad bloody, bald patches all over her body.

She gave birth to a beautiful litter of 9 pups, sadly none survived for long as they were affected by the fumes and chemicals. This was the second litter that died and in view of this, a volunteer from ALL took her away and now Kyoto resides at Pets Villa with her glossy black fur and happy smile, no more bald patches, no more chemical burns. Kyoto has since been sterilised and now looking forward to meet her new family and home.

Kyoto is still in the shelter waiting for her home.

Please email us at if you are able to provide for our friendly and sweet Kyoto.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Queenie - shy, gentle, smaller-sized singapore girl

My name is Queenie.

I am one of those smaller-sized orange dogs you see at the shelter. I am slightly shy, so as the other dogs rush up towards you, I tend to hover in the background. It is so easy to fail to take notice of me.

I like some human affection, but I would appreciate if you go slow with me. Any quick and harried movement scares me. Spend time to bond with me and when I’ll reciprocate with more love than you can ever imagine.

If you are thinking of cultivating a relationship with a small sized dog, please think of me!

In the meantime, check out more of my photos at


Queenie's adoption is confirmed today. She is now know as Lizzie. The family is so satisfied with her. They even donated $100 to Gentlepaws (donated by Mr Chan Kheong Sann). We wish Queenie happiness ever after :) love love Queenie!

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Boy Boy - handsome male chihuahua

A pair of Chihuahuas were found along the road this afternoon, a male and female.

Both have been taken immediately to vet for check up The male has severe conjuncitivitis and severe heartworm, while the female has badly infection wound on her stomach, possibly from a Cesaerean wound that might have burst open and did not heal well. She will need surgery to fix it.

We are still trying to trace if they have been abandoned or are lost. Both have microchips and estimated to be about 5-7 years old.

[wed 20 apr 2011. shared on request. source: tagged on]

The female chihuahua, Girl Girl (now renamed Hito) had been adopted by a kind dog lover and is living happily with another 2 Chihuahuas in her new home!

However, the handsome male chihuahua, Boy Boy, is still looking for a home. For the recent picture of Boy Boy now and information on him, please visit:

Boy Boy's photo Copyright © 2011 Colleen Goh

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Flower - 6mo female tri-coloured domestic shorthair, scared but sweet, loves cuddles, purring, kneading

details here:

[mon 11 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, sun 10 apr 2011.]

flower has been adopted

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

[rehomed!] FOSTER: Harry - very ill dog in pain, with not long to live and nothing to live for

Please help Harry find a home. Share this please?

[sun 14 aug 2011. shared on req. source: tagged on]

harry has been adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Oscar - affectionate, small-sized orange male mongrel who loves cuddles

Hey! My name is Oscar but I am no Grouch.

On the contrary, I am a relatively small-sized orange dog. Together with a few others such as Teeny, Queenie and Yen Yen, we were rescued from the streets.

When I see the humans cuddling other dogs, I’ll rush toward them and squeeze my way through the throng of other dogs to reach the humans. I always do my best to make my presence felt because I really do love a good cuddle. I’m the leader of the pack in my compound. My small size has not diminished by authority in the least.

If you are in search of a small-sized dog who appreciates human affection, I’m the man for you! Will you please give me the hugs, cuddles and love?

E-mail or meet me (and my other adoptable pals) face to face on Saturday, 12 Nov, at Pasir Ris Farmway.

In the meantime, check out more of my photos at


This Christmas is a special one for Oscar. His rehome is finally confirmed! We wish Oscar and his adopter Clara a very Merry Christmas! May all your wishes come true :) Woof Woof Woof...

Thursday, 22 December 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT TOGETHER, IF POSSIBLE: Cocoa + Lulu, cats rescued from industrial park

Name - Cocoa and Lulu
Gender - Mixed
Breed - Cross Breed
Size - Small
Age - 8 mths
Vaccinated - Yes
Sterilized - Yes
Paper Trained - Yes
Basic Commands - - N/A -
Good w/ Children - Yes
Good w/ Pets - Yes

History - A pair of 6 month old kittens urgently looking for a loving forever home. Cocoa and Lulu live a difficult life at Changi South Industrial Park home. They survive on handouts from the office workers in the area and life is uncertain on a day to day basis. If you have room for them in your life, they will be so grateful for a roof over their heads and a soft surface to sleep on without the worry of being chased away. Cocoa and Lulu have been together since birth are very attached to one another , so we would prefer them to be rehomed together. They are very loving and affectionate kitties and you will not regret making them part of your family.

Personality - 2 cats looking for a home. The cocoa coloured one is male[temporarily named Cocoa] and the other, female[Lulu]. Personality: Good-natured and attached to each other. Litter trained. Status: Both have just been vaccinated and desexed. Condition: Preferably adopted together as they are siblings and have been together since birth. URGENT! Cats will be released back to Changi South industrial park if adoption is unsuccessful.


Both have found homes.

LOST: Baby - brown/white shih tzu (blk 369 bukit batok)


LOST: Yuki - 4yo female japanese spitz (blk 121 paya lebar way, 19.12.11)

Name Of Dog: Yuki
Breed: Japanese Spitz
Colour Of The Dog: White
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Size: medium

Date The Dog Was Lost: 19 Dec 2011
Where The Dog Was Lost: Blk 121 Paya Lebar Way
 Owner's Name: Kelly
Contact Number: 91520076


Wednesday, 21 December 2011

ADOPT: Batman, Spidey, Robin - 3 x healthy, vaxed 5mo cute puppies


ADOPT: Fudge - sweet, gentle, docile, intelligent, healthy 8mo female singapore girl

Name: Fudge
Sex: Female
Age: 7-8 mths
Health: Sterilized, vaccinated and in the pink of health

Fudge walked into a factory seeking for a place to stay. She was so
adorable that people at the factory wanted to keep her. Unfortunately,
according to management's policy, dogs are not allowed into the
compound. Her rescuer had to reluctantly put her at a shelter as she
is unable to house Fudge. Fudge is currently being fostered at Pasir

Fudge is an extremely sweet girl. Her gentle, submissive and docile
personality will melt your heart. Fudge is seeking a chance to be your
loyal companion. Would you be the one to give her that opportunity?


[rehomed!] ADOPT: Cute Loving Friendly Drizzle - female mongrel pup rescued from streets

Hi! My name is Drizzle. I used to roam the streets as a stray before I was rescued by the kind volunteers of Gentle Paws & Friends. I was found without my family and I had to fend for myself. It is tough being a small puppy roaming an area lacking in food and love. Survival with be tough and I am so glad to have found shelter at Gentle Paws & Friends. However, my biggest dream is to find a permanent home filled with love and care.

Will you fulfill my dream? I have the most adorable ears in the shelter and is very friendly and loving. Come bond with me and we can have the most lasting loving relationship.

More Details And Photos:

[fri 26 aug 2011. shared on req: email, 25 aug 2011.]

drizzle is happily adopted

LOST: Lucky - 15yo b/w papillon (block 401 Pandan Gardens, 20.12.11)


[reunited!] FOUND: Papillon (carmichael road/braddell, 16.12.11, )

FOUND DOG TODAY Fri 16.12.11, 10.06am ard carmichael road.. Anyone know this dog or the owner.. PLS HELP to spread the words...

Contact rescuer through FB link below.


dog has found its owner

Friday, 16 December 2011

ADOPT: Momo - loyal, faithful single tanned singapore girl


ADOPT: Coco - 4mo abused female mongrel pup stabbed in abdomen

On 2nd May we lost our blind dog age 7 to cardiac arrest. Though he was born blind, he could navigate around very well , I should say.

The next day, received a call from a friend working in Tuas about an abuse puppy age 4 months, stabbed in the abdomen. We had no choice working against all potential risks from neighbours, we took her in .... cant fathom how bad she could be abused if we dont take her in.

So.... you know the story lah.. either we grant her a permanent passport or leave space for rescue of other pathetic strays...or injured animals... She recovers extremely well with a potion of love and tender care on a daily basis. Now I guess the right thing to do is to find a home that is equal if not better than ours - so more can be rescued . My house is equals to a rescue centre cum old retirement home.

So guys , attached are the pics of her after recovery and she looks bright already..., please assist in spreading this email to yr friends.

Thank you and God Bless.

[thu 12 may 2011. shared on request. source: email, wed 11 may 2011.]

Thursday, 15 December 2011

[rehomed!] SOS! PLS RT! ADOPT BY NOV: Newton - 10mo male mongrel pup, good w dogs/children, paper/garden trained

Keen to give Newton a second chance, pls contact REX : 9837 5931.



Name: Newton (Male)
Age: 10 mths

Good with dogs & children
Paper Trained and Garden trained

Newton was rescued from a construction site as a 2 mth old puppy. He has lived with his owner & family for the past 8 mths. Sadly, his owner will be migrating in a FEW DAYS time! Their new landlord abroad doesnt allow dogs. Newton is a local breed and we mustnt risk him being sent to SPCA!

PLease help to foster/adopt him!

newton found home

Friends, pls help up load on all web sites to appeal for donors.....or fwd this to yr doggy owning friends.... Thks thks...

Poor Molly is under d weather again. The Tick Fever reared it's ugly head!! This time is the nasty BABESIA CANIS strain. Harder to get rid if n cure. It also spreads faster!!!

Her blood count has been dropping frm 33% down to 24%!!! We hve been giving Eprex injection and also Wellvone (the Golden Syrup - very $$$)

She is anaemic n the condition n quality of her cells r quite delicate.

Molly will hve a blood test tomorrow. If the PCV bloodcount % has dropped further, means that the Eprex n Wellvone is not really working.

We need dogs with Negative Blood. Clean of Tick Fever n Heartworm. Not sure?? No problem. My vet will do d test before taking any blood. Donors must be under 7 yrs old and weigh more than 23 kgs.

Pls call Leng at 9619-3208.

Vet - Jireh Vet at 15 Venus Rd. Windsor Park Estate. Off Upper Thomson Rd.

Dr Christopher Tham.
Tel: 6556-0268.


[rehomed!] ADOPT: Sweet, quiet Dexter - 2yo male mongrel

Hi, my name is Dexter. I’m a quiet dog who gets along with most other dogs. I love a good walk but when I get tired, I always flop down on my tummy. The humans always sigh and laugh when they see me lying on the ground halfway through my walk.

I’m one of the most loving dogs at the shelter. You will often see me licking the other dogs at the shelter to help clean them or to lick their wounds. I love a good chew. When the humans throw us those chew sticks, I am content to hide at a corner to chew the day away.

When humans enter our compound, I’m usually one of the last dogs to get their attention. Unlike the others, I don’t rush forward. I sit on the bed calmly and patiently for them to come.

Perhaps that’s why I always get neglected. I do wish the humans would look my way sometimes and spare me a cuddle. Because even though I don’t show it, I do like some human affection.

If you’ve other dogs at home or if you’re on the lookout for a low maintenance dog to call a friend, please say that I’m the one for you!

Adapted from:

Please visit: for more information on Dexter.

[tue 5 jul 2011. shared on request. source: email, 2 jul 2011.]

Dexter's rehome has been confirmed :) he has settled down wonderfully and unexpectedly fast. With love from Snowball, he seems really happy :) thanks to Dean and Juliana.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

[rehomed!] SOS! ADOPT: Abby - shy, loving, playful 3mo female mongrel found at shipyard

i have a rescued pup at home for the past two weeks..

Animal's name: Dog- ABBY
Age: arnd 3 months
Gender: female
Breed: mongrel

Physical/character traits? - shy but once friendly is very loving, playful

Microchipped? - no

When and where was it lost/found/seen? - she was found at jurong shipyard by a lady one month back, with her sister, who has been adopted.. this pup was fostered by an old lady in an hdb and now i have taken over her fostering until she gets adopted.

Other comments: feel free to reach me at the given number. Thnks in advance


Pls. if you can help me find a home for Abby. Sadly, I wont be able to foster Abby for much long. Pls help her.

abby found home

ADOPT: Muffin the lovely singapore boy with a great temperament

Gender: Male
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

A lovely boy who has nice temperament.


Add as your friend on facebook to view more photos of muffin and friends

[Sat 1 May., 22 Jun 2009.]

ADOPT: Handsome the male mongrel

Gender: Male
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

Handsome is one nice and good-looking chap!


If you've facebook, add as your friend to view Handsome's photo album:

[Sun 9 May. Source:, 23 Jun 2009.]

Monday, 12 December 2011

ADOPT: Gou Gou the manja singapore boy

Gender: Male
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Tend to be domineering towards dogs but extremely friendly towards humans.

Gou Gou was one of the dogs who was rescued from the expressway.

A very lovely and manja boy!


add on facebook to view more photos of gou2 and friends

[Wed 5 May. Source:, 24 Jun 2009.]

ADOPT: Duster the good-looking, sociable singapore boy

Duster was rescued off Sembawang Park. He loves to be "sayang" and will tailgate us around the shelter.

A sociable dog with nice temperament, he will make a lovely pet.

Give him a chance. Do email us to arrange for viewing.

[Sun 25 Apr. Source:, Sun 25 Apr.]

FOUND: well-groomed, collared medium female mongrel, white with brown spots (choa chu kang central, south view primary)

Lost dog found around choa chu kang central, near south view primary. If you happen to know the owner or are the owner, please contact 91502083.

Size SM, female, white with brown spots. Very well groomed and has a collar on. Can't keep her for long as I have a non sterilised male dog at home and they don't click.


LOST: Speckles - 2+yo brown/white female cocker spaniel (lavender street, 11.12.11 4pm)


Saturday, 10 December 2011

ADOPT/MEET@ADOPTION DRIVE (11 DEC): Huahua + Xiaochun - friendly, affectionate inseparable 2yo siblings, survivors of posioning case


Meet Huahua, Xiaochun and friends at an adoption drive at Torte this Sunday, 11 Dec.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Ryan - affectionate, loving, charming, warm, intelligent 3 to 4 yo male golden retriever given up at industrial estate

Name: Ryan
Sex: Male
Age: est. 3 to 4 years old
Breed: Golden Retriever
Personality: Affectionate, loving, charming, warm and intelligent.
Ryan is a joy to be around. He will bring a smile to your face almost
instantaneously. He enjoys the company of people, loves water, enjoys
long baths and swimming.

Note: It is preferably that Ryan gets adopted to a landed property as
he would need sufficient space to move around.

Ryan and another dog, Snowy (a male shih tzu) were given up by their
owner at an industrial estate. A lady happened to drive pass the
factory one afternoon and an old man approached her to help these

Feeling sorry for them, the lady sent an SOS via SMS asking for
assistance to help the dogs.

Ryan and Snowy are very loving boys, intelligent, able to do tricks.
Ryan is a very gentle Retriever, he shares his food and lets Snowy eat
first. When Snowy is done eating, Ryan will then finish whatever is

Snowy has since been adopted and Ryan would be most happy if you can
give him his forever home this Christmas as well.

Ryan is currently staying in a shelter at Pasir Ris.

If you are keen to adopt Ryan and would like to visit him, please
contact us the following volunteers for an appointment. Viewing
possible in the afternoon over the weekends.


Ryan has found a home

STILL LOST: Bibi - m/c fluffy cream-coloured birman cat w choco paws, blue eyes(still road/marine parade, 18.11.11)

Hi we lost a birman cat called bibi near the marine parade East Coast
still road area. near the library.

She is a fluffy cream coloured cat with chocolate paws and eyes that
are blue or pink depending on the light. She is much loved and much

she is microchipped with id 982 009101419091. We are offering a $200
reward. Thank you. please feel free to contact me at this number
90307728 or email me at if you fnd her.


Friday, 9 December 2011

LAST SEEN NUS OED CARPARK/YST (7.12, 8pm): Jordan - 14-yo- black mini pinscher w brown eyebrows, muzzle, lower halves of leg

My 14-yr old miniature pinscher has been missing since 4 Dec (Sun). He didn't have a microchip nor a collar when he got out of the house.

We live along West Coast Road opposite Clementi Woods Condo. He was last seen walking in the direction of Clementi Woods Park.

He's about 1 ft in size, has a stumpy tail, pointed ears. He's black but has brown eyebrows, brown around the mouth and the lower halves of his legs.

I will be extremely grateful if you can post this on your blog and your facebook page so we can be reunited with him soon.

Thank you very much.


latest update ... seen on tues around 4pm walking up the stairs leading to the Engineering Faculty @ NUS. please help to keep a lookout!

Latest update: last seen @ NUS OED carpark beside the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music on 7 Dec @ 8pm. Pls spread the word. Many many thanks!

Warm Regards,

Thursday, 8 December 2011

ADOPT: Candi - 2yo female singapore special


Candi will be making a special appearance at an Adoption Drive this coming Sunday 20 Nov at Animal Infirmary (Thomson Road) from 10am-2pm. Make a date with her and other lovely doggies who are looking for homes.

More details here:

Come meet Candi and friends at a special adoption drive this Sunday, 11 Dec, at Torte.

ADOPT: Lucky Boy - 5mo male cross breed, siblings culled by AVA


Lucky Boy will be making a special appearance at an Adoption Drive this coming Sunday 20 Nov at Animal Infirmary (Thomson Road) from 10am-2pm. Make a date with him and other lovely doggies who are looking for homes.

More details here:

For those who missed him the first time round, Lucky Boy will be at Torte this Sun, 11 Dec. Do drop by to lend him your support.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Babee - gentle, sentimental, healthy 8yo female maltese x silky terrier

Babee is a pretty Female Maltese x Silky Terrier.

Estimated to be about 8year by the previous owner, Babee now seeks a new home to be able to rest her head for life.

Given up by the owner because they had a baby. Babee is now very scared when I take her out of the house. She will tend to shiver alot and will want to sit very near to you and be next to you.

Babee's a more sentimental dog, therefore, she will stick to one owner. She is a very gentle dog and loves to be in your attention the whole day. Although she does not understand basic commands, she is the type of dog that will fit into any household really easily.

Babee has been vaccinated and been given a all-clear health by the vet. Babee is toilet / paper trained, but may forget once in a while where she is suppose to do her business.


babee has been successfully rehomed :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

ADOPT BY XMAS: Hugo - friendly, fun loving 4yo male husky, good w pple and dogs


[rehomed!] ADOPT: Winky - Winky, 5.5 month old bicoloured black and white female kitten, rescued as an orphan

Winky was rescued as an orphan nearly caught by pest control when she was just 3 weeks old. She subsequently suffered from bouts of flu' and has been rehabilitated from it. She has been vaccinated and is now vet-checked healthy.

Winky is a very manja kitten who loves nose-kisses, purring and kneading, and is a lapcat who loves to snuggle up to humans.

To adopt Winky, visit our blog and see 'How to Adopt'.

[sun 14 aug 2011. shared on req. source: email, 14 aug 2011.]

winky is adopted