Saturday, 28 January 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Whitney - playful 1mo white cat, loves exploring and cuddles

At just 1 month old, Whitney is intelligent enough to be litter-trained. She is very playful and likes to explore new places. Currently she is on a diet of canned food and milk. She loves to be cuddled so you shouldn't leave this cutie alone for too long. She will mew when she is hungry.


whitney has found home

LOST: Paige - brown/white whippet (serangoon, 20.1.12)


ADOPT: Chubbi Bunni - calm, sweet-natured, potty-trained 3+yo female local x netherland dwarf rabbit

Animal's name: Chubbi Bunni

Age: 3 years + months

Gender: Female

Breed: Local with Netherland Dwarf's blood, she have the local rabbit size, but ears are shorter than a local rabbit's ears.

HDB-approved? Yes

Vaccinated? No
Sterilised? No

Health condition?

Physical description?
Whole black with individual white fur streaks all over
*Picture not true to colour as was using iPhone app*

Sweet natured, calm, lies on tummy

Toilet trained?
Yes, potty trained

Understands basic commands?

Good with other pets?

Good with children?

Why is it being put up for adoption?
School's garden rabbit
No one is taking care of the rabbit, as previous batch of students who are good with it have graduated last year.
I've been taking care of the rabbit for a year.
Not all students are fond of rabbit, as some students are scare.

Other comments:
Rabbit will come with 2 APD pellets and 3kg of OXBOW orchard hay.
Will collect $10 to cover food supplies

Free 2ft to 3ft cage, worn out, but usable.

Will only consider experienced bunni owners, or someone who will provide playpen environment or free roaming.

Future owner will have to sign a simple contract and allow once in a blue moon house visits.


Contact details:
Please contact me at 9369 7092(SMS/Whatsapp only, will reply within 24hours)


Friday, 27 January 2012

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: 2 kittens (1 ginger, 1 black/grey)

My dog found 2 kittens while I took her for a walk in the park last night.

A ginger and a black and grey stripe kittens.

Do u have somebody who can foster them and than put up for adoption?
I can only foster them for awhile as I have to work and there is nobody else at home to keep an eye on them.

I am not sure how old they are but eyes already opened and a little teeth growing but not stable when walking. I am feeding them the kitten milk powder at the moment.


both kittens found homes just before cny

ADOPT: Moon the lovable 1+yo singapore girl, abandoned, chased with umbrellas, thrown bottles at

Moon was abandoned near HDB area, the people in the vicinity uses umbrella to chase her away..

Fearing all those human moon hide near the rubbish chute thinking that would be a better place. However, someone thrown glass bottle at her fortunately, it was a near misses.

A kind lady staying nearby was unable to sit and watch the cruelty and decided to rescue her.

Moon is currently staying in a boarding and is waiting for a good home.

Moon is very lovable and she can understand human hand and facial gestures well.

She is a very sweet manja girl, she was abandoned and left to starve on the street.

If you are keen to adopt Moon, please call HP: 9765 9951 for viewing.

Please note that Moon is not HDB approved breed.

[Mon 7 Jun. Source:, Sun 6 Jun.]

[reunited!] LOST: Twinkle - sterilised 2yo brown female ongrel w bushy tail, black muzzle, red collar w tag (ford ave, holland village, 11 jan 2012)


twinkle is found

[reunited!] SOS! FOUND NOW AT SPCA: Cross breed black/brown male w blue collar (lengkong dua, kembangan slglap)

If u live near Lengkong Dua, Kembangan, Siglap and hear of a family looking for a black/brown male dog with a blue collar, pls contact SPCA immediately.


From Project JK's facebook wall:
Good news everyone! SPCA updated that the dog's family has contacted them and since taken their dog home!

[reunited!] LOST: Xiaohei - 15yo male brown pomeranian (kew heights, bedok south, upper changi, 19.1.12)

URGENT APPEAL: XiaoHei has gone missing from our house since 19th January 2012. If you are residing around the Kew Heights, Bedok South, Upper Changi area, please help to keep a look out


xiaohei is found

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Wally - 6wo male mongrel found at construction site

Animal's name: Wally
Age: 6 weeks old
Gender: Male
Breed: Mixed
HDB-approved? He will be a big dog

Vaccinated? 1st vaccination on 4th of Jan 2012
Sterilised? No

Health condition? Vet said healthy. He's on revolution (heartguard+ fleaguard) but will be dewormed on 5th Jan

Physical description? Brown and Black

Personality/temperament? Seems friendly

Toilet trained? Seems to know how to go on paper.
Understands basic commands? Too young to tell
Good with other pets? Too young to tell
Good with children? Too young to tell

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption? Found him at construction site. Looking for a good home as we already have 2 dogs.

Other comments: Looking for a good home with responsible owner.


wally has been adopted

Thursday, 26 January 2012

ADOPT: Sassy + Sister, 2 x 2yo singapore girls

Gender : Both female
Age : Estimated about 2 years old
Breed : Mongrel
HDB Approved : No
Sterilized : Both yes
Background : Taken in as stray puppies

Sassy is the one lying down in both photos (light brown + black).

Interested parties to write in to, including but not limited to an introduction of yourself and your family, and experience in keeping dog/s. Anyone below the age of 21 years old who is interested, please get your parents to write in instead.

[wed 3 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, mon 1 nov 2010.]

ADOPT: Lele - 6mo female mongrel (w JRT blood?) rescued from coffeeshop

Name: Lele
Gender : Female
Age : 5-6 months old
Breed : Mongrel (not sure if there's any JRT blood in her?)
HDB Approved : No
Sterilized : Not yet
Background : Rescued from a coffeeshop

Interested parties to write in to, including but
not limited to an introduction of yourself and your family, and
experience in keeping dog/s. Anyone below the age of 21 years old who
is interested, please get your parents to write in instead.

[wed 9 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, tue 8 mar 2011.]

LOST: Harry - 8yo male mini schnauzer, blac/grey w brown muzzle, red collar w yellow tag (bishan, 25.1.12)


Miniature Schnauzer (Harry), male, about 8 yrs old. Black/greyish with brown muzzle (hair around his mouth). Harry went missing morning today Jan 25th, around 7.40 am in Bishan area.

He wears a red collar with his yellow name tag on it.

Please contact Fern 91914455 or Catherine 96386885 if you have seen him or have any info to find him. Thank you


LOST: Bam Bam - b/w, m/c male mini schnauzer, no collar/leash (serangoon blk 204 near nex))


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

[reunited!] LOST: Larlinka - 12 yo female mongrel, cataract in left eye, 2 moles on each side of face, white-sprinkled muzzle (lichi ave, sennett estate, 13.1.12)

Animal's name: Larlinka
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Breed: Local Breed/Mongrel

Physical/character traits? 70cm tall, 100cm long. She's a little bit on the heavy side, and she has cataract in her left eye, its pretty obvious if you stare at her. She also has two moles on each side of her face. Her snout has sprinkles of white hair due to age.

Microchipped? unfortunately not.

When and where was it lost/found/seen? lost at Lichi ave on the 13th of Jan at around 9am.

Other comments: there will be a reward.


larlinka has been found and she's fine,

ADOPT: Koji, 6-8yo singapore boy (slightly taller than corgi)

Gender : Male
Age : Estimated about 6-8 years old
Breed : Mongrel but very small built. About the size of a corgi but slightly taller than that.
HDB Approved : Yes?
Sterilized : No
Background : Rescued due to skin problem, currently undergoing treatment. His black fur looks grey due to medicated powder applied.

Interested parties to write in to, including but not limited to an introduction of yourself and your family, and experience in keeping dog/s. Anyone below the age of 21 years old who is interested, please get your parents to write in instead.

[tue 2 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, tue 2 nov 2010.]

FOSTER/ADOPT: Goofy - chubby, healthy, contented 2yo male rex local rabbit

- Name : Goofy
- Gender : Male
- Sterilised : Yes
- Age : 2 yrs old
- Breed : Rex Local
- Litter trained : No
- Health condition : Good (no prior vet visit except once for sterilisation)
- Diet : Pellets, hay & veggie (includes drinking water from a container source, not bottle tip)

Goofy is a contented bunny who minds his own biz. He has been sterilised more than a year ago & has recovered fully since. Like all of us, we dun like others to tease or make fun of us. Goes the same for Goofy. He welcomes firm hand stroking and can be handled for grooming or carrying relatively well.

He's on the chubby side after sterilisation and would make a prosperous pet to the household. There has been NO incidents of Goofy falling sick. He goes easy on pellets, hay & veggie.

As photos shown, Goofy currently is not an indoor house rabbit & stays in a humble environment.

On behalf of an elderly caregiver in his 70s age, I appeal for sincere fosterer / adopter to come forward make a difference to Goofy's life. At the end of this search, we only hope fosterer / adopter to have a rewarding experience - be it fostering help or provide Goofy a permanent home sweet home.

Come Join Goofy Towards A Rewarding Bunny Care Experience

Option A
For fostering care. Food rations & beddings can be provided. Fosterer only needs to provide a conducive environment and concentrate in getting Goofy toilet trained up while an adopter comes along. Veggies & water sponsored by fostering family is gratefully appreciated & welcomed. As a start off, user friendly cage can be loaned to assist fosterer in training up Goofy. Once Goofy passes his toilet 'tests', alternative housing setup can be arranged to suit Goofy & fostering family home layout situations. Guidance will be given.

Option B
For adoption. Adopting family can consider 2mths duration trial adoption. Anytime within the 2mths timeframe as long as Goofy needs is taken care of & adopting family members have all settled down fine w/ Goofy, the adoption is confirmed.

For further enquiries, please email to

[mon 11 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, mon 4 apr 2011.]

Monday, 23 January 2012

FOUND/FOSTER: v friendly male silky terrier (taman jurong blk 321, 23.1.12)


A male Silky Terrier found at Taman Jurong Blk 321 lift area at 8+am this morning. Very friendly. Owner please call 9689 0777. FOSTERER NEEDED! Please Share! Thx.


Sunday, 22 January 2012

FOUND: male jrt (serangoon road, sommerville/wolskel road)

Male jrt found along serangoon road near sommerville and wolskel road.. Owner pls contact US Pethouse @ 68581022.. Frens pls share.




My friend's dog, Crystal (in Pic.) is in need of Blood Transfusion. The dog must be 20kg and above. Crystal is now at Animal Recovery Centre at Balestier. You can just go to them or call them at 62522623. Please help to share this post. Thanks



Friend's dog Kiki need blood transfusion urgently due to internal bleeding. Seeking help from medium - large breed dogs, 3-4 yrs old, above 20 kg. Pls help!! Contact Joyce at 94300492. Thanks!


LOST: Brownie - n/mc 3yo male cross breed w droopy ears (kembangan, 19.1.12)

Brownie is a male dog lost at around Kembangan area.

He is very active and is about 2-3 years old. Not microchipped and has a dirty red collar.
Medium size,and does not have any other patches on its body. Pure light brown but except his ears that may be slightly black.
Droopy ears.

Last seen on Wed, 19/1/2012
Not microchipped.

If found, kindly contact Crystal 97860886


SOS! LOST: partially blind, 14yo male, mini schnauzer who needs special diet (Taman Permata, Yew Lian Park, Upper Thomson Road)

I hope you able to help me post my missing dog.

He’s almost 14 years old , male and partially blind and on a special diet. He cannot be fed with any food as his gut is very weak and will bleed after One Feeding besides his prescribed food.

Kindly contact me at 90211339 if found. He might not survived if no proper care is given to him.

Greatly appreciated.