Saturday, 25 February 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Honig aka Wang Wang - cute, blur, previously abused singapore girl

3-month-old Honig the mongrel was rescued from badly abuse case, she has just been sterilised and awaiting for the right owner to bring her home.

Please note that Honig is not an HDB approved breed.

[Sat 27 Mar. Source:]

the kind rescuer decided to keep her for good.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Devoted, sweet, gentle mia cara - small female crossbreed

Devoted Cara for Adoption

Sweet Mia Cara (mia Cara means my dearest) is like a dog you have never met before. We first came to know of her and her pups from a call from one of our feeder friends. She told us of a mother dog with five pups and they were all alone in a desolate area. This was not in the location are feeding so we decided to check it out the next day. When we found the black mother dog there were only 3 pups left. Later we were told by those in the area that two had earlier ran across the road and crushed by trucks.

Cara stayed with her pups when many stray mothers would have abandoned their young when faced with danger themselves or short of food but not Cara. And when in the Shelter and she could no longer nurse her pups with her milk, she regurgitated her food for them. Even the kennel operators marvel at Cara’s devotion as they see with their own eyes that she does not eat but keeps them for her pups. They have urged us to try help find Cara a family as she is so deserving, in reward for her love and her devotion.

Cara always stayed true, stood by them, defending them despite the dangers from men who beat her with sticks to rid her of their premises. Till this day, whenever Cara sees broomsticks, she still avoids them.
Cara’s pups’ adoption were miraculous intervention. They were adopted onsite, something that does not happen often. All her pups, Zen, Silver and Raven are now grown up and living happily with their new homes. Now is her turn, now it is Cara’s turn for a chance at a family as she so deserves, having given up everything for her precious pups, she would have sacrificed her life for them too. Yes, Cara’s story is one that could touch you.

If given a chance, Cara will be as devoted to you as she was to her pups and as she is to us now. When we visit her, she is full of enthusiasm and greets us with her yelps and whines. She jumps on us in anticipation that we will take her out. She is gentle with children and loves the pats and touches. Most times she doesn’t eat the treats we offer as she just thrives on our love, our words and our cuddles. Cara deserves a home full of love and she will stand guard over your household and your family as just as she stood over her pups. And the faithful dog that she is, she will never abandon you even in the face of danger. That is Cara.

Cara is small for a cross breed. She would fit very well into an apartment but she does love going out for her walks being the free spirit that she is. Cara's whole outlook in life is Joy, Joy and more Joy. She has forgotten all her unhappy past and puts her energies and exuberance into a new day. Will you be able to give Cara that new beginning, to see her light up in happiness is a sight to behold, indeed.

Many stories have been written in our blog about Cara. Do read them so you understand the kind of devotion she has for those she loves. - On The Other Side - Another Family and The Journey Home - Mummy Dearest, I do love you so - Cara’s family – togetherness

[wed 8 dec 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, wed 8 dec 2010.]

the kind fosterer has decided to keep cara

ADOPT: Walt + Disney - 1yo singapore specials, great temperament, good with kids/dogs


Thursday, 23 February 2012

ADOPT: Snickers - 6mo mongrel boy found in workshop, playful with dogs, needs time to warm up to humans

This is Snickers, or you can call him Sneakers, for he has a white spotted left paw. This poor boy was found in a workshop, all alone and we couldn't find his mom and the rest of his siblings. He has a crooked tail, probably resulted from the machineries where he used to be.

About him:

A very timid boy at the start due to his living condition. Extrememly playful with dogs, and he needs time to warm up with humans. He is semi paper-train (still working on that). 3-4months old mongrel puppy with a white chest, a spotted white paw with black dots, and small tinge of white fur on other 3 paws, with a crooked tail (sadly). Currently using medicated shampoo for his fur and it's improving tremendously since the day he was found. He's available for viewing.

If yes, then you are the one Baby Snickers is looking for!

Interested parties please email me at or SMS me at 97768464 (SMS only, as I'm still schooling). Please note that he is non-hdb approved and he needs to be fully vaccinated, microchipped and sterilized upon maturity.

Please think twice and discuss with ALL family members before making a decision to dedicate 15 years to this loyal companion who will never get sick and tired of you. All puppies are cute, can you still spare the same amount of time with him when he grows?


He's still up for adoption. About 6 months old now and his skin has recovered. Fully paper-trained now, although he prefers to do it outdoors. Attached are more recent photos, and more pictures have been uploaded to his Facebook album:

ADOPT: Santa - lovable, intelligent, curious 8mo mongrel boy

Recently my family took in a stray puppy, but we are finding it difficult to cope with him as we already have another dog and the additional care required is something my busy family cannot consistently provide.

It would be a great help if you could advertise on your websites and shelters that he is currently looking for a home.

Name: Santa (we got him on Christmas night)
Age: approximately 8 months
Colour: mostly brown
Size: lean, medium-sized
Nature: Somewhat wary of strangers and protective of home territory, but to people he knows he is lovable and likes physical attention. Intelligent and curious, learns pretty fast.

If there are any interested parties, please do not hesitate to contact me via this email: or at the following number: +65 9820 7533

Yours truly,
Low Sock Ching


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Benji - male lab mix, sweet and good w kids and dogs

I recently found these two dogs kept in a cage with no food and water, in a secluded area. Both had metal chains around their neck.

It is unknown who the caregiver is and why they were kept in such a small cage!

They are out of the cage now. They need a permanent home and with such docile and sweet nature, they deserve a good home and family who can shower them with love and care.

Details as follows:
Name: Benji
Gender: Male
Health: Looks good with no skin problems. He will be sent for sterilization, vaccination and deworming next week.
Character: Very good with children and dogs.
Breed: Lab mix
Color: Creamy white

Name: Yogi
Gender: Female
Health: Looks good with no skin problems. She will be sent for sterilization, vaccination and deworming next week.
Character: Likes to stand on hind legs. Good with children and dogs.
Breed: Mongrel
Coloe: Creamy brown


Yogi has found someone who will love her and potentially give her a home. Benji waits on. Please give Benji a chance too. Email to if you like to know our litle manja king.

More photos of Benji here:

Benjie has found a home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: adorable little Perri - sweet, affectionate, playful 3mo female mongrel, vaxed, mchipped, dewormed

Adopt! Adorable little Perri~ ! ♥
Pls Help to SHARE & spread the word~~!!!

3 mths old female mongrel. Vaccinated/Microchipped/Dewormed.
Sweet, affectionate & playful.

[mon 25 apr 2011. shared on request. source: tagged on,]

Updates: Remember Perri girl ?
This cute lil black Mongrel has grown up to a "Handsome" girl... happily enjoying the company of her new family members :D

FOUND & STILL LOOKING FOR OWNER: pointy-eared 1-2yo white dog (mongrel/cross?) w/o collar, likes to chew, white teeth, trimmed nails (eunos mrt, 13.1.12)

Someone has found a white dog and is looking for the owner.

A white dog was found near Eunos MRT on 13 Jan 2012.
Without a collar. About 1-2 years old.White teeth. Like to chew. Nails trimmed.

If you know the owner, please contact contact Adriel at 96530153.

Please help to pass the words around. Thanks.


ADOPT: Macy - well behaved, toilet trained 6yo female cat, gentle around humans

I am hoping to rehome a cat - her name is Macy and she is about 6 years old. Well behaved and gentle around humans (does not scratch). Toilet trained. attached is her picture. Please let me know if you can help? thanks!


Tuesday, 21 February 2012

LOST: Grey/white male kitten (jurong east blk 334, behind jurong east polyclinic)

A neighbour in Jurong East lost a male kitten at Blk 334 (behind Jurong East Polyclinic)

The poster says:
We have lost this baby male kitten about 3 months old.

Grayish White body with dark grey tail.
Dark grey onboth of its top ear.
A pair of blue eyes.

If found, pls kindly call owner 9122 8647 or 6569 6958 (see poster). Thank You


Sunday, 19 February 2012

FOUND NOW@ WHAMPOA NPP: b/w adult male border collie (jalan bahagia)

border collie found at jalan bahagia, black & white, male, adult,
please contact Whampoa Neighbourhood Police Post at 6250 7999, please share thks

Wong Kt's post]