Thursday, 4 August 2011

[reunited!] LOST: Goldy (aka Furry Mommy) - m/c light brown, long-coated local cross dog w red collar (East View Sec Sch, Tampines St 42, 2 aug 2011 8pm)

[wed 3 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 3 aug 2011.]

thu 4 aug 2011
goldy found

[reunited!] LOST: Berry - mchiped 5-6yo brown female chihuahua w white right paw (yio chu kang/rosyth, 1 aug 2011)

Berry, a female Chihuahua is missing at Yio Chu Kang/Rosyth area on 1 Aug 2011. Brown color, 5-6 years old, small size, with white right paw and microchipped.

Posters, photos and contact details at

Please help to pass the words around. Thank you.

[tue 2 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 1 aug 2011.]

thu 4 aug 2011
berry found

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Yuki the 10yo female smooth-coat chow chow in perfect health

The companionship and devotion of a pet is something that brings joy to life. Our fondest memories and funniest stories often include that certain 4-legged member of the family. The feeling that a pet can inspire has a positive affect on the animal and it's guardian. A feeling that should be enjoyed throughout life.

Having a pet keeps a Senior company and provides a two-way care for both human and companion animal.

If you know of a senior person who could do with having a dog in their life, please let us know. For these senior citizens, Noah's Ark will provide the new furry friend with special benefits such as health care and grooming for the dog they adopt from Noah's Ark.

These are the 2 senior dogs we currently have for adoption:

Yuki - 10 yrs old, female. In perfect health.

Duanne - 9 yrs old, male. In perfect health.

Find a pet that fits you and your lifestyle. Do spread the word around!

To read a short article on "Nobody loves me, I'm old" which is apt for our article today, please click: It was written by Rosina Maria Arquati, a natural animal communicator. For a chance to meet her, please take a look at the event that we have in March. For more information, click here:

[Original post:]

Update Sun 21 Mar

Duanne is no longer up for adoption, but Yuki's still looking for a home. A sweet dog with a fantastic temperament, she was abandoned by her old owner & redeemed from SPCA in the nick of time. In perfect health.

update fri 30 jul
yuki's fostered

update mon 1 aug
Yuki is being fostered but not adopted yet, the fosterer can't keep her permanently thus she is still looking for a good home.

thu 4 aug 2011
Yuki has finally been rehomed recently after such a long time.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

ADOPT: castrated, toilet-trained 2.5yo male mini pinscher, family member down with stroke

Mini pinscher
2.5 y.o.
Toilet trained
Contact 9689 0777
reason to give up - 1 of the family member is down with a stroke, maid is unable to take care due to religious reason.

[wed 13 jul 2011. shared on request. source: email, 9 jul 2011.]

FOUND/ADOPT: Thor - healthy, active, playful male mongrel pup, german shepherd lookalike (Anchorvale Link, Sengkang)

Some three weeks ago, we found this dog wondering around Sengkang, Anchorvale Link near a block of flats. It followed our dog home and seems lost. It is still a puppy, very playful, still teething and it doesn't mark territory (pees like a puppy) and we have ascertained its age to be about 6months to a year. We managed to find someone living in a landed property to take him in but now she doesn't want him because she says its too dangerous for her baby because she has just given birth. Furthermore she already has two dogs on her property and one of them has gotten injured in a fight.

We have named this puppy Thor and he is very playful. Have attached a video link and you can see for yourself. He is the one that looks like a German Shepard. He is quite intelligent and understands the command sit. He likes to bite shoes and rawhide bones. He also likes to be rubbed and pampered. Usually he will stand on his hind legs and put his front paws on you to beg for food. Usually he is friendly with other dogs unless provoked. He seems to know how to defend himself. He also learns pretty quickly so he's quite smart.

He is not sterilized and we are unable to ascertain where he has been vaccinated or microchipped. But he is healthy, active and playful. He is good with children and people.

We need a home for him urgently because we can't keep him in our HDB as we already have a dog. Plus Thor would do better in a landed property. He is healthy and doesn't seem to be suffering from any problems. All the other dog welfare associations seem to have no space for Thor so the only other alternative is to bring him to SPCA where he would probably be put down.

Thor's video:

Please contact us if you would like to see him or consider adopting him.
Jaclyn: 98415321
Andy: 91192831

[wed 3 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 3 aug 2011.]

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

LOST: Padaiya aka Puppy - 4yo brown/white male shih tzu w black/blue harness (west coast dog park, sun 31 jul)

I had lost my dog at the west coast dog park on Sunday 31th July 2011. He is a 4 year old shih tzu male not sterilize. His name is padaiya, he also response to "puppy". He is brown and white in color and he was wearing his black with blue print harness.


[tue 2 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 2 aug 2011.]

Monday, 1 August 2011

ALL Smoochie Poochie Tea Party (Sat 27 Aug 2011, NEX)

Dear all,

Animal Lovers League is returning once again with a fund-raising event! This time, the proceeds will go towards our 2011 Vaccination Fund.

We will be hosting the Smoochie Poochie Tea Party on 27th August 2011. Held at Doggiestyle Cafe @ NEX mall, it will have two sessions – brunch and lunch – to accomodate everyone! Each session will have 50 humans and 25 doggy friends.

There will be yoga and massage demonstrations for you and your dog, goodie bags courtesy of Doggiestyle Cafe and The Waterdish as well as mini-games in the outdoor dog run! More importantly, there will be prizes to be won! Expect to be part of many little competitions, such as Fattest Dog or Tallest Dog in attendance! Do note the Tea Party is a standing reception, so food will be laid out buffet style for all of us to enjoy.

Book your tickets now by emailing! Get your tickets before 12th August and you qualify for the early bird special price of $45 for brunch or $50 for lunch for humans! Doggy prices remain at $20 for both sessions.

Please note payment must be done by bank transfer within 24 hours of being invoiced.

The Animal Lovers League would like to thank Doggiestyle Cafe and The Waterdish for the sponsorship they have contributed towards the Tea Party.

*Download the poster attached for more information! Help us help our doggie pals stay healthy and safe for a year and enjoy a splendid time with your own doggie pals at the same time!

About Doggiestyle Cafe

We know how you feel about your pet. We understand that you want to provide your canine companion with the healthiest food for a long, happy life. We have a passion for dogs, and we want to share our knowledge. We fully explain each product and provide a complete list of all ingredients so you know exactly what you’re getting. Only fresh, high-quality foods and treats are sold here, and we can tell you the benefits of each product. We love our pets as much as you love yours.

About The Waterdish

Just like its name, the water dish is essentially a bowl which our beloved pets feed from. It is important as the pet’s diet and nutrition depends on what you put in that dish. You are what you eat. Same goes for your pet! And just like that, we at the water dish have a vision and mission to help you, pet owners, and your pets, to lead a healthy and happy life together.

[mon 1 aug 2011. source: email, 1 aug 2011.]

ADOPT: Tame, friendly 3yo female community cat - residents throwing rocks at her

I hope you won't mind the mass email, but I am writing to ask if you will please help me find a home for this cat. If you can't take the cat in, please do ask if anyone is interested, and feel free to forward this email along.

This cat lives in my condo - it belonged to a family and earlier this year, that family moved away and left the cat behind, leaving half a bag of food with the condo gardener.

Since then it's been collectively taken care of by the grounds staff, guards and several residents. It is a bit wary of strangers but is very tame and friendly. It is not feral, and so not a stray cat - very much a house cat. Apparently it's been spayed/neutered but I'm not sure if it's a male or female. It seems young (at least not old) and healthy, at least from the looks of it.

Anyway, its case has now become urgent as one of the residents has voiced displeasure at seeing the cat around (and I think the cat has been sleeping on the hood of his Beng car) and there is good reason to believe this person may kick up a fuss or call the authorities soon. The guards are also afraid to feed the cat now, to avoid being complained against.

[sun 29 aug 2010. e-mail, fri 27 aug 2010.]

mon 25 oct 2010
Cat is living at the condo happily and people are taking care of it.

wed 27 oct 2010
Unfortunately, after my last reply to you, it was reported that certain residents were seen trying to chase the cat away by throwing rocks at it. I believe the cat could be at risk. I am sending out another appeal to try and find it a home.

This cat is very tame and very good natured. She deserves a second chance and a new home.

I have some new important information:

Details: Female, sterilised, estimated to be approximately 3 years old (definitely under 5 - a young adult cat). Recently de-wormed, de-ticked and vaccinated. **Unfortunately she tested positive for FIV. She is healthy now and there is no reason she cannot live a full life with proper care and nutrition. Because of this however, she needs to go to a home where she will be the only cat, and she must live indoors at all times.

sun 23 jan 2011
she's at a shelter now, but no, has not found a home.

For enquiries and adoption, please email

[resolved!] ADOPT: Sindy - 7yo female rescue cat from SPCA hk, timid, loves cuddles, stays indoors

Sindy is a 7 year old rescue cat from the SPCA in HONG KONG. She is timid and loves cuddles and to stay indoors. Would suit an apartment or house. Sindy has beautiful tortoise-shell markings and striking green eyes. She has been a great mother figure to our younger cat. I hope you can help in giving Sindy a good loving home.

She is vaccinated and sterilized.

[mon 20 jun 2011. shared on request. source: email, 17 jun 2011.]

mon 1 aug 2011
family will be keeping sindy

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Tiger - 2+yo adorable, loving ginger male cat, a bit greedy, sleeps all day

Tiger is an adorable loving ginger Male Cat, roughly 2 + years old. He is vaccinated and sterilized.

Tiger was found as a stray kitten at the stables and we nursed him back to health. At the time he was suffering from a terrible eye infection.

He is a bit greedy so we have to separate him from our other cats food otherwise he’ll gobble two helping of food at one sitting. He sleeps all day and loves to be outside at night.

[mon 20 jun 2011. shared on request. source: email, 17 jun 2011.]

mon 1 aug 2011
tiger adopted

Sunday, 31 July 2011

ADOPT: Ted the domestic short-haired tabby white cat abandoned in industrial park

Photos and details here:

[mon 6 sep 2010. source: tagged by metta cats on, sun 5 sep 2010.]

ADOPT: Mimi - friendly 3yo female calico local/dsh cat who loves rubs

* Posting behalf of fosterer *

9. Name: Mimi, Mother of Mitch, Betty & Orange.
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years old
Breed: Local / DSH
Colour : Calico
Vaccinated: - N/A –
Sterilized: Yes
Size: Medium, Approx 4+ kg
Good with other cats: Yes
Good with children: - N/A -
Litter trained: Yes
Health: Good
Understand basic commands: Yes

Personality / Temperament: Friendly, love rubs. Rescued when gave birth to the trio, she was about 1 years old then.

History / Description:

1 among 21 cats that a rescuer dumps to the fosterer, rescuer stops caring for the cats & disappeared. Cats were being kept in cages & carriers till Oct’10, some kind hearty volunteers came forward to help convert a small area of the house to a mini cattery, only then they have the freedom to move, jump & play. Fosterer is in 50’s and not working, been facing financial difficulties to provide for the cats. Over the year cats been experiencing on & off food from time to time. Been hanging on hard, never wish to have to surrender them to AVA / SPCA. Looking for a sweet loving home that can shower the cat(s) with lots warmth & love.

view photos and details of the other cats here:

please help to spread the word.

Contact Details:

[sat 22 jan 2011. shared on request. source: tagged on, fri 21 jan 2011.]