Saturday, 17 July 2010

LOST: Jock the 6.5kg, b/w male cat, pink nose, left eye discolouration (woodleigh park/braddell, fri 9 jul)

Our much loved pet cat Jock has been missing from the Woodleigh Park area at Braddell Road since Friday 9th July. We had just had our other cat returned that day after he went missing for 5 days. We think he has been taken as a pet for another family. Jock is black and white with a pink nose and slight discolouration in left eye. He is large about 6.5 kg and has a flabby undercarriage. He is also microchipped 985120006358810.

If you have seen him, please get in touch 9113 0600. My children are very upset as they do not understand why someone may have taken their pet.

Please help. Thank you.

[sat 17 jul., sat 17 jul.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Baby Aiko, 1+yo female jrt

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier (JRT)

Gender: female

DOB (estimated): 08-01-2009

Temperament: Just love humans.

Negative traits: Adverse to own species

Spayed at Pet Clinic (Dr Robin Au) (tested negative for heartworm at time of spaying)

Toilet-trained for living in an apartment (JRT is on approved for HDB)

Conditions of adoption includes "Baby Aiko is to be the only canine member of the family)

More photos in link below.

[Sun 16 May. Source:, Sun 16 May.]

update sat 17 jul
aiko has been adopted

Friday, 16 July 2010

[rip] URGENT! DEI 1.1 BLOOD 4 SHIRO: dogs below 8yo, above 22kg, vaxed. monica 90252778

Blood donors for NEGATIVE blood type needed for SHIRO.

Donor dogs need to be 8 years and below. 23 kg and above. In good
health. Heartworm negative. Blood typing will be required to check blood

Kindly contact Monica @90252778. Please help to spread the words.

[sat 10 jul., sat 10 jul.]

update thu 15 jul

Dear all,

This is an URGENT URGENT APPEAL for NEGATIVE blood type donor dogs. SHIRO, one of our dogmillrehomers' dog is fighting hard for life. Please help if u can.

We need dogs who has DEI 1.1 Negative blood
- 8 years & below
- at least 22kg
- vaccinated
- on heartworm protection,
- no previous history of tick fever

[, thu 15 jul.]

update fri 16 jul
Shiro died this morning. RIP. thanks to all who offered to help.

ADOPT: Bubbles the 3yo female golden retriever with hip dysplasia

Breed : Golden Retriever (Sterilised)
Age : 3 years
Name : Bubbles

Very good temperament and is sweet natured. Paper trained. Given up cos the new Mrs does not like Bubbles plus, Bubbles is constantly being bullied by 2 smaller dogs and so the poor GR is stressing out. Situation made worse when owners downgraded from landed to HDB.

Bubbles has hip dysplasia.

Interested parties please contact Viv @ 96434462.

[Original post:]

[rehomed!] FOUND: small white dog with ribbon on head (Poh Huat Road/Park Villas, Sun 30 May)

Type of animal:Dog
Size: Small
Colour: White
Distinguishing features: Ribbon on Head

Date, place and time found: Junction of Poh Huat Road West and Park Villas Green. 30 May 2010 8pm

[Mon 31 May. Source: e-mail, Mon 31 May.]

update fri 16 jul
rescuer has adopted the dog.

[reunited!] LOST: Cupid the 3yo male shih tzu (tampines, sun 20 jun)

Name Of Dog: Cupid
Breed: Shih Tzu
Colour Of The Dog: White/Brown
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Size: 2 ft

Date The Dog Was Lost: sun 20 June 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Around Tampines Blk 894A Street 81

[sat 26 jun., wed 23 jun.]

update fri 16 jul
cupid's found

Thursday, 15 July 2010

SPONSOR/FOSTER/ADOPT/VOLUNTEER: many cats and dogs whose caregiver died from stroke

For those who do not already knew Mdm Truong, she was a patient and kind elderly lady who had helped many caregivers with fostering of their cats and dogs. She had been a caregiver for many years and had helped to sterilise strays as well as foster many cats which needed special care. She had dedicated most of her time in looking after the animals and had been great help to many other caregivers who sought her help.

It was unfortunate that Mdm Truong had passed away suddenly on Monday morning, 12 July 2010 due to stroke. Some animal lovers have come together this morning, 13 July 2010 to help clean up her place, helped to feed the animals and are trying to relocate them. We need to relocate all the cats to a shelter as her elderly husband cannot take care of all the animals due to health reasons.

How You Can Help:
We would like to appeal for immediate funds to cover the cost of boarding at the shelter, as well as that of sterilisations of some of the cats. As of now, 53 cats needed to go to a shelter while 13 cats need to be sent to the vet for sterilisation in the next 2 days.

A kind lady has offered her help to foster 12 kittens and try to rehome them. Another kind lady has also offered help to foster 4 dogs for a few days. As she has several dogs at home, she will be not able to foster them for too long. We are urgently looking for fosterers for the 4 dogs while we try to rehome the younger ones.

Approximate Cost:

Cost of Shelter: $1,400/month
(1 kind lady has contributed $1,000 so that we can send the cats to the shelter today. We’re still short of $1,800 for deposit.)
Sterilisation of 13 cats: $900 (10 female + 3 males. Assuming all the 10 female cats are pregnant)

We’ll like to thank the fosterers, contributors and volunteers who helped to clean up the place early this morning, as well as the transporter who helped to catch and relocate the animals to the shelter given such short notice.

We need your urgent help to give these animals another chance of survival. Please contact us if you are able to help with any the following:

1.Fostering and/or rehoming of dogs
2.Contributions of sterilisation funds for 13 cats.
3.Contributions of monthly boarding funds for cats at the shelter.
4.Volunteers to do regular checks on the cats at the shelter.
If you wish to contribute to the funds, you can transfer to the caregiver in charge (Mdm Lau)

POSB savings: 193-25866-2

HP no: 90112333

Kindly email to us at your name, reference no and amount so that we can keep track and tally with Mdm Lau.

Thanks in advance!

[thu 15 jul., thu 15 jul.]

[reunited!] FOUND: female white/brown wire-haired jrt (jurong)

Found! wandering ard in Jurong area

Small built
Wire Haired JRT(shaven down recently)
Older adult probably over 5years.
good natured / very manja

photos at this link!/album.php?aid=456582&id=740725547

cos i want to make sure she goes home with her rightful owners.. she looks well taken care of.

[sun 11 jul., sun 11 jul.]

update thu 15 jul
i have managed to contact the owner through the ava and she collected her dog this afternoon. =)

[reunited!] FOUND: female JRT (near bishan junction 8)

Hi All,

I'm looking for the owner of a lost female Jack Russell Terrier who was trying to cross the road near Bishan Junction 8. She is currently living with me. If you have recently lost a female JRT near that area and think this might be her, please PM me with the following details:

1) Dog Name
2) Any Identifiable Marks
3) Specific location where you lost your dog

Hope to be able to reunite this dog back to the owner.


[Mon 24 May. Source:, Mon 24 May.]

update thu 15 jul
owner found

[rehomed!] Phoebe the Chihuahua for adoption

4 year old female chihuahua for adoption.

Phoebe's story is a long one. Previously named Freya, she had lived in the Philippines with her human daddy. When her daddy moved back to Singapore, he brought Freya back with him. But Freya could not get along with her Singapore cousins, two cocker spaniels.

We offered to give Freya a second chance by helping her find a new home, one where she will feel comfortable living in and be happy. We re-named her Phoebe.

After spending some time with Phoebe, we realised that she had a personality problem, likely due to physical abuse in the past. She would bite whoever tried to stroke her. She had obviously come to associate hands approaching her as reaching out to hit her.

It took us a long time, but we finally managed to rehabilitate her personality wise. We started to approach her with patience, always with a treat in hand or with a toy for her to play with. In time, she has become a happy doggy that has come to love us.

She is now ready to be re-homed.

Phoebe is about 4 years old, and she is vaccinated and sterilised. Her new owner has to be a patient one that is willing to take time to know her. She enjoys playing with her toys on her own and does not bark unnecessarily, be it when she meets strangers or sees her friends. She would do well in a single-dog household, otherwise, do bring along your current doggy-companion to visit Phoebe to see if they will gel, should you be interested to adopt her.

More photos on and!/album.php?aid=146639&id=119903694802&ref=nf.

update thu 15 jul
phoebe was adopted in feb/mar

[reunited!] LOST: Patrick the grey-black cat with tiger stripes, white face/chest, ear tattoo (jalan manis, 27 jun)

A local cat called "Patrick" was lost along Jalan Manis, and was last seen on 27 June 1010. He is a grey-black cat with "tiger-stripes", a white face and chest. A "sterilization tattoo" can be seen on one of his ears.

[sun 11 jul., sat 10 jul.]

upde thu 15 jul
patrick found

[rehomed!] ADOPT: obedient 1yo male golden retriever

i wanted to give up male retriver,, he understand sit, down and she she in the toilet.. currenly rent private house now owner want to take back so i cannot bring to my HDB is very urgent

[wed 7 jul., wed 7 jul.]

update thu 15 jul

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

FOUND: jrt with two patches on back, one patch above tail (kovan, lowland road)

STOMPer czerina found this Jack Russell at Kovan and noticed that it looked groomed. She thinks it may be someone's missing pet. The dog has a brown patch on its fur and does not bark.

The STOMPer said:

"I found this Jack Russell at Kovan, near Lowland Road.

"It looked like it was just groomed because the nails of the paws behind were short while the ones in front were long.

"It does not bark and has a brown patch on its fur."

"It has two patches on its back and one patch right above its tail.

"Its fur in its nose is black-brownish and it looks like her collar was just taken out.

"It is toilet trained as it does its business outside the house.

"It seems to be well-fed and well taken care of.

"Please contact me if this is your dog."

e-mail or call 6319 2181

[tue 13 jul., tue 13 jul.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2+yo siberian husky

The owner is migrating to overseas, they cant take all the dogs with them. They are hoping that someone with the space and understand this breed to adopt the Husky for good.

Ensure that a yard or garden is fenced-in, with the base of the (wire) fence firmly and deeply buried the ground.

Twice a year the Husky sheds its heavy coat and requires intensive grooming with a metal comb or shedding blade to get rid of the excess hair. At other times, grooming a Siberian is relatively easy

Please note that Husky are not allowed in HDB thus we will only entertain PRIVATE home owner only!


The Siberian Husky (or Sibe) is one of the most strikingly beautiful dog breeds on the planet, with piercing blue eyes and a distinctive coat. Sibes are also extremely intelligent and can be very cunning!

The Husky is a strong working dog and is very playful, friendly and easy-going. Siberians love people, to the extent that they can be over-friendly to strangers, and therefore do not make good guard dogs. Traditionally a sled dog, huskies love to run, but when they do they can become oblivious to everything else. Sibes need a fenced-in yard to keep them safe and away from danger

Read more at Suite101: How to Care for a Siberian Husky: 10 Useful Tips for Dog Owners of Sibes

[Fri 9 Apr. Source:, Thu 8 Apr.]

update tue 13 jul
husky is rehomed

[reunited!] FOUND: senior male shih tzu, white w brown patches (jln selaseh/yio chu kang road, sat 10jul)

Found at junction between Jalan Selaseh and Yio Chu Kang Road around 3+pm on 10th July 2010. Looks groomed but was dirty-looking. Actually on the thin side, photos show a fluffy him after a good bath.

Gender : Male, not sterilized
Age : Looks like a senior dog (estimated 7-10 years old)
Colour : White with light brown
Breed : Shih tzu

[sat 11 jul. e-mail, sat 11 jul.]

update tue 13 jul
I've traced the owner and returned the dog to her. Oscar is safely back home. :)

LOST: Don J, white male mini maltese w beige checkered collar (jurong west, thu 8 jul)

DON J, a pure white male miniature Maltese wandered away from Jurong West St 81 on thu 8th July 2010 around 7pm. He was last seen along Jurong West Ave 5, cars was honking at him and a taxi driver pick him up into his cab and drove away.

He is my everything.

Please let me know if you have seen anything. We cannot confirm that the dog, the taxt driver, picked up is Don J or not. He is wearing a beige checkered colour collar with no bell or ID on it.

Please do help me post on your fb wall, send it to your friends, anything.

If you have any information, please email me



[sat 10 jul., sat 10 jul, and, mon 12 jul.]

Monday, 12 July 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Athena the 5yo female bunny with velvety black fur

Hello fellow bunny-lovers,

I intially had 2 lovely female bunnies - Isis and Athena. I adopted both of them from HRSS in 2006.

The original plan was to bring them with me. Unfortunately, Isis passed away today. She had lung problems. I am only thankful that she did not suffer. But that still does not take away the emptiness I have in my heart. I can only imagine what her best friend, Athena must be feeling now. But I am cuddling Athena ever so often.

In addition to my challenges of transporting my bun with me, the airlines that used to be pet-friendly (like KLM) have now changed policies to only allow pets in cargo-holds. I amnot sure I want my bun to be all alone in the cargo.

I do not want to give her up but I know I should do what is best for her.

So please do contact me should you want a 5-year-old black bunny. She has the most velvety black fur and is a very sweet girl who loves to nudge you or climb onto your leg and sit with you.

A reply within the next 2 weeks is much appreciated since we are leaving in June. My apologies for the last minute request but my plans took a drastic turn only today.

Thank you so much.

[Thu 29 Apr. Source:, Mon 26 Apr.]

update mon 12 jul
athena has found a home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Hugo the 3yo male maltese

Active, curious and responsive. Very playful and is self-entertained. He loves to eat, be it dry food/chicken or egg.

I am looking for serious owner who can take care of him and gives him lots of love. He had been with me for 3 years, but cannot keep him now because I am staying with my-in-laws who are afraid of dogs.

[Sun 11 Apr. Source:, Sun 11 Apr.]

update mon 12 jul
hugo's adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: gorgeous 5yo male cocker spaniel

Male (5 yrs old)
sterilzed (yes)
toilet trained (yes)
microchipped (yes)

pls help ask around to rehome this poor beautiful dog.

owner travels very frequently and unable to take care of it ..

owner may put it down if cant find a home for this boy.. so poor thing!!

[wed 30 jun. e-mail, wed 30 jun.]

update mon 12 jul
he has found a new home.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 3yo mini schnauzer who needs lots of tlc

3yrs old Min Schnauzer up for adoption.
Understand simple command like, high five, sit.
Attention seeker

Please take into consideration that she is not good with children, not paper trained and bark loudly. She has been abused by previous owner and is seekig for a new home. Only to home who care provide care for her. Free adoption

[Thu 3 Jun. Source:, Thu 3 Jun.]

update sun 11 jul
ms is adopted