Friday, 21 October 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Jacky (Jack Lucky) - adorable abandoned 3yo male jrt, doesn't pee/poo/bark in house

:::A lovely 3yrs old male JRT looking for new home:::

Get along very well with human n other dogs too. Other that the usual JRT's character, he's very affectionate n easily attach to human. (not sterilised, tick-free, healthy, won't pee n poo in the house, doesn't bark in the house -> real amazing for JRT)

No idea about the vaccinations as he was abandoned by the previous owner.

I fostered him from a pet hotel in seletar. Owner of this dog abandoned him about 6mths ago after sending him to the pet hotel.

Pet hotel owner will give up their business by end of this month, and if somebody does not adopt this dog, they will send to SPCA. Send to SPCA meaning to say put to sleep after 48 hours.

This is a very adorable JRT, therefore I am temporarily foster him at my house.
I am trying very hard to get a decent place for him to stay, play or mingle with other dog. Please help.

Any genuine kind soul out there who's looking for a new man's best friend, kindly contact me! ~Thank You~




Jacky (JRT) has been adopted by a great pet lover owner