Saturday, 3 December 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Jayde - friendly, affectionate, attention-seeking, healthy 2+yo female shih tzu

Animal's name: Jayde (jay-dee)
Age: 2++ yrs old (DOB is 31 Jan 2009)
Gender: Female
Breed: Shih Tzu
HDB-approved: Yes

Vaccinated? not sure
Sterilised? not sure

Health condition? Healthy

Physical description? Well-maintained with beautiful coat

Personality/temperament? Friendly, affectionate, good with kids and dogs, loves attention

Toilet trained? not sure

Understands basic commands? not sure
Good with other pets? Yes
Good with children? Yes


jayde has found a good home

ADOPT: Coco - 8yo male local cross dog thrown out and found in sad condition

These are some pics of Coco, who has a bad life.

My friend's mother-in-law threw him out in the remote corner of Lim chu kang but God was kind and my friend's prayer was answered. Found him in the saddest condition with torn soles and dehydrated, starved and injured.

The finding was a miracle. Now Yoga is being boarded - the environment is not good as he is 8 years old and most of the time was not even brought out to walk and forced to control urine and poo.

He is 8 years old now and we wish to find him a forever home where he can retire peacefully. We dont mind paying for the boarding as long as he gets love from a family and free to roam in the garden and not confined.

Can you please spread the appeal to grant this dog a home ?


[rehomed!] ADOPT: Sam - 9.5yo male golden retriever, 100% housetrained, loves swimming at beach, afraid of thunder

Dear All,

My friend is moving overseas and needs a new family for his dog Sam.

Sam is 9.5 yrs old. He is 100% house trained, loves to swim at the beach (which he goes almost on a weekly basis) and he is a great great dog!!! The only thing is he is super fright of thunder like most dogs. He walks off leash and has a 5m invisible barrier and will never go far from the zone.

Please also help me to spread the word around. Surjit is leaving the country in 2 weeks so he really really needs your help to find Sam a new home. Sam’s picture is attached.

warm regards


sam has been adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Cooper + Rocha - two adorable 8wo puppies rescued from cycle path

Urgent!! Two adorable puppies for adoption!

Rescued from a busy cycle path at the weekend.

Really playful and loving we really want to keep them but we already have a full house.

Please contact me directly if you can help :)

Age: 8 weeks
Gender: Black (Rocha, Female), Brown (Cooper, Male)
Breed: Mixed
Size: Medium
Toilet Trained: Nearly!


Both have found homes.

[reunited!] LOST: Pud Pud - m/c 4yo female pomeranian w pink collar, bell (shangrila walk, ang mo kio ave 2, 20.11.11)

Help! Have you seen a lost Pomeranian at Shangri-la Walk?

Pud Pud, a 4 year old female Pomeranian is missing at Shangri-la Walk, along Ang Mo
Kio Avenue 2. She was last seen on 20th November 2011, Sunday afternoon.
Her fur color is brown, with black on her tail.
She's wearing a light pink collar with a little bell.
She is microchippe

Please visit for photos and details.

Please help to pass the word around.



Pud Pud is found

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: Scotty Boy - abused but still affectionate 7mo mongrel x jrt

Scotty Boy - 7 month-old homeless stray born to JRT mommy and mongrel daddy. Now living in fish farm exposed to danger of being run over by vehicles and culling authorities.

Suffered abuse by someone who tied a rubber band round his muzzle, cutting into his puppy skin and leaving a temporary scar. Nevertheless, he is still very affectionate, craving human touch. Sterilized, microchipped and vaccinate.

More info on

[sat 14 may 2011. shared on request. source: email, sat 14 may 2011.]


From Project JK facebook wall:

By the way, have we told you all that Scotty boy has also found his very own home, with Shadow and Shane as pals, and having the time of his life? :) We will update more when we next visit him!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

LOST: Marvel - white/ginger cat (377D tan ching road, taman jurong/lakeside, 26.11.11)

Marvel White Ginger Cat lost 26 Nov 2011
TAH CHING ROAD , Blk 337D (Taman Jurong & Lakeside area)


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Elliot - 8mo male mongrel boy who fell into the fish pond

Elliot, 8 months old Cross Breed. Farmers fished him out of pond when he was just born

His story can be found in Project JK facebook page. A sad life...)

Elliot is good with humans and dogs. Sterilized, vaccinated and microchipped.

[thu 2 jun 2011. shared on request. source: email, tue 31 may 2011.]

MIRACLES do happen. Elliot's wish came true - he now truly has a wonderful home. Where he will be, for Christmas. And a beautiful new friend - a female labrador named Spuddy.

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: Nicoll - pretty, docile 10mo singapore girl with amber-coloured eyes

name - nicoll
breed - mongrel
gender - female
age - 6mth old (teething now)
will be spayed before rehome
completed pup vaccines, kennel cough prevention
blood test done & normal
on monthly heartgard plus & frontline now

[mon 30 may 2011. shared on request. source: email, 27 may 2011.]


nicoll has blossomed into a pretty docile gal with amber colored eyes
more confident now, no more crying.

nicoll is adopted

Monday, 28 November 2011

[rehomed!] help Animal Lovers League help Faith the abused stray

We thought we’ve seen it all. Sadly, the cruelty never ends. Faith is one dog that has seen it all. ALL can no longer afford to house anymore animals. However, Faith truly needed our help. We had no heart to turn her down.

Faith is an extremely friendly stray that spent her time in the jungles sleeping and waiting for her next meal. She never fights back, never attacks and never bites. She was bullied by the strays that lived around her.

This was not the worst part of her ordeal. It was a man who would land her in the state she is currently in. A man was seen using a wooden stick to hit Faith repeatedly and later poke this stick into her anus. An elderly man gave chase when he saw this but could not catch up in time. Hence, this cruel man still remains at large.

Due to this cruel treatment, Faith became immobile due to her swollen leg and hurt muscles as well as bones. She was also unable to pass motion for days due to the pressure and pain.

Faith still continues to trust humans and was a dear at the vet. No struggle and no need for a muzzle. She simply let the vets and nurses do what they needed to.

Faith is now in cage rest and has finally pooed on her own with the aid of some pain killers. Faith truly has faith. She has not given up on mankind despite the state she is now in due to her friendliness and love for humans. Faith gives us the strength to go on as we want to see her strong and happy again.

[Original post, Sat 20 Mar:]

faith has found a home!

ADOPT: Blossom - sweet, lovable, calm, confident, cooperative 6mo female cross terrier

Blossom For Adoption

Name: Blossom
Age: 5-6 months old
Gender: Female
Breed: Cross Terrier
Size (full grown): medium
Health: Good
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterillized: Not yet
(Adoption fee of $250 includes sterilization, vaccination and microchipping)
Possibly HDB approved as Blossom is unlikely to grow much bigger from
her current size.

Blossom is an extremely sweet and lovable girl who will make a great
companion. She has a very calm and confident disposition though she
loves to play like any 6 month old pup. She is independent, obedient,
cooperative and easy to handle. She'll make a loyal and faithful
companion. She looks extremely cute which is a bonus! : )

One evening, when an uncle was feeding strays at a construction site,
he spotted a pack of dogs attacking Blossom who was then barely 3
months old. Petite and small in size, Blossom couldn't defend herself.
Feeding sorry for her, the uncle went to Blossom's rescue and nursed
her back to health.

Blossom is currently staying at a shelter in Pasir Ris.

Viewing available on weekends between 2:30pm to 5:30pm (by appointment only)

Please call or SMS the following volunteers:-
Irene (8298 8129)
Tia (9641 4903)
Hilda (9199 6662)
Jeannie (9109 0475)

For more dogs available for adoption, see:


Sunday, 27 November 2011

LOST: Selest - female mongrel w black face, brown/black body, chipped left ear (brickland road, cck/gombak, 26.10.11)


ADOPT: Dotty the sweet and quiet singapore girl

Gender: Female
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

A very sweet and lovely dog with quiet personality.


if you've facebook, add to view more photos of dotty and friends who are looking for good homes.

[Wed 5 May. Source:, 23 Jun 2009.]