Friday, 25 March 2011

SOS! LOST & NEEDS MEDICATION: Ner Ner - 6yo female maltese cross w purple collar (blk 288 choa chu kang ave 3, sun 20 mar 2011)


Animal's name: Ner Ner
Age: Coming 6 years old in 2 months time
Gender: Female
Breed: Cross

Physical/character traits: Ner Ner was wearing a purple collar at the time when she was lost

Ner Ner was lost on Sunday, 20/03/11 at Blk 288 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3.

Your contact details: Jenny Tan @ 91465059

Other comments: Ner Ner has lung infection and needs medication. Reward $200. The owner is very anxious and has been asking and looking around for her. Please help to spread.

Thank you.

[thu 24 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, thu 24 mar 2011.]

ADOPT: Muddy (chocolate lab retriever) + Pecan (wire-haired jrt)

[fri 25 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, thu 24 mar 2011.]

Thursday, 24 March 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Ashoka, Sammy, Bebe - 3 x 2mo singapore special pups, vaxed, undergoing paper-training

[mon 28 feb 2011. shared on request. source: email, mon 28 feb 2011.]

thu 24 mar 2011
all three pups have been adopted!

ADOPT: Lemon Daisy - bright, sweet 3mo mixed breed brindle girl who loves to play

[thu 10 feb 2011. shared on request. source: email, wed 9 feb 2011.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2wo pure black baby boy kitten

Found in an army camp and looking for a loving home.

[tue 22 mar 2011. shared on request. source: facebook message, mon 21 mar 2011.]

thu 24 mar 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Lolo Nanuk the laidback 7yo male teacup poodle

Lolo Nanuk is 7 years old tea cup poodle and therefore acts that way.

he sleep a lot and is slowing down a little. He will walk a little but does not want to walk much. he loves his food which makes him very easy to care for.

Lolo takes a while to get used to people and will try to bite them but as he has no more teeth left he can't really hurt anyone.

he is currently on probiotics to help him with his digestion, skin supplements, joints supplements. he has loose patellas which slows him down even more but still wants to jump for treats.

Lolo was left at the pet shop by his previous owner as she didn't want him anymore.
as he was very stressed there, i took him home to foster.

i absolutely fell in love with him but i don't think my home is the one for him. i have an active life style and my other dogs and I go for long walks and for lolo it's just too much. even when i carry him, he gets very heavy after a while and does show signs of stress from the heat in the carrier.

Lolo will stay with me for the rest of his life if need be. so there is no rush. please think of adopting him carefully.

i am looking for someone who can care for him better than i can. maybe someone who has another old dog who is of similar energy level and life style. that would be my wish for him.

[fri 26 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, fri 26 nov 2010.]

thu 24 mar 2011
lolo adopted!

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT - 8mo male shih tzu, good w dogs n children, paper-trained, loves milk

[sat 19 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, thu 17 mar 2011.]

thu 24 mar 2011
shih tzu is adopted!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

[rehomed!] FOUND/ADOPT: Sweetcorn - young adult golden retriever good w dogs n children (tampines st 83, wed 1 sep 2010)

A sweet natured young adult Golden Retriever found (lost/abandoned?) on 1st Sept at Tampines St 83.

[mon 7 sep 2010.]

sun 13 feb 2011
Sweetcorn is up for adoption.

details here:

wed 23 mar 2011
sweetcorn adopted!

Monday, 21 March 2011

SPONSOR BILLS/ADOPT: Johnny Cash the singapore boy whose head was smashed, still looking for home

Here is the tale of Johnny Cash, a poor boy, ill treated simply because he was friendly.

Johnny Cash is a lovely stray that roams the areas some of us feed. He has always been a gentle boy and loves to run up for his chicken neck treats!

However, we recently heard that Johnny’s head had been smashed and hit by a China worker in the area. To our horror, Johnny was indeed in an awful state. His head was merely a bloody mess with nothing much left protecting his skull.

Johnny has been rescued and is now living at the Cattery at Pets villa as our dog kennels are full.

Johnny has gone for his first visit to the vet. The road to recovery is going to be a long and painful one. To make things worse, friendly Johnny is now far more wary of humans and suspicious of those around him. However, we will continue to do our best to make Johnny Cash the same old boy he used to be.

If you are keen to help with the cost of Johnny’s medical bills, please help us help him by writing a cheque to ‘The Animal Doctors Pte Ltd’ and write ‘Johnny Cash’ behind the cheque along with your address so we can mail you a receipt. All cheques can be sent to:

Animal Lovers League

Yishun Central PO Box 163

Singapore 917606

[thu 8 jul., tue 6 jul.]

[resolved!] ADOPT/FOSTER: 1+yo tortoiseshell mummy cat

There are 4 four months old kittens (1 ginger and 3 black) and a mummy cat (tortoise-shell) up for adoption. The cats belong to a lady that will surender the cat to SPCA by Monday if nobody want to adopt the kittens. Her son has asthma and she cant keep the mummy and kittens at home.

The ginger-coloured is male, 1 black female and 2 black male. They are litter-box trained and is friendly to everyone but unsure with other cats.

[mon 2 aug. email, sat 31 jul.]

update thu 5 aug
1 black kitten and 1 ginger kitten left for adoption. Contact 96316424 if interested.

mon 16 aug
Kitten's mummy is up for adoption too: tortoise-shell colour; 1y3m old.
Her 2 kittens are 4 months old.

wed 1 sep
All kittens are adopted. Mummy cat needs a home.

mon 21 mar 2011
owner has worked through the situation and is keeping mummy cat.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Shadow the 3mo singapore girl found wandering near road during downpour

Mumu and Shadow have been found by a colleague's son. They were found wandering near the road during a heavy downpour.

She and her son(the person that have found them) is fostering them at the moment but long term adoption is not feasible as they already have another full grown adopted dog.

[fri 24 dec 2010. shared on request. source: facebook message, sat 11 dec 2010.]

fri 24 dec 2010
Mumu have been adopted by a family friend. Shadow is a female, should be around 3mths old. Still in teething stage.. She is currently fostered by me at my place till she is being adopted. My premises cant keep large breeds and I have another westie at home.

mon 21 mar 2011
fosterer has decided to keep shadow

ADOPT: active, playful, healthy, vaxed 2 x 3mo female kittens

[sat 5 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, fri 4 mar 2011.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Nina - lively, affectionate, non-yappy 5mo female puppy rescued from deserted area


Nina is a puppy rescued from a deserted area. She had been bitten by rats, her other siblings sadly did not survive in the wild. Nina has since been treated and recovered to a healthy state of well-being. She is 5mths old now.

Nina is a sweetheart anyone could wish for... She is very lively & does not hide h

er affections for you. Though active, she is not a yappy dog. Due to the shelter (Pets Villa) being full, Nina has to be kept at the back room....all by herself. Nina is so deserving & is in dire need of a warm & loving home that she's been waiting for so long. It is sad that she quietly endures the sadness of being unnoticed, or forgotten.

Nina will be med sized when fully grown, hence not HDB approved. Adopter must sterilize her when she hits 6 mths of age, and has to ensure her yearly shots -- these are just little measures a genuine dog lover can give. A.L.L (Pets Villa) will help to facilitate the shots if necessary.

[wed 9 mar 2011. shared on request. source: tagged on]

mon 21 mar 2011
Nina has been adopted to a forever home.

LOST: Snoopy - 1yo female mongrel, black face w white strip, white body w black spots, (blk 544 woodlands drive 16, sun 20 mar 2011)

Animal's name: Snoopy
Age: About 1 yr old
Gender: Female
Breed: Mongrel (Vcc card from Ex-owner; stated as Shihtzu X ???!!!)

Health condition? Healthy

Physical description? She is white with black spots around her body and her face is black with white strip between the forehead and eyes with some orange at the sides of her face.

Personality/temperament? Sweet and very loving.

Understands basic commands? Sit and "go go go go" = Go home.

Contact details: or Hp: 82883771

Other comments: My uncle adopted "Snoopy" 2wks ago from his associate who live in Simei for temporary fostering till he finds a suitable owner for "Snoopy". My uncle's wife DISALLOWED "Snoopy" to enter their house; my uncle has no choice but to bring it to work everyday (my uncle's a renovation contractor) in the back of his lorry! He feeds "Snoopy" twice a day; one meal @noon out at work site, another meal @night (between 2230hrs to 0000hrs) outside of his house before going to sleep. My uncle will then tie "snoopy" @ the staircase area between first floor and 2nd floor near his house.

"Snoopy" is a Good Dog that don't make noise when tied there and even if it happened to let loose itself; it'll go and sleep @ the corridor outside of my uncle's house and waited for my uncle to come out @ around 0600hrs-0630hrs to bring it to work. It had been the same routine everyday and "snoopy" seems to ENJOY being with my uncle cos we can see the STRONG BOND between them when we tried to bring "Snoopy" away from my uncle or my uncle tried walking away from it while we were holding it for him!!! Every time "Snoopy" will whine and struggle away from us to go after him!!!

On early Sunday (20/03/11) morning 0030hrs, my uncle tied it at the usual spot of Block 544 Woodlands Drive 16 (Staircase area near #02-93); when my uncle came out of his house six hours later @0620hrs but this time "Snoopy" was gone only leaving behind the chain still tied around the piping at that area!!! My uncle had searched the entire neighborhood by calling it's name while going through every floor of every block; but "Snoopy" could not be found!!! We STRONGLY BELIEVE that "Snoopy" will not ran away by itself; we're VERY WORRY for it's safety as it may landed in Bad Hands or WORSE in DOGS EATER'S hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please anyone happened to see "Snoopy"; PLEASE...... let us know. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[mon 21 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, mon 21 mar 2011.]

Sunday, 20 March 2011

LOST: Fefe - male sulphur-crested cockatoo w two metal rings on leg and says "eh-o" (robertson quay, sun 20 mar 2011, 10am)

Hi there,

My pet cockatoo just flew away from the bike shop at Robertson Quay near Gallery Hotel on Sunday, 20 March 2011 at 10am. His name is Fefe. He has 2 metal rings still attached to his leg.He is very tame, and greets everyone with an "eh-o" (he's still trying to pronounce 'hello'). He is very dear to me.

If you see him, please call me: jacinta (9732-5662)
His photo is attached here. The picture behind him is a card drawn for him by a 2 year-old boy Cassius.

With much appreciation and heartfelt thanks,

[sun 20 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, sun 20 mar 2011.]


Looking for blood negative dogs (Huskie, german shepards) and donations for Pappy's treament. (Currently at Heart to Heart Vet)

Hi everyone, we are currently looking for negative blood donor for our dog (rescued, owner couldn't pay boarding fee and wanted to bring him to spca).

Pappy is a sweet and gentle giant who is very sick. He has tick fever and his platelets were down to zero. He was so ill that he couldn't walk and was breathless, we were so worried that we will lose this sweet giant.

After a blood transfusion, he has now stabalised but as he is a large dog, his platelet count of 15% is not enough to sustain.

We are looking for donor dogs who are negative. Vet says negative blood is preferably for 2nd transfusion as it reduces the possibility of a reaction.

We are also looking for kind donations for pappy's treatment. His medical bill will likely be in thousands and the vet is asking for deposit of $800.00. We have so far raised $300.00.

For further information about us, you can read about us at

or Facebook:

Many big thanks.

[sun 20 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, sun 20 mar 2011.]