Saturday, 29 January 2011

ADOPT: Mali Tian - healthy, litter-trained 3.5mo female local cat x russian grey

my friend needs your help in finding a good home for a 3 1/2 month older kitten because after graduating from polytechnic in 4 weeks time, he would have to go for his National Service and can't take care of so many animals in his house and his mother the 2nd care taker will be leaving overseas to work for a few years. They used to have 5 cats (which 3 have been adopted) and 1 gerbil (adopted by me) but because of their situation, they only can manage to keep 1 of the cats sadly. Thank you.

Name: Mali Tian
Gender: Female
Age: 3 1/2 months old
Breed: Mix local and russian grey
Colour : Grey with white patches
Vaccinated: - N/A -
Sterilized: No
Size: Small
Good with other cats: Yes
Good with children: - N/A -
Litter trained: Yes
Health: Healthy
Understand basic commands: No, but can be taught at such young age


[sat 29 jan 2011. shared on request. source: email, fri 28 jan 2011.]

[rehomed!] SOS! ADOPT: mongrel puppies that might be sent to spca

These are only 2 out of the 14 puppies that their mom gave birth in a workshop. We've successfully took 6 of them out and 8 more still in the workshop.

Borned on 1st Jan 2011, and the owner of the workshop threatened to send them to SPCA (most prolly pts) once the puppies start to walk around. They've just opened their eyes, can't really walk yet. We have 2 more females in brown and 6 more males in brown too.

Though they're mongrels but they definitely deserve a home like any other puppies. The owner of the workshop has already called AVA twice and I believe he'll do so again in a week's time when the puppies start to move around. Please spread the word. Fosterers are welcome but are to agree to keeping them till an adopter comes forth.

Sincere adopters only. These puppies will grow up into medium size and are NON-HDB approved. If you're suitable, I will then pass you the contact no. of the person who will later bring you in to view the pups as I want to minimise her inconvenience as she's working.


photos and updates here:

[thu 20 jan 2011. shared on request. source: tagged on]

sat 29 jan 2011
(Updated on 26/01/2011)
As of now, all pups in foster homes have a home to go to once they are fully weaned.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Fuji - 3mo female singapore special knocked over by car

I have rescue a puppy from a hit and run case.Anyway she has recover and she is doing very well.

Fuji the mongrel puppy was found on PIE near Eng Neo a week ago, she was knocked over by a car and was send in by my friend who was behind that car. The vet said she suffered minor fracture on the jaw and dislocated her right shoulder.

She is now taken care by my friend and is ready for adoption.

She is around 3mths old and has fade brown markings on the forehead and a small patch on the body. She is a quiet girl who will stay in the kitchen without supervision. She is ok with both dogs and humans and shown no signs of aggression. She is presently on kibbles and milk.

Follow-up to the vet will be 3 puppy vaccinations.

**Adopter must sterilize, microchip and license. And last but not least a token from the adopter is require to donate to mdm wong shelter.regardless of any amount.Be it $50 or even $20.

**Not HDB Approved

more photos and updates here:

[mon 17 jan 2011. shared on request. source: e-mail, mon 17 jan 2011.]

sat 29 jan 2011
fuji rehomed!

[reunited!] LOST: Tobey - 6mo male dog, white w light brown patches, collar w bowtie (kew ave, bedok south, wed 26 jan)

Name: Tobey / Male / 6 months old
Medium - small sized. White fur with light brown patches. Distinct brown patch near his tail. Friendly. Micro-chipped.
Black bow tie attached to his collar. On medication.

Went missing on 26 Jan 11 (Wed) at around 11+am,12pm from Kew Ave (Bedok South road area).

Last seen on 26 Jan 11 (Wed) at bus-stop opposite Bedok South Secondary after being chased away by the school security guard while he was taking shelter from the rain in the school.

He could be anywhere in Bedok/Tanah Merah/Simpang Bedok/Simei/East Coast Park/East Coast Road area or even further as he has been missing for more than 24 hours already.

Report has been lodged with Bedok North Police Post, SPCA and AVA.

Pls do not chase him away. He is only a puppy, and is very friendly. Thanks!

[fri 28 jan 2011. shared on request. source: e-mail, thu 27 jan 2011.]

sat 29 jan 2011
toby reunited!

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Mao Mao - healthy, toilet-trained 4yo female pomeranian

This is Mao Mao.
She is 4 years old, female.
Checked with my fren she is not sterilize yet and is very healthy.
Toilet trained too.

My friend is not able to take care of her anymore due to some personal reason.
She cant get along with chi.
Hope you can accept her if not i have to send it to SPCA as i have tried to find her new owner but no one is willing to take care.

[thu 27 jan 2011. shared on request. source: e-mail, wed 26 jan 2011.]

sat 29 jan 2011
maomao adopted!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

LOST: Satchmo - 2yo long-legged male saluki (dog) w m/c XX8195 (6 kay siang road, tue 25 jan 2011)

Have You Seen a Missing Saluki Dog at Kay Siang Road?
Satchmo, a Saluki breed is missing at 6 Kay Siang Road, Singapore 248924 on 25th Jan 2011.
The dog is male and 2 years of age.
This is a unique dog and very easy to identify. This is the first time I saw this breed.
The microchip ends with 8195

The dog was missing while the owner was on an overseas trip. He contacted me yesterday late night from overseas. So it is a very anxious moment for the owner and for myself.

If you have any info, please contact owner Ernesto at or tel 9672-4642 or 6528-1271

Please help to pass the word around.

[thu 27 jan 2011. shared on request. source: email, wed 26 jan 2011.]

LOST: Pepper - m/c 8yo male long-coat chihuahua w fan-like tail (blk 688a choa chu kang drive/yew tee, fri 21 jan 2011)

Name: Pepper
Breed: Long-coat Chihuahua
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Color: Tricolor-Brown, Black and White
Last Seen: Around the estates of blk 688A choa chu kang dr, singapore 681688 (yew tee)
Date Lost: 21 January 2011
Distinct features/looks: Long fan-like tail, a white stripe down it's forehead.

He is not wearing his collar, but is microchipped.

Responds to it's own name.

Hi all, my dog has apparently sneaked out of house unknowingly and i've not found him ever since then. He must not have went too far so I assume he must have been brought back home by someone. I would gladly appreciate anyone who read this and are living at/ near yew tee to help me take a lookout for him. Or if you know of anyone who lives here, please help to transit this message. He has been with me for 8 long years and is really important to me.

Please contact me at 81614696 if you have any clue or have seen him. Thank you so much. God bless.

[thu 27 jan 2011. shared on request. source: email, wed 26 jan 2011.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bebe - friendly, obedient 3.5yo female alsatian-husky cross, good with kids

Name : Bebe
Disposition : Friendly, lovable and obedient; good with children
Age : 3 ½ years
Gender : Female x-breed Alsatian and Siberian Husky
Sterilised/Vaccinated : owner unaware as she was previously adopted
Special Needs : None
Food Allergies : None known of
Reason for giving up : Owner migrating and new premises do not allow dogs.

[wed 5 jan 2011. shared on request. source: e-mail, wed 5 jan 2011.]

thu 27 jan 2011
bebe rehomed!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

SPREAD THE WORD/ADOPT: Boy boy - playful healthy 8yo male chihuahua who adores strokes

Name Boy Boy
Age 8
Sex Male
Colour Cream (with a cute little white bib)
Sterilized No
Needs Outdoor Trained

"Boy boy knows simple command like- stay, go home etc. Though he did not attend any dog school, when unleash, he doesn't run wild. He stays by your side. He is quite temperamental towards strangers. He's playful and he simply adores you to stroke him - sometimes unknowingly he'll fall asleep with all the stroking. Boy boy snores like a little baby too. He loves attention and is hyper too. He is healthy, free from ticks and do not have any skin problem. We brings him for grooming every 1.5 - 2months (More or less)


Boyboy's maincaregiver will be leaving Singapore to further her studies for a couple of years. Her family is unwilling to take care of the dog for this period. It is highly possible that Boy boy could be send to SPCA. She will be leaving Singapore in a couple of weeks. Please help to spread the words about Boy boy. Sincere adopters please contact Melinda at 91454705. Thank you.

[tue 25 jan 2011. shared on request. source: email, tue 25 jan 2011.]

[reunited!] FOUND: shih tzu (yishun ring road, sun 23 jan 2011 pm)

My friend found a shih tzu at yishun ring road yesterday afternoon (sun 23 jan 2011). As of now the dog is residing at my girlfriend's place. We hope to find the real owner of the dog as soon as possible. We have already went to the vet but the dog does not have any microchip so we cant find the owner. So i hope you could help me out there.

wed 26 jan 2011
This dog has found its owner today

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

[rehomed!] FOUND: Zina - affectionate, quiet 8mo female mongrel, black short coat w red collar (hougang ave 8, tue 4 jan)

Animal's name: Zina
Age: about 8 months according to vet
Gender: Female
Breed: Local mixed

Vaccinated? NA
Sterilised? NA

Health condition? Good

Physical description? Black short coat with red collar when found
Personality/temperament? Very affectionate and quiet.

Toilet trained? Yes
Understands basic commands? Sometimes
Good with other pets? Yes
Good with children? NA

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption? We found it on the streets and we are looking for the owner.
we found her at the carpark roaming around in hougang ave 8 on 4th Jan

Where is it now? Hougang
How long can the current fosterer keep it for? a week

Other comments: She has a very good temperament, good with other dogs and extremely loving. We hope to find her owner asap or hope that someone will be able to take good care of her.

[sat 8 jan 2011. shared on request. source: e-mail, thu 6 jan 2011.]

tue 25 jan 2011
zina has found a home!

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Zai Zai the 2yo male maltese - good temperament, healthy, paper-trained, sterilised, vaxed, mchipped

Name: Zai Zai. Age: 2 years old. Gender: Male. Sterilized, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Paper trained. Good temperament. Good with humans & dogs. In good health. HDB approved.

Interested, please email with the following details for basic screening:

- NATIONALITY / PR based in Singapore?

- Expected term/duration in Singapore?

- Age/Occupation

- Do your family have any experience with dogs? What breed and is dog still with your family now?

- How many family members are there?

- Any children and what are their age?

- Who is the main caregiver (when u go back for home leave or holidays esp)?

- Any dog(s) currently? Sterilised? Age and temperament?

- Property type *Landed/Condo/HDB* (self owned or rental)?

- Any problem with licensing?

- Will dog be left alone during the day time? If Yes, for how long?

- Where will dog be sleeping? Indoor/outdoor? If outdoor, why?

- What food will dog be fed?

- Will dog be allowed to roam all over the house?

- How often will dog goes for grooming?

Please spread the words. Thanks.

[sun 2 jan 2011. shared on request. source: e-mail, thu 30 dec 2010.]

tue 25 jan 2011
Zai Zai adopted!

Monday, 24 January 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Kai Xin (Happy!) - 3mo female black/white singapore special

Name: Kai Xin (Happy!)
Gender: Female
Age: 3 Month
Color: Black & White
Breed: Local Mixed Breed
Toilet Trained: Yes!
Newspaper Trained: Yes!
Bathed: Yes!
Food: Simple (Not Fussy)
Love: Playing with balls

Kai Xin(Happy!) was found by me at one of the industrial sites.

She is a very smart gal, when she first arrived at my place she automatically could adapt to where she is.

She like cleanliness as she doesn't shit around, she went to my toilet to shit and urine without me teaching her!

She is a cute lovable gal as she loves interacting with humans. Trust me she really can make your day.

She is a happy gal as she is always wagging her tail. Trust me when i first saw her i fell in love with her.

I can't take her in as i am already having 2 mongrel dog of 6 years in my house. My house would be gone if ppl complain again.

I really hope to find someone who can love her and treats her like your own.

Thank you!

[mon 17 jan 2011. shared on request. source: e-mail, fri 14 jan 2011.]

mon 24 jan 2011
kai xin's adopted!