Saturday, 30 January 2010

[reunited!] Lost - Jessie the cat

Hi everyone, I just lost my loving female cat.She is just 1 1/2 yrs old.Last seen at Blk 610 Elias Rd at abt 9 - 10am on 29/1/10.That was the day my daughter came back from her 3 days school camping.She came back the cat was gone. My daughter always sleep together with the cat.She feel very sad and miss her cat soooo mush. I've put up notes around my area. I hope anyone staying around my area pls call me at 91090410.Thank You.

Update 6 Feb
I am glad to say that i found my cat on thursday.My son found her in the drain when he was on his way back from school.

[rehomed!] Urgent help for 2 abandoned local breed puppies

Two local breed puppies are in need of good homes with experienced owners. They were found abandoned on a patch of grass in kranji on fri. i dont think they are HDB approved because they are medium sized when fully grown. Both of them are female, and are from the same litter. One is black, the other is sandy.

Temperament : Sandy one is quite affectionate, playful and loves to be held. She also likes licking my nose. Black one is more reserved but greedy. She is also quite affectionate. She has a white marking on her chest which is quite cute.

I really hope someone can adopt them. They are in urgent need of good homes because I am currently serving ns and i do not have the time to take care of puppies this young and i already have 1 adult dog and another 8 month old puppy. I really do not want to surrender them to SPCA.

Anyone interested please call me at 91504186 or e-mail

Update 1 Feb 2010
Pups have found an adopter and will be brought home tomorrow. Let's hope all goes well.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

[rehomed!] Home needed for 2 abandoned bull mastiffs

hey everyone, my friend found this pair of absolutely beautiful bull mastiffs abandoned..they are for urgent adoption to loving home as they're being temporarily boarded at a pet shop (not long-term solution)

they're a male & female, possibly siblings, 2-3yrs old. very healthy. bull mastiffs, despite their intimidating appearence, are sweet, loving & friendly dogs, fiercely loyal to their family.

contact Xin Yan @98500827 to view the dogs. friends, please also help me link this album to your profiles to share with your network! these wonderful dogs deserve a second chance =)

Update 29 Jan
The dogs have been rehomed - as no owner has been found. The mastiffs have been adopted by a fish farm owner! They're now known as Kim and Kobe.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

[rehomed?] Foster/perm home for Chelsea the cattle dog

Name: Chelsea
Breed: Cross Australian cattle dog
Age: 10 months
Gender: female

Rescued from industrial estate when she was a puppy together with 2 other siblings. got adopted, then owner gave a last minute one week notice to get her out, chucked her to a boarding place in Yio Chu Kang and left the country and became uncontactable.

She's toilet trained and outdoor trained, has had her vaccinations, not sterilised yet (owner would need to bring for sterilisation), active, obedient and understands basic commands. (sit, down, paw, come).

Chelsea needs to be out of the boarding facility asap or to a foster place temporarily while we find her a home because she's basically just in a kennel day in and out now, which at the rate it goes she will soon forget all her training as well and it's not very healthy to be cooped up all day.


Update 4 Feb 2010
I just got the news yesterday night that Chelsea's ex owner's dad arranged for Chelsea to enter M'sia and they will settle the boarding etc over there..arrangements have already been made and they didn't inform us, they'll be leaving this sunday.. so I guess Chels won't be in singapore any longer..

[rehomed!] Chihuahua

An abandoned chihuahua was found. He needs a loving home. He was not healthy when found but his medical fees would be looked after. The vet diagnosed that he had a weak liver but he has gotten much better. Currently he is under medication.

Extremely obedient and friendly. Loves to play ball and is friendly with other dogs.

I have three dogs with me and one of them is a handicap. It's impossible for me to adopt this poor fellow.

A friend is appealing for help. A male member in the family suffering from depression... is abusive and is always threatening to throw him down the flat. I'm afraid that the chihuahua would be a victim to his insanity.

Contact: Raveena Karunakaran 9690 7841

Update 28 Jan
the chihuahua has got a home at last.