Saturday, 25 September 2010

[rehomed!] FOUND: active, friendly 8-10yo female silky terrier w cataract (jurong, mid-sep 2010)

Female Silky Terrier found around Jurong Area about 3-4 days ago. Said to be around 8-10 years old, has cataract in one of her eye.

Very active, friendly as well as responsive.

 She had really long nails, as well as tangles in her fur, so we are guessing that she has been wandering around for quite sometime. She has no collar on when she was found.

[wed 22 sep 2010. source: tagged on facebook note. original post:, tue 21 sep 2010.]

sat 25 sep 2010
we took the dog to the vet and all. she had no microchip and has severe teeth problems. but we managed to find her a home. And hopefully, its a good permanent one. :)

[reunited!] LOST: Xiaobai the 7yo female maltese (tampines st 71 blk 714/721, thu 16 sep)

maltese lost at tampines st71 blk714

-she is 7yrs old.

-white,thick and straight fur

-lost at Thursday 16sept 8.30pm last seen at 22.30 at blk 721 bus stop.

[sat 18 sep 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, sat 18 sep 2010.]

sat 25 sep 2010
xiaobai has been found

SOS! Blood for 1yo Koda! Healthy dogs below 7yo, above 23kg. Contact 98638739

my friend's dog is in hospital and needs a blood transfusion!!!

are there any big dogs who are 7 years and under, 23 KG and up to date vaccination, no tick fever and no heart worm history who would be willing to help.

they plan to do it tomorrow!! please please help!!

they just recently lost their older dog and now this dog who is only a year old!!!

please contact me on 98638739!!!!!!


[sat 25 sep 2010. source: facebook message, sat 25 sep 2010.]

STILL LOST: Tadpo the 8mo male long-coat chihuahua w brown fur/eyes, dark brown nose (blk 838 sims ave, thu 16 sep 2010)

Anyone Who See This Dog Ard Pls Contact DeLiang/Nicole @ 91460459/93856544.. And Help Me Share Ard This Msg If Can.. Thank Alot.. Last Seen At Eunos Sims Ave...

i juz adopted him home yesterday... no mirco....

he is 8 mths old only.... now my current dog is missin him too feel very moody now..

we stay at level one... then my mum open the door too let the two dogs c outside n play at the balcony n also let the wind n sunlight come in.... but the gate is lock n we do have fencing on our gate... so is impossible he is able to run out.. then my mum went to the kitchen to prepare food but when she reach the balcony him is missin le only left one... we believe is tat someone lure him to the gate n carry him away.... cuz he is very friendly he go over if ppl call him... he is a very people dog... love to go ard humans n stick him humans..

i really dun know y ppl will juz take him away juz like tat... is it outside ppl taken him i got notin to say but only blame myself but he is inside of our house... feelin so heartache even is one day wif him...

pls pls pls help mi post ard tis msg...

worry abt him wonderin if he is ok anot....

brown long coat chihuahua wif brown eyes n nose.... ard 30cm long.... last seen ard 5.10pm at my place blk 838 sims ave....

sat 18 sep 2010
lastest news - fri 17 sep 2010

Confirm todpo is stolen by someone... was pastin notices ard my area n a gal approach mi to tell mi she saw one guy playin wif him at the gate then carry tadpo out though the gate n took him away... after he took todpo he walk to the back which is the car park n goin towards blk 828....

PPL stayin ard sims ave or happen to be there on the 16/09/2010 ard 6.00pm to 6.20pm if u c a guy wearin blue cap wif dark colour t-shirt n jeans, he is dark height ard 170 to 175 big size hair colour black ard 6.00pm to 6.20pm on 16/09/2010 outside blk 838 sims ave #01-832 play wif a dog at the gate pls inform mi at 93856544 or 91460459.... the gal not able to c how he look like but only able to c the back view. pls help mi post tis msg ard....

To the guy who took my love todpo away on the 16/09/2010 ard 6.00pm to 6.20pm at blk 838 sims ave #01-832, if u r readin tis post, i beg i pls u to return tadpo back to us.... knowin u did play wif tadpo at our gate tat's means u maybe a dog lover can u put urself in our shoes now... can u feel the pain n worries tat we r havin.. Pls i really beg u to return back to us. i promise i will not ask a single questions when u return him back. if u really like him i promise u if u return back to us u can come n visit him at our place wif no question ask too... pls i really beggin u, we miss him so much till it's affectin our work life... i really hope u can feel n understand how we feel...

[fri 17 sep 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, thu 16 sep 2010.]

FOUND: yorkshire(?) terrier w blue collar/bell (blk 212 bukit batok, fri 24 sep 2010, 1330 h)

more details here:

[sat 25 sep 2010.]

Friday, 24 September 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Stray 5+++yo female Persian cross found at void deck

This cat is a female cat, is more than 5 yrs. Looking for a new Hm. I have found this cat roaming at my void deck. I brought her to a vet once. She is normal just that she has fur mites and sore areas without fur and also she has sore gum so she can't take solid food.

[tue 14 sep 2010. source: facebook message, mon 13 sep 2010.]

fri 24 sep 2010
cat is adopted

Thursday, 23 September 2010

STILL LOST: Ripley the m/c 7yo female westie w blue collar - needs medication (Edelweiss Park Condo, Upper Changi East, sun 5 sep 2010)

Ripley, 7-year-old female westie lost on Sun 5 Sep 2010 at about 12.15am along Edelweiss Park Condominium to Upper Changi East.

She escaped on Sat 4 Sep at abt 11.45pm. We were stll chasing after her but by Sun 5 Sep 12.15am we lost track.

Anyone found or seen her please call Tracy 93394182 or Chris 90222779.

[sun 5 sep 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, sun 5 sep 2010.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 3 hamsters who don't get along (1 f winterwhite, 1 f yellow pudding, 1 m yellow pudding)

have 4 hamsters up for adoption

family members insisted to find good homes for them asap as dad dislike having too many pets in the house

furthurmore, the hams were always scared by our dog

1 female pure winterwhite - nearly 2 years old
1 female(fat) yellow pudding - 1.5 years old
1 male yellow pudding - 1.5 years old
1 male yellow pudding - 1 year old

all don't get along, have to be housed separately

have leftover bedding, food and bathing sand, will pack into 4 equal packs for each hamsters to go off with

have 2 3-storey cages(can be dismantled. can also combine and build up to a 5-storey cage. comes with wheel, bath house, bottle.), hamheads, hideouts, wheel, bottle to sell away at a low price


text/email me with your:
-any pets in the household
-experiences in handling hamsters
-type of bedding you'll be using if possible
-is house visits within the 1st few months after adoption suceed possible

[mon 13 sep 2010. source: e-mail: sun 12 sep 2010.]

thu 16 sep 2010
the 1 year old pudding has been adopted. the rest are still pending, but adoption is still open.

thu 23 sep 2010
all hamsters have found homes

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Toto the vocal, affectionate 2yo female Calico local breed

Toto is a 2-year-old female Calico local breed, sterilised and toilet trained. A very affectionate cat, Toto is playful and enjoys human company. She's also very vocal and responds readily to her name.

Owner's baby is allergic to cat fur so Toto urgently needs a new home whose owner is a cat-lover who can give her lots of love.

Call Gerald at 93633793.

[mon 2 aug. email, mon 2 aug.]

thu 23 sep 2010
toto has found a good home

LOST: fluffy male schnauzer, salt/pepper w white chest, choke chain (hougang ave 7, sun 19 sep 2010)

Missing male schnauzer (salt & pepper with white chest ) last seen on sun 19 Sep 2010 morning at hougang ave 7

He is about 1.5ft in length, fluffy coat ( due for his grooming ) and has a choke chain without tag.

Pls contact 98710046 if you happen to find him in your area.

[thu 23 sep 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, sat 18 sep 2010.]

LOST: 6yo female JRT (blk 856d tampines st 82, tue 21 sep 2010)

Details here:

[thu 23 sep 2010.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: pair of 3-4yo cocker spaniels (male/female)

Hi, attached photos of the pair to be adopted. The black one is the male. They're around 3-4 yrs old.

Hope the person interested will be able to adopt the 2 of them ...... they grew up together.

These 2 spaniels are sterilised. Thanks.

thu 23 sep 2010
both spaniels have found homes

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2-week-old singapore girl rescued from construction site

I have 3 puppies to be put up for adoption. They were rescued from construction site before security guards call for AVA. They are only 2-3 weeks old.

[sat 10 jul. email, sat 10 jul.]

update thu 15 jul
2 of them have been adopted, only left the female one.

<>u>thu 23 sep 2010
female pup has found a home too

LOST: Rockstar the male Bengal mix (Blk 205, Bedok North St 1, Sun 19 Sep 2010)

He is a Bengal mix cat lovingly called by our family as Rockstar.

He has a prominent Bengal like fur and a faded tattoo on both his ears to show he has been spayed.

He was last seen at Blk 205, Bedok North St 1 on 19 September 2010 at approximately 130am. After searching the whole of Bedok Interchange, we suspect he may be trapped somewhere or taken by someone for shelter.

He is our dear pet who has bonded very well with our family. His lost was deeply regretted and we are extremely saddened not knowing of his whereabouts. We miss Rockstar terribly.

Please help us. Your kind hearted assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Please if you have seen or found our cat, contact Ms Ayu at 97855436 or Mr Asmoni at 98447690.

[thu 23 sep 2010. source: tweet. origina post:, tue 21 sep 2010.]

LOST: Miko the 3yo orange male maine coon, tipped left ear, blue collar (Blk 237 Tampines St 21, sun 19 Sep 2010)

"Miko" has been missing since the midnight of 19 September, Sunday morning.

He has a habit of sneaking out of the house and hid into my neighbours' plants and would roam around the few levels of flat and return at he front gate a few hours later. There were times when he went missing for 3 days and would also turn up at my front door. He is very shy but aggressive and due to his nature I believe those who picked him up and got bitten would let him go.

He is a Maine Coon, orange tabby with long straight tail.

Age 3 yrs old.

Wears a blue collar with diamonds around and a bell

Spayed with a left ear tipped

Please contact me at 81529982 if you have any information. Thank you.

[thu 23 sep 2010. source: tweet. original post:, tue 21 sep 2010.]

[reunited!] LOST: Bambi the female cavalier king charles spaniel (highland rd/yio chu kang rd, mon 20 sep 2010)

Bambi, a female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, ran out of home on 20th Sep 2010 around 11am. Last seen at Highland Road / Yio Chu Kang Road. Singapore 549102

She has a mixed fur color of White and Hazelnut Brown, and has a medical condition which requires her owner's attention asap.

Details and photos at

Hope you can pass the word around. And if you live nearby, please help keep a lookout.
Thank you.

[tue 21 sep 2010. source: e-mail, tue 21 sep 2010.]

thu 23 sep 2010
bambi is found

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Shady the sweet, cheeky, attention-seeking 3yo female husky

This red and white husky is up for adoption because her owner needs to move and cannot bring Shady along.

Shady is an extremely pretty dog with blue eyes. She's 3 this year, and she's a shy and timid husky. Health is perfect except for a weak stomach. She loves loads of hugs and companionship.

A big dog, hence daily exercises are necessary. Shady sheds a lot, just like any other huskies. Sometimes may be a little cheeky, but she's overall a super sweetheart.

Because of her attention dependency, it would really be great if she can be with someone or another canine companion who is constantly there to give her assurance. Shady howls when she is lonely. :(

Unfortunately, she is not HDB approved. (Hence owner cannot bring her along)

Her birthday is at the end of May, and sadly, if there is no one up to offer adoption, Shady would have to be sent to the SPCA. Everyone knows what happens to animals at SPCA. :(

[Mon 10 May. Source: via e-mail, Mon 10 May.]

Update Sun 16 May
Shady has been adopted! (I think) Shaun is in arrangement with 2 potential owners currently, will keep everyone in the loop!

Update Tue 25 May
Shady's adoption fell through, so Shaun is still looking for potential adopters! :( Please help!!

thu 23 sep 2010
shady is adopted

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

[reunited!] LOST: Coffee the 1.5yo brown miniature poodle (Hendry Close/Kovan Rd, Fri 17 Sep 2010)

Name: Coffee Dog
Gender: Male
Age: 1.5yo
Date: Fri 17 Sep 2010
Time: 0745 - 0838
Place: Hendry Close - Kovan Road stretch

[sat 18 sep 2010. source: e-mail, sat 18 sep 2010.]

wed 22 sep 2010
coffee's found

[reunited!] STILL LOST: Nicole the m/c, 1yo black/tan, pointy eared female mongrel w black t-shirt (LAST SEEN: teck whye, tue 14 sep)

(Lost from Block 224 Bukit Batok Street 21 on Sun 12September 2010 at 12pm)

Name: Nicole (responds well to her name)
Gender: Female, already sterilized
Age: Exactly 1 year old
Colour: Black & tan – majority black with 4 brown paws
Breed: Mongrel
Distinctive Features: Pointed ears. Small for a mongrel. A little bit of skin problem.
Mircochip number: Last 4 digits 6642
Others: Wearing a black coloured t-shirt with red piping, the t-shirt carries the word “K-9 Boarding School”.

Chased her until Bukit Batok Interchange but lost track of her thereafter. Nicole is friendly to human beings and good natured, will not shy away from strangers. Thank you!

[mon 13 sep 2010. source: e-mail, sun 12 sep 2010.]

thu 16 sep 2010

Have you seen Nicole?

She was at the Pets Carnival at Blk 224 Bukit Batok Street 21 on 12/09/2010 when she took off to Bukit Batok Central. Her owners chased after her but was unable to catch up and they lost sight of her at the Bukit Batok Interchange.

She was last seen at Teck Whye on Tue 14 sep asking for water.

Following are some of her details:

Size: Medium (less than 15 kg)
Microchip: Yes and owners will verify the m/c number
Colour: Mostly black with brown around the muzzle area, underbelly and around her 4 paws
Other features: She has a leash and collar on her, wearing a black t-shirt with red-piping. The T-shirt bears the name "K9 - Boarding School". She is sterilized and is friendly towards humans. She responds to her name' "Nicole".

Her owners are anxious for her return. Please spread the message around.

check nicole's blogs for updates:

wed 22 sep 2010
Nicole is reunited with her family. Thanks to everyone who has helped in one way or another!

[rehomed!] ADOPT: sociable, playful 3yo tricolour male beagle

Looking for a dog loving family for our 3 yrs old tricolor beagle (male). Very sociable n playful, need space to run, not HDB approved. Paper trained.

[sat 4 sep 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, fri 3 sep 2010.]

wed 22 sep 2010
jack has found a new home

[rehomed!] ADOPT: mum+ son Ciara + Oscar, 8yo + 5yo blenheim cavalier king charles spaniels

My son, Oscar, and I are looking for new home. Our current owners will soon have three young sons of their own and there isn't room for all of us. I am 8 and Oscar is 5. We are healthy, loving, gentle, used to small children, and will go anywhere for free so long as we can stay together.

[sat 24 jul., thu 22 jul.]

wed 22 sep 2010
both spaniels have been rehomed

[rehomed!] ADOPT: sterilised 3+yo male beagle

3 yr plus male sterilised Beagle up for adoption. Pls email yr contact number to arrange viewing.

[tue 7 sep 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, mon 30 aug 2010.]

wed 22 sep 2010
beagle was rehomed recently

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Kitten 1 - active, joyful, 5mo female kitten good with dogs and loves to purr

Kitten 1

Statue : For adoption

Breed : Local

Age : about 5 months (last update 13 sep 10)

Gender: Female

Spayed/Neutered: Not yet. After adopt, must neutered her.

Cat's Temperament:
Active, joyful, love to purrrr :D
They are good with Dogs.

Ideal home : A house which is cat proof

Kindly sms us with intro of yourself, age and occupation, family size and experience with or without cats.

Adoption fee : $60 for all the 3 vaccinations.

Owner's request : Give her a lovely home! All family members should agree to keep her.

Reason for giving up:

Someone passed 3 kittens to us when they were around 3 weeks old. They are now old enough to be adopted. (: One kitten had been adopted. (: If possible, adopt kitten 1 and kitten 2 together because they are siblings.

[mon 13 sep 2010. source: facebook message, mon 13 sep 2010. original post:]

wed 22 sep 2010
kitten is adopted