Thursday, 16 September 2010

FOUND: orange/white female cat, short stubby tail, purple collar+bell (blk 639 woodlands ring rd)

I found this cat at Blk 639 Woodlands Ring Road. She's an orange and white female cat, with a short/stubby tail. She's wearing a purple collar with a single purple bell. Please call me at 81329172 if this cat is yours.

[thu 16 sep 2010. reproduced upon request. original post:, wed 15 sep 2010.]

LOST: Bobby the 4yo brown/white male mixed breed (sengkang, aug 2010)

Date The Dog Was Lost: 15 August 2010 (estimated)
Where The Dog Was Lost: Sengkang

Name Of Dog: Bobby
Breed: Mix
Colour Of The Dog: Brown/White
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Size: around JRT

Owner's Name: Ice
Contact Number: 81828878

[thu 16 sep 2010. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, tue 14 sep 2010.]

ADOPT: Marsiling cats

TC called asking if I can help with this estate of Marsiling. There are too many complains, too may cats. Informed me that they had trapped many and 'relocated' them. Went down to check, and found many tiny kittens behind the lift lobby, some sleeping under the bicycles and many playing with one another. They seem to have lost their mothers. Could their mothers have been taken away by those who the TC called to trap the cats?

As the wind blew, some of the tinier ones were almost blown away, thankfully they are smart enough not to go against the wind but to go with the wind.

However it started pouring.

We had brought them back as we know that kittens that young without mothers will not be able to survive out there, not to even mention an estate black-marked with complaints.

Many were in terrible state, scrawny with bloated tummy, vividness of third eye lid, and some with skin infections.

They have been dewormed, completed the full course of anti-bios, also in a few days time to be vaccinated.

Please do give them a loving home if you have the love and compassion towards these kittens who were left for death by those inconsiderate, irresponsible owners who abandoned their unsterilized cats. We hope you may open your hands, open your hearts and also open the door to your home for these kitties. They need a safe, warm and loving home, to be cared by the responsible humans who is willing to commit to throughout the whole life-time of the kittens.

Only responsible owners are welcome. Sincerely hope you may also read up from CWS web-portal, understand more about sterilization, responsible ownerships and the situations of local strays.

If you think you are responsible with a lovely safe home, also one who is wise and compassionate all at the same time, do contact Ena @ 9780 7882 or Jayet @ 96206061

Click on album below for many more photos of the cats.

[thu 16 sep 2010. reproduced upon request of post creator. original post:, wed 15 sep 2010.]

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Milo the 9mo short, brown-furred male dog

Milo is a young dog, approximately 9 months old. He is short-haired, with brown fur and soft brown eyes. We got him from the SPCA when he was still a puppy (3 months old) and he has been neutered and received all his vaccinations/flea treatment/worm treatment.

He has a lovely personality and loves to be around people and cuddle up to you. He is very good natured and lovable.

We have moved into a small apartment and all have busy lifestyles and thus are unable to care for him.

He comes at no cost - we just want to find him a good home! Included: Dog food, training leash, chew toys, dog's toilet.

[mon 23 august. reproduced with permission of post creator. original post:, fri 20 august 2010.]

wed 15 sep 2010
milo has found a home

[reunited!] LOST: 6-7mo light brown/black holland lop ear rabbit (jurong east st 31 blk 322a)

I lost a holland lop ear rabbit, light brown and some black color in her body around jurong east street 31 blok 322 A. The rabbit run out from my house and didn't come back until now.

The attached photo was taken when she was about 3 months old, now she already around 6 - 7 months old. Kindly need your help to spread the news, in the case anybody had seen or got any information on it.


[wed 15 sep 2010. source: e-mail, wed 15 sep 2010.]

wed 15 sep 2010
i called the spca and turn out they found my rabbit, thanks

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

[rehomed!] UP FOR ADOPTION AGAIN: Bianca 13mo female shih tzu x schnauzer - owner has stroke and suspected cancer

Name: Bianca

Age: 11mths 13 days old as of 11March (date of email), so she is about 13mths old now.

Breed: Shih Tzu cross Schnauzer

Gender: Female

Temperament: Very friendly and loving, toilet/paper trained

Reason for giving up: Situation is urgent as owner is very sick, stroke and suspected cancer , so no longer can take care.

[Sat 15 May. Source: e-mail, Sat 15 May.]

Update Mon 17 May
Bianca has just finished her heat, will be sterilised soon.

Update Mon 24 May
Bianca is currently with a fosterer, looking for the right home. Please write in with a background introduction of yourself and not one-liners. Teenagers or anyone below the age of 21 who are geuninely interested in Bianca, please get your parents to liaise with me instead.

Adopter must be agreeable to home visits and to pay for sterilisation of the dog, as well as to sign an adoption form.

Thank you.

Update Tue 8 Jun
Bianca has been adopted.

update fri 18 jun
Bianca is up for adoption again. I am not absolutely sure if Bianca is indeed not too good with children (below 15 years old) as both the ex-owner and the fosterer does not have any kids at home. Nonetheless, Bianca is an excellent companion for elderly folks actually, as she is more of a human dog and she will follow you wherever you go in the house.

tue 14 sep 2010
bianca has been adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Princess the sweet singapore special

The mother is a mixed/local breed She is mild mannered and shows no aggressiveness when we handle her puppies. She is a real sweetie in need of a loving home with a lot of patience and kindness.
The litter consists of 3 females and 1 male, which 2 has been adopted These 2 females are ready for adoption when they are 8 weeks old.

Viewing is possible upon appointment and for genuine pet lovers only.

Click on the link below to download a higher-res PDF of the ad that you can help post on Cold Storage, vet or other notice boards.

[wed 25 aug 2010. source: e-mail, tue 24 aug 2010.]

wed 1 sep
Duchess has been adopted by a good family over the weekend. Princess is still waiting for her turn…

mon 6 sep
princess's new ad. please help to share.

tue 14 sep 2010
Princess has been also been adopted by a good family over the weekend! Many thanks to all those who have helped in these 2 puppies’ adoption drive!

Monday, 13 September 2010

FOUND: friendly b/w tom kitten w blue colourful colllar (Ang Mo Kio Central Blk 725)

An unsterilised kitten was found at my doorstep at Ang Mo Kio Central Blk 725. It's wearing a blue/coluorful collar and is extremely friendly.

If you know who this cat belongs to, kindly drop me a message here. Thank you.

contact Yihui through

[mon 13 sep 2010. reproduced upon request. original post:, sat 11 sep 2010.]

LOST: Boboy the male cat (Blk 397 Yishun Ave 6, 19 Aug 2010)

Boboy ran out of his foster's place at Blk 397 Yishun Ave 6, on 19 August 2010. He is usually quite affectionate and calm.

Please email (note spelling) if you spot him. Thanks so much!

[mon 13 sep 2010. reproduced upon request. original post:, thu 9 sep 2010.]


Hi, I badly need help. I have 6 cats. Used to be all in my hostel.

Then my company closed down due to some problems. And I was forced to give up my rental apartment and go back home to stay.

Now my family is threatening to throw my cats away. I WILL not allow that. I love my cats too much. I am willing to pay for the cat food etc... they jus need a place to stay for 6 mths till i get back on my feet and i can pick them back.

Please help i love my cats too much to have them thrown away like trash...

Andrinna D Kang
Mobile No: +65-97605340

[mon 13 sep 2010. source: e-mail, mon 13 sep 2010.]

LOST: Rummie the 6yo male Yorkshire Terrier (LAST SEEN: JLN DAMAI OPP BEDOK NORTH SEC SCH, MON 13 SEP)


DATE : WED 8TH SEPT 2010, ARD 4.30PM





PRISCILLA (HP 96877574)

[thu 9 sep 2010. source: e-mail, thu 9 sep 2010.]

mon 13 sep 2010
update : Rum was sighted this morning (Mon, 13/09/10) running opposite Bedok North Sec Sch, along Jalan Damai, off Bedok Reservoir Road.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Lush the good-tempered 4+yo female border collie

Extremely good temperament. understand commands like sit,stay, down, hi five, paw etc

Seizures/Fits ocassionally once every 1-2 mths, will not die from it, just gotta live with it which i did for coming 2 yrs.

No adoption fee needed. Just need a loving owner. Preferably owner stays landed, if not, u should have a maid as border collie sheds alot, mid size dog pee n poop alot too.

[Sat 24 Apr. Source:, 13 Nov 2009.]

mon 13 sep 2010
lush has found a home

[recovering!] SOS! DOGGY BLOOD FOR XIAOBAI JRT! Big breeds above 4yo, 20kg, pref 1.1 -ve. Contact 94389122.

Dear Dog Lovers,

I’m an owner of a 9 years old Jack Russel Terrier – Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai is currently critically ill and warded in the intensive care unit at the Animal Recovery Veterinary Center at Balestier Road, she has been diagnosed with Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia. This is a disease whereby the dog immune system attacks its own red blood cells. The causes of IMHA (Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia) remain largely unknown.

I have attached a link below for more information on IMHA.

As at today Xiao Bai’s PVC (Red Blood Cell) is at 13.5%. [The average PCV should be at 55%-25%, anything below 15% is considered dangerous]. At this point in time, we have just started the treatment of IMHA on Xiao Bai and need time to let the medication takes effect.

Unfortunately, this treatment process requires blood transfusion and the vet do not have enough blood units to sustain Xiao Bai throughout the entire treatment before the medication could possibly take an effect on her.

Xiao Bai is a dear family member of mine and I am doing everything I can for her at this critical period in time to bring her the best treatment.

I am sincerely appealing to all dog lovers with big dogs (Big Breed/weight of 20Kg & above) of minimum age 4 years & above to help donate blood to my Xiao Bai. Xiao Bai is able to receive blood of any group, preferably 1.1 negative. Your gift of life to her is greatly appreciated.

Please help to spread the message around if you know of any friends who might be able to help Xiao Bai, every minute is extremely precious now. I sincerely thank all of you for rendering your help in one way or other in this appeal.

Thank you
Jia Ying
27 Jul 2010

[tue 27 jul., tue 27 jul.]

mon 13 sep 2010
Thank you so much for all the help

Xiao Bai is more stable now and do not need any blood at this moment.. Hopfully she can recover soon.