Saturday, 20 March 2010

[reunited!] Lost - Jude the ginger and white community tom cat (Bt Batok St 52, Tue 2 Mar)

Our community cat, a ginger and white neutered tom has been missing since Tuesday, 2 Mar 2010. It was raining very heavily that day and since then, the feeder and I could not find him. Our area is Bt Batok St 52 Blks 501-511. The rest of the community cats are intact so we dismissed trapping.

He was last wearing a blue and pink collar and may answer to his name "Jude". But he is very timid so we are very worried for him.

More photos here:

Anyone who sees him please help contact Nicole at 93685796. We would really appreciate that.

Update Sat 20 Mar
I have found Jude.

[rehomed!] A little black nothing of feet and fur...

Hi cat lovers, we found 3 kittens: 2 completely black ones and 1 black mixed with white local kittens that have been abandoned by its mother. Eyes are already opened. Probably about 1 to 2 weeks old.

We are currently fostering them and urgently seek owners who can give them a loving home. Adoption is free.

Pls contact 81270050 if U are keen to adopt any.

[Original post:]

Update Sat 20 Mar
They have all found homes.

[rehomed!] Found - male Silky Terrier (AMK St 61). Pls claim asap finder has unspayed female dog.

Found a male silky Terrier ard Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Street 61. Would the owner kindly call me at 98355936 urgently? Cos will be sending the dog to SPCA as I have a (non-Spayed) female at home. I can't take care of the male dog. Thanks!

[Original post:]

Update Sat 20 Mar
Silky has found a good home!

[rehomed!] A new home needed for a wonderful dog, Toffee (Cocker Spaniel)

Dear All

We have a red Cocker spaniel dog called "Toffee" who we rescued from another expat family who had to move on from Singapore but we have to give him up due to landlord (who agreed a small dog when agreeing rental details) is now saying he is too big for us to keep him!

As you can imagine we our very upset as he has become a large part of our family in the few months he has been with us. He really is a super dog and we do consider him a small dog.

Toffee is completely free to a loving caring home as he will be surely missed by the three children and will break our hearts too. He is fantastic with children (loves fetch with his ball),soft, playful and has so much love to give to someone(s) wanting a new friend.

We have just fully sterilized him and has been checked all over with our vet.

If any of you or know of anyone, who can give him a good home for us it would be a great comfort.


Update Sat 20 Mar
Toffee has found a new home.

STILL LOST - Carrot the Dog in Jurong West

Lost in Yunnan cresent/ Yunnan Drive area around Jurong West

Black short coat with white chest and feet.
Name: carrot

Pls contact me at 93889532 if you've seen the dog. thks

[rehomed!] Found - Black tom cat in Buangkok

STOMPer Ester found this black cat in the Buangkok area, and wants to help it find its owner.

Said the STOMPer:

"This five to six-month-old black cat was found wandering around the Buangkok area just before Chinese New Year.

"He is very friendly and loves drinking milk. He might be a lost cat or he just got dumped during someone's CNY's spring cleaning? He is very very tame and he is very sticky (he kept following me everywhere I go). I believe he was dumped out during CNY spring cleaning as some chinese don't like black cats.

I just have a bad feeling that he is a pet to a young gal or guy and her/his mother dump the cat out in spring cleaning cos black is unlucky, and he love to cry....but after giving milk, he will stop crying and sleep soon after. He is more happy now as the other cats and dogs are accepting him as friend, but now always outside with them. No long sticking to me like glue...

"Will the owner please e-mail me at to claim him? Thanks."

Update Sat 20 Mar
The fosterer has decided to keep him.

[rehomed!] New home for kitten - all accessories provided

I am leaving Singapore to live in Australia and I can't afford the export and quarantine costs. It breaks my heart to let go of my sweet local female kitten, but if she goes to a good home I will feel better. I'm not exactly sure when I'm leaving but I would love to keep her until I go (maybe another month or so) but if someone really wants her now, I will definitely consider that.

I will give the new owner all her accessories (cat litter box, food bowls, scratching post, left over food - Science Diet - and excess Trustie cat litter left).

She is fully vaccinated and sterilized. She has no health problems and is the sweetest, most affectionate cat I've ever had. She is fun too. She really deserves a great home and a lot of attention. She is used to me being home during the day so she needs a home where she won't be left alone all the time.

If you are interested in adopting her and giving her a loving and safe home, please contact me at Many thanks.

Update Sat 20 Mar
The kitten has found a home.

[rehomed!] Back to the workforce, new home needed for Bebe the silky terrier

Name: Bebe
Age: 4yrs (est)
Gender: male
Temprement: Barkish, other than that he is good with dogs and children.
Healthy, with yearly vaccination done.
Reason for giving up: Owner used to be a housewife, but going out to work, which cant care for him anymore.

No adpoption fee, however we will appreciate if you can donate some tokens to any charitable organisation of your choice.

Please dont adopt the dog just because it's free, adopt it because you have the time and love to give to him.

No students, please ask your parents to contact me.

Interested adopters, please kindly call me at 90058885.

[Original post:]

Update Sat 20 Mar
Bebe has found a new home.

[reunited!] Lost - Handsome the JRT (Whampoa, Sat 13 Feb)

Handsome the Jack Russell Terrier
Owner's Name: Joe Loh
Contact Number: 92338089

Date The Dog Was Lost: Sat 13 Feb 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Whampoa

Name Of Dog: Handsome
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Colour Of The Dog: White with brown spots
Gender: Male
Age: 8
Size: 2 feet

No photo at the moment. Photos of other JRTs here.

Update Sat 20 Mar
Handsome has been found.

[reunited!] Lost - Cotton the Westie (2 Feb 2010, Bedok South)

Owner's Name: Rick Goh
Contact Number: 90300300
Date The Dog Was Lost: 02 Feb 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Blk 13 Bedok South Road
Name Of Dog: Cotton
Breed: Westie
Colour Of The Dog: White
Gender: Male
Age: 1
Size: 2 ft

Update Sat 20 Mar
Cotton is home!

[reunited!] Seen any Snowflakes around Bukit Timah? (Lost white cat ginger spots, Tue 23 Feb)

Our 9 month old male white cat with ginger spots went missing last night (Tue 23 Feb) in the Bukit Timah area. It is the first time he has strayed for any length of time and my 2 young daughters are distraught. He is not wearing a collar as he kept losing it and he has been sterilized. He answers to the name of Snowflake but is a little timid around people and is not that fond of being held. Please call me urgently on 9152 8265 if you think you have seen him or have found him.

Update Sat 20 Mar
Snowflake has been found.

[reunited!] LOST - Flame the ginger cat (Binjai Park, Mon 8 Mar)

Our 9 month old male ginger cat went missing on Monday night in the Bukit Timah area near Binjai Park. It is the first time he has strayed for any length of time and my 2 young daughters are distraught.

He was wearing a brown collar with a disk with our address and phone number on it and he has been sterilized and microchipped. He answers to the name of Flame and is a very friendly and affectionate cat.

Please call me urgently on 9152 8265 if you think you have seen him or have found him.

[Original post: Thu 11 Mar,]

Update Sat 20 Mar
Flame has been found.

STILL LOST - 7yo white cat with brown patches (Tampines)

hi, lost a white cat in Tampines St 84 around Blk 882 and Blk 884.

he is about 7 years old with some brown patches here and there. he is a very tame and quiet cat.

please contact teck huat 97970704
Reward of $50 will be given. thanks!

[Original post, Mon 15 Mar:]

[reunited!] LOST - Tortie the 6yo tortoise-shell persian cat (Choa Chu Kang, Sat 13 Mar)

Name: Tortie
Sex: Female
Age: 6+
Breed: Persian
Fur colour: Tortoiseshell
Missing since: Sat 13 March 2010 @ Chua Chu Kang North 5
Other pertinent details: It is sensitive.

If found, please contact Rosnaini at 90026147.

[Original post, Mon 15 Mar:]

Update Sat 20 Mar
I have found her already.

[reunited!] LOST - Ginger/Toffy the grey, striped X-breed cat with pink collar bell (Tampines, Sat 13 Mar)

I lost my female cat on saturday night (13Mar) midnight. Last seen at at tampines st 21 blk 264.

Greyish crossmix breed,with stripes. She's wearing a pinkish collar bell. Will respond to 'ginger' or 'toffy'. She's afraid of strangers.

If you have seen her, pls call me at tel 81233770. I will really appreciate it .

[Original post, Sun 14 Mar:]

Update Sat 20 Mar
I have found her!

[reunited!] Lost - Nuinui the Shih Tzu (Choa Chu Kang, Thu 11 Feb)

Nuinui the Shih Tzu
Owner's Name: Desmond
Contact Number: 82250911

Name Of Dog: Nuinui
Breed: Shih Tzu
Colour Of The Dog: White brown
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Size: small

The dog(shih tzu)female was lost on Thu 11th Feb 2010 at Choa Chu Kang near blk 202-216. She was just fully groomed with brown and white coat.If somebody found her please contact me at 82250911. Thanks.

Photo will be provided later. Click here for an idea of what Shih Tzus look like.

Update Sat 20 Mar
We found her at SPCA 1 month after she was lost.

STILL LOST - Shih Tzu (Bedok, Fri 5 Feb)

My young nephew has just lost his Shih Tzu yesterday (Fri 5th Feb 2010) from his house near Bedok South Secondary School, at around 3.30pm. He has white and light brown fur and was wearing a dog collar with tag on his neck. His light brown fur forms a broad "stripe" and alternates with the white fur.

If anyone has found or seen it, please contact Adeline at 9009 0454,

STILL LOST - Shiffer the Shih Tzu (Katong, Mon 18 Jan)

Missing dog since 18 Jan 2010 afternoon in Katong area. Still not found as of 31 Jan 2010.

Smallish, short fur coat with furless tail that resembles a pig's tail , distinct crossed eyes. (Shitzu)

Please contact Alvin : 97456785 if you have any news..

Really appreciate. The family is very upset and calling SPCA everyday to check.. PLEASE HELP.

Update: 2 Feb 2010
Dog still not found. please help.

Respond to name Shiffer, 4yrs old. microchip number: 702033330002382.

[reunited!] Lost - Bubble the Mini Schnauzer (Pasir Ris, Tue 16 Feb)

Bubble the Miniature Schnauzer
Owner's Name: Generosa Doreen Mok Mun Yoke
Contact Number: 96656866

Date The Dog Was Lost: Tue 16 Feb 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Blk 150 Pasir Ris St 13

Name Of Dog: Bubble
Breed: Miniature Schnauzer
Colour Of The Dog: Pepper
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Size: 2 ft

No photo at the moment, but mini schnauzers look like this.

Update Sat 20 Mar
Bubble has been found.

STILL LOST - Nikki the Mini Schnauzer (Yishun, Sat 20 Feb)

Our Miniature Schnauzer Nikki went missing on 20th February Saturday at around 6pm - 9pm. She was last seen at Blk 745 Yishun St 72.

We suspect she could have been taken from home as the door was accidentally left open and she would not run out by herself.

She is microchipped, loves attention and can respond to basic commands like sit, stay, come etc. She has very soft salt and pepper fur and is about 1.5ft in size (smaller than a typical miniature schnauzer). 5 years of age, she is due for her yearly injection in March.

Please contact Alex 91829930 if you find her.

STILL LOST - Sparky the Maltese X (Clementi, Fri 19 Feb)

Owner's Name: Poon Kok Meng
Contact Number: 91918680

Date The Dog Was Lost: Fri 19 Feb 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Clementi

Name Of Dog: Sparky
Breed: Maltese
Colour Of The Dog: White
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Size: 50cm

[rehomed!] Female crossbreed found near Sembawang Park 23 Jan 2010

Medium to large female crossbreed with some border collie, approximately 9 - 10 months old.

I found her last weekend (23 Jan 2010) under a tree by the edge of the forest near Sembawang Park, along Andrews Avenue going towards Bottle Tree Restaurant. She seemed to be lost, and was highly nervous, hungry and mildly dehydrated. I fed her a few times and she was ready to follow me home. I have no idea how she got there, and whether is she lost or abandoned.

She is healthy, and lively. No signs of injuries, no visible health problems whatsoever. Coat is shiny black and seems to be groomed nicely. Nails trimmed indicative that she belongs to someone. Ears and teeth are also clean and ok.

Roxy is sweet and friendly to my other 2 dogs at home. She is extremely affectionate towards us humans at home as well and eager to please. She was shy at first but after the initial getting to know, she has warmed up to show us how nice and friendly she is. She is also very quiet, and when left alone, she will just settle down and wait for us to come back to her.

She understands some basic commands, and I am trying to teach her others. She is very intelligent and is picking things up very fast.

If Roxy belongs to you, pls contact us immediately at 9822 1251.

If you are keen to give Roxy a good home, pls do call us as well. Do let me know your background in having dogs. She is a sporting breed, so will need to be walked or given a good run every day. But you will get much happiness and satisfaction as she is such a darling. There is no fee for this. I will assist you in the transistion period to settle her in. I would have loved to keep her but I have already 2 dogs at home.

Contact: Andy Pe, 9822 1251

Update Sat 20 Mar
She has been adopted! But Missy is still looking for a home...

[reunited!] Lost - Bibi the brown+white JRT (Edgedale Plains Punggol, Wed 24 Feb)

Owner's Name: Sherrman
Contact Number: 96688019

Date The Dog Was Lost: 24 Feb 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: 171C Edgedale Plains. Walk out of our house for urine.
There is a couple last saw the dog at the basketball court walking towards 163A

Name Of Dog: Bibi
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Colour Of The Dog: Brown & White
Gender: Female
Age: 11
Size: 28 cm

Update Sat 20 Mar
I have found my dog.

[reunited!] Lost - Puffy (Japanese Spitz in AMK)

Owner's Name: Sherlyn Wong
Contact Number: 83823389
Date The Dog Was Lost: 27 Jan 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Blk 465 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 S(560465)
Name Of Dog: Puffy
Breed: Japanese Spitz
Colour Of The Dog: White
Gender: Female
Age: 4
Size: 2ft

Update Sat 20 Mar
I found her at SPCA.

[resolved] Found - Japanese Spitz at West Coast Park

Found a Japanese Spitz in West Coast Park (17 Jan 2010).

The spitz should be abandoned. Cause its tied with a raffia string with the collar. I went ava, there's no microchip and its not licensed. Currently the spitz is with me, for 2 weeks already, still considering if i should put up for adoption ya.

If it's yours, please contact Winnie @96946561, thanks.

Update Sat 20 Mar
The spitz has most likely been abandoned, but he's being well taken care of now.

[reunited!] Lost - Chilli the Beagle (Kembangan, Sun 21 Feb)

Owner's Name: Judy Tan
Contact Number: 90224900

Date The Dog Was Lost: Sun 21 Feb 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Sneak out from home in Kembangan, Lengkong Dua

Name Of Dog: Chilli
Breed: Beagle
Colour Of The Dog: brown/ black/ white/ has a black birthmark in btw nose
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Size: about 30cm

Update Sat 20 Mar
Chilli has been found!

Friday, 19 March 2010

[rehomed!] Shiro the 5yo quiet, well-tempered male maltese for adoption

This is Shiro the Maltese, who needs a new home.

His current family's mother is going back to Penang, Malaysia, and will no longer be able to care for him. Shiro's mommy has passed him to us and he is now boarding at Angels.

He is currently 5 years old, male, neutered. He is a quiet boy who doesn't bark unnecessarily, very even-tempered. Does not mind being in a crate too, and is toilet-trained. To find out more, visit him and adopt him, contact Aswat at 93378211 / 67489810 or visit him at Angels Pet Shop. We are open Monday to Saturday from 11am to 9pm.

Blk 302, Ubi Ave 1, #01-49

Nearest MRT station: Eunos
Bus nos: 8, 22, 61, 63, 65, 66
Nearest PIE exit: Eunos Link

Next to 7-11 and opposite Automobile Megamart

[Original post, Thu 18 Mar:]

Update Fri 19 Mar via Ubi Kuching Project
a family came down to adopt Shiro the Maltese tonight!

[rehomed!] abandoned hamster found in shoe!?!

I found a male roborovski in my shoe. I've regained his fattiness and health. Ready to be adopted. He's hyper active and shy towards strangers (will hide under his running wheel when you are there) but will be quite playful after few days. His favourite food is corn. He never bites unless you hold him for a long time and he will feel like he's trap in something, so he will bite your finger.

Email me at if you want to adopt this cutie.

He will come in a hamster cage with hideout, food dish and water bottle. The cage will be $15, bought at $30 plus. Price negotiable. However the hamster is FOC.

You can adopt the hamster without the tank but must bring own carrier or simple "ta bao" container.

Much thanks.

More photos in the link below.

[Original post: Sat 13 Mar]

Update Fri 19 Mar
My abandoned hamster in shoe has found a home.

[reunited!] FOUND: Golden Retriever (Farrer Road, Thu 18 Mar)

Hi, I found a female golden retriever today (Thu 18 Mar). She has a chain collar with no ID.
Please email me at if you own this dog! J Thanks!!

Update Fri 19 Mar
her owners found her already :)

Thursday, 18 March 2010

[rehomed!] dog tied in rabbit cage, found in garbage dump - needs a home

This dog was rescued from a Garbage Dumpster area locked in a rabbit sized cage with collar tightly tied to one end which prevented it from sleeping or moving its head. When it was found, it was very thirty and hungry. It's now with a foster home looking for a loving family.

Toilet trained, knows basic commands. Medium sized and sterilised.

PM RedL on SGClub.

[Original post:]

Update from rescuer, Tue 9 Mar
It has found a home.

[rehomed!] 6yo Berry the Golden Retriever - 1st owner left S'pore, 2nd owner died recently

i currently have a golden rev for adoption... had been changing owners for 2 times as the first owner have to leave sg to further studies and the 2nd one passed away recently.... currently the dog is at a foster home wait for adoption but he only have 2 weeks time... as he's slighty bigger than normal golden rev we cant keep him for long... parents decided to send him to spca is he's not adopted in 2 weeks time... he's currently 6 years old and i hope to find him a owner that can stay wif him until he pass on to the rainbow bridge... pls all dog lovers help us adopt him... as we call spca and they say most likely he will be put down as he's close to senior age.... MSG miie at 81130462 or email if uu are interested... viewing of berry are all welcome!

Many more photos here:!/album.php?aid=194440&id=555852316&ref=mf

[Original post: 1 Mar,]

Update 12 Mar
i posted regarding the 6 years old golden rev for adoption... but seems that no one actually respond.... really hope he will get adopted soon as he only left about a week before we have to send him to spca....

Update Thu 18 Mar
Berry has found a new home! The new owner will pick up berry 2day.

[rehomed!] One-legged pigeon needs a safe home.

Friend of mine found a one legged (born with it) young pigeon (teenager probably) lying in the streets, in danger of being attacked by cats.

She is looking for a good home for the pigeon. Took it to vet yesterday and vet said it is in good health but it looks as if it wont be able to survive on its own.... with only one leg, landing after flight would be difficult and there are cats and dogs who would make a meal of it.

Anyone with experience with taking care of birds and willing to take this one? Thanks.

PM Artos on doggiesite, or email if you've no doggiesite account.

[Original post: Sat 12 Mar,]

Updated Thu 18 Mar
Found home from 29 March.

[rehomed!] 2 abandoned kittens found, eyes not opened yet...

Found two abandoned kittens.... Eyes not open yet... anyone interested pls contact me at 98782211.... No impulse adopters.

[Original post, 17 Mar:]

Update Thu 18 Mar
The kittens are in good hands now...

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

[reunited!] LOST - Bebe the 8yo white/lite brown shih tzu (Yishun, Fri 12 Mar)

We've lost our dog, BEBE. BEBE is an 8-year-old female SHIH TZU. She is white/light brown and has big eyes. She is not wearing any collar.

Last seen YISHUN ST 21, Fri 12/03/2010 Ard 2 - 6PM

If you see BEBE please contact ELENA at 81270335 OR 91849408


[Original post: Fri 12 Mar,]

Update Mon 15 Mar via
Bebe was found last night!

Donations/volunteers needed for Gentle Paws, a new shelter in Pasir Ris

Dear all,

We would like to inform you that there will be a movement of some dogs and volunteers from Mdm Wong's Shelter to a new shelter named GENTLE PAWS which will be set up in April 2010 at Pasir Ris.

This new initiative promises good medical care, a larger space, guarantees proper meals and ensures the cleanliness of the environment for more dogs who are less fortunate.

Some furkids that will be brought to this shelter are not fostered and the caregivers are supporting them through their own finances.

Some financial help will go a long way in keeping this new shelter going and easing the financial strain on the caregivers who initiated this.

With this, we sincerely appeal to you for voluntary help in terms of donations or manpower as Gentle Paws will be starting from scratch and they would definitely need any form of help.

Do email and they will get back to you regarding the details very shortly.

Or you can make a voluntary donation through POSB Saving account 126-84039-0 and do drop them an email at after transferring so that they can acknowledge your donation and put it properly in the books.

Thank you very much for your kind support!

** We will be moving in on 3rd April !! **

Please support us! We would need donation for things like paint, cement, canvas, brush, soap, washing liquid, on top of the needs for food items and monetary donation...

We would also need manpower to help wash the area and paint the area, etc.

Let us know if you can help out!

Follow our blog:

[Original post, Sun 14 Mar:]

Update Fri 26 Mar

Those who would like to donate stuff, this is the list they gave:

We are actively seeking for the items below which are the essential needs for the furkids:

1. towels
2. food for doggies
3. collars & leash (For collars best would be metal ones as the dogs are mostly large breeds and the normal buckle type can be easily broken or snapped off if the dog struggles too hard)
4. feeding bowls
5. paints
6. hose, hose nozzle
7. plastic tubs for doggies
8. used metal containers (big & small)
9. medication
10. any other donations
11. monetary donation to ease the financial burden on caregivers

Other than food and toys, we can also donate meds. Not just heartworm, tick and flea stuff but human meds we can easily get from a pharmacy for treating wounds and common illnesses. Rescued dogs often arrive at the shelter pretty beat up, injured from dog fights outside or from an accident and it would be incredibly useful to help ensure that the shelter is well stocked with these items as they use it every day.

- There is one medication which is very good in treating wounds that can be gotten from chinese medical hall and it's called Yunnan Bai Yao (bai yao- white medicine). the powder type. we have been using that to heal their wounds and it has work well all these while. One caregiver even used it to heal a pigeon with an injured wing and it got better and it could fly away

other than that it would be good if we could have items like
- sterile solution for washing wounds,
- gauze etc to bandage as they get injured very easily at shelter due to fights or rescued dogs when they first came in; usually with injuries
- Charcoal pills will be great also to relieve poisoning and also diarrhoea which they may get from time-to-time.
- For cream we do use Dettol brand antiseptic cream for their wounds as well.

Sponsor-A-Dog Program
For sponsor-a-dog programme, it will be a monthly contribution of $10 which will greatly aid in the meal fund for the furkids. The shelter is run entirely by volunteers who are caregivers to the dogs at the shelter. As much as we try to raise funds to cover cost for the other areas, we seek voluntary sponsors' help to aid in the meal funds for the furkids. you will be updated regularly on the dog's condition and well-being at the same time.

The date for contribution is 25th of each month, and the account to transfer to is posb savings account 126-84039-0. Unfortunately we do not have the means and resources for Giro although it'll be easier for donors..

You can definitely stop sponsoring if necessary, but do drop us a notice so that we can manage and evaluate our finances. Otherwise pls consider sponsoring for the furkid's friend should the current furkid which you sponsor gets adopted.

Donors are welcome any time to come play with the furkid which they are saving; nurturing and living in the fairy tale chapter of its life.

[Source: tkdg3r via doggiesite]

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

LOST - Xiaohei and Xiaokeai, 2 black mongrel pups, 1m 1f (Serangoon North, March)

hi all

i have lost 2 black mongrel pups, 1 male and 1 female

they are both are in black but there is abit white underneath them as you can see from the pic

i hope someone found them and hope that you can return it to me

i lost them at serangoon north ave 1. Last seen about 1 month ago or less.

if found please contact Joey ASAP 81110681,

thanks a million :)

[Original post, Tue 16 Mar,]

Monday, 15 March 2010

[rehomed!] Happy Luna New Year! 2yo Silky Terrier looking for a home!

2 yr old female Silky Terrier. Small, in good health. Unsterilised.

Good with dogs in a pack: good in multi-dog households or in a home where she is the only dog. Possibly not ok in a home where she is the 2nd dog as she can be quite competitive/dominant with the existing dog. Her approach to other dogs or people may seem abrupt by rushing up to them.

A found dog that I'm rehoming. All that i know about her is listed here. Her behaviors, personality and habits are of what i observed. Possibly she may change and adapt when she's in a new home environment, but i believe better to give an honest clear picture of what she's like so far, so you know what you are getting :)

May have separation anxiety, but she can be crated if you have to leave her (to go work etc) alone at home.

Pls contact via email:

*Free to a good home*

More photos on

Update Mon 15 Mar
Am very happy to say that Luna has a new home with 2 other silky terriers and the owner and family have seen her at her best and worst. She will be spayed and the new family have agreed to pay for the surgery and have her recover at my place before she goes to her forever home - yippee!

[fostered/rehomed!] can anyone help a mother cat and her 3 kittens at pek kio cc (farrer park)?

Hi there.

I've noticed that there's a female cat & her litter of 3 kittens @ Pek Kio Community Centre @ 97 Cambridge Road, Singapore 219751.

The recent heavy rains are a cause for concern for these young kittens.

Hopefully a kind soul will come along & pick them up upon seeing this ad.

Warm Regards,

Update Mon 15 Mar
Great news! I've received word that some kind folks have decided to pick up the cat & her kittens.

[reunited!] FOUND - pomeranian in Choa Chu Kang

A Pomeranian has been found at the Rubbish Chute in Blk 450 Choa Chu Kang Ave 4.

The Pomeranian is trimmed to lion style. Estimated to be around 3 years old.

Please contact Maggie @ if you know the owner. Thank you.

Update Mon 15 Mar
the owner come my place and retrieve it back home le.. =)

[reunited!] FOUND - 2 golden retrievers (Seletar Hills, Sun 14 Mar)


Just found 2 goldies in Seletar Hills Estate, along Begonia Road on 14th March 2010.

If they are yours, please call Fiona at 98908634.


Update Mon 15 Mar
One of the dogs has a registered owner; the other doesn't. A fosterer is needed urgently until the other owner is found. Please help to spread the word.

Update Mon 15 Mar 0949
Good news! Both dogs have been picked up!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Let's not forget our feathered friends - check out Save the Pigeons, a new blog advocating education of residents vs culling of birds

Save the Pigeons (Singapore) is set up by a teacher who witnessed the agonising deaths of pigeons in her neighbourhood after they were poisoned by a pest control company. Her blog aims to raise awareness about the plight of pigeons, and documents her letters, e-mails, thoughts, actions and everything else related to the matter.

On her motivation for keeping the blog, she writes:

2nd Feb 2010. I witnessed for the first time killing of innocent lives by the pest controllers. This was something I'd often heard about, but which I was blessed enough not to have seen with my own eyes.

I was walking home and saw at a distance a man picking something up from the ground. It looked like a bird, but the dark object didn't move, so I thought it was probably a bottle. He threw it into a black trash bag. In that instance out flew a bird from the bag.

I hastened towards the man and asked him what he was doing. He said the pigeons were a nuisance.

Nuisance?! The birds were a nuisance?

He told me it was ok, the birds were only sleeping.

I couldn't believe myself, even though I'd read enough of such nonsense logic on the internet. Soon another two men came, one of them who was supposedly in charge of the killing spree.

He told me he was sent by the town council, so I asked to speak to the town council. He called them, and later passed his mobile to me.

It was Ms Angeline Tan of Jalan Besar Town Council. Though not harsh, she was apparently defiant about their approach. She said they had received many complaints about the birds. I asked her a few times how many complaints they had received, she just wouldn't reveal the figure.

Very soon after starting the phone talk, I was crying uncontrollably. I knew crying would only irritate her more and wouldn't solve problems, but the sight of the poor birds hardly able to move and awaiting death, and being thrown into trash bags while still struggling for their dear lives, was something too much to bear. People are taking lives, and they are so numb to such a horrid act, this is indeed frightening.

After the phone talk, I noticed that a few people had gathered. One of them was an officer from NEA, and apparently was worried because I, a member of the public, was crying. He said he couldn't leave because it would be terrible if the public thought that pest controllers had made a resident cry. Well, that was the truth. If only crying would make the hard-hearted authorities more merciful!

This officer told me that things couldn't be helped. On one hand were animal lovers, on the other hand animal haters. As if this was a fact that had to be accepted.

But I thought this was pessimistic. I believe there is a way for all beings to co-exist in peace. Some day, people will come to their senses. I may not live to see the day, but one day, people will.

I came home feeling very lost and extremely disturbed. I could continue to keep an eye shut if I hadn't seen anything. But now that I saw such a cruel act first hand, it was time that I did something.

I decided to write a letter to residents appealing to them not to feed the birds. That was the first step. Then came emails to the authorities. Now, I'm compiling everything into this blog as a friend suggested. Letters, emails, thoughts, actions and everything.

I don't know how things would unfold, but at least, I've started to do something for my poor innocent friends. My dear fellow residents of good old mother earth.

Do check out her blog at, and if you see anyone in your neighbourhood feeding the birds, gently let them know that if they love the pigeons - leave them alone.

[rehomed!] Rocki the West Highland Terrier

Male West Highland White Terrier. 4 years 3 months. Sensitive skin condition and is currently under training. Good with other pets and children. Paper trained, vaccinated, sterilised, understands basic command.

He's able to go unleashed for walks. Does not bark. Friendly. Can understand basic sit, stay and go commands.

He's been with me for the past 5 years but due to personal commitment, I'm putting Rocki up for adoption with a good family. Preferably a retiree with lots of time to take care of Rocki. Rocki needs to be bathed with medicated shampoo twice weekly due to his sensitive skin condition. Will elaborate if you're keen on adoption.


Update Sun 14 Mar
Rocki has gone to a good home!

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[reunited!] Yes, we've seen Grace at McNair Road (8 Feb)!

please call us immediately if grace is sighted. Thank you

Grace will respond to her name when called. She may be too afraid or hungry to come near. If you see her anywhere,anytime, please call us or help us hold on to her.She is a friendly dog and will not hurt you. We are sure.


please call Dianne 9787 5292/ 9793 7162 / 9670 8052 or e-mail

Sightings of Grace:
Grange Road
25 Jan (11am) and 26 Jan (night) - Fort Canning Park
8 Feb 1am - An abandoned church located at McNair Road (Between Towner Road and Balestier Road. Near Boon Keng).

Update Sat 13 Mar
Grace has been found after having gone missing for about 50 days! She was spotted in Redhill and is now reunited with her owner. If you've lost your dog, don't give up hope!

Read more about Grace's homecoming here: