Saturday, 19 March 2011

[rehomed!] FOUND: Maltese x yorkshire terrier? (upper east coast road, mon 31 jan 2011 8pm)

Found a white coloured maltese along Upper East Coast Road on 31 Jan 2011, at about 8pm.

Was told that it might be a mixed breed - Maltese/Yorkshire terrier.

No collar and no tag.

[wed 2 feb 2011. shared with permission of post creator. original post:, mon 31 jan.]

sat 19 mar 2011
we have managed to find a new home for the dog and the dog is adapting well to the new family.

[rehomed!] FOUND: 3-5yo male jrt (sun 20 feb 2011). contact 92224607.

I found a Jack russell today. Not sure if he is abandoned or lost.

Pls help to forward this piece of news to ppl. He is currently under foster care. He has been lost for weeks, according to one of the workers who work at the area where the dog had been staying before we found him.

He is male, not sterilized, very quiet, about 3 to 5 years old. Has bite wounds but will get vet to treat. poor baby is vey skinny too!

[sun 20 feb 2011. shared on request. source: facebook message, sun 20 feb 2011.]

sat 19 mar 2011
jrt is adopted

[rehomed!] SOS! ADOPT: Giraffe - healthy 2yo male stray dog rescued by two kind schoolgirls

Giraffe is a stray dog that was rescued from near Bugis Junction by two kind school girls from UWC on 5 Feb 2011. He was limping from an accident, and had a wound below the tail. He is extremely frail from not being fed for many days....but, otherwise in good health. We took him to the vet yesterday - no worms, no ticks, no major problem. Prescription: Antibiotics for the small wound....loads of love and care!

WANTED: a kind hearted soul who will take Giraffe home

He is currently been given temporary shelter by a very kind lady living in Upper East Coast Road.

He is a very genteel kid - a Singapore Mongrel, (but looks like he has a bit of Alsatian miz by the way he stands up magnificently with ears perked up). Estimated about 2 years old. Loves to be petted, and cooperates when being bathed...but each time any of us leave the house....he whines so sadly....

Apparently - SPCA has a record for this dog - he was with a rickshaw puller on the streets and there have been many complaints of him being ill treated...and malnourished. But he is eating well now...and hopefully will recover in a few days.....Lets pray we find a home for him soon....

more photos and updates here:

[thu 10 feb 2011. shared on request. source: email, tue 8 feb 2011.]

sat 19 mar 2011
giraffe has found a home

[rehomed!] SOS! FOSTER/ADOPT 3 x 4mo kittens (2 white, 1 calico), one w badly infected right eye

Urgently lookng for fosterer/adopter for 3 kittens (2 white with blue eyes & 1 calico) estimated to be around 3 - 4mths old. One of the kittens has a badly infected right eye. The vet fee for the infected eye will be sponsored. The kittens are now hiding at the storage area of a shop.

[sun 13 feb 2011. shared on request. source: tagged on]

sat 19 mar 2011
kittens adopted

ADOPT: Demon the active, cheerful, adorable 5yo male husky

Hi all dog lovers,

I've got a Husky looking for a new home. He's not sick but furless. Attached is a picture of his current look. He may look ugly at his current state but he's healthy.

He is 5 years old. He came to this world a day before Christmas in 2004. Cute little puppy with 7 other siblings. All went different ways. He went into a family who loves him very much. Took him everywhere they go. Place him in a bag when he was younger. He was always the leader of a pack of husky whenever there is a gathering. He knows almost all basic commands like sit, down, hail and paw!

Good times don't last. His family went into some crisis and soon they got split up. In the process, he fall ill and almost lost his life. However, he determined to to stay alive. Very brave and strong boy. He recovered from his illness but lost his fur.

He did not give up till today and is still a very cheerful and happy dog. All he needs is a home with tender care. He often begs for food and still behave like a littly puppy at times... He still thinks that he is still a little puppy and often try to sit on my lap while we both watches the TV.

He's paper trained. A little fussy with food but has very good appetite. Love running in parks and of course swimming.

I'm unable to provide him with the attention he needs as I've currently found a job that requires me to travel often. I sincerely hope that he can find a good home, good owners who doesn't mind his looks. I believe one day he'll recover and have his fur grown back and look like a normal Husky.

His name is Demon(but his is an Angel in heart).


[wed 11 aug., tue 10 aug.]

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

be careful - recent cases of stolen dogs

details here:, sun 13 mar 2011.

[wed 16 mar 2011. shared with permission.]

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

SOS! FOUND/FOSTER/ADOPT: active, friendly Westie at SPCA, may be pts if not claimed by wed 15 mar. contact venus 91296600.

I've found an abandoned Westie and had called SPCA to collect it last Monday. However, SPCA called me to inform me that if the dog is not claimed by tomorrow it might be euthanized.

The dog seemed very active and friendly. I could not bring it back as I already have a dog at home and due to my working hours I cannot afford another dog.

Would you be able to take in the dog? Can you contact me at 91296600 if some volunteer can bring it back to the shelter? I am able to inform SPCA.

[tue 15 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, tue 15 mar 2011.]

ADOPT: MooMoo the responsible, obedient, peace-loving 10mo singapore boy

MooMoo the 7 months old Mongrel

Paper-trained and 3 vaccine-jab done.

Understand basic commands like sit and shake hand.

MooMoo is not good with strangers and will do low-barks at the stranger unless someone familiar ask him to stop.

He recognises neighbour's footsteps and will not bark at them after he's used to hearing them.

MooMoo doesn't like people to fight or shout at each other in the house. He'd bark for us to stop. Peace-loving!

He's a lovely boy. But we have to give him up to a better home as we're going through a very difficult phase and everyday is a lot of argument in the house becox our mother refuse to accept MooMoo. We've been trying for half a year now. Nothing seems to convince her. And we know that MooMoo doesn't like it this way too.

MooMoo is perfectly healthy. Also MooMoo gets very playful with other dogs around!
But is relax and cuddly after the 10mins excitement with new HUMAN playmates.
In short, he likes to be around people and other dogs. But will behave a little bit timid on initial contact.

We think MooMoo is a responsible and obedient boy. Once our dad went down to wait for some delivery in the morning. And we stay on the 4th floor and my dad could hear MooMoo barking which is very unusual. Our mom was too sound asleep to attend to his barking.

And when our dad came back up, our bicycle that was chained outside the flat was stolen. MooMoo was trying to stop it by barking to wake my mum up.

We love him, but he deserve a lot more than what we can give him.

MooMoo is not HDB-approved.

We would love for him to be adopted by good people.
No fees required all we want is someone who can accept and take care of MooMoo.

[tue 16 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, tue 16 nov 2010.]

sun 13 feb 2011

MooMoo is a 10 months old singapore boy and he is currently at a shelter, waiting for a good home. All three vaccines done and knows basic command like sit, shake hand and used to be paper trained when staying in the home. Is a smart boy and is very responsive to play time and food!

If keen, please drop a SMS or call (after 5.30pm) to 81264997

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Louise - friendly, healthy 8yo male long-coat daschund

Long Coat Dachshund
8 years old
Friendly with dogs & kids
Reason - owner moving from landed to apt

[thu 10 feb 2011. shared on request. source: e-mail, wed 2 feb 2011.]

tue 15 mar 2011
louise adopted

[reunited!] LOST: Girlgirl - 1yo female english cocker spaniel, black w white feet + chest (lorong 101 changi road, tue 15 feb 2011)

[sat 19 feb 2011. shared on request. source: email, fri 18 feb 2011.]

tue 15 mar 2011
girl girl found

Sunday, 13 March 2011

[reunited!] LOST: Pebbles - 8mo female golden retriever w mchip, believed stolen (jupiter road/winsor park/upper thomson, tue 8 feb 2011)

Pebbles, a female Golden Retriever was latched to the main gate. Suddenly the dog went missing and the leash was cut. It was believed to be stolen at Jupiter Road, Winssor Park (Upper Thomson Road) on 8th Feb 2011.

Details and photos at

[wed 16 feb 2011. shared on request. source: email, wed 16 feb 2011.]

sun 13 mar 2011
pebbles is reunited with owner.

LOST: Magic - 12yo male jrt, white w light brown patches, cataracts and needs special care (jurong island, sun 6 mar 2011)

[sun 13 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, sun 13 mar 2011]