Thursday, 19 January 2012

ADOPT: adorable singapore girl rescued from industrial estate

Rescued from different industrial estates, all looking for homes. All are mongrels. There are some others too (males also) but photos not taken yet. Once a screening is done and you are deem suitable to adopt, viewing will then be arranged.

[thu 31 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, tue 29 mar 2011.]

18 aug 2011
Out of this lot, only the first one (brown furry girl) is still up for adoption. 

this playful girl has still not found a home after nearly one year of waiting. will you make 2012 special for her?

Interested parties to write in to, including but not limited to an introduction of yourself and your family, and experience in keeping dog/s. Anyone below the age of 21 years old who is interested, please get your parents to write in instead.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Dixie - gentle, loving 2yo female mongrel, loves children, great for families

Name - Dixie
Gender - Female
Breed - Local
Size - Medium when fully grown
Health - Good
Age - 2 yrs
Vaccinated - Yes
Sterilized - Yes
Paper Trained - No
Basic Commands - Yes
Good w/ Children - Yes
Good w/ Pets - Yes

History - Dixie was found on the streets as a puppy

Personality - Dixie is gentle and very small for a local dog. She is the size of a cocker spaniel. She LOVES children and gets on very well with all kinds of dogs. Dixie is a very loving girl and would make a wonderful companion for any family. Dixie is a beautiful little girl with so much love to offer.

[sat 7 may 2011. source: email from an animal lover, 4 may 2011. original post:]

Dixie has found a home

[rehomed!] SOS! ADOPT BY 25.1.12: Rex - docile, good-natured 7yo male beagle, great w kids, garden trained

Please save Rex the 7 year old beagle.

My neighbors took him in a year and a half ago. They are moving home soon and won't take him with them! If he is unable to find a home by the 25th they have said that they will send him to the SPCA and I cannot bear the thought of this sweetheart goin to the SPCA.

Rex, is quite docile and very good natured. He is great with kids and is gardened trained. he has not been spayed. I'd take him in, but one of my dogs has not taken well to him ( my dog is a little feller with big alpha male dog syndrome ).


Rex was adopted last night.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Ginger aka Gingy - lively, affectionate, toilet-trained 7yo golden retriever

I'm helping a friend rehome a lovely Golden Retriever. The following is what he posted on facebook.

Ginger aka Gingy is unfortunately up for rehome/adoption. She is toilet trained and well groomed. As expected from all GRs, she is lively, active, eager to play and share your joy and woes, unlike some human ingrates.

Ginger is 7 years old this year and she has still plenty of good years ahead. Please consider adopting instead of buying! She is still oblivious to the fact that her ungrateful owners are giving her away just because of new addition to the family. If you are interested, please kindly send me a PM and I will get back to you! No fees involve, just your time and love for a affectionate GR who gave 6 years of her time and love to an undeserving family.

Please help to spread the word around. Screening of potential adopters would be carried out and adopter must agree to sterilise Gingy.


Ginger has found a good home.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Charcoal - 7mo male black bear syrian hamster

he's charcoal, 6~7 mths, LH black bear syrian hamster


charcoal found home

LOST: Blackie - 4yo brown mixed terrier, no collar (blk 374 bukit batok street 31, bukit gombak, 9.1.12)

I would like to enquire if you could help find my god-mum's pet dog named Blackie, who was lost last Monday morning, the 9th Jan 2012, near Blk 374 Bukit Batok Str 31 (near Bukit Gombak MRT station).

She's a 4 year-old brown mixed terrier. Unfortunately, she wasn't wearing a collar on the morning she went missing.

I have attached her picture for you. Kindly let me know if you could spread the word around. You can reach me at HP: 96209598


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Spotty - very friendly, loving female mongrel who can eat a lot

Not vaccinated/neutered
Very friendly and loving and can eat alot
Buddy of Hunter

[mon 1 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 1 aug 2011.]

spotty has been rehomed

[rehomed!] ADOPT: July Gal - docile, friendly, very curious female tabby

my friend found this tabby in almost-built Circle Line MRT. Apparently the guard there has been feeding this tabby for the last 9 mths.His contract with SMRT has expired since 11 Jul as we are afraid LRT or SMRT might get AVA to come cull the tabby as he won't be around then, we have resorted to paying someone to babysit the tabby in the interim.

This tabby is docile, friendly and very curious. It has the nicest of leopard spots on its belly.

My friend has been visiting her and the other 2 kittens as advertised, weekly without fail. I went with her today to pay her a visit too. She is now in a nice house 'shelter' where she stays in a big roomy room with 15 other cats. There are other cats in other rooms. Sadly, due to her being alone the last 9 mths or so, she has already developed an independent streak and she does not take the effort to get along with other cats as she is wary of being attacked by these cats so it really breaks my heart seeing that.

She has eyes that tells u she's a gd natured cat unlike most and she really deserves a gd home with lots of love! I still find her to be so special and i really hope someone can adopt her soon.


July Girl has found a home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Hunter - friendly, loving male mongrel

Not vaccinated/neutered
Very friendly and loving
Buddy of Spotty

[mon 1 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 1 aug 2011.]

hunter has been rehomed

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Ninja - gentle, quiet, friendly but a little timid 5mo male mongrel, good w kids

This is Ninja. A 4-5 month old mongrel.
He is born a stray hence he is a little timid. Definitely Not barkish and not food aggressive.

He is very gentle and submissive to humans. Definitely good with children too.

Name: Ninja
Gender: Male
Health: No health problems.
Character: Very quiet and friendly but timid towards strangers


Ninja  has been rehomed.

[reunited!] LOST: Bibi - 10+yo female mixed maltese (blk 297c choa chu kang ave 2, 16.1.12)

My dog's missing since yesterday 3.30pm. We searched for her till late but no sign of her.
Am putting up notices later. Please find attached the notice and a picture of her.


bibi is found!

Monday, 16 January 2012

ADOPT: Magic Silver - 6yo male golden retriever, good with commands, loves humans, almost never barks

My name is Jeffrey, I currently have a 6 years old male GR who needs to be rehomed.

Name: Magic Silver.

D.O.B: 9th Sept 2005.

Not Neutered.

Remarks: Good with commands.
Loves human ALOT ALOT!!
No hereditary diseases.
Almost never barks.

Reason for adoption: Wife with 2nd pregnancy, Magic is being neglected with our main focus on work, family and children. Rather have a loving family who can make him happier and can spend time with him more than us.

It is not easy for us to have our Magic up for adoption, but I believe it's for the better good for him.

I do hope to visit him once in a long while, like maybe on his birthday or something.

Needs to be interviewed first.

+65 91387553

[mon 20 jun 2011. shared on request. source: email, 8 jun 2011.]

ADOPT: Emma & Posh, abandoned 2mo singapore girls

Name - Emma and Posh
Gender - Female
Breed - Cross Breed
Size - Medium when fully grown
Health - Good
Age - 2 mths
Vaccinated - Yes
Sterilized - No
Paper Trained - Yes
Basic Commands - Partial
Good w/ Children - Yes
Good w/ Pets - Yes

History - Emma and Posh were abandoned outside a house. They are so loving and adorable, with so many kisses to offer.Thus, we decided to give them an opportunity of a life time. All they ask for is a loving home to call their own

Personality - Emma and Posh are very loving and sweet girls. They are very friendly and LOVE human and dog company. They would make a wonderful loving addition to any family. They have excellent personalities and learn fast. They can be adopted separately..

Special Needs - Emma and Posh are not HDB approved dogs.

Enquiry - Please contact Christine @ 97937162 or Marcus at 96973491 or send us an email at if you have a special place in your home for either of the sisters.

[sat 24 jul. email, fri 23 jul.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Ah Bee - 9yo sterilised female mini schnauzer

My Dad has a 9 year old mini schnauzer. However, in recent weeks his health is deteriorating, he can no longer take care of her. As such, we need to rehome her urgently. She has a nice temperament and is sterilized.

I managed to find an adopter yesterday but her neighbour complained about her whining, AVA came and she almost brought away. Can u help me find a home ASAP. I can't take care of her as I am staying in a boarding school.


Ah Bee has found a home.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bullet - 8yo male cairn terrier, good listener, praise-motivated, good with adults/kids but jealous of other dogs


Animal's name: Bullet
Age: 26th March 2003
Gender: Male
Breed: Cairn Terrier
HDB-approved: Yes

Vaccinated- Yes
Sterilised- No

Health condition- Good

Physical description- Good

Personality/temperament- Excellent Personality & gets along very well with adults & kids, however Bullet is quite jealousy about other dogs thus would prefer to be adopted by families without other pets. He listen well to what you are saying & is praise motivated, once being praise, he can be very easily handled, Good for first time owner as well.

Toilet trained- Yes, outdoor & in -cage
Understands basic commands- Yes
Good with other pets- No
Good with children- Yes

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption- Posting on behalf of my customer, She has been posted oversea due to her job requirement.

Other comments: A must condition for adoption, The adopter have to agree to take over the AVA liciense transfer. We will arrange the owner to meet up with u once u confirm to adopt bullet, Thus adopter may need to make a trip or 2 finalise the adoption.

[thu 23 jun 2011. shared on request. source: email, wed 22 jun 2011.]

Bullet has been adopted by a nice couple...

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bailey - healthy, playful, active, friendly, affectionate 2yo female beagle-harrier

Animal's Name: Bailey
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Breed: Beagle-harrier
HDB-Approved: No

Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilised: No

Health Condition: Good. No illness and health conditions

Personality/Temperament: Playful, active, extremely friendly and affectionate

Toilet trained: Yes
Understands basic commands? Yes, like sit, down, go, and come.
Good with other pets? Very good with other dogs
Good with children? Not many experiences that includes children thus far

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption?
Due to work-related commitments that requires me to travel most parts of next year

Other comments:
Those interested in adopting Bailey should be active and would be willing to spend at least 2 walk/jog sessions of 30 to 45 minutes each day with her. She is very playful and needs playtime whenever possible or she may get bored and become destructive. It would be best if the house has a yard; apartment living not recommended.


Bailey has been adopted.

[rehomed!] SOS! ADOPT: Saffie - intelligent, active, paper-trained 8 yo sterilised female bichon frise

for updates, visit


saffie has been adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bolla - adorable, lovable 3mo male puppy

Bolla is a very adorable and lovable 3-month-old puppy. As all mongrels, he will be medium-sized when fully-grown. Unfortunately, very soon his rescuers will return him back to where he was originally picked up from if he doesn't get adopted. Mongrels are known to be healthy and 'hardy' dogs, and Bolla will definitely be of a great companion to anyone who decides to give him a chance to be loved.

Name: Bolla
Gender: Male
Age: 3 months old
Breed: Mongrel (Not HDB-approved)


Bolla has been adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Cookie - sweet, quiet 4+yo diabetic, red neutered toy poodle given up twice in his life

“Cookie” is a 4+ yr old Red neutered Toy poodle who was saved from being put down as he was diagnosed with diabetes and his owner had also been diagnosed with cancer at the same time. His owner was unable to cope with treating “Cookie”’s diabetes and undergoing intensive chemotherapy at the same time. Prior to this, he was abandoned by his previous owner to this current owner who had no choice but to give him up now. Poor “Cookie” had been given up twice in his short 4 years of life.

The vet that attended to him refused to put him down just because of diabetes. Unfortunately the vet is unable to adopt him herself as she has 3 geriatric cats who would not allow a dog into their territory. As such, “Cookie” has been residing at the vet clinic since the end of June. However he cannot live in a cage in the vet clinic for the rest of his life and so I am appealing to kind souls who would be willing to foster or adopt him and give him the much needed love that he needs.

Cookie is doing well on twice daily insulin. But as a consequence of his diabetes, he has developed cataracts in both eyes and appears to be blind in one of his eye. He can still see a little from the other eye but his vision is rather poor. Other than that, Cookie is a wonderful sweet little quiet dog that loves cuddles.

Apart from his daily insulin injections and a prescription diet that he is on, Cookie is a low maintenance dog that does not require any other treatments. He is fully vaccinated and is also protected against heartworm. The medication needed to treat his diabetes and food will be provided. I am willing to work out a long term management plan with the new owner regarding Cookie’s medical needs.


[wed 24 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 20 aug 2011.]

cookie has just found a new home finally and is happily settled in. :) thank u for all ur help!

FOUND: domesticated, friendly male white/brown cat w purple collar (the riverine, kallang road, 12.1.12)