Saturday, 14 May 2011

[reunited!] LOST: Randi - skinny 14yo male golden retriever w red collar, slight limp, greying around muzzle (mayfield ave, meyer road, sat 14 may 2011)

I am writing this email on behalf of my girlfriend's family, who have lost their 14 year old male golden retriever Randi.

He went missing earlier today, around 11.30 AM. Randi was last seen wearing his relatively new red collar. He is greying around his muzzle, is relatively skinny, and walks with a slight limp due to his advanced age.

The family is very concerned and worried as he has been with the family for a very long time. Please help us spread the word to find Randi.

[sat 14 may 2011. shared on request. source: email, sat 14 may 2011.]

sat 14 may 2011
randi picked up from spca.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: June - sweet, well-behaved, undemanding 4yo female maltese rescued from breeding farm

[thu 12 may 2011. shared on request. source: email, tue 10 may 2011.]

sun 14 aug 2011
june has found a home.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Leicht the singapore girl with soulful eyes

Don't you find Leicht very sweet face? She has the look that will make you melt for her. Vaccinated and sterilised.

If you are keen to adopt Leicht, please call HP: 81135197

Please note that Leicht is not an HDB approved breed.

[Sat 27 Mar. Source:]

sat 14 may 2011
leicht adopted not too long ago

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Kitty - sweet, cute, healthy 8wo female local kitten, loves strokes, good with people, doesn't like dogs or male cats

Animal's name: Kitty
Age: 8 weeks plus
Gender: Female
Breed: Local

Vaccinated: First vaccine done, 2nd vaccine on 27apr
Sterilised: No

Health condition: Perfectly healthy & free from worms, done with deworming together with her first vaccine.

Physical description: A white patch under her chin, on her belly, and near her butt. Some white patches on her hind legs.

Personality/temperament: Sweet, cute little girl. Will response when you called out 'Kitty'. Loves being stroked by people.

Doesn't like dogs or male cats
Good with people

Why is it being put up for adoption: I adopted Kitty from my friend, who found it at her neighborhood. She couldn't keep it so I adopted it from her but Kitty couldn't get along with my male cat at home and we've a puppy coming in soon. It would be tough to keep an eye on the cats when they are constantly fighting.

Other comments: Kitty is constantly hungry, don't overfeed her as her stomach will be super bloated. She loves to play with balls.

[thu 31 mar 2011. shared on request. source: tue 29 mar 2011.]

sat 14 may 2011
kitty adopted

ADOPT: handsome 1yo singapore boy (corgi pup lookalike) rescued from kim chuan factory

This puppy is from the 2nd batch of puppies from kim chuan factories.Left with one now,i think the factory guy sent the rest to spca,he is the abt 2 mths old,very friendly with human.Can u help post up in several pet channels for adoption?He is really handsome and look like a puppy corgi,unique color for a mongrel.


[fri 15 oct 2010. posted on request. source: e-mail, thu 14 oct 2010.]

sat 14 may 2011
puppy has grown up, about 1 year old now and straying at factory area.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

a request to facebook+twitter users: streamlining our update process

Currently, we receive requests for animals in need through Facebook tags, Facebook messages, friends' Facebook wall updates, Twitter mentions and email.

We hope to slowly streamline this process to avoid overlooking any of these alerts.

Instead of tagging, messaging or mentioning, please email with more details or the Facebook note/album/photo link. Do check that the Facebook link is public and also include a contact number or email, as not all our blog readers use Facebook.

Also, if you're our Facebook friend but have not "liked" our Facebook page <>, please consider doing so (and "unfriend" us after that if you like, so you won't get duplicate posts). At the moment, blog posts are updated automatically onto our Facebook page and urgent notifications shared with Facebook friends in order to reach out to more readers. It would save us time if everything is in one place.

Thanks for giving this a try.

[tue 10 may 2011.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Fluffy - happy, active, lovable, playful, intelligent 3yo female mini schnauzer, good w kids/dogs

Due to unfortunate changes in family circumstances, Fluffy. the lovely mini schnauzer is looking for a home. She is 3 years old, not sterilized.

She has all the vaccinations up to date and is microchipped.
She is happy, active and good with kids and other dogs.
Fluffy is very lovable, playful and very intelligent.

We will sterilise Fluffy and provide the receipts as owner has to settle this as part of the adoption procedure.

[mon 4 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, 1 apr 2011.]

tue 10 may 2011
fluffy found a home yesterday

FOUND/ADOPT: Sparky - healthy, intelligent, playful, adaptable, disciplined 4+yo female jrt (void deck, 4 apr 2011)

I am writing in to seek help from you, as I would want to seek adoption for an abandoned JRT which I had found more than a month ago. I had attached the photos .

She is called Sparky, a name given by my dad. We found this little female dog loitering in our void deck, on 04/04/2011. She looked lost and was scavenging for food.

We took her in, brought her to the vet, where she was declared to be healthy. The vet estimated her to be around 4-5 yo, and she has yet to be spayed. Till date, we have sent her for two sessions of grooming and we bathed her twice weekly.

Sparky turned out to be a very intelligent and playful JRT, who seldom barks unless she sees cats or other dogs in her sight. She is also highly adaptable to new surroundings, as she quickly settled herself in our house within a couple of days, and began to recognize us as her new owners. She is also disciplined in the sense that she will not poo or pee inside your house (she will only do her calling of nature on the grass), and she is friendly with children too.

But our joy of finding such a wonderful gift was short lived, as my mother did not like the idea of Sparky walking around in the house. She was reluctant to keep a dog in the house in the first place. Sparky was then leashed in the house and her freedom of movement was fettered. But we had been giving her ample play time by bringing her to regular walks in the parks, where she enjoy exploring the fields, chasing after the pigeons etc

There had been recent escalating conflicts between my parents because of Sparky. They came into a final consensus of giving Sparky away. It was a rather painful decision for my dad, because like us, he had grew to love Sparky, after keeping her for more than a month.

I do hope Sparky will be able to find a conducive home and loving owners who will treasure her and give her the best in life. Do contact me through or sms me at 98316233.

Thank you,

[tue 10 may 2011. shared on request. source: email, mon 9 may 2011.]

ADOPT: Ollie, Bailey, Cracker - healthy 2+mo mongrel pups, fun loving companions for life

[tue 10 may 2011. shared on request. source; email, tue 10 may 2011.]

ADOPT: Dobi the 2yo one-eyed male cat - vaxed, sterilised, toilet-trained

Dobi: 2yo male local cat.

Vaxed, sterilised, toilet-trained. Friendly towards humans but not other cats. Independent and charming, he can be a lap cat and loves to rub his face with yours during sayang. When we found him, his eye ulcer was so bad beyond salvage that we had it removed. He is healthy and easy to care for and ready for a new home.

Email Natasha:

If you would like a high-res pdf of an A4 poster to pin on a notice board, please download it from

[Fri 9 Apr. Source: e-mail, Fri 9 Apr.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: friendly, non-aggressive 4yo female silky terrier cross

4 year old female cross silky terrier free to good homes.
Due to overseas work commitment, unable to take care anymore

Paper-trained and understand basic commands.
Does not bark and friendly dog.
Has skin problem.
Only to sincere pet lovers

[thu 12 aug., thu 12 aug.]

>u>tue 10 may 2011

[rehomed!] FOSTER/ADOPT: Jacky - healthy 7yo male jrt, good w people and dogs, toilet-trained, loves daily walks, not picky eater

If you know of anyone who could give Jacky a foster home or better yet, permanent home, please let me know.

Jacky is a 7-yr old male Jack Russell Terrier, neutered, vaccinated, on annual heartworm prevention pro-heart jab, healthy, does not bark much, good with people and other dogs (but bit agitated by beagles for some reason).

He is toilet-trained outdoor on grass, loves his daily walks and not a picky eater.

He is currently fostered by my friend. Jacky's owner lives across the street from my friend, but Jacky was so unhappy there that he kept escaping to my friend's house even in the middle of the night. So when the owner wanted to send him to SPCA, my friend's father took him in.

My friend is not able to adopt him because she already has 3 Jack Russells and she & her father live in a rented house; she doesn't know how long her landlord going to extend the lease.

[sun 17 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, 6 apr 2011.]

tue 10 may 2011
jacky found home

[rehomed!] ADOPT: BB - 7wo female mixed breed, rescued from industrial area, v friendly w children, loves walks

Please help adopt bb!

-7 weeks old, female, mixed breed
-knows tricks like "sit", "come here", "paw", "jump"
-does not poo indoors
-not vaccinated/sterilised
-not HDB approved
-very friendly with children
-loves walks

Adopters would need to send bb for vaccination.

bb belongs to the litter that was rescued from an industrial area 3 weeks ago. She definitely deserves a better home.

[mon 25 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, thu 21 apr 2011.]

tue 10 may 2011
bb found home

[rehomed!] SOS! ADOPT: 5mo male jrt pup - owner has relapse of cancer

5 mths old JR Pup for Adoption as owner has relapse of cancer.

[mon 11 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, mon 11 apr 2011.]

tue 10 may 2011
jrt found home

Monday, 9 May 2011

ADOPT: Pinky - small 4yo female local/dsh cat raised from kitten, likes sleeping on laps

* Posting behalf of fosterer *

3. Name: Pinky, sibling of BoyBoy & Patch.
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years old
Breed: Local / DSH
Colour : Siamese crossed with short bushy tail
Vaccinated: - N/A –
Sterilized: Yes
Size: Small & petite, approx 2+kg.
Good with other cats: - Yes
Good with children: - N/A -
Litter trained: Yes
Health: Good
Understand basic commands: Yes

Personality / Temperament: Raise from kitten. Friendly, like to sleep on human lap.

History / Description:

1 among 21 cats that a rescuer dumps to the fosterer, rescuer stops caring for the cats & disappeared. Cats were being kept in cages & carriers till Oct’10, some kind hearty volunteers came forward to help convert a small area of the house to a mini cattery, only then they have the freedom to move, jump & play. Fosterer is in 50’s and not working, been facing financial difficulties to provide for the cats. Over the year cats been experiencing on & off food from time to time. Been hanging on hard, never wish to have to surrender them to AVA / SPCA. Looking for a sweet loving home that can shower the cat(s) with lots warmth & love.

Contact Details:

More photos of the 21 Cats~

[thu 10 feb 2011. shared on request. tagged on]

SOS! ADOPT ASAP - RESCUERS LEAVING S'PORE: Mindy - female mongrel pup, quick learner, loves cuddles, good guard/home dog, hates bathes but loves swimming in sea

MINDY Needs A Family to LOVE Her

My husband discovered 2 fat little pups (abt 2-3 mths old). By the time he got home to tell me, the pups had dissapeared. After 3 days of searching, my daughter and myself managed to rescue one pup but the second was no where in sight. Mindy's been to the vet and has had all the required shots. Her baby fur fell out and she didn't look too pretty for awhile but she is lovely now.

* Mindy is a home dog, she is not confident on walks and loud sounds like a motorcycles or large trucks scare her
* Mindy loves a good cuddle and will do her best to get on our laps
* Mindy is a good guard dog who will bark at anything different
* Mindy will even alert me when it rains
* Mindy hates bathtime, I don't know why, she will struggle and whine but loves to swim in the sea!
* Mindy will poo on her walks or over the drain at home
* Mindy has NOT been Sterilized or Micro Chipped yet
* Mindy is a quick learner

We can't keep her as we are here on a project and have only a month or so left. Also, my husband is OK with rescuing dogs but he does not like the idea of a pet at home. We emailed ASD since Dec but had no luck. We desperately need to find someone to take her or as a last resort we will send her to the SPCA but I heard that they put dogs to sleep within 24hrs.

My daughter and I will truly miss her but we know that Mindy is not ours to keep. Please contact me if you are able to care for Mindy or know of a friend who would like to adopt her.

Mobile: 85713155

[sat 12 mar 2011. shared on request. source: email, sat 12 mar 2011.]

Sunday, 8 May 2011

[reunited!] SOS! FOUND/FOSTER: female schnauzer (amk ave 9, fri 6 may) - rescuers can't keep her beyond Sun morning

FOUND on 6th May: Female schnauzer at AMK AVE 9 area. Sweet natured, docile, trusting. Vet is open only on Sunday for me to bring her to scan 4 microchip - hopefully we can reunite her.

If owner cannot be traced, she will be put up for adoption For personal medical reasons, we are unable to keep this little angel beyond Sunday morning.

updates here:

[sat 7 may 2011. shared on request. source: fb message, sat 7 may 2011.]

sun 8 may 2011
owner found

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Kozo - healthy 12yo male sheltie, shy, playful, greedy, no temper


Animal's name: KOZO
Age: 12
DOB: 22 Aug 1999
Gender: Male
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
HDB-approved: Yes

Vaccinated: Yes
Sterilised: Yes
Heartguarded: Yes. Annual Vac

Health condition: Healthy.

Physical description : Tri-colour. Most recent visit to vet, the doctor commented that he is in tip-top condition and still looks like a puppy despite his age.

Personality/temperament :
1. He has no temper at all.
2. He is shy with strangers as he was seldom let out of the house.
3. He is a born guard-dog. His favourite spot is at the front door where he can supervise all activities.
4. Greedy. Love junk food. Pls restraint or he will grow fat easily.
5. Loves to play

Toilet trained : Yes.
Pee on command. Twice a day.
Poop on command. Every evening after his meal

Understands basic commands: Yes. Pee, Poop, Sit, Roll over, Quiet

Good with other pets: Should be fine. I have another dog at home. They grew up together.

Good with children: Yes. He never growls or bite back (my boy can be pretty rough on him sometimes)

Other comments:
Kozo does not like to be left alone at home. I normally locked him in the study room during the day. He will howl and bark if left alone for long hours (12-14 hrs) unless u allow him to have free access of the house. I used to have a maid so never had this problem.

Unfortunately, alot of things have happended recently (downsizing to 3-rm flat, maid-less, long working hours). However, the most impending issue is that my NEW NEIGHBOURS are not exactly "dog lovers" and they have threatened to lodge complain if I do not address the issue asap!

I really hope he can find a good home. I have 2 dogs at home. It will be very troublesome if a complain is really made. By then, Kozo will suffer cause he is not the registered dog.

[mon 1 1 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, fri 8 apr 2011.]

sun 8 may 2011
kozo adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT TOGETHER, IF POSSIBLE: Didi + Gizmo - male long-coat chihuahuas, friendly with kids

Long coat chihuahua
Didi (top) (cream white), DOB 13 Aug 2004
Gizmo (bottom) (red/back), DOB 01 Apr 2007
Perfer to rehome as a pair
Friendly with young kids
Toilet trained (currently using pee tray)

[tue 3 may 2011. shared on request. source: email, tue 3 may 2011.]

sun 8 may 2011
didi and gizmo rehomed together

[rehomed!] ADOPT (together, if possible): Shadow (8yo male) and Jewel (7yo female) huskies

Huskies for adoption

8 yrs old Shadow (male, right side of pic)
7 yrs old Jewel (female, left side of pic)
Sterilized / Vaccinated / Micro-chipped / Healthy
Friendly to dogs (small & big) & kids
Kibbles diet
Prefer to rehome as a pair
Ex breeding dogs
HDB dwellers need NOT apply

[mon 15 nov 2010. shared on request. source: e-mail, mon 8 nov 2010.]

sun 8 may 2011
huskies rehomed

[reunited!] LOST: dog (king charles?) outside jurong police station. owner call 96314050 to verify details.

Lost dog found outside Jurong Police Station.

**Not up for adoption yet.

[fri 6 may 2011. shared on request. source: email, fri 6 may 2011.]

sun 8 may 2011
reunited with owner

ADOPT: Black/tan pups along dangerous road w snakes and rusty containers

details here:, mon 15 dec 2010

[fri 17 dec 2010.]

ADOPT: Ah Boy - shy, playful, smart 2yo male mongrel

Ah Boy, a 2-year old mongrel, is looking for a good home. He's a shy dog, playful and smart. He's living in an industrial building compound and my sister who works there has been feeding him daily. He's like a watchdog but not paid much attention to mostly.


[tue 22 feb 2011. shared on request. source: mon 21 feb 2011.]

ADOPT: active, toilet-trained, un-barkish, slightly deaf 4-5yo female jrt

Animal's name: doesnt really know the name that i have given her.
Age: 4 -5 years old.
Breed: JRT

Vaccinated: Not sure as she was found.

Spayed: yes

Health condition: Suspect that she is slightly deaf. but even though she mightly be slightly deaf she behaves and act like totally a normal dog. Will come to you when given the hand signal.
Has sensitive skin that can be maintain by using medicated shampoo. Will buy the medicated shampoo for adopters.

Physical description: Brown eye and long legged.

Personality/temperament: Active and a smart girl rarely barks. Barks only when strangers or freinds at the door, she will bark two or 3 times.

Toilet trained: Yes
Understands basic commands: Yes, although she cant really hear she knows how to sit, down , bang, stay and shake hand.
Good with other pets: Depends
Good with children: Yes

Why is it being put up for adoption: HDB is going to repossess my house. Have kept her even since i found her in 2009.

Where is it now: In my home.

How long can the current fosterer keep it for: Till HDB reposses my house.

Contact details :

Other comments:

Giving trial to potential adoptees. Do not be turn off just because she might be deaf, she will repay you back with her love and the cost of keeping her is just totally like keeping a normal dog.

So far for the two years that i have kept her, i have only bought her to the vet once when i found her to ask for her age and sensitive skin.

If it's not the right dog for you, you can give it back to me. Really want to find her a good home. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Please contact me at

[tue 1 feb 2011. shared on request. source: e-mail, sun 30 jan 2011.]

ADOPT: Rush - curious, occasionally mischievous 10yo male JRT due to family situation

We would like to put up an adoption ad for our old dog (Rush) who has stayed with us for 10 yrs.

In fact, this is a very hard decision for us to make because my dad has been suffering from depression for 10 over years.

He is currently undergoing counseling, treatment and under medication on a regular basic. However, the condition worsen at one stage and it keep re-ocurring lately.

He is in the late 50s and had not been working for so many years due to his condition. Also, his health is not very good.

Currently, we have 2 dogs at home and they have stayed with us since young for 7 to 10 yrs.

My dad do not have the ability to take care of the dogs when he is home alone (where everyone is out at work) and he has to clean the urine, bowels of the dogs, prepare food etc...

Also, the fur of the dogs have impacted him on his health and his temper as well.

We do not want to bring Rush to SPCA now as we know that this journey will end his life there.

Details of Rush :
Name : Rush
Age : 10 yrs old
Gender : Male
Breed : Jack Russell
Microchip / Sterlised

Health condition : Though he is old but very healthy except some sensitive skin (usually, we will use shampoo for sensitive skin and cooling powder)

Toilet trained : Yes (But depend on his mood)
Basic commands : Some of it like sit, sleep, toilet pipi (urine)
Personality/temperament :
> Afraid of thunder and will hide at one corner
> Mischevious accassionally
> Bark when there is strangers lurking outside the house
> Curious
> Good appetitie with food (We fed him 2 meals a day : Morning (Dried food from solid gold) / Dinner (Cooked vegs and pork mix with rice)

For the time being, we will bring Rush for boarding at Pet hotel (Pasir farmway) starting from next week.

This is to put him away from my dad at this moment until a there is a adoption for him.

However, we are not able to afford long time boarding due to that my dad needs long term medication which is very costly.

The last resort is we may have to send him to SPCA if this continues.

Rush just needs a home to spend his remaining days.

For the other dog (Female Kiki) i had, she is very tame, well-trained and currently 7 yrs old. We will leave her with us first and shall monitor my dad condition further before deciding if we really need to give her up for adoption too.

Thank you for your help!

Best regards
Yvonne Ong
Mobile : 90211928

[sun 17 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, sat 16 apr 2011.]