Saturday, 5 November 2011

[reunited!] LOST: Money - m/c male silky terrier (telok kurau, upper changi road, 4.11.11)

Missing Silky Terrier Last seen on 4th Nov' 2011 at Lor G Telok Kurau around 8+pm.

Please help to keep a lookout for this male silky terrier along Upp Changi Road. He was last seen with a choker with his license tag number ending with 9549.

His fur is much more longer now. Special features, he has no hair growth under his nose to his mouth. Respond to the name "Money". He is afraid of humans and strangers. He runs off when you tries to go near him.

Details and photos at


money is found

LOST: Ruby - brown female cavalier king charles spaniel w faint white streak on forehead, white patch on chest (choa chu kang, 3.11.11)

Lost dog posted seen in choa chu kang.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

LOST: Sarang - m/c 4yo white male maltese (mimosa road/yio chu kang, 23.9.11)

Sarang, a male white Maltese was believed to be stolen from the owner's apartment at Mimosa Road (Yio Chu Kang) on the morning of 23 Sep 2011.
He's 4 year old, with microchip ending with 2777, not sterilized. He tilt his head when you call his name.

According to the owner: "Our apartment was under renovation and the back door was left open for the convenience of workers to have access to the kitchen piping. The CCTV shows the actions of the workers were very suspicious. Two persons came on 23rd Sept morning, one of them with a backpack.

They left with the backpack through an unused staircase and drove off in a JB car. The CCTV did not show the dog walking out of the apartment.
We had made a police report and the workers had denied taking the dog. We fear that the dog was kidnapped and sold to a unsuspecting buyer through a private transaction."

Help Him Find His Way Home! Reward would be given! If you find him, please Immediately Call Priscilla at tel 9047 0376

Photos and details at


LOST: Blackie - male mongrel (reportedly abandoned at Redhill/Geylang East)

Missing dog, reportedly abandoned by previous owner either at Redhill or Geylang East. Please kindly help to lookout for the dog.

Do contact Alice @ 98800046 if you had seen the dog around Redhill/Geylang East.

if someone has already adopted him, that will be wonderful but at least can let me know he is safe and sound



[reunited!] LOST NEEDS MEDICATION: Sporty - male local cross w red collar (eng kong lane, bukit batok)

LOST DOG! REWARD $500! Lost around Eng Kong Lane. He's wearing a red collar.


sporty is found

STIlL LOST: Bonnie - female golden retriever w cropped fur, red collar, name tag (belmont road, holland area, 22.10.11)


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Aces - well-behaved 2yo female german shepherd who'll make a great companion

Hi I'm posting this on behalf of my friend who can't keep her in a Hdb n urge any dog lover who can adopt her.

aces is a female gsd weighing 40kg n is going to turn 2yr old on 9th Sept and she's australian breed and she brown tan.She is very well behaved and knows command like sit stay and handshake.She seldom barks and only bark at strangers.

I urge anyone who has a heart for her to consider adopting her.She's not sterilised and hope she can be sterilised when anyone adopts her.Aces would sit next to the owner after her meals to watch tv together and she's a great dog as companion.

[fri 2 sep 2011. shared on req: email, 31 aug 2011.]

aces has found a home

[reunited!] LOST: Nyanko - m/c, tri-coloured 1yo female cat w red ring (belmond green, balmoral road, 31.10.11)

Nyanko (a Japanese word for 'kitten')  was last seen at Belmond Green, Balmoral Road on 31 Oct 11.  She's tri-color, female cat. 1 year old, 4 kg and wearing a red ring. She is microchipped. 
If you find her, please contact owner. 


Nyanko came back by herself.  Amazing!!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

[reunited!] LOST: brown/grey female silky terrier (braddel, 27.10.11)

Brown grey femal silky terrier lost on 27 oct 2011 5pm - saw this posted in Braddell


reunited with owner

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Belle the friendly, house-trained 2+yo female labrador retriever

I will like to put up an adoption advertisement for Belle, my 2+ years old Labrador Retriever.

She will be turning 3 end this year. She has been sterilized and has no illness history. She is locally bred and microchipped. She has good temperament and very friendly towards people and other dogs. She is active and house-trained.

[thu 9 sep 2010. posted on request. source: e-mail, wed 8 sep 2010.]

Belle has recently been adopted, just 2 days ago.

[reunited!] LOST: Cookie - timid, m/c 9-10yo white female maltese, needs medication (tampines st 91, 30.10.11)

Please help, I have lost my female white maltese. Responds to the name of COOKIE.
She's about 9-10 years old.
Size is only about 1 ft.
Trembles a lot, is sick and needs her medication urgently.


cookie has been found

ADOPT: The SMLs - 3 male and 3 female mongrel pups

These little ones (3 boys and 3 girls) need good homes. They are clueless about the dire straits they are born into as homeless street dogs. Please help them stay alive and away from the dangers of a culling reality.

If you can give them a home, please contact: Mich 98393508 or email:

The males and females comes in S, M & L respectively not sure why it ended like that…LOL*

Picture above (from left):
M boy - sharper snout
S girl - black snout
M girl - white
L girl - brown


L-sized male (35-40cm in length), fattest and biggest among all. He is always first to run for food and apparently have heard him growl if other pups wants to steal his chicken…don’t be deceived by his cutie looks…he means business if you try poking your nose near his dinner! ( towards pups only..human can retrieve his food)

M-sized male (30-35cm) This boy has a sharper snout but pretty smart as he knows how to bark to gain our attention when he got himself stuck in the drain the other time…plump and a little afraid of human..

 S-sized male is the skinniest among the rest…he runs the slowest and he is only about half the size of L-sized…friendly and wag tails but also weary of human touch…


L-sized female is about the same size as the male,..fully brown..really fat! Greedy enough to let me hold her without screaming like I’m slaughtering her…

M-sized female…white…cannt hold her..she will scream like you are slicing her apart…LOL* its difficult to try take solo pics of her due to this sharp and loud screaming…else she looks healthy and fat too

S-sized female…black snout…hyper friendly…smallest in size…weary of human…cant possible catch her to take solo pics as she runs really fast too……….

For more pix and updates, visit

There is not much time left for them. Adoption saves lives. Please help to spread the word!


Monday, 31 October 2011

ADOPT: Momo - well-behaved, alert, intelligent, playful 4mo mongrel girl saved from construction site


ADOPT: Lily Rose - highly intelligent, alert, friendly female mongrel pup

Do you remember this batch of New Year workshop puppies early this year? (

Here's Lily Rose, one of the female puppy out of the fourteen.

She has been returned by her owner, who is unable to handle her food aggression problem.

Apart from that, Lily Rose is highly intelligent and alert (look at her pictures, and you'll know definitely) and she understands basic commands such as sit, handshake, down, yes, no, up, go out, there, go inside, give 5, ball ball and can play fetch as well. She's currently housed at a shelter as I'm unable to find her a fosterer. She is indoor-trained and all she need is a firm and strict owner (she will push her luck to see if she can be an alpha dog). Preferably an owner who has experience in handling dogs. Her food aggression problem can be solved with time and patience. She friendly with both dogs and strangers with proper introduction.

From her previous owner:
"She is food aggresive, especially bones, meat and her own poo (can be corrected, we're working on stopping this bad habit). She loves to chew the knotted bones and balls. Her favourite is playing fetch with anything, especially her yellow ring, red ball and ropes. She loves chewing on the ropes. She RARELY pull on leash and if she does, just give it a pull and give a firm 'no' will do."

More pictures of Lily Rose below: (whole album on her) (she's the one with a red leash)

Interested parties please sms me at 97768464 (strictly sms only as I am still schooling) or email me at Kindly note that Lily Rose is NON-HDB approved. She has been vaccinated (2 jabs and last 1 to go) and microchipped. Adopter needs to license and sterilize her. (Steriilzation fee is provided by previous owner)

Please think twice and discuss with ALL family members before making a decision to dedicate 15 years to this loyal companion who will never get sick and tired of you. Can you spare adequate time with her daily? Can everyone commit and take good care of her?

If yes, then you are the patient and perfect owner for Lily Rose is looking for!

Please feel free to arrange viewing to check out on this girl. She might be fully grown but that doesn't make her any less cuter than a puppy (she still behaves like one and loves attention).


[rehomed!] Hope Dog Rescue's The Rescue 7 Adoption Drive (NEX, fri 21.10.11 7-9pm)

Oh My Dog!
STOP buying
STOP breeding cruelty
For dog's sake - ADOPT!

When: Friday 21 Oct 2011, 7pm to 9pm
Where: NEX Shopping Mall (Serangoon Central, next to MRT) Doggie Style Cafe
Who: 7 little doggies and you!


all the dogs have been adopted!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

[reunited!]FOUND: 8-10yo male golden retriever (mix?) (balmoral crescent/road,thu 27.10.11 3pm]

Golden Retriever (mix?) found lost on the junction of Balmoral Crescent and Balmoral Road, Singapore. Must be around 8-10 years old? Male.

Click on link below for more photos and updates.


Happy ending. Found owner.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Big Tom, the 8mo male purr machine

Big boy Tom is a sweet fella. Found with 4 other siblings on the road in a box, by a kind person, he wants to be as fortunate as his three siblings who have gotten their own abode.

Tom Tom is 8 months old. He is big and fat and loves nothing better than to sit by your side, snuggled closely as he watches football together with you, cheering on your favourite team, or comfort you as you sob sob sob watching those touching K-dramas, or even enjoying the American Idol singers and David Blaine's magic shows. All Big Tom wants is to be by your side, never mind if it is a small flat or a mansion in a posh estate.

Handsome Tom is vocal. His purrs can outdo those of a well-oiled Ferrari and he loves to meow meow meow as he replies when you talk to him.

Tom is neutered and currently undergoing kitty training in a litter box. He's previous fosterer has allowed him to use his own bathroom as it was more economical that way but we understand that not all adopters would like that and we have introduced this new toileting to him. He hasn't the full grasp of it yet but we are sure given time, he will adjust.

Big Tom would love to go to a home with or without other cats, with or without children as he is a sweet big baby and just contented with the simple, basic pleasures in life. A docile and calm boy, he will not disrupt your life as he silently pads around the place.

There is no adoption fee requested, just your assurance and love for a forever, safe home for Big Tom


Big Tom has been adopted. Thank you for sharing.