Saturday, 12 June 2010

[rehomed!] FOUND/URGENT FOSTERING: timid persian cat (tampines st 21/22, fri 11 jun)

Hi All,

i found this very adorable and timid persian cat hiding behind a dustbin amongst ants near my house. Around Tampines St 21/22, fri afternoon 11 jun.

I am URGENTLY looking for adoptor or fosterer cause my mum is going to set the cat off in the morning. I am sure this cat is owned by someone cause it has clean ears and clean fur. It looks young judging from the teeth. Like maybe a year old? I can't seem to find any poster around looking for lost cat. I am sure this cat won't be able to survive on the streets as its just shivering and hiding behind the dustbin. I fear for this cat's surviver. But by morning, it has to go on the street.

PLEASE help! I need to send it to somewhere in the morning! Or my mum will set it off. I have a dog and another cat at home too. Which makes things worst!

As you can see from the pictures, its really pretty!

Thank you!

[sat 12 jun. source: e-mail, sat 12 jun.]

update sat 12 jun
the cat has been given to someone who loves cats.

HELP WITH MEDICAL FEES: Maggie the cat with maggot-infested foreleg

This is Maggie @ Margot , so trusting although in great pain.

Maggie's arm : the white color stick is part of the bone, like a broken chopstick. :(

SY' sms:
"We just took over this cat from (certain *pts* place); look at the maggots infested fore leg!! Now admitted to Pet Clinic, she is dehydrated.

Full story (with location edited):

BL was at *pts* place, she saw someone surrendered a cat to (*pts* place) yesterday. This cat was inside a carrier on the way to vet to be accessed.

This condition sure to be pts. I told BL I will take her and will rush to Pet Clinic before it closes for the day.,

Once we transferred her into my car, she straight away started to groom herself. She could feel that we will not harm her.

At Pet Clinic, Dr. Au was able to lift her out from the carrier and put her on the table without much difficulty.

Dr. Au said he would clean up the wound and hydrate her first.

We saw some maggots surfaced.

Her infected arm may need to be amputated when her health permits.

Poor girl :( "

Please help Maggie by sponsoring any portion of the vet fees, in the form of cheques written out to "Pet Clinic Pte Ltd" and be posted to a volunteer.

Please email

[Mon 3 May. Source:, Sun 2 May.]

Update Thu 6 May
Update from SY: Maggie, the cat with maggot- infested front limb has undergone amputation; she recovers and is eating on her own.

[Source:!/mettacats?v=wall&ref=ss, Thu 6 May.]

Update Mon 17 May
5.45pm, SY updates
"Maggie is eating normally on her own. The upper part of the surgical wound is still wet. She has to remain in the vet clinic as daily dressing is required."

[Source:, Sun 16 May.]

UPdate Sun 30 May
SY updates that Maggie's surgical wound is healing. Will be able to discharged for home-care soon.

[Source:, Sat 29 May.]

update sat 12 jun
SY updates, "Maggie is home, she loves to sleep on cushion :)"

[rehomed!] 2 rabbits for adoption due landlord issues

One male and one female rabbit are available for adoption. Both of them are extremely cute and well behaved. They have not breeded in the last one year.

Female is white in colour and male is black and white in colour.

We are very attached to them, but since we are moving to a new rented apartment house, our new landlord is very finicky and does not want any pets.

We will also be providing the new owner with a new cage and one month's supply of rabbit food

[Original post: Sun 14 Mar,]

update sat 12 jun
rabbits rehomed

Friday, 11 June 2010

3 drinks at Starbucks, 2 movie tickets, or 1 gift of life?



Thanks to your kind donations last year, we were able to raise enough funds to vaccinate the 350 stray and abandoned dogs at Pets Villa. This year, we need your help again to give each of them a chance to live healthily and keep deadly diseases like distemper at bay.

At just $15 for each dog, each jab costs less than the price of 3 drinks at a cafĂ© or a night out at the movies. It’s a small sum to offer in return for 365 days of healthy life. We’ve rescued these dogs from their cruel fates. Can you help us keep them alive?

If you would like to help, please email us at or contact Christine at 9793 7162. Thank you in advance on behalf of our dogs!

Special thanks to The Animal Doctors for kindly sponsoring half the cost of each vaccination.

Pets Villa is a non-profit animal shelter and haven to the 350 dogs and 200 cats we currently house. We rely solely on boarding and sponsorship fees, as well as kind donations from the public to keep our centre running. For more information on our work and other ways you can help us, please visit Even better, come visit us at 61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3 Singapore 518232 to see why we do the work we do!

(the dog featured above is CRAN, who's the only one from his litter still looking for a home.)

[fri 11 jun. source:, tue 8 jun.]

Thursday, 10 June 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Junior the Polish female bunny

My youngest brother has been diagnosed with serious asthma, and my family needs to make the house safer for him. The fur from my rabbits help to trigger his asthma attacks. He's always going in and out of the hospital due to these attacks because he has difficulty breathing. The doctor suggested to reduce the number of rabbits in the house to lessen the attacks and the severity of the attacks. I love them to pieces and I don't want to give them away but I have to or my brother's condition will only get worse. I hope you would consider to take her in.

Three of the rabbits have been adopted, and Junior is left. She is a locally bred Polish female rabbit, born on 20th Dec 2008.

She is the fattest of all bunnies. The other bunnies tend to fight with her a lot, so she gets her own cage. She's the one with the most black fur, with a few strands of white fur here and there. She is very healthy, and has never fallen sick before.

She's a tad violent but that's only because when she was born, her mom kept attacking her, so I had to separate her from the rest. But truth is, she's just really scared. She has shown no sign of violence for about a month, and is actually very shy now, and once she's comfortable, she starts enjoying herself with those around her.

If you'd like to take her in for a week for a "trial" or something, do let me know and we'll arrange something.

Please help me. Thank you.

update thu 10 jun
junior is finally adopted.

[reunited!] LOST: Xiao Hei the black female mongrel (sungei kadut, wed 2 jun)

Name Of Dog: Xiao Hei
Breed: Local Dog/Mongrel
Colour Of The Dog: Black
Gender: Female
Age: 1
Size: 2 ft

Date The Dog Was Lost: wed 02 Jun 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Sungei Kadut

[thu 10 jun. source:, tue 8 jun.]

update thu 10 jun
She was found by some kind souls who took care of her for a few days. Thanks to the poster, they returned Xiao Hei to her owner who was overjoyed..

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Lizzie the 7mo female kitten who loves tummy rubs

Lizzie (will be sterilized on 15th Apr with tattoo ear)
A female kitten, about 7 months old, very petite in size.
Very affectionate and friendly, probably a home cat before.
Loves to knead with her paws and will even knead the air when she's having a tummy rub :)

[Thu 15 Apr. Source: e-mail, Thu 15 Apr.]

update thu 10 jun
izzie is adopted by a very kind and sweet person.

FOUND: hungry (siamese?) cat with green collar (hougang)

Anyone have see this cat b4? I think he is a lost cat, or his owner give up him...
Last week, l already saw him, want to feed him, but he run away... Then this morning b4 l went to work, l saw him again, he was Meowing very loudly, l think he is hungry, then give him some dry food, he eat very fast. l think he imust be hungry for few days... poor boy. After my work, he is still under my blk, then l feed him again... He still very hungry... Poor boy.... 09062010
He is a handsome boy...

contact or post a comment on the facebook album.

[thu 10 jun. source:, thu 10 jun]

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Tiger the 5+wo kitten found outside Lavender MRT

Hi there,

I'm Latifah. 3 weeks back, I found a sick and wet kitten outside Lavender Mrt Station. I have nursed it back to health and she is well now. Extremely well in fact :) However, my parents have given me a week's notice to get her adopted or else they will be throwing her out.

Tiger's Info

Age: about 5 wks plus

Appearance: Dark grey with black stripes.

Tiger's Health

Not vaccinated or sterilised.
In good health.

Tiger's Behavior

Tiger is a very inquisitive and active cat. She is litter-trained and will respond to you once a bond is formed.

Tiger's History

- found outside of Lavender Mrt Station and nursed back to health in a week.
- current fosterer able to keep her for a week at most

[Wed 12 May. Source: e-mail, Tue 11 May.]

Update Tue 8 May
Tiger has found a home.

[resolved] FOSTER/ADOPT: Oreo the 1+yo female shih tzu cross

There is also another x-terrier up for adoption, about 1 year 2 months old. Oreo has changed many hands and been abused before, also given birth once. Not sterilised yet. Trying to get photos from owner, should be black and white.

[Mon 17 May. Source: e-mail, Mon 17 May.]

Update Mon 24 May
Looking around for a fosterer/adopter for Oreo - she has just been spayed. Oreo should actually be a shih tzu cross.

Please write in with a background introduction of yourself and not one-liners. Teenagers or anyone below the age of 21 who are geuninely interested in Bianca, please get your parents to liaise with me instead.

Adopter must be agreeable to home visits and to pay for sterilisation of the dog, as well as to sign an adoption form.

Thank you.

Update Tue 8 Jun
oreo's owner has decided to keep her.

Monday, 7 June 2010

STILL LOST: Ethan the 7yo male maltese (Toa Payoh North, Mon 24 May)

Name Of Dog: Ethan
Breed: Maltese
Colour Of The Dog: White
Gender: Male
Age: 7
Size: 1 ft

Date The Dog Was Lost: Mon 24 May 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Toa Payoh North Block 205

Owner's Name: Johnny Lee
Contact Number: 96916640

[Wed 26 May. Source:, Tue 25 May.]

Update Tue 7 Jun

STOMPer James lost his shy dog and it was last seen in Toa Payoh North. The STOMPer will give a monetary reward if his dog is found.

The STOMPer said:

“My dog, Ethan, was lost on 24th May 2010. Ethan has always been a loyal furry white dog welcoming me at the door for the past 7 years.
“My dog is a pretty shy dog and would always try to run away from people whenever I bring him for walks.
“My only fear is that he is now hiding at one quiet spot without food and water. His thick fur coat will not be able to withstand the Singapore heat for long.
“The dog was last seen by my neighbour near our HDB flat at Block 205 Toa Payoh North.

“Here are the details of my dog:
“Dog Name: Ethan
“Sex: Male
“Colour: White
“Breed: SKC Local
“Hair: Short Fur as of May 24
“Age: 7 years old
“Size: 50cm or 0.5m
“Micro Chip Number: 968000001402292 (BCDS 6117.6862)
“Owner Contact Number: 96916640

“If you find Ethan, please call me at 96916640. A monetary reward (in the hundreds) will be provided for any clue that leads to the recovery of my dog.”

[Source:, Mon 7 May.]

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 4 kittens + mum by 8 June (HDB warning issued)

These 4 kittens and their mum were originally taken care of by a feeder.
But someone complained to the HDB saying that the cats from her house were defecating at the lift lobby and stairways so HDB has issued her a letter for the cats to be removed by 8th June.

Short story on them:
Originally the mama was part of our Earsnip 2010, but she gave birth on that morning before the sterilization op. The kittens were born on 21st April and are ready for adoption once they wean off in about 2 wks time.

Gender: All kittens are male. Mama, of course female.
Age: Mama unknown, less than 6yrs. Kittens born on 21st Apr 2010.
Tail: All have incomplete tails except grey black kitten with complete but kinked tail.
There's 2 ginger, 1 grey black, 1 orange kittens. Mama is mixture of grey black and brown.

Please repost in other forums if you can to find potential people to adopt the cats.
Thank you!

[Wed 26 May. Source:, Tue 25 May.]

Update Thu 27 May
Update 26th May: Just went to see them. The mum is not feeding them much milk. They are partially on wet food, whiskas now.

Update Thu 3 Jun
More pics of the cats:

Update Mon 7 Jun
All the kittens have been adopted by a lady.

[resolved] Teddy the GSD for adoption

Teddy. About 6 years old. Female

Imported : Australia.

Temperament : gentle and timid (she is afraid of thunder)

Diet : she eats bread in the morning and we gave her a mixture of dog food with plain or brown rice plus bones, fresh eggs, chicken liver, meat

Grooming : every 6 months

Habit : she likes to dig ground for fun (preferably sand pit)

Others : she did go through about 5 sessions of training from an instructor and the comments were that she may have been trained earlier but we could not confirmed it.

Update Mon 7 Jun

[rehomed!] ADOPT: 2mo male tabby kitten with a cute sad face

Dear cats lovers..i found a male tabby kitten ard 2 month at the back of my work place.. very playful like to be near people and have a cute sad face..

Due to the environment at work place, i have to look for him a new home so cat lovers out there if u consider taking care of him

[Fri 28 May. Source:, Thu 27 May.]

Update Mon 7 Jun
kitten's adopted.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Orange the abandoned, defenceless sterilised male cat

This is a picture of Orange - Its a male sterilized cat found abandoned at tampines vicinity. It does not know how to defend itself against other stray cats and find it hard to adapt to the open environment as it was a home cat. As such, it did not come out for food often and became very skinny. Now Orange is fed and heatlhy and waiting for a good responsible home that will not abandon him again.

[Source: e-mail, Sun 4 Apr.]

Update Mon 7 Jun
Orange has found a home.

ADOPT: 1 male + 1 female 9yo/10yo cocker spaniel

These are the 2 cocker spaniels for adoption.... prize winners 1 female, 1 male , both sterilised ... very good natured one is 9 and the other 10... yes the owner has to give them up because the baby is premature and allergic to dogs....sigh..........Can anyone help to get good homes for them ...please...

DOGS NEED TO VACATE BY 11th JUNE, ELSE WILL BE SEND TO SPCA. THEY DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email and I will link u up with the owner. Thanks!

[Mon 7 Jun. Source:, Mon 7 Jun.]

Which do you pet and which do you eat?

Meatout Mondays - Kick the meat habit, one day at a time.

[Mon 7 Jun.]

[rip] SPONSOR: Helga the abandoned persian cat with chronic renal failure

Helga is an abandoned tortoiseshell Persian who has been diagnosed with Chronic Renal Failure.

Read more about Helga's case and see her photos here at

At present, we have $300 set aside in our veterinary fund which should hopefully tide Helga through for one month of treatment.

How You Can Help:
We are seeking urgent help to sustain Helga's treatment over the next year.

If you can contribute to Helga's treatment, do give generously, specifying that your gift is for Helga.

All of Helga's veterinary expense receipts will be posted on our blog, and you can request for a donation receipt from us.

We will continue treatment for her as far as donations for her treatment will go. If or when the funds simply do not sustain her treatment, we will allow nature to take its course, or euthanise Helga if she is already in pain and there are no more finances to fund her treatment.

[Mon 7 Jun. Source:, Sun 6 Jun.]

sun 7 nov 2010
Helga passed away on 5 November 2010 at 5:55pm., sat 6 nov 2010

[reunited!] FOUND: brown-eyed, brown/white female shih tzu (jurong west, sat 5 jun)

My Mum found this female brown/white Shih Tzu loitering around Blk 462 Jurong West St.41 today.

She seems to have just went for grooming judging from her short and neat fur and trimmed toenails.

Brown/white Shih Tzu
Brown Eyes
Very friendly
Found at Blk 462 Jurong West St.41 on Sat 5th June before 11am.

Do help me spread word of this guys! Somebody must be missing this dog a lot.

p.s. She seems to take a liking to me. My heart ached a little when she curled up under my chair just like Junior used to do…

[Sun 6 Jun. Source:, Sat 5 Jun.]

Update Mon 7 Jun
Owner is found.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Dinco + Finco, 2 female abyssinian guinea pigs

Kelly is giving up her 2 guinea pigs, both female, 1 year & 4 weeks as of 2/5/10. They are housed together.

She has 6 hamsters & 6 guinea pigs. Her parents do not allow her to keep too many and she has to board the pets.

I informed her that she should only board her pets with me when she is travelling and not when she is running away from her parents.

This afternoon she visited my home as she wanted to board her pets with me. She shared with me about her problem and I have suggested her to reduce the nos. of pets or reduce the size of the cages.

Long term boarding is not a solution as she has to make numerous trips to visit her pets and unable to spend much time with them.

Currently all of them is kept in an individual cage, except the two up for adoption. Hamster in a 2.5 feet cage and guinea pig in a 3.5 feet cage.

Thanks to Oceania, she had adopted the guinea pigs today 6/5/10 but due to unforeseen circumstances*, Oceania is looking for good home for the furkids.

(* They have two bunnies. They are giving up as they were told by the vet that bunnies have a kind of bacteria which live in their respiratory system, it is harmless to bunnies, even if they're a carrier, but it is deadly for guinea pigs. They therefore do not want to take the risk and decided to give up for adoption.)

Gender : female
Age : 6 Months
Breed : Abby

Contact Katherine Thia through facebook.

[Sat 22 May. Source:>, Sat 22 May.]

Update Mon 7 Jun
Both pigs are adopted.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

[reunited!] LOST: Don the male shih tzu with some pink paws (Ang Mo Kio Ave 2, Fri 9 Apr)


i've lost my dog, on Fri 9th april at ang mo kio ave 2 as it ran away from home.

breed: shihtzu

sex: male:

colour: tri-colour but more of black and white

description: his paws arent pure black but weirdly enough sm of his paws are pink

[Fri 16 Apr. Source:, Thu 15 Apr.]

Update Sun 6 Jun
don don has been found.