Saturday, 12 November 2011

LOST: 10yo rabbit (Jurong West Blk 648B, near Pioneer MRT5.11.11)

LOST 10Yrs old RABBIT on 5 Nov 2011
Near Pioneer MRT


Friday, 11 November 2011

ADOPT: Bugz - mild-mannered, curious 9mo male short-haired local rabbit

Animal's name: Bugz
Age: 9 mths
Gender: Male
Breed: Local
Sterilised? No
Health condition? NA
Toilet trained? Yes
Good with children? Yes


I’m Bugz, a year old male local bred rabbit.

I am a short-haired rabbit that needs minimal grooming. My daily diet consists of green leafy vegetables, timothy hay, pellets and water.

I’m mild-mannered, curious and like to hop around the corridor for a short workout session.

Why is it being put up for fostering/adoption?

I used to play with my owner. Unfortunately, my owner decided to give me up when they shifted to a new home last October.

Currently, I’m being fostered by a Malay family and they have been looking for a family that would love to have a rabbit as a family pet.

Contact details:

Nana at 6546 5432 or email


[rehomed!] ADOPT: Baby Girl - approachable, loving, gentle 4mo female local cross, settles quickly in new environment

Name: Baby Girl
Date of Birth: June 2011
Gender: Female
Breed: Local Cross
Size (full grown): 2.5 feet
History: Born to a stray mother in a factory in Tuas Crescent

Baby Girl is approachable and loving towards all people and gentle with children. She is clever, calm and settles in quickly in a new environment. She is playful yet not overly active

Good with Children: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes

Paper trained: Yes
Understand basic commands: In progress

Health; Good
Vaccinated; Yes
Sterillized: Not yet


baby girl is adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Bambi - intelligent, brave, sweet 6wo female local pup

We recently came across and found this puppy. She is a 6-wk old local pup n needs a gd permanent home. V intelligent, brave n sweet.


bambi is adopted

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Sourcy - 4mo male local cross puppy

Name: Chubby, Soucy
Date of Birth: June 2011
Gender: Male
Breed: Local Cross
Size (full grown): 2.5 feet
History: Born to a stray mother in a factory in Tuas Crescent

Personality: Chubby is a confident, playful, intelligent and happy puppy. He is a fast growing boy who is very active and loves treats. Although he is not one to sit still for long, he does have his quiet moments when he is content to just chew his toy and seek affection from you. Soucy is sweet, intelligent and learns fast.

Good with Children: Yes
Good with dogs: Yes
Good with cats: Unknown
Paper trained (Chubby): In progress
Paper trained (Soucy): Yes
Understand basic commands: In progress
Health: Good
Vaccinated: Yes
Sterillized: Not yet
Special Needs: No


Chubby is adopted. Sourcy is still looking for a home.

sourcy is adopted

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[3rd test post to see if feedburner socialize shows up in twitter with url - pls ignore]

* a non-profit bulletin board for singapore strays *


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[test post to see if feedburner socialize shows up in twitter - pls ignore]

* a non-profit bulletin board for singapore strays *


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* a non-profit bulletin board for singapore strays *


Thursday, 10 November 2011

SOS@SPCA! FOUND: m/c white female mixed breed, one brown ear, one spotty/brown, spotty belly, scar around neck (ngee ann poly/bukit timah)

Dog found near Ngee Ann Poly and then brought to Bukit Timah near Sixth Avenue.

Female, White mixed breed, on smaller side of medium. Has one brown ear and other ear is spotty and brown.

Spotty Underbelly.

Trained - knows Sit, Down, Paw and has that 'just shampooed' dog smell.

Non-alpha, non-aggressive. Will belly-up for you to pat.

Has choker chain on and is not injured. Has an old scar around neck.

Artists from the Art gallery next door found this dog off a woman who found it initially along Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The woman tied her belt to it to prevent it from escaping. The artists brought the dog back to our compound but couldn't keep it in the art gallery with the artworks. I checked the dog, fed it and brought it in from the rain last night.

This dog belongs to someone.

Please help post on pet forums and pass this on.

Dog is now at SPCA case ID 104707

Microchip is 702 039 390 015 465 but AVA says not registered with them.

Call SPCA shelter office at 62875355 ext 25 this is your dog.


Wednesday, 9 November 2011

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* a non-profit bulletin board for singapore strays *


LOST: Vivi - timid female mongrel w brown collar (bukit batok industrial park, 6.7.11)

VIVI is missing .Pls help to share and post.

VIVI went missing on 6th July 2011.She was wearing a brown collar then.Vivi is a very timid dog.Owner just informed me today that vivi was lost when i do my routine follow up calls with adopters today.

Last seen on 6th July ,Bukit Batok Industrial Park A,blk 2022,near swimming pool.Vivi went loose on her leash when groomer took her to the shop for grooming.Groomer said he gave chase but vivi ran too fast .Vivi ran towards the Forrest near to bukit batok industrial park A.

Please call Shindy at 97544948 if u see vivi and do keep a look out for her if you are at that area.

updates here:


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

FOSTER/ADOPT TOGETHER, IF POSSIBLE: affectinonate Mommy kitty + black baby kitty

We picked up two kittes on 6th Nov 2011. Mommy kitty + her (black) baby kitty. We're tryin' to get Mommy Kitty spayed but black kitty's too young to be spayed now...
at probably 2 months+ young? Oh and Mommy Kitty is VERY small for a mommy.

So if you love black cats, you may wish to adopt her or foster her for a few months till she's ready to be spayed too. Otherwise, Mom will have to release them both together after Mommy Kitty's spay because we already have 3 pups and 1 kitty of our own. Both of they're still very close to one another. If you've the space and heart for two cats, do consider them as Mommy Kitty's very gd and friendly with humans... baby's still very scared but will be okay in time to come.

It would really really be BEST if anyone can adopt them both together because Mother Cat is VERY affectionate to humans and makes a good indoor companion. It would be quite sad to separate them because they're very close. More pix here:

So if you wish to adopt/foster, please email us at .

Please note that it's not a first-come-first-serve basis and strict screening will be conducted on the family for the welfare of the cats. Cats are a 15-20 years commitment and should NEVER be adopted on impulse or for children. A contract would also be needed and adopters must agree to spay Baby Kitty once she reaches 6 months young and provide a copy of the sterialization cert to us and also not abandon them on the streets. We'd also like to keep in contact with the family on updates of the cat(s).

Thank you.


[reunited!] LOST: Scottie/Buddy - m/c, short coat 2yo white male terrier w large ears, no collar (sin ming ave blk 454)

Hi I would like to report my missing pet.

Name : Scottie
Age : 1Yr 9 mnths old
Breed : White Terrier
Gender : Male

Last seen at : Sin Ming Avenue Block 454

He was last seen running towards Sin Ming Avenue Block 454 with a short coat as he just had his grooming.
He doesn't have his collar on him and he has relatively large ears compared to other Westies.
He is pretty sociable and friendly to strangers. He responds to his name Scottie or his nickname Buddy.
We are desperate to have him back,hope you can help us keep a look out for him if anyone sends him to your shelter.
Thank you so much.


scottie is found

ADOPT: Scooter the strong, loyal singapore boy

Gender: Male
Sterilised: Yes
Temperament: Good with dogs and humans.

Scooter is a very strong and sturdy boy who always follows us around whenever we have visitors. Same goes for all the dogs in the shelter, Scooter longs for a home to call his own.

He makes a loyal and good pet. Please give him a chance. :)


add as your facebook friend to view more photos of scooter and pals.

[Sat 1 May. Source:
, 24 Jun 2009.]

ADOPT: Pretzles, Salami + Pizza - sweet, affectionate kittens

Pizza - The white and grey one
Pizza is a sweet girl and will make a good companion at home surely!
Good with other household pets and children? Yes

Pretzles - The white and grey one
She is a little gentle girl and loves pople to cuddle and stroke her.
Good with other household pets and children/ Yes

Salami - The patially sable one
Salami is the oldest of the two and the fussiest of rhe two. She is extremely affectionate too.
She is good with other household pets and children

Pizza is a few months old, Pretzles too and Salami to be 2 yrs old. They should be quite healthy as they look great. Found at the voiddeck. Email Char Len (Or Charlene) at


LOST: Bei Bei - 7yo white female chihuahua (blk 108 serangoon north ave 1, 7.11.11 3pm)

Date the Dog was Lost: 7th Nov 2011 at 3 pm
Where the Dog last seen: Blk 108 Serangoon North Ave 1

Name of Dog: Bei Bei
Breed: Chihuahua
Colour of the Dog: White
Gender: Female
Age: 7 yrs old
Size: 12 inches

Owner’s Name: David Ng
Contact Number: 9091-9393

Rewards will be given.


Sunday, 6 November 2011

SOS! FOSTER/ADOPT BY 7 NOV: 4 x 8-11yo beagles. Call 92224607 if you can help.

Urgent appeal for help: 4 beagles ages between 8-11 years old for adoption. They will be thrown to the streets coming Monday. Let's save our energy and time on saving the dogs.

Pls call 92224607 if you can help. It's URGENT.

More photos here: