Saturday, 13 March 2010

[rehomed!] Snowy the cat found - lost or abandoned?

Snowy was found wandering in the compound of a private estate.

She's about 4 year old, has a very sweet personality, responsive and likes to be stroked under the chin. She's sterilised and is toilet trained.

I believe she was abandoned by her previous owner as she is very friendly. Snowy has a white face and body with a light brown tail.

I am currently fostering her and am looking for a loving home for her. I can't adopt her cos I have 2 dogs. Sms or call 97459001

Update Sat 13 Mar
My friend and her family are adopting her.

[reunited!] Still Lost - Pebbles the Shih Tzu (Toh Yi Drive, Sun 28 Feb)

Owner's Name: Magdalene Chan
Contact Number: 96672614

Date The Dog Was Lost: Sun 28 Feb 2010

Where The Dog Was Lost: Block 1 Toh Yi Drive around 6 pm... She slipped out of the gate when it was open. We went out for dinner and came back at 10 pm and found out she is missing! We have searched the entire estate since then, called SPCA and AVA, but have not found her :(

Name Of Dog: Pebbles
Breed: Shih Tzu
Colour Of The Dog: Tri Colour
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Size: small

Pebbles is not microchipped and she was without her tag when she went out. She is very friendly with strangers and would wag her tail furiously when you call her name. Please help us keep a look out for her, we all missed her dearly and are very worried about her well-being.

Update Sat 13 Mar
We are reunited with Pebbles this evening!!!! We are all so happy and relieved to see Pebbles again.

[rehomed???] Blossom the bunny - abandoned due to downgrading

My name is 'Blossom'....yes, that's me. Thank u for viewing my post here.

I'm here looking for a good home actually.

Some biodata about me :-

- Gender : unknown (reason : no nipples no testicles)

- Age : 2 years old

- Sterilised : unknown

- Breed : Dutch

- Weight : 2.5 kg

- Diet : Hay lover w minimal pellets

- Drinking style : From dish bowl or container attached to cage grilles. Bottle is not for me as I am grown up now.

- Litter Trained : Yes (full)

- Temperament : I can look cold and aloof but in fact I am making my observations. I nudge you to let me hop if you block my path. I am very cuddly - well, in fact is more of a prosperous look & weight. I co-operate really well during grooming sessions cuz that's when I know my furs will be brushed and nails clipped / filed so I dun have any chance to scratch those who want to hold me in their arms. I also took chance to close my eyes enjoy the warmth secure hugs. I trusted humans despite outcasted before. I enjoy roaming time out from 2.5feet cage and I would check out my cosy corner - once identified, I am diligent to do the same for next roam time. If u give me a rug to rest, u could be amazed I follow the rug placement location.

- Background : My prev caretaker was in the teaching profession. Upon her flat was downgraded, she made a harsh decision to part with me. I still recalled she used to send me for grooming service and hugged me. Alas....those were my glory days that has ended. I was left in a garden instead w a packet of remaining seedmix pellet rations. My prev caretaker vacated her home and hence forth, I never get to see her return to visit me. I waited & pinned hoping any footsteps could be hers. But my wish never fulfilled. Justice prevails, I managed to leave the garden safely w some stains that was soon cleared up. I shed off my coat fur and now I am having a glossy clean bright furs. I was put on a slimming diet programme and hence, I started loving hay.

- Requirement : To be adopted as a solo pet or bond w a sterilised rabbit.

- Visiting Location : SengKang (nearer to Jalan Kayu - Seletar)

For interaction viewing / bonding introduction w another house bunny / other enquiries, pls email to

Do come / bring your bunny to meet the real bunny ME....

Update Sat 13 Mar
thread closed on - no reason given.

LOST - Fluffy the male x-breed with random b/w nails (Hougang, Fri 12 Mar)

1.5-year-old male X-breed (resembles a Belgian Malinois).

Nails are black and white randomly.

Last seen: Blk 572 Hougang St 51, near Hougang Green Mall

Found missing on Fri 12 Mar, 4am.

Contact: Gou Jun 8157 2335

[Original post: Fri 12 Mar,]

Friday, 12 March 2010

[rehomed!] The Inseparables: pair of Mini Schnauzers for adoption

Anyone interested to adopt 2 minature schnauzers (one male (5yrs) and one female (3 yrs))? They grew up together and must be adopted together. Cos of some personal issues, the owner could not keep them, but she would like to be able to visit them on a regular basis.

Only for genuine adopters. Kindly contact Ivy @ 97766682

[Original post:]

Update Fri 12 Mar via Takara Pets
They've been adopted.

[rehomed!] Found/for adoption - white female poodle (Old Airport Rd, Wed 3 Mar)

Finder: Diana Chua
Date The Dog Was Found: Wed 03 Mar 2010
Location Where The Dog Was Found: Old Airport Road, Blk 11, Pine Close

Breed: Poodle (Female)
Colour Of The Dog: White

How The Dog Was Found: Found her wandering near Car park
Condition Of The Dog When Found: She is very friendly, gentle. Shaved, without any collar on her. She seemed undernourished too

Please contact ASD if the dog is yours.

Update 6 Mar
Milo is now up for adoption. She's very gentle and good with other dog and cats. She's on heat, and is wearing pampers meant for new born babies to avoid a bloody scene at home.

Pls contact me at 97636663. I would love to see her going to good home and someone who is kind and will feed her as she is under weight when we found her 3 days ago.

Update Fri 12 Mar
She's been rehomed!

[rehomed!] female chihuahua dumped outside shop

Would like to request in searching of adopter for this poor chihuahua... She was found inside a box left outside a shop on Sat 06/03/2010 *sigh*

Her details are as followed:-
1) Breed: Chihuahua
2) Gender: Female
3) Age: ~5yrs
4) Not sterilized

She's very tame - doesn't bite and doesn't bark. Doesn't seem fussy with food, has been eating what we gave.

My contact no is 8522 0512. Thank you.

Update Fri 12 Mar
The chihuahua has been adopted :D have sterilized her before letting her get adopted out.

LOST - Sky, red and white classic tabby male kitten (Ubi, Wed 10 Mar)

One of Aswat's cats, Sky, is missing. Last seen Blk 327 Ubi Ave.

If you are an Ubi resident and have any information on Sky, please contact Aswat at 93378211. Thank you!

[Original post: Wed 10 Mar,]

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Seen a lost pet notice in your neighbourhood? Take a photo and send it to

There have recently been a few cases where owners paste notices of their lost animals around the neighbourhood but don't post online (e.g. cat with bell, lost dog in tampines), or where owners are not Internet-savvy (e.g. CoCo, Grover).

While we can't do anything about cases where no posters have been put up, we can try to bridge the gap for those which have.

Someone hit upon a brilliant idea of taking a photo of these lost notices and posting them on SGClub--and one of them turned out to match an online ASD post!

Let's extend this idea and see if more lost animals can be helped this way.

If you spot any poster or flier about a missing pet, please take a photo of it and send it to (or even post it on other forums, if you've time). The image doesn't have to be that sharp--as long as the information is legible. Please mention where and when you took the photo.


[reunited!] - Lucky the cocker spaniel (Sun 7 Mar, Siglap)

Lucky went missing on the 7 March 2010 (Sunday) around 9.30pm. He was lost around the vicinity of Siglap Road (near Siglap Centre).

Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Colour: White with brown spots
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Size: Medium (a bit on the plump side)

He is the 25th anniversary present my dad gave my mum! We are all very worried for him. If you have heard/seen Lucky, please contact me, Victoria at 96995137,

Please keep a look out if you're staying around the East.

[Original post, 8 Mar 2010,]

Update 10 Mar
I have good news! Somebody found Lucky wandering around Siglap and brought him home. He saw my online Lost ads and contacted me! I'm so happy and grateful to the kind Samaritan who was nice to Lucky and of course, for bringing him home!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

LOST - Xiao Bao the skinny Golden Retriever (Sembawang Hills, Mon 9 Mar)

Name: Xiao Bao
Breed: Golden Retriever
Gender Male
Age 3+

Dark brown, small built and skinny. Not microchipped

A pair of golden retrievers went missing on 7th Mar (Sunday) when the door was not locked in Serenity Park (Tamarind Road, near Yio Chu Kang) . It's at Tamarind Road in Yio Chu Kang.

The female has been found, but the male is still missing and last seen in Sembawang Hill area.

Xiao Bao was last seen at Sembawang Hills on Mon 9 Mar.

Updates here:

Call Jason 98569397. Reward offered. No photo available.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

[reunited!!] Lost - Lucky the shetland sheepdog

hi all, Lucky went missing around 6pm yesterday, 4th Feb 2010, Thursday.

please look out for him he's a really sweet dog. he's a brown & white shetland sheepdog with a classic shetland look. a 10 year old boy with lots and lots of fur making him reeeally fluffy.

a reward will be given to the one who returns Lucky to us. kindly reach Cheryl at 9062 1118 if you see him.

we really love Lucky with all our hearts so please do return him if you have taken him under your care. he's really family here. thanks alot everyone

Update 7 Mar
someone took him in and set him free when they saw our "missing dog" posters.
and after... lucky came home by himself!

[reunited!] Lost - Lucky the white/brown mixed terrier (Sembawang, Thu 4 Mar)

Owner's Name: Pei Kim
Contact Number: 97979839

Date The Dog Was Lost: Thu 04 Mar 2010
Where The Dog Was Lost: Sembawang, Wellington Circle near BLK 501D

Name Of Dog: Lucky
Breed: Mixed Terrier
Colour Of The Dog: White/brown
Gender: Male
Age: 3
Size: 1.5ft

Update 6 Mar
good news!! Lucky has been found.... at SPCA!!