Saturday, 22 October 2011

ADOPT: LittleBabyPrincess - obedient, docile 3wo singapore special, loves being clean and loves cuddles


Animal's name: LittleBabyPrincess
Age: About 3 weeks old as of first week of September
Gender: Female
Breed: Mongrel (SingaporeSpecial)
HDB-approved? Nope

Vaccinated? Nope
Sterilised? Nope, but adopter must agree to have her sterelised when she's up to age.

Personality / Temperament?
She loves being clean and would bark to let us know that she peepoo on her blanket! Little one loves being cuddled and would fall asleep instantly in your arms.

History / Description
Little baby princess, a Mongrel (Singapore Special) about 3 weeks old as of first week of September, is up for adoption! Born in a factory with 9 other siblings, she's the most obedient and docile one, with the lightest fur colour.

Toilet trained? Nope
Understands basic commands? Nope
Good with other pets? Yes
Good with children? Yes

Why is it being put up for adoption? Rescued

Special needs: Being a little puppy as she is, she'll need pawrents who'd have loads of patience to train her to be a disciplined adult. Unfortunately, little one is not HDB approved as she'd grow to be quite a big dog, approximately the size of a BorderCollie.

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Contact details: Please email to if you have any enquiries or wish to adopt little baby princess.