Thursday, 18 August 2011

[rehomed!] SOS! FOSTER/ADOPT: Hercules - abandoned, depressed 10yo male golden retriever, friendly with humans, sterilised

Please help HERCULES.

Hes a lovely sedate Goldie of 10 yrs old.
Hes now at GENTLE PAWS SHELTER, very DEPRESS cause
his owners abandoned him, and left Singapore.
Did not even want to take him, when the quarantine was only 1 month!!!!

HE is very depress, and not used to shelter life after 10 yrs living as a domestic
pet. Please can anyone TEMPORARILY FOSTER or ADOPT him,
before he simply gives up and DIE, like how 12 yrs old WHITE PERSIAN
Xiao Bai, did when the owner gave her up after 12 yrs just to please her DAUGHTER in LAW.

[sat 23 jul 2011. shared on request. source: email, 20 jul 2011.]

thu 18 aug 2011
Dear friends, we have good news to share. Hercules, our 9 years old Golden Retriever has officially been rehomed on 14 Aug 2011. Thank you for loving him all this while. We wish Hercules good health and enjoys many happy years with his new family. Cheers!

ADOPT: family of 6 affectionate, healthy, active 2+mo kittens

A family of 6 kittens are waiting to find good homes who will love and take care of them like their families
- 2+mths old
- healthy and active
- rescued from an elderly guardian who can no longer care for them
- extremely affectionate and loves interacting with fosterers
- they have gained weight since they went under foster care

We will rehome the kittens to genuine cat lovers and adopters who have experience handling kittens and cats. We request for home visits to follow up on the adoption.

If you can open your heart and your home to the little ones, please email to

[mon 1 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 1 aug 2011.]

STILL LOST: Ner Ner - 6yo female white maltese mix w purple bell collar (blk 288 choa chu kang ave 3, 22 mar 2011)

I would like to seek your assistance in posting a search for my lost pet Ner Ner.

She was lost to us near BLK 288 CHOA CHU KANG AVE 3 PLAYGROUND.
AGE: 5 years 10 months at that time.
BREED: Female white Maltese Mix (SMALL BREED)

She wore a PURPLE BELL COLLAR, was at the playground area for daily evening walk when she went missing around 5.45PM on 22nd March.
I was just out of the hospital after a major surgery and had sent Ner Ner over to my younger brother's home for her to be taken care of for the time-being.

When I returned to visit her (as I was still weak from the surgery, I couldn't do most of the cleaning and feeding), she was estastic to see me. So when it's time for me to leave, my nephew decided to bring her downstairs for a quick walk to send me off as well. That was when I guess as I made my way to the bus-stop, she had followed me along without my knowledge and someone else picked her up thinking she was lost.

If you see or found her, PLEASE IMMEDIATELY CALL me or my younger brother:
JENNY HP: 9146 5059
THOMAS HP: 8133 1058


*We still held out hope someone will return her back to our care! If not, we just wish for the "new" owner to please give us a call to just let us know she is in good hands*

[thu 18 aug 2011. shared on req. source: email, 17 aug 2011.]

[reunited!] FOUND: m/chipped white/grey male shih tzu cross (eng kong place, 11 aug 2011)

I found a shih tzu mix without a collar wandering along Eng Kong Place (near my home) on 11/8/2011 in the afternoon. It is male, in good condition . It is white and grey and in need of grooming I think.
We have asked our neighborhood and put up posters. I have checked some websites and the SPCA lost and found and posted on Action for Singapore Dogs. The microchip in his ear did not have the identification of the owner (not registered with AVA).

[tue 16 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 16 aug 2011.]

thu 18 aug 2011
shih tzu has been reunited with owner

LOST: Mickey - 5yo male maltese (ang mo kio st 11, 16 aug 2011)

Post on behalf of my friend, Sharon. Her pet, a 5 yrs old male maltese lost on 16 Aug 2011 around Ang Mo Kio Street 11. Please call 96727911 if you have seen him.

[thu 18 aug 2011. shared on req. source: email, 18 aug 2011.]

Monday, 15 August 2011

FOUND: female jrt, white with brown patch over left eye (blk 151, yishun st 11)

Samantha Goh found it and is appealing for help to find the owner.

"I just found a female Jack Russell Terrier at the void deck of Blk 151, Yishun St 11, Yishun Ave 5, Singapore 760151. She is white in colour with a brown patch on the left eye. People said saw her loitering at the void deck for few hours already. She was eating rubbish. I brought her home temporarily. Please help to locate her owner. Thanks a lot." ~ From Samantha Goh at

Please help to pass the word around and if there is any lead, please contact Samantha Goh directly.

More photos at

[mon 15 aug 2011. shared on req. source: email, 15 aug 2011.]

FOUND: male maltese (jalan mastuli, charlton park estate, 14 aug 1050am)

This morning (14 August 2011) at 10:50am a male Maltese was found at Jalan
Mastuli (Charlton Park Estate).

If you have lost your dog, please contact Irene at 82988129 or Lynda at

[mon 15 aug 2011. shared on req. source: email, 15 aug 2011.]

FOUND NOW AT SPCA: 2yo male cross terrier w army-green collar (serangoon ave 1, 12 aug 2.30am)

I found a Male Cross Terrier along Serangoon Ave 1 (Opposite Serangoon Lane) on 12 August, Saturday at 2.30a.m. wandering around.

We think he is still pretty young because his teeth is still in good condition, probably around 2 years old. He was wearing an army green collar around his neck. He shouldn’t have been lost for very long because his nails are freshly clipped but we’re not sure if he’s lost or abandoned as he is very very skinny.

We tried to house him but he kept attacking our Goldie (but he is very good with humans and love attention). As such, we had no choice but to bring him to the SPCA. I am trying to reach out to the owner and hopefully someone will go forward to claim him because he is really such a good-natured and loving dog.

I have attached two pictures of him in this email. Perhaps you could put up a notice on your blog and facebook page to increase its chances of finding its home, or even perhaps a new home if nobody comes forward.

Call SPCA shelter office at 62875355 ext 25 if this is your dog.

[mon 15 aug 2011. shared on req. source: email, mon 15 aug 2011.]

Sunday, 14 August 2011

SPONSOR BOARDING/REHAB: Oakley - 3yo male golden retriever who needs to build faith/trust in people

On 5 Jun 2011, a rehomer was informed about Oakley, a young male Golden Retriever that was abandoned, found and sent to SPCA. He was scheduled for PTS on the following day as he had failed the SPCA temperament test for adoption.

Oakley was estimated by the vet to be 2-3 years old and healthy. He displayed a slight hip problem when he was rescued from SPCA and had difficulty standing still without his hind legs trembling. However, vet examination and x-rays revealed no physical injury to the hind legs at all. It is suspected the problem could be caused by long-term caging by the previous owner who was probably living in a flat.

He also displays aggression from fear of strangers and is possessive of his toys and food. The only defense known to him is to bite. Was he under-socialized as a pup and/or abused by his previous owner?

Since his rescue, Oakley has bitten 4 people largely due to carelessness in their handling of this very frightened boy.

Today, Oakley is boarded and rehabilitated at Mutts & Mittens. He no longer has a problem with his hips. He enjoys his daily walks and interacts well with other dogs though at time, he gets bullied by the other dogs. However, his manners still need to be worked on as he tends to greet people by jumping on them and humping. He does not like his collar to be touched except by people whom he knows and trusts. His kennel caretaker has absolutely no problem with him.

Oakley will need time to build faith and trust in people. He is still fearful of sudden movements and loud noises. Together with Mutts & Mittens, we have decided to give this young boy a second chance at life. Hopefully with rehabilitation, Oakley will never need to meet with the fate of PTS but will instead be rehomed one day to a family who will open their heart and home to him.

For Oakley’s boarding and rehabilitation, we are appealing for kind donations of any amount. Cheque to be issued to “Mutts & Mittens Pte Ltd”.

Contact detail: -

[sun 14 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 11 aug 2011.]

[rehomed!] FOUND: white male chihuahua (upper bt timah road, near the linear condo, tue 9 aug 6am)

Looking for the owner / a home for this white male Chihuahua found on Tuesday 9th August , around 6AM.

It was wandering in oncoming traffic along Upper Bukit Timah Road, near The Linear Condominium.

[tue 10 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 10 aug 2011.]

sun 14 aug 2011
chihuahua has been rehomed.

[reunited!] SOS! AT SPCA FOR 2-3 DAYS! FOUND: golden retriever (kovan mrt, wed 10 aug 2011 9am)

This GR was found near Kovan MRT on 10 Aug 2011 around 9am. The person who found the dog called SPCA and they came and brought it back with them.

SPCA had put up some advertisements for this dog and will wait for 2-3 days for the owner to come forth. If unclaimed, they will put the dog through their usual selection process and temperament testing to determine if the dog is suitable for adoption.

[fri 12 aug 2011. shared on request. source: email, 11 aug 2011.]

sun 14 aug 2011
owner has claimed gr from spca.

[rehomed!] ADOPT: Blacki - quiet, affectionate 10yo singapore girl saved from spca

Name: Blacki
Breed: Mixed stray
Gender: Female
Weight: 17.5kg
Height from head to backside: 1.2m
Age: About 10 years old

Health status:
Healthy with a slightly enlarged heart but doctor says she is fine. Taken her injections. Teeth is not as strong. Need to soak her food to soften them first.

Character: Quiet, has not barked since. Affectionate.

Toilet Training: We bring her down twice a day.

She was roaming on the road outside a friend’s house. The guards from the condo nearby said she was seen walking around since morning. First we saw the collar so I thought she might be lost. Then we guess her age and from her grooming, her ears super dirty and clogged with black stuff, her body had a stench and so we reckoned she must be either homeless or just abandoned.

We called SPCA and they said since she has a collar she must have owner. So they placed an ad on papers for two days. But no one came for her. According to their protocol, Blacki will be handled in two weeks time - most probably put to sleep since she is an old dog and chances of adoption is not high. My friend placed her plight on facebook and we decided to adopt her to save her from being put to sleep.

However, we then found out that staying in a HDB doesn’t allow us to have a dog of her size and we have neighbours who are sensitive to dogs as well. In addition, our house is small and not enough for her to roam around.

We have saved her from being put to sleep and we hope that someone can provide her with a home.

[mon 25 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, mon 25 apr 2011.]

sun 14 aug 2011
blacki has found a home

[rehomed!] FOUND/ADOPT: 3-4yo female wire-haired jrt, loves attention but not demanding, good temperament, crazy abt tennis balls (teban garden, 9 june)

Found a female, wire- hair JRT. Approx. 3-4yo. No microchip, not spayed.
She was wandering around Teban Gardens area on evening of 9th June.
Looking for her owners.

She's a very sweet girl who loves attention but not demanding. Crazy about tennis balls & has very good temperament. Adopter must microchip, vaccinate & spay.

[mon 20 jun 2011. shared on request. source: email, 10 jun 2011.]

sun 14 aug 2011
jrt has been adopted

[rehomed!] SOS! PLS FORWARD! FOSTER/ADOPT: Yumi - energetic, curious 2yo female mongrel, loves pats and walks

I have a 2 YrsOld mongrel named YUMI.
She was abandoned by her previous owner because YUMI was from his ex girlfriend and his current is not a dog-lover. I adopted her in July2010. It's been 9 months and she still couldn't get along well with my dog. They will fight and injure each other every time they get near. In the end, i had to leash them at two corners of my room.

Things were still fine when i wasn't working because then, i had time to stay at home and look after them. But after i start working with my parents, I didn't have that time to look after them. My mother-in-law ended up looking after them. Both my brother and sister-in-laws are really unhappy over this.

Since I adopted her until now, the Town Council, AVA and finally HDB has come several times to check up on my husband's place where both of my dogs are kept. His family already has 2 dogs in the first place. I've tried hiding her for awhile and bringing him back home but each time I do, my neighbours complain again and the authorities come again. The relationships between my family are deteriorating more and more as each day passes and My husband and is not staying together anymore. I just go back every Saturday to check on her. Only saturdays beacause i'm working 18hours a day and 6days a weeek. I've received several warning letters from the HDB and countless visits to my home to check on my dogs. I was also fined once for keeping 4 dogs in an HDB flat, with one not HDB-approved and without a license.

I adopted her because I could keep her for good without causing any trouble. I couldn't bear to give her up. Now I've grown attached to her and vice versa, and it breaks my heart completely that I have to give her up but at the end of the day, I simply have no choice.

Name: YUMI
Age: Turning 2 years old on 29th April
Gender: Female
Breed: Mongrel

Vaccinated: Once

Sterilized: No.

Health condition? Healthy but couldn't gain any weight due to the stress and tension going on in the house and the fact that she couldn't get along well with my the other dog.

Physical description: White with a light brown line across her back.

About her: Energetic and curious, possessive with food, loves patting and sleeping with her owner. Loves going out for walks.She's scared to be alone or closed in a room. She once barked for 2 hours non-stop because no one's at home. So she barked until i was home. Knows how to "sit" and "shake hand". She's paper trained and she's very good with children.

HDB gave me until the end of January the last time they came to check, and that's way past the due date by now. They haven't followed up yet but I think they would anytime now.

Yumi has become very special to me in the past 9 Months, and she's very attached to me. He needs a firm hand and VERY PATIENT person to care for him. I know, because I was patient with her. I would care for him for the rest of my life if the circumstances were different.

She is a special girl who's brought a lot of joy and laughter to me, and I know her personality sounds like a handful, but she really just needs a lot of understanding/care and love with all that he's been through. Please be patient with her, and I'd be eternally grateful to any kind souls out there who are willing to extend a helping hand.

[mon 11 apr 2011. shared on request. source: email, fri 1 apr 2011.]

tue 2 aug 2011
very urgent case. please spread the word. family is threatening to put yumi to sleep or just let her go into the wild.

sun 14 aug 2011
Good news! Yumi has found a home! Thank you to the kind person who took her in.